Make It Happen Monday: I HAVE GROUT!!!!

Good morning, all! So sorry to yell at you like that. 🙂 But I’m so excited, and really quite proud of myself.

My kitchen tile has grout. And it only took 18 months (or perhaps a bit longer). 🙂

I know what you’re thinking. It’s just grout, Kristi. It’s good that you did it, but it’s really not that big of a deal, is it? Here’s the deal…

Y’all know how Matt and I want to get out of this condo and into a house, right?

Well, I figure that two things are required for that. (1) I have to finish up all of these unfinished projects around the condo, and (2) we need a stack of cash for a downpayment and other costs to get into a house.

Well, I’m about to let you in on a little secret. Matt and I already know what house we’re going to buy (if, Lord willing, everything comes together like it needs to).

So in order to save up as much money as we can in as short of a time as possible to get into the house, I’ve decided to start taking on much more blog design work. And let me tell you, last week I was so unbelievably busy working on people’s blogs, transferring blogs from Blogger to WordPress, designing blogs, adding project galleries to blogs, and even completing my first ever online store with a shopping cart.

I had my head buried in HTML code and stylesheets for six days straight, getting up early every morning, and working until very late at night.

When I finally came up for air, it was Sunday morning. The day of my niece’s 8th birthday party. And I was in charge of decorations.

So after a full day of decorating, birthday party, and then time with family, I finally got home at 8:00 last night. I made some dinner, sat down with Matt to eat and watch a show, and felt so exhausted from the long week that I wanted desperately to go to bed right then.

But the whole time I was eating, I kept looking over at my kitchen, so disappointed in myself that I had let yet another week slip by with no progress on my projects. I couldn’t let myself go to bed feeling like that. I hate feeling disappointed in myself. I don’t sleep well when I feel disappointed in myself.

So at 9:30 last night, exhausted to the point I could barely hold my eyes open, I decided to grout my kitchen floor.

When it was finished, I thought it was the most beautiful grout I had ever seen in my life.

And I slept like a rock.

So how are your project coming along? Did you get much done last week? Or was your week filled with other responsibilities like mine was?



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  1. I think it’s got to feel GREAT! that you powered through and have the feeling of knowing it’s done now! Happy for you. And congrats on having a dream/goal and really working hard towards it!! Much luck and crossing my fingers you get the house you two want 🙂

  2. Looks gorgeous! And I know that need to finish a project so you can sleep. I did my kitchen grout (ages ago) around midnight one night, because I couldn’t stand NOT doing it. LOL Wish my tiles were that gorgeous dark color yours are, though!

  3. That is SO fantastic that you are getting your condo done!
    We are rooting for you on all of your last-on-the-list projects and are happily anticipating what awaits for the next house!
    I tried my hand at resin this weekend and am glad to be done with a desk that has been sitting in my laundry room for a few weeks!

  4. Congrats Kristi!
    I haven’t finished any projects recently, but I’ve been working steadily on one in the hopes it will be finished sometime in the next century 😉

  5. You go girl – grouting at 9:30 in a state of sheer exhaustion! I do believe it’s the most beautiful grout I’ve ever seen too!

    So exciting you’ve found your house – hope all the planets align for you guys – you deserve it! Just think of all the grouting you can do in your new house!!

  6. It looks great! Your kitchen must be about completed. Good luck with the new house and I’ll say an extra pray that your current home sells soon.

  7. Congrats on completing the grout! It looks great. I hate to say that I still don’t have my project completed, so another week without a kitchen sink still. We do have progress though! The plumbing is ran, the cabinets are screwed to the wall, the countertop is attached, and the hole is cut for the sink, but my tile is only halfway done. We tried to go the cheap route and bought a blade for a jigsaw to cut the tile with, and it failed miserably. Then we tried to buy a blade for the circular saw. It made it through one tile and then snapped the next one. We finally caved and I ordered a wet saw from Amazon and it will get here Tuesday, so maybe THIS weekend I can get my kitchen sink. I hope.

  8. I must give a Shout Out to Kristi’s blog design expertise. Come on over to my blog and see her handywork. I called in a full out panic one day….I needed by blog moved from Blogger to WordPress RIGHT NOW. Yes, I could do it myself; I’m a tech writer turned blogger. BUT I DIDN’T HAVE TIME!! I could have been the client from hell….I know CSS and what I should be doing (pause to stand myself in the corner). Kristi jumped in to the rescue and took care of business efficiently and effectively.

    Love you Kristi!


  9. Wow, AWESOME job!!! We finally got our media cabinet finished, and that made me happy! We just re-signed a 2 year lease on our home, and I feel that I can really move in now. It’s a good feeling after moving around a lot the last few years. Good luck with your home buying plans!!!

  10. Way to go Kristi!! What an exhausting week, I got tired just reading your post! But good for you working so hard to reach your goals. I hope you and Matt are able to get the home your wishing for, You keep going like this and it will happen before you know it!
    Debbie 🙂

  11. Way to go Kristi! You are a braver girl than myself – when I am tired, nothing happens but my head hitting pillow. The grout looks amazing! I would absolutely love to hire you to do my project gallery. I am so overwhelmed – it would nice to have an expert and I could say I helped buy your new house :)!

  12. Hi Kristy, I love reading your blog. I relate to so much of what you have to say, which is why I decided to comment on this post. i have done the kind of thing you did this week… push yourself and work very long hours, then keep going and give help and love to family and friends and even after all of that I have paid out on myself for the tasks NOT done instead of celebrating what got done. It is worthwhile BUT (there is always a but) there is a cost and it is a HUGE cost – your health. everyone though I was the energiser bunny (to borrow from one of your other commentors) until I got to a point where I just couldn’t keep going. I literally crashed. I knew something was very wrong but I pushed myself to preach one last sermon and just as I got to the end of the service, I lost my voice (for the next 7 weeks) My body was beyond the point of exhaustion and I experienced a full body burnout. My will and my mind couldn’t overcome it. Now three years later I am still struggling to recover. I had been warned by well-meaning folks (like I am now to you) but I really believed that I was ok and God wouldn’t let it happen to me. Please if you take nothing from this, remember that your family is relying on you and take lots of time (more that you think you need) to look after yourself. many blessings.
    PS the grout looks great too and is well worth the celebration.

  13. I am so excited for you!! That is the most beautiful grout I have ever seen. I know the immense satisfaction of finishing a project like that. It feels so freeing! Sometimes I do those when I am dead tired too, for some reason, maybe I am too tired to talk myself out of it.
    So excited for your upcoming home purchase. So great you have so much business!
    My week was filled with tons of other things and my bookshelves went nowhere. Oh well, there is always this week!

  14. Way to go!! Sometimes that’s the best way to do it, right before bedtime while the rest of the house is asleep!!! I’ve been saying our kitchen is finished, but truth be told there is still no quarter round on the baseboards! I really only think about it when I vacuum and mop…. but I’m leaving it for my husband..hehe! You did great!

  15. As one of those customers of yours, I am so happy that not only do you have grout, but that you have a house in mind! I can’t wait to follow along and see the house when it happens for you and Matt!

    All the best to you girl!

  16. Hi, I have a question. The tile in my kitchen, kitchenette area and hallway all have grout. But it is deep. Meaning when I mop the tile is mopped but now down in the grout. Is it possible for me to add grout? I feel so silly asking this but if I were to add grout to make the floor level (the grout is so deep it pinches my heels when I walk on it) and will the grout “stick” ? It wont seperate and crack up and out and off? I hope this can be done becasue what a simple fix that would be. Even though I would not be able to do it till R&R. I am away from home for a while. Any advice would be very much appreciated!