Master Bathroom Progress – Window Trimmed, Sconces Installed, Mirror Hung

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I have a short and sweet update for y’all today. I had planned to just work on windows this weekend and get the four windows trimmed out in the bathroom and home gym. But once I got the window trimmed out in the bathroom, I was so anxious to install the sconces on that wall to see what they were going to look like against the Modern Masters Venetian Plaster wall finish.

First, here’s a look at the one window in the bathroom. Here’s how it looked on Friday…

master bathroom remodel - current progress january 2022

And here’s the window all trimmed out…

bathroom progress - window trimmed out

I still need to do all of the finishing (wood filling, sanding, caulking, priming, and painting), but it always amazes me the huge difference it makes once trim goes onto doors and windows.

The way I trim out my doors and windows makes a really big impact on the rooms in my home, but it’s so incredibly simple. If you have a miter saw (actually, just a chop saw will do) and a tape measure, you can do this because it requires no miter cuts!! They’re all just quick and easy straight cuts.

You can find the tutorial here: How I Trim My Windows And Doors (Easy DIY Window Casings With No Miter Cuts!)

Once I got the trim installed, I had to keep going on this wall and install the sconces. These things have been sitting around my house in boxes for a few months now, getting shifted from room to room, so I was so anxious to get them out of the boxes and up onto the wall. Here’s how they look installed. Unfortunately, I didn’t have light bulbs for them, so you’ll just have to use your imagination on that part. 😀

bathroom progress - vanity sconces installed

These are the Tracie Curved Arm Classic Sconce from Shades of Light, and they’re only $76 each! Since I needed four sconces, I wanted something that looked great without breaking the bank, and these fit the bill perfectly.

And once those were up, I was curious to see what the mirrors would look like on the wall as well. 😀 I know I jumped the gun on these things, but if you’ve been around here long enough, you know that I almost never do things in an order that makes sense. I’m always so anxious to get to the pretty and decorative stuff. And it all works out in the end, so I just go with it.

If you followed my Instagram stories over the weekend, you know I had this mirror propped up on the ladder, and I said I wasn’t going to actually hang it on the wall.

Well, I actually hung it on the wall. 😀 Y’all! I just couldn’t help myself! I lost all self-control. I’ll take it down, and remove the glass shades from the sconces when it’s time to install crown molding on that wall, but in the meantime, here’s a peek at the sconces, mirror (just one for now), and trimmed out window all together. And I just love the reflection of the wall mural in the mirror.

The mirror is the Marco Moroccan Gold Arch mirror from West Mirrors. This one is the medium size. I probably could have fit the large size in these spaces, but the large would have been taller than the window trim, and in my mind, the window trim needs to be the tallest thing on that wall. Don’t ask me to explain why, but that’s just what seems right in my mind. 😀

So yes, I got a bit ahead of myself with this, but that’s okay. 🙂 Allowing myself to do things out of order, and get to projects that help me see clearer what the finished project will look like, helps to keep me motivated to keep on going. I’m so excited about how this will turn out!



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  1. I wouldn’t have been able to wait to see the sconces and mirror installed either! I would consider it a great motivator to finish the rest of the room.

  2. Beeeyooootiful! Now I’m even more excited for the final reveal! Who has a bathroom like this!?! Kristi, that’s who!

  3. Wonderful. What kind of bulb will you put in the sconces? Type of light… bright, daylight??? Clear globe or opaque, wattage?

  4. I was going to suggest hanging the mirrors last week, as a quick mood booster, then remembered you were unsure of the final height. I’m so glad you did hang these! Just file it on an COP -construction organization- if possible. The task of re-arranging to prep (while necessary) seems to take more initiative than the project it’s for. Now it’s one less thing.

  5. Oh my! I saw this line “If you followed my Instagram stories over the weekend, you know I had this mirror propped up on the ladder, and I said I wasn’t going to actually hang it on the wall.” and my stomach dropped. I thought FOR SURE you were going to say it got knocked over and broke. SO glad I was wrong! It looks terrific. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    1. Did you order the mirrors directly from West mirrors?
      I noticed they are in Canada and you habe to pay for return shipping if they don’t work out.

  6. In my mind you were absolutely genius to install the sconces and mirrors along with the gorgeous window trim at this point. Think how much more difficult it would have been to measure their placement while leaning over the installed sink and cabinets. This way you were able to measure up close without straining your back😉 You can still take the mirrors and glass sconce shades down to install the crown molding, but the hard job of measuring where to install the hooks and installing the sconces bases is done!!!
    So looking forward to see what you do next!!

    1. That’s a really good point – my back hurts just thinking about leaning over a cabinet to do that – especially with a big heavy mirror! Can’t wait to see the finished bathroom!

  7. Oh that is all gorgeous! Can’t wait for it to be up there permanently. I get why you do things out of order. Got to see if the vision is realized.

  8. It looks gorgeous! I hope this doesn’t sound weird but I am so proud of you and what you accomplish. I want to be you when I grow up. (Over 60). I am currently in process of bathroom remodel. So I love to get more ideas. I was actually thinking of wallpaper for the ceiling with a similar paper that you used with the birds and butterflies. Also, looking for a small chandelier for over tub.

  9. I forgot to ask what, if anything, is happening with the house next door? I go on and check things out, dreaming I’m moving across the country into a beautiful vintage home (I’m quite the dreamer). I am still shocked at the awful kitchen that was put in and asking a unbelievable price.

    1. Nothing so far. It’s just sitting there, and there doesn’t seem to be any interest. I never see anyone looking at the house. There was an open house this past weekend, and I didn’t see a single person go in. Not surprising at all to me with that kitchen, at that price, in this neighborhood. The house on the other side of it (a potentially very cute fixer upper) went on the market very recently and already has a sale pending. I just can’t see how they’re going to sell the one next door for almost half a million dollars. It’s absurd.


    Question about the window trim, hopefully you can guide me a bit. Our living/dining area windows are full trimmed out. However, all of my bedrooms have windows that aren’t trimmed out, they are finished with (textured) dry wall, which I HATE. There is only a painted windowsill at the bottom. If I wanted to trim out would I need to rip out the dry wall on the interior portions, then proceed to trim out?

  11. Absolutely LOVE all the accessories you have chosen but above all I love the mural behind the tub AND the feeling of a luxurious pristine perfect swimming pool I get with any picture of your walls and the beautiful blue you worked on so diligently to totally match and at the same time compliment the mural. The Window trim, sconces and mirrors are also totally complimentary and at the same time outstanding..
    Thank you for sharing your walk, thoughts and techniques with us.

  12. This is such exciting progress! I always wonder how trimming out the windows affects things when you need to replace the windows down the road. Does the trim have to be removed and then reinstalled? Thanks!

    1. It all depends on the type of windows you have now, and what you’re having them replaced with. My mom just had all new windows installed. She went with Anderson Renewal replacement windows. It was a very fast and easy process, and they didn’t disturb any of the interior trim. All of our windows are new, but they’re not replacement windows. We went with new build windows. In order to install those on windows that have already been trimmed, we would probably have to remove and then reinstall the trim inside afterwards.