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An Update On My Bookcase-Turned-Pantry

Remember a few months back when I turned my ugly and out-of-control bookcase…


…into a useful and potentially attractive pantry?


Of course, I say “potentially attractive” because it still needed doors on the top and bottom sections to make it look something like this…


The truth of the matter is that I never ordered the doors. I don’t know why…I just didn’t. Every time I thought about it, I could always find a reason why that money in my DIY/Decorating/Home Improvement account could be better spent somewhere else…or not spent at all.

Well, this time, procrastination paid. Last week, I was on Facebook when I saw a post from the Waco ReStore about a huge donation of new, unfinished cabinet doors, and they were all $5 each. I decided it was definitely worth a look, so off to ReStore I went.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were at least three rows filled with palettes stacked high with brand new, never used cabinet doors in different styles–raised panel, cathedral raised panel, recessed panel, shaker. It was unbelievable! This is just one of the rows…


I was sure that in all of those doors, I was going to find exactly what I needed!

I didn’t.

After an hour-and-a-half of digging through stacks and stacks of cabinet doors, tape measure in hand and covered in sawdust from head to toe, I didn’t find exactly what I needed, but I did find four raised panel doors that will do once I give them a makeover like I did on my original cabinet doors. They’ll go from raised panel to recessed panel, and the total cost…ten dollars.

Don’t you just love ReStore?!

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  1. I drove past there this morning and saw the sign about the cabinet doors. (Little surprising I could read it since the fog is so thick!) For those locate crafters who like to make wall hanging out of cabinet doors this would be awesome!

  2. What a fantastic bargain! I just went to your kitchen cabinet post and thought “Geez, why didn’t I think of that?” I agree with one of your other commenters: “you rock, the end!”

  3. Goodness, it sure pays to procrastinate sometimes in life and not rush to whatever is available and here’s the proof, your cabinets turned out terrific!

  4. Good luck with finishing your pantry doors – sometimes I think a pantry with narrow shelves would make life a lot easier – I used to have a pantry like that in the first house I owned. Now, we have a 48sf walk-in pantry – I don’t know how I lived with the narrow pantry 🙂

  5. Oh man! I am seriously jealous of your ReStore! 🙂 While in the U.S. we visited a number of ReStores in a number of states (five, I think?) and did pick up some smaller items that would fit in a suitcase… but no lovely cabinet doors. *sigh* We’re getting ready to build our house and my husband will have to build all the cabinetry. How nice would it be to have some pre-made doors?! Oh well. As they say here, “Es lo que hay.” (roughly translated, “It is what it is”)

    Glad you at least were able to take advantage of the wonders of the ReStore 🙂