Master Bathroom Tile Options — My Preliminary Search

My bathroom countertop problem has been solved. Some of you probably saw my update at the end of yesterday’s post. But if you missed it, I headed to Design Superstore yesterday to look over their quartz remnants and see if they had anything that would work.

I had my heart set on solid bright white, but sadly, they didn’t have any of that in a remnant. And paying full price for such a tiny bathroom that isn’t a main bathroom in our house just wasn’t an option in my mind. They did have several remnants of one called Snow White, which has very subtle flecks of gray. I brought the sample home and decided that it’ll work.

new Snow White quartz for half bathroom

I’m excited about this decision. This countertop is going to see a lot of wear and tear, so quartz will be able to stand up to it much better than resin. They’ll be here Thursday afternoon to measure, so hopefully it’ll be installed at some point the following week and I can get back on track.

While I was there, I also ordered a big 5′ x 12′ piece of Wilsonart laminate for my work table(s) that I’ll be building very soon. I’ve never installed sheet laminate before, so I’m excited for the challenge. Of course, I’ll post the details of that project when I get to it. And I’m excited that it will require me to purchase a new tool. 😀 I’ve been wanting one of those little routers for quite some time, but had no need for one until now. I love an excuse to buy a new tool. 😀

Anyway, while I was at Design Superstore, I also decided to take a look at their HUGE selection of tile to see if I could find some jumping off point for our future master bathroom design.

Now to be clear, the master bathroom is still quite a ways away. We have a whole Phase 1 remodel that has to happen on the other two bedrooms and part of the hallway before the bathroom can even begin. But I’d love to have everything decided before we start on the bathroom so that I don’t cause any delays with my indecisiveness.

I found quite a few tiles that I could definitely work with. Sadly, the one I thought was my absolute favorite turned out to be a huge disappointment. As soon as I saw this tile at a distance, I knew I had found the one.

master bathroom tile options - 4 - diagonal blues and white stripes large design

But then I got closer and noticed this awful rust look on the tiles.

master bathroom tile options - 4 - diagonal blues and white stripes

What the heck?! I mean, y’all know that the whole rustic/distressed thing just isn’t my taste. I was so disappointed to see this beautiful tile ruined (for me) by this rust look. It would have been so perfect without it!

This Moroccan scale design in teal, turquoise, aqua, and white caught my eye. I love the colors as well as the size of the tiles.

master bathroom tile options - 2 - scale design in blues and white

These colorful tiles also caught my eye. I don’t know if you can see it, but they have a subtle horizontal pinstripe pattern.

master bathroom tile options - 7 - colorful pinstripe tiles

After seeing the gorgeous color in the bathroom that inspired the layout of our master bathroom (which I shared here), I can’t see myself using a whole lot of white. But if I were to go with white, I’d love something like these gorgeous white glass tiles…

master bathroom tile options - 3 - white glass tiles

I’ve always loved white glass tile, and I love the way that the light casts interesting shadows on these tiles, which just enhances the design to my eye.

And with my love of blue and teal, this tile naturally caught my eye. I really like the variation of color on the tile. I find it more interesting than a completely solid color.

master bathroom tile options - 6 - dark blue

And finally, I absolutely love this monochromatic floral mosaic. I took a picture of it thinking that there was no way Matt would go for it, but he actually said it’s fine! I think it’s because it’s a solid color and not overly frilly, but whatever the reason, I’m so glad he’s open to it! I would use it in small amounts as an accent. In fact, I think it looks gorgeous with the blue tile just above.

master bathroom tile options - 5 - monochrome flowers

So those are the results of my preliminary search for master bathroom tile. Obviously, I’m drawn to blues and teals, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. Now that I actually know the layout of the bathroom, I’m going to play around with some ideas using these tiles and see what I can come up with. I can’t wait to get started on this project! It’ll still be a while, though.



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  1. I must be missing something. To me it looks like you have to go through the hall, through the games room, through the master bath to get to the master bedroom. That seems like a lot of rooms to go through.

    1. This set up is so Matt can utilize the master bath from his game room and the bedroom. It’s designed for the best use for him, and for ease for him.

    2. I believe there’s a strip of the floor plan that is missing from sight that shows access to master from windowed hall from the family room

    3. I don’t know what you mean. There is access to the master bedroom from the hallway. No need to go through any other rooms. All the bedrooms, the hall bath and laundry are accessed through that semi-circle style hallway. Plus it makes it so Matt can wheel through there without having to necessarily back-up. Maybe I don’t quite understand your comment?

        1. Yeah, for some reason the plan I was looking at, had a semicircle hallway. But that isn’t showing up anymore??? It’s probably just me! Haha

    4. I guess in some way that is the point. The Master bathroom is only for the owners. The bathroom in the hallway is for a quick dash and for visitors.

  2. Kristi,

    You will love the quartz and clean up will be easy when you start using that
    bathroom after paint projects.
    Maybe when the time gets closer you can show us a variety of tiles you considered before zeroing in on your final pick. Some of us get frozen when
    looking at all of the selections available now and it is hard to make a decision.
    You always seem to have a vision early on so maybe you can guide some of us.
    The only way I was able to pick out the counters for my kitchen so easily was because I saw them used in a “flip” house that I went to look at. It was tastefully done and the lady told me her husband picks out all of the tile and flooring and paint colors when they flip a house. Whereas she was like me and could never make a decision . I knew before I ever bought my house that if it needed new counters ( had butcher block look laminate from early 80’s)
    I was going with the quartz used in the flip house.
    That was two years ago and I would pick it again today if I had to move.
    Looking forward to your future renovations.

    1. Hi Kristi,

      Given your love of color, you should check out – the website and blog have lots of examples of their tile installations that you may find interesting. I’m currently working with them on a backsplash and like the fact that they make installation easier by mounting the tiles you select in the desired pattern on mesh sheets.

  3. Just curious…. How much are quartz remnants going for? Installers must have a variety of materials left over from sink cutouts, etc. I was thinking about something like that for my built-in sewing desk. The other possibility is copying the wood countertop you made for your pantry.

    1. The place where I went charges $35/square foot for remnants. The regular price starts at $50/square foot. The price includes one of six (I think) edge profiles and installation. They do charge $100 extra for undermount sink installation.

  4. Could you not pull a template from your existing counter top, to hurry the process along? So glad you found a piece to work with.
    I think down the line you will be so much happier!
    Exciting things for your next project!

      1. Based on my recent experience with quartz countertops – they will take measurements as to where you want your sink and faucet and if possible they will take the sink too, to ensure the cutout is exact.

  5. I love the variegation of the rusty blue tile. Seeing what you did in your pantry, I’m sure with your talent you could recreate the look on plain white tile. It would be such a savings that it might be worth considering.

  6. Glad you found some quartz you like. I’m in love with that flower mosaic. Who is the manufacturer and what is the tile called? Thanks.

  7. Hi Christie,

    This is not my business, so please forgive me.

    What is the bottom-line cost difference between the greyed-white quartz remanent you’re showing here and the cost of the same size countertop made from a pure, bright white?

    I know it’s not my powder room, but it would break my heart to use a greyed tone in that magnificently painted, creatively designed, bright room.

    The counter top is going to be so in-your-face … it needs to be your ideal of “perfect” – not ‘okay’, not ‘it will work’, not ‘it will do’ – but “perfect!”

    You’ve saved so much with building the cabinet, making the light fixture, plumbing the fixtures yourself – don’t feel bad spending a bit more for the small countertop you really want.

    1. Based on my recent experience – if you are not buying a remnant there is usually a minimum charge for pieces below a certain size – so I expect that the cost of ordering a small piece of bright white far exceeds what Kristie is willing to pay for that counter.

  8. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blue tile and the white flower tiles! I am currently in love with blue and white anyway. I’m trying to imagine that beautiful bathroom with those tiles! I can’t wait!

  9. You mean they did the rust stains on purpose????? what !!!
    Tile that makes it look like you haven’t cleaned in years??? Yeah, that is something we all want in our bathrooms! NOT!

    1. Jan, I was thinking the same thing! I’m glad you said because I was sure thinking it and laughed heartedly when I read your comment. I don’t want to be graphic here BUT I was thinking that looks like there was a flood in that room and all the -let’s say – “yuck” (LoL) needed to be cleaned from the walls. LoL I looooove blue (my favorite color) BUT not stained dirty blue. Clean is my #1 requirement – I couldn’t look at that everyday. LoL Thanks for the chuckle.

  10. Will you need to remove the countertop so they can get their precise measurements? I ask because when our house was being built, they wanted everything in place (refrigerator, range, etc.) and wanted the sink and faucet present (not installed) when they measured. I would think the counter you have now will impede “exact” measurements. I guess it wouldn’t be that hard to remove if necessary. Love the glass tile, and that blue is awesome! I’ve heard (on tv shows) that those fish scale tiles and arabesque tiles are the hardest to install, because it’s difficult to line them up level. But they are my favorites visually! I wanted the arabesque in my kitchen, but got vetoed, so I did subway.

    1. I love your site. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for being a great teacher. I’m blown away by your skills. Im really wondering how you learned everything!!

  11. Kristi,

    Get extra blades for the router as they dull quickly. When that happens, the blade burns the laminate and it’s ruined. Mostly that happens on the laminate band that wraps the edge of the countertop. Ask me how I know:) It’s no fun getting that band off and starting over.

  12. Kristi, I’m with you on the rusty, rustic look. That just ruined those beautiful tiles. I don’t want to hurt any feelings, but I hate the shabby chic, distressed look that’s so popular now. I know plenty of people do like it, but to me it’s a half finished product. Yuck!
    Anyway, can’t wait for you to get your bathroom finished the way you want.

  13. I can imagine how fun it is to consider these different tiles, but please consider the cleaning process – tiles with a relief or uneven surface (probably the ones with the horizontal lines, definitely the flower mosaic) can be hell to clean! we only have a small coloured band in our bathroom that juts out horizontally, and it accumulates dust and due to the humid air in the room that turns into hard to remove grime all the time, it’s really annoying! I love those blue tiles, they look like a mediterranean swimming pool to me!

  14. I have the subway tiles with the horizontal lines in them in grey. They haven’t been hard to clean and they do neat things with the light reflection. I used them as kitchen backsplash and I plan to do a accent strip in my shower with the leftovers. It is nice tile but I really like that rectangular blue one you photographed as well.

  15. I love the deep blue tile and the floral tile is (sigh) truly gorgeous. To me the planning and dreaming phase is my favorite thing to do. I hope you find joy in the moment!

  16. A lo of good choices to think about. Your quartz countertop in the small bathroom should work out nicely. Moving forward…

  17. you mean . . . . . . that rust look is deliberate??? Looks dirty, messy disgusting . . . . I don’t GET that one at all! Excited to see the final look in your current bathroom project.