Get All Of Your Paint Project Supplies…In ONE Trip To The Store!

Have you ever started a paint project, like painting your bedroom, only to realize that you forgot to purchase a drop cloth? So you put the lid back on the paint can, wrap your brush in plastic wrap (and put it in the fridge, of course), and head back to the store.

Or perhaps you’ve gotten half way through painting your room only to realize that there’s no way you’ll be able to cover the entire room with the amount of paint you have. So you wrap the roller in plastic wrap (and put it in the fridge, right?), put away your paint and drop cloth so that no one will trip over the drop cloth while you’re gone, spilling paint onto the carpet, and tracking your beautiful paint through the house…just so you can go and purchase one more gallon of paint.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it IS possible to purchase all of your paint and supplies for your project on your first trip to the store. I’m serious. And I’m going to tell you how to do it.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I told you all about the My Colortopia color inspiration tool?


If you missed that (very colorful) post you can see it here.

But what do you do after you’ve selected your colors?  You’ve used the inspiration tool, you’ve found a great color palette that will work for your room, but where do you go from there?  How do you know how much paint to purchase?  What tools will you need?

As you might have guessed, My Colortopia has you covered with their Paint Project Wizard!

One of my favorite color palettes that I showed you on the color palette inspiration post was this one…


So I decided to use this color palette to try out the Paint Project Wizard.  I started by dragging and dropping this color palette (and one other that I liked) into my Project Folder.


Next I headed over to the Paint Project Wizard and dragged and dropped the colors that I wanted to use for my project…let’s say that I want to paint my office with these colors.  (Wouldn’t that make a beautiful office?!)  So I dragged the deep eggplant color to the main wall color section, and then used two accent color.


After that, the wizard asks you different questions, like what room you’re painting, the dimensions of the room, how many doors and windows, etc.


All along the way, based on the answers you give it, the wizard keeps track of the paint products and supplies that you’ll need over here in the right column…


…and it also gives helpful tips over here in the left column.  Don’t know what kind of brush to use when painting trim?  It has the answer!


With all of the questions answered, you end up with a list of supplies that you can then print and take to the store with you.


Isn’t that handy!  I only wish I had used this tool before I painted my office a few months back.  When I was painting my office, I had to stop not once, but TWICE, to head back to the store to purchase more paint and other supplies that I forgot on my initial trip.  If I had used this tool, I would have had a handy check list to use on my first trip to get everything I needed.

Oh well.  Live and learn, right?

So what if you’ve used every tool and still have trouble picking colors for your project?  Well, My Colortopia has a great advice column where you can submit a question and get personalized help.  And this help doesn’t come from unfamiliar people.  You’re sure to be familiar with most, if not all, of these bloggers!  Whose picture is this here?  Well, that’s the centsational Kate of Centsational Girl!  And there are many other familiar faces there, ready to help you with your color questions.


My Colortopia basically has you covered when it comes to selecting paint colors for your project!

Just starting out and have no idea where to begin? Give the My Life My Colors quiz a try. It’ll give you color palette suggestions based on a handful of questions regarding your personality. It’s really a fun little tool!


I have been sponsored by Glidden brand paint to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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    Centational Girl
    March 15, 2012 at 10:22 am

    I love the My Inspiration tool, it’s so handy, and the quiz sure is fun, although it gave me a peach color as one of my projected preferences, hmmm, I dunno about that! Anyway, thanks for the shout out too, I enjoy writing about all things paint for My Colortopia, really, is there anything more exciting than that? *crickets* Oh, maybe it’s just you and me Kristi!