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Last Updated on February 26, 2013 by Kristi Linauer

Have you heard of My Colortopia? Oh, I’m sure you have by now, but the real question is have you visited the site yet? Have you checked out the color tools and color inspiration they have yet?

Oh, how I love color, and color combinations, and color inspiration! So when I find online tools for color inspiration, I could spend hours there! I visited My Colortopia last night, and before I knew it, an hour had passed. I got so into playing around with the color tools, answering the My Life My Colors quiz, and looking over some of the color questions that had been answered by some of my favorite bloggers.

I had so much fun with the image inspiration tool.  You can upload your own photo…


…or you can browse through their inspiration pictures and find ones that appeal to you.


You know I’m always drawn to anything that’s bright, fun, and colorful.  I can find color inspiration in a bouquet of bright flowers (please, no long stem red roses for this girl…give me colorful daisies or wildflowers instead!), a fruit stand, or just about anywhere and anything that has lots of vivid colors.

As I was browsing the inspiration photo gallery on the site, I actually found four pictures that grabbed my attention with fun, exciting color, so I decided to try them out.

First up, the green apples.  (Apple green is one of the main colors in my own home, so you know I love it!)  I selected the portion of the picture that I wanted the tool to “read”, and it gave me several color selections.  I chose “Granny Smith Apple” (naturally) and it gave me a color palette of that color combined with Apricot White and Regal Purple.


 What a dramatic palette!  Can you envision that in a room?  Here, let me help you with this room photo from the now-defunct Domino…


That purple is definitely regal!  And pairing it with the granny smith apple color keeps it from being too heavy, and gives it a light and playful look.  Could you do that color palette in a room?  I think I actually could!

Next I decided to take a look at this colorful cupcake photo (’cause seriously, how could I resist these bright, cheery colors!?).


Out of the colors it suggested, I went with Pink Carnation.  It gave me a palette of that color combined with Pink Petal White and Tropical Lagoon.


Okay, I know some of you are turning your nose up at that color combo, so let me entice you witih this visual aid…


Sadly this photo, originally from BHS, no longer exists on their website.  But I’ve had this photo saved in my inspiration file for well over a year!  If I weren’t married, I’m pretty sure these colors would be scattered throughout my home.  I love ’em!

Now of course, these colorful flowers caught my attention.


Of the suggested colors, Luscious Mango was definitely my pick.  (You know I love orange!!  That actually looks exactly like the color of my front door, doesn’t it?!)  The color combo was Luscioius Mango,  Silver Birch, and Wild Truffle.


It took me a while to find an example of this color palette in a real room, but I was determined, because I knew it would be amazing!  And sure enough, it is…


That orange is a little more red than the one in the color palette, but it’s still the same idea. (found via Pinterest, originally from LonnyMag)

Okay, one more (because I seriously can’t get enough color!!).  I’ve been really into blues lately, especially the really deep blues, so I selected this photo.


I was immediately drawn to the Rich Navy, and I love the first color palette suggestion, which includes Forest Khaki and Parchment White.


Now of course you can picture that, right?  Navy blue and khaki is a classic color combination!  I don’t think it’ll ever go out of style.  But, just for kicks, I dug around and found this beautiful example…


I’m pretty sure this color palette will find its way into my house one day when I grow up.  😀  This room is located in Hudson Merchant House Bed & Breakfast, and this photo is from From Me To You.

So what do you think?  Do any of those color palettes appeal to you?  Could you see yourself living with any of them?  If not, there’s plenty more exploring to do on the My Colortopia website!  And of course, you can upload your own photos as well.

Now if you feel completely stuck when it comes to color, and have no idea where to even start, be sure to check out the My Life My Colors quiz.  It’ll give you color palette suggestions based on a handful of questions regarding your personality.  It’s really a fun little tool!



I have been sponsored by Glidden brand paint to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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