Master Bathroom Sneak Peek

I know most of you probably read that title and thought, “Sneak peek?! I don’t want a sneak peek! You said you’d show us the whole finished bathroom this week!” Ugh. I know. 😩😩 And I really thought I could make that happen.

I’ve tried twice now to get pictures of the finished bathroom, but each time I do, I notice something else that I forgot to do that hadn’t made it onto my final punch list.

My plan was to get up this morning, put Cooper out in his yard for a while, then bring him in, clean the floor one last time (we’ve had a lot of rain, so every time he comes in lately, he leaves big muddy paw prints), and then wait for the perfect lighting (probably mid-morning or mid-day, because in the afternoon and evening, the light streams through the back door too much to get good pictures), and then spend the afternoon editing and getting my post ready to show y’all the whole before and after tomorrow.

I did a couple of test shots, and that’s when I noticed that I had overlooked yet another thing. This outlet has no cover on it.

And then I realized that the HVAC vent has no cover on it either.

I don’t have either of those things on hand, so I have to make one final master bathroom-related trip to Home Depot to finish up these last two items. I’ve been working in this bathroom for so long that I had become so used to seeing them like this. I had stopped actually seeing them. They only became obvious to me when I took some test shots of the bathroom that I thought was finished (except for a dirty floor that needs to be cleaned), and I noticed them in the photos.

So my final punch list — the list of 30 or so final small things to do that were all checked off — now has two final items added to it. I’m hoping I can get those done today (along with cleaning the floor), and then get pictures tomorrow, but at this point, I offer no guarantees. Life seems to keep getting in the way.

I did want to update you on the decision I made regarding privacy with this door…

Right now, it’s all fogged over because we had cold weather last night and this morning, and it’s warm inside our house. So what you see there is just condensation. Side note: Why we’re getting condensation on double-pane windows is something I can’t explain. Both the door and the window in here were fogged over this morning.

But as far as privacy with the exterior door, I decided not to do anything. I’m leaving the glass as is.

I decided that I really like being able to see out of it unobstructed, and when I do need privacy, it takes about five seconds to get the little curtain and magnetic curtain rod out of the drawer and pop it onto the door. Then when I no longer need privacy, I can remove the magnetic curtain rod and put the rod and curtain back into the drawer. It’s quick and easy!

But anyway, I promised y’all a sneak peek, so here’s one of my favorite views of our finished-for-the-most-part master bathroom. I tried to get low enough so that the uncovered outlet doesn’t show, but you can still see it. Please kindly ignore it. 😃

I’m so excited about how this bathroom turned out. I still can’t believe it took me a year-and-a-half to finish. That seems ridiculous to me. But at least it’s finished. And just as soon as I can get an outlet cover, a vent cover, and get Cooper’s muddy paw prints cleaned up from the floor, I’ll show you the whole thing.



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  1. Oh it’s gorgeous! Even with those two little covers missing! I know you’re so relieved to have that done and behind you! Now you can go in to another project! I’m so happy for you!

  2. So funny that those things got overlooked…like you said, you got used to things and only see them when analyzing a photo. I have done that too. Much more critical studying a photo!
    We can all wait until YOU are happy. Looking forward, but most of all, happy for you to have your new bathroom DONE!

  3. The panelling on the wall with the missing outlet cover is so pretty!! I just love the way you finish things.
    And for the size of the room, custom vanities and all that tile, I don’t think 1.5 years is bad.

  4. I’ll bet nobody thought of your solution for the door! Good idea!
    I remember you said there was something you wanted to do instead of shoe molding behind the tub. I can see it’s different but I can’t tell what it is.

  5. I am particularly appreciating the beautiful way the marble floor tiles, the tiny, square marble tiles of the shower come together with the runner course of white tiles in the shower and the white, shower wall tiles. So beautiful, planful, and harmonious. I don’t think I have seen a close up of that small area before. Exquisite details, as is the whole room, which is fresh and interesting. Congratulations, Kristi!

  6. Great solution for the door! Can’t wait to see the final reveal pictures.

    **Side note why windows condensate.

    Your windows are the coldest surfaces indoors. During colder months, indoor air is much warmer and holds more moisture than outdoor air, which is colder and dry. Warm, humid indoor air cools and contracts; as it contacts the cooler windows, the moisture condenses on the glass.

    1. I guess I thought that double-pane windows were supposed to eliminate that type of thing from happening. I thought the gas between the panes was supposed to act as an insulation to prevent the condensation. It makes sense in my mind why that would happen on a single pane window.

      1. They are supposed to. The fact that your double-pane windows are condensating on the inside means something is wrong…..Sadly, I’m not sure exactly what. It’s possible you have a leak in those windows and all the insulating gas between the panes has escaped.

        1. If there was a leak in the gas area, it would have condensation in between the two layers of glass. Here in Missouri, we sometimes get condensation on the inside if it is a lot warmer inside than outside. It usually occurs because the humidity inside is higher than outside. Running the fan in there longer should eliminate the condensation.

      2. If you can control the humidity on your furnace that should help. We have to turn ours down to 30%, from the usual 35-40, and it does the trick

        1. Was just going to suggest this. When Ive gotten condensation on my windows inside, it’s because my humidifier was putting too much humidity into the air. Once I turned it down, it was fine.

  7. As far as your windows fogging….my new double paned replacement windows do that every now and then…..I can’t remember the answer but Google it and you will find out there is a reason for it and it is ok. And your bathroom is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. It was wonderful to be able to enjoy the sneak peek, it gives a good idea of what things are going to look like! Exciting!

  9. Christie,
    All I can say is you are just amazing and should be so proud of what you’ve accomplish. This bathroom is spectacular! It would be so design wise anyway but considering you made EVERYTHING with your own two hands launches you into the stratosphere!

  10. I can’t wait to see the final finish. I really do love what you did in the toilet room. Love the cabinet you built in there.

  11. Fabulous! In the photo of the missing outlet cover, it looks as though you might have another small project…to caulk or grout in the seam between the main bath floor and the shower. It may just be the lighting, a shadow or my monitor, but it looks like that seam has never been filled? Is the seam to the water closet the same?

    Didn’t want you to think you were all done again, if there is another small item Can’t wait for the full reveal. Have a great day!

    YHWH Bless You : )

    1. I *think* she has a metal tile “thingy” (I forget the name) that is L-shaped and sits under the tile and separates the two types of tiles. (Because the tiles were of different heights, or something like that.)

  12. It looks absolutely gorgeous! What an amazing sanctuary to have. And I adore, and am jealous of, the lighting fixture above your tub.

    1. Yes, the light is incredible. Was it purchased all as one light or the back plate added? It fits the room and Kristi’s style so well. I’m also obsessed with the feature wall paper, and love how it co-ordinates with the solid blue wall.

  13. I’m so excited that you’re (nearly) finished. I like the window in the door unobstructed. The idea of popping up a curtain when necessary sounds perfect!

  14. Looking at what you did, I’ll never ever judge your timeline. It’s fantastic, amazing, beautiful, sensational……all the adjectives!

  15. I wanted to say that,with Christmas so close … give yourself permission to relax … those small details are only noticeable to you. Everyone else is just totally impressed! 🎄 🐞 🎄 🐞🎄

  16. Next time something minor like that comes up, just grab an outlet cover from another room and continue taking pictures! I love the whole project and am looking forward to tomorrow’s reveal!

  17. Well done, you should be so proud of yourself! You shouldn’t be getting condensation-do you turn the fan on before you start the shower and leave it on for a while afterwards?

  18. It looks great but I have a question about why Cooper has to come in and out of that door and and not the carport/studio hallway? seems like you would want to keep your bathroom clean and wouldn’t care if the hallway off of the carport had dog prints on it…. just a suggestion

    1. It’s just so convenient having a doorway that leads directly into his fenced-in yard, rather than having to go to the other end of the house, put him on a leash, and walk him out the studio door, across the back of the house and into his yard each time.

      And I won’t take him out through the sunroom door (even though it’s much closer to his yard) because getting that sliding glass door open and closed is a huge struggle. That door is awful, and I have a horrible time wrestling with it just to get it open. And I don’t want to replace it because I just want that whole room torn down ASAP.

      1. What about a small mat for Cooper to step on when he comes in? There are doggy mats just for dirty, wet paws. Also cat mats would work. They keep the litter from being tracked throughout the house. Your bathroom is exquisite! As is the rest of your home. But, THAT spa bathroom! Delicious!