More Delays, And A Hospital Stay

To say that this past weekend didn’t go as planned would be a huge, MASSIVE understatement. In my post on Friday, I was all excited about getting lots of work done in the bathroom over the weekend. Well, I didn’t get a single thing done.

As soon as I published that blog post late on Friday morning, I went in to check on Matt (he was sitting in his recliner in the sitting room), and he was complaining of terrible pain in his back. I got him back to bed, and while his back pain subsided a bit, his overall condition continued to worsen to the point that he lost all strength and couldn’t even suck water through a straw. Around 3:00pm, he asked me to call 911 and wanted to go to the hospital.

So I did, and by the time I was able to see him in the ER, he was almost completely out of it. He has no memory of the EMTs taking him out of the house and putting him in the ambulance, and he has very little memory of being in the ER at all.

They ran all kinds of tests, but everything came back negative. No COVID, no other viruses that they could find. They tested for urinary tract infection, and thought that’s what it may have been, but that test eventually came back negative. All other tests and blood cultures came back negative, so we still have no idea what caused it. But what we do know is that three days in the hospital with broad spectrum I.V. antibiotics and saline did the trick, and he was feeling great yesterday.

It was a crazy, scary, and exhausting weekend for me, though. I stayed with him the whole time, sleeping (or rather, tossing and turning) on the most uncomfortable “bed” imaginable for three nights. By the time we got home yesterday evening, all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep for two days straight. But I still needed to get Cooper, who had been staying at my mom’s house, and pick up some dinner. I managed to keep my eyes open at least long enough to eat dinner, but I fell asleep pretty soon afterwards and had the deepest uninterrupted sleep that I’ve had in along time.

Then this morning, as soon as I woke up, I remembered that today was the day that the bathtub and toilet are supposed to be installed! And as of this morning, the bathroom still looked like this…

There’s nothing like coming off of an exhausting four days, followed by one night of sleep, with an, “OH MY GOSH!!! THEY’LL BE HERE ANY MINUTE NOW!!” I know my contractor would have understood had I wanted to reschedule, but with him and his guys as busy as they are right now, there’s no way I wanted to try to reschedule. I could have been two more months before he could work me into his busy schedule again, and I didn’t want to take that chance.

So I was up and out of bed light a bolt of lightening this morning in an effort to get all of this mess cleaned up before they got here to work. And somehow, I made it. I got all of my tools put away, all of the mess cleaned up, and the area all clear for them to work. And I got it done with mere minutes to spare. So hopefully, if all goes according to plan, this will be the last time you see this bathroom and this mural wall without a bathtub.

Having that bathtub installed right now will definitely make my bubble light project more challenging when that medallion finally gets here, but I don’t even care. I’m just so excited to get the bathtub installed!

So it’s been a crazy few days, and even though I slept well last night, I’m still so exhausted. I might not make it through this day without a nap. But Matt’s doing great now, and that’s what’s truly important. Things got scary on Friday and Saturday. so seeing him do so well yesterday and this morning is definitely worth those sleepless nights and a little exhaustion today. And who knows? Maybe tonight, I’ll have a new tub I can soak in before bedtime.



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  1. Oh Kristi—so sorry to hear about your weekend bust so glad Matt is doing better. That is what is important! Please take care of yourself and Matt but please get some rest! We will be here patiently waiting when you can get back to it 😊

  2. Oh Kristi—so sorry to hear about your weekend but so glad Matt is doing better. That is what is important! Please take care of yourself and Matt but please get some rest! We will be here patiently waiting when you can get back to it 😊

  3. Wow! You did in a few hours what would take me days to do!!! You ARE Superwoman! But please, take some time to regain your strength and energy. Nothing zaps it like taking care of someone else. Glad to hear Matt is doing great, too!

  4. Life does interfere – understatement. So glad Matt is better. I’m impressed with your hustle.
    Bet you could use a scaffold to work on the light above the tub.
    The bathroom is really on the way to being done.

  5. So very sorry to hear about Matt and your scary weekend. Happy that he’s feeling better. Get some rest the bathroom will still be there tomorrow. Prayers for you both.

  6. I’m glad to hear that Matt is doing OK. When the time is right, you will work your usual magic, and we’ll be here for it!

  7. There isn’t a bed in a hospital in the world that isn’t horrendous! They must bid out to find so many different ones that are so uncomfortable. Glad you got some rest last night. You must have been operating on super speed this morning to get all the cleanup done.
    Thank goodness Matt is much better. It does sound like one of those infections with no traces. Just relieved the antibiotic and, perhaps the little extra hydration, helped him to recover. I know those episodes must be scary for you. Time to treat yourself to whatever you enjoy most. You’ve earned it!

  8. I’m glad Matt is doing better and you got some much needed rest! Also, these pics were the first time I realized the floor in the whole bathroom is done! It looks soooooo good. Can’t wait to see more progress, as you’re able to do it, as you prioritize yourself and Matt first. 🙂

  9. Wow, I know that was scary for you both! Glad all is well, or at least better!
    Be sure to keep hydrated, as this heat gets worse. Very important for both of you, and your pets. Stay safe! And I can’t wait to see your tub!

  10. Prayers and best wishes for a full recovery for Matt. I’m glad he’s on the road to recovery. This has to be stressful and exhausting for you, Kristi, so I’m sending a hug!

  11. I was just wondering where the water pipes are for the tub faucets? I think I only see the drain line. Get some rest. You’ll feel so much better tomorrow.

  12. Always seems a crisis is lurking in the wings.. Story of our lives.. Always support here . Decompass this week ..Go slow

  13. You have a project effectively on autopilot so you can rest for 48 hrs. Then enjoy a more complete bath.

  14. Oh, how scary for both of you! I’m glad Matt is doing better and hope you take a couple of naps too.

  15. Glad Matt’s doing better. It sounds like dehydration hit him. Take care of BOTH of you. That bathroom will get done whenever!🙏

    1. That was my thought as well, especially saying all his tests came back negative. Take care of you guys first Kristi! That’s the most important!

      1. Yes, dehydration can cause all the symptoms he had. Very important to drink plenty of fluids. For you, too!

  16. Oh Kristi! What a taxing week-I’m so glad he’s feeling like himself again. Fingers crossed your installation will be quick and easy and you can get some rest before taking on the next steps.

  17. Bless your hearts. :’-( I am so glad Matt is feeling better and that you were able to get everything done in time (which was quite the impressive feat!). Blessings to you both. <3

  18. Thank goodness Matt is better and you are getting some rest. Hope that bathtub does get installed so you can have a nice soak before bed! I know how uncomfortable those hospital recliner/beds can be, you’re a real trooper to give it a go, lol.

  19. So happy Matt is on the mend. You deserve a nice long soak 🛁. Self care is best right now.

  20. Wow, I’m so glad that Matt is doing better. What a wearing weekend. There is nothing more exhausting to have a loved one in a health emergency. I sure hope Matt continues to do well. We look forward to seeing the new tub! Yay!

  21. Kristy, so sorry Matt had a scary episode and ended up in the hospital. Scary for him and you, glad he is home and feeling great. Strange that it could not be figured out, strange things can happen with immune diseases.
    Main thing is Matt is better and you two are home again.
    How exciting to get the bathtub installed! I just love your bathroom, the colors are my favorites too.
    Take care of yourself too, go slow for a few days till your body has recouped from the exhausting and stressful situation.

  22. So VERY, VERY glad that Matt is okay now! And I hope you recover from the craziness soon. I too spent Friday at the E.R.! I was having minor pain in my chest for the last few weeks, and since I’ve already had a heart attack once, and Mister was seeing our Primary next door to the hospital that day, I tagged along to get an EKG at the E.R. while he had his office visit. It turned in to the whole day, from 8:45 am to 3 pm in the E.R. without finding any problems with me. But of course my Cardiologist insisted I be admitted for observation and a stress test. All was fine, and I was sent home on Saturday. I now wonder if it was anxiety, because after they said the EKG was normal, I didn’t feel the pain any longer. I felt kinda stupid for all the bother for nothing, but told myself it wasn’t unwarrented, given my history. Now I look forward to seeing how much that weekend will cost us! Can’t wait to see the tub in place, but rest as you feel the need!

  23. You know what they say about best laid plans…sometimes there is just more important things to take care of…like Matt! And, you! Time for a little break before you dive back in…get some rest, and hopefully he is feeling much better, and YES, you can take a nice bubble bath! No matter what, the bathroom did move forward some, and it is progress. Looking forward to your next installment…

  24. I’m so sorry you and Matt had such a frightening experience and so glad to know he’s now home and feeling so much better!!

  25. I am so relieved that Matt is better. Take your time to refuel and rest up, a few more days is no biggie; what is important is Matt’s and your health. Prayers for Matt to continue to feel good and regain his strength. Prayers for you to rest up and regain your strength also. Enjoy soaking in a hot bath and relaxing.

  26. Oh my goodness! Hopefully Matt’s scare is resolved, but you are pushing yourself too. Both of you need time to recuperate. Sending lots of hugs and prayers for a continued recovery!

  27. Matt, I’m almost as relieved as you must be that you are doing so much better.
    Kristi, you are a wonderful wife and a wonderful DIYer.
    Matt and Kristi, remember you are both well loved.
    Now, continue taking care of each other, and God bless.

  28. I’m so sorry both of you have gone through this but so glad Matt is improving quickly. My husband had a similar episode with an intestinal infection. He ended up in the hospital for 12 days. This was the height of the panini so I couldn’t visit him and his stroke left him unable to use a phone. He thought I had abandoned him. He came home so weak he couldn’t sit up or lift a cup. Thankfully with weeks of rehab rehab he has recovered to his impaired but pre illness self.