Music Room Updates – Teal Bookcases & A Chandelier Swap

As you may have predicted, I decided to paint my music room bookcases all teal. It’s what I wanted to try, and then when the majority of you (much to my surprise) said to go for it, I finally had the courage to try. And I absolutely love it!!

I finished last night, and was excited to get up this morning to take pictures to show you. Unfortunately, I woke up to the absolute dreariest day imaginable. It’s like I woke up in Oregon on a gray, drizzly winter day with not a ray of sunlight to be seen. *Sigh*

Oh well. I’m still going to show you how it turned out, but it looks different on a dreary, sunlight-free day than it does on a typical sunny Texas day.

But here are my new all teal music room bookcases…

music room with teal bookcases - 6

Probably the most shocking thing to you is that I went with an all-neutral scheme for the items on the shelves. I had actually intended to cover all of our books with new pink dust jackets, but I couldn’t find plain pink paper anywhere locally. I mean, I found scrapbook paper, but that’s not big enough for dust jackets. So for now, I went with plain brown paper (reminiscent of covering my textbooks in my grade school days), and I’ll leave them like that for now. Hopefully I’ll happen upon some pretty pink paper eventually.

In addition to painting the bookcases and finally putting things on the shelves, I also swapped the chandelier. I took this one down from the living room and put it in the music room.

If you’ll remember, I originally had a light in here that I made myself. I liked the light fixture in style and design, but I made it to accommodate chandelier bulbs, and only four of them. So it just never put out enough light, especially for a room that only ever receives indirect, second-hand sunlight through the adjacent rooms.

Also, this capiz shell chandelier (which I got here) has been bothering me in the living room.

current living room with teal fireplace, pink curtains, gray sofa, gray and lavender rug

It’s the chandelier right in line with the artwork I made to go over the mantel that bothers me. The two pieces right in the same sight line, with both pieces round in shape, and both made of hundreds of identical pieces, have been bothering me for quite some time. But that piece above the fireplace is one of my favorite things I’ve ever made, and I made it specifically to go right there. So that wasn’t moving.

The chandelier, on the other hand, actually seemed like a better fit for the music room, so that’s the one that moved. I’m going to find something much more simple in design for the living room.

I used a different teal on this bookcase wall than I used on my entryway wall and fireplace in the living room. That teal is so dark that it often looks black even on the entryway wall right next to the glass front door, so I figured it would always look black in a room with no direct natural light. And I wanted these bookcases and doors to look obviously teal, not black.

music room with teal bookcases - 2

So I ended up using Behr Mythic Forest, which is the same exact color that I used on the cabinets (and freezer) in the pantry.

pantry remodel - after 1 - freezer cabinet

It’s an old Behr paint color, so they no longer have it on a paint swatch card. But when they did, it was two colors down from my kitchen cabinet color, which is Hallowed Hush.

music room with teal bookcases - 1

These colors are tried and true for me. Back in our condo days, I painted our kitchen cabinets Hallowed Hush, and the hallway bathroom walls Mythic Forest. In this house, I ended up with Hallowed Hush kitchen cabinets again (after a kelly green detour) and a Mythic Forest pantry. And now Mythic Forest is making an appearance in them music room.

I have a feeling that at some point in the future (the DISTANT future — not right now, and probably not even this year), I’ll repaint the entryway wall and the fireplace in Mythic Forest. I’m tired of people thinking that my entryway wall is black. 🙂 It really is teal.

But for now, the two teals look fine together. It’s obvious to me that they’re not the same, but I’m not sure anyone else would know, especially on a sunny day. For some reason, on sunny days, the back wall of the music room looks like a more saturated teal than it does on cloudy, sunless days. But regardless, I think visitors would just chalk up the differences to a difference in lighting in the two rooms, if they even gave it a thought at all.

music room with teal bookcases - 8

Side note: I REALLY like my entryway just as it is. 🙂 It’s finished, and completely suits my personal taste.

Anyway, I’m glad I went ahead and took the chance. I can’t wait for a sunny day so that I can take better pictures to show you. It looks so pretty with sunlight coming through those doors.

music room with teal bookcases - 4

This room is so close to being finished. I need to reupholster two chairs, and refinish the piano bench. Then it’ll just need some finishing touches, and it’ll be done!

music room with teal bookcases - 7

Of course, neither of those are quick and easy one-day projects, which is why I keep putting them off. And I need to focus on getting the guest bedroom and hallway finished before I start any big projects in other rooms. But I’m feeling pretty confident that this music room will actually be finished this year.

In the meantime, I’m still on the lookout for pretty, plain, pink paper. There has to be some out there somewhere.

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        1. I googled “pink paper on a roll” and lo and behold a whole whack of options came up – Walmart, Target, Amazon … various widths and lengths and none terribly expensive. Most seemed to be some kind of kraft paper.

    1. Just love your book shelves!!!
      Stealing the color for my bedroom. Thank you for sharing the name.
      For me the entryway eall doesn’t look black at all but in the Same color of the shelves would look better. Just my opinion.

    1. yes, I miss those gorgeous handles, too! Attaching them accounts for a small happy project, right?? Love the teal bookcases and think it is pretty to have variations of the colour in the kitchen, music room and hallway!

    2. Another, I was going to ask! I assumed they were down for painting and everything…but did you take them off so the doors can open wider?

  1. Looks great. Have you tried looking for plain pink wrapping paper? Even if the paper is thin, you could reinforce the underside with a clear contact paper before wrapping the books. I was able to google and find several pretty plain, pink wrapping papers online.

    1. There’s a store in Albuquerque that has amazing paper, it’s called Creative Culture. But then you have to travel to Albuquerque! Hopefully there’s a similar paper store closer to you!

      1. I personally really like the Teal shades going from dark to light. It suggests a color theme without being the exact same color. Very cool. The shelves look lively and when you bring in the chairs it will be even mire of a statement.
        Sheila F.

    2. Better than contact paper is to iron freezer paper to the back of it. Contact paper loves to wrinkle and is impossible to remove. Don’t ask how I know! LOL

  2. I absolutely love the teal cabinets in the music room and the neutral cover on the books didn’t even catch my eye. Why not just add couple pink items there.
    Love the chandelier there too. You have such a load to do. Why not have someone else do the upholstery?

    1. How about making your own? Or at least designing it. My recollection is spoonflower’s wallpaper is peel & stick and removable, so it shouldn’t damage the books (maybe depends on what the book cover is made of) and would be in the exact color(s) you want.

  3. It looks awesome!! Even without the sunlight. I had my fingers crossed you’d go this direction.

    PS Our dollar tree usually has plain pink gift wrap. It’s pretty thin, of course, but maybe worth a shot? You aren’t out much if it doesn’t work 🙂

    1. The Dana K White book, Decluttering at the Speed of Life has really been a game changer for me. She is so right that i kept trying to organize it to keep it all when what i needed to do was declutter and understand the size of my container!

  4. I thought the teal bookshelves would be too dark. I’m happy to report I was wrong! I like it! I don’t think it matters that it’s a different teal from the entryway wall. In fact, I think I like the difference. I like the idea of leaving the books in the brown paper and just adding some pink items on the shelves. Anyway, great job! You’ll definitely get this room done this year! Very exciting!

  5. I so wanted to suggest a chandelier the other day, but was afraid it would hurt your feelings since I knew you made the light that was there. But when I look at that room I could envision it having a chandelier hanging down and a round table in the middle of the room under it. But not so big it covers seeing your beautiful doors!!! But that would mean having to remove your piano. And I don’t think you are going for that idea! lol

  6. Love it, Kristi!! Well done! I also love the entranceway and how the darker teal color really makes the pictures stand out in contrast. Looks beautiful!!

  7. Take a look at USArtquest.com. They have a huge inventory of many different kinds of paper and other things and ship. (Their PPA Perfect Paper Adhesive is a wonderful product though not pertinent to your current needs.) I have been to their shop and it is amazing and the quality of their products is great.

  8. Love the bookcases! I have a question about the doors you made. We are getting ready to use your plan for making one door. When you open and close the doors do they make a loud awful sound? We will not open and close ours often, but it is going in our guest/exercise room so I would hate for it to be loud if someone used it.

  9. I have always thought I loved the white painted bookcases the best until I saw what you did and I absolutely LOVE everything about your music room and foyer and LOVE the teal bookcases. It looks so beautiful!!!

  10. Everything you do is beautiful and amazing! Try Marshalls or TJ Maxx for the best wrapping paper and pretty patterns too!

  11. Do you have a party city in your area? They have lots of different color wrapping paper that are just solid and costs about a dollar for a roll.

  12. I like your new paint color in the music room. If you’re looking for pink paper that is big enough, try looking in the wrapping paper section of some stores that carry it. You might find the shade you want for a reasonable price.

  13. Why not cover the books in pink fabric? You could glue it or tape it right to the paper you already put on them. Plus fabric comes in way more shades than paper.

  14. Wow it just keeps getting better! This is a wonderful decision, and frankly, I think the neutral book covers look fine as is. Pink would be cute, but I like the elegance of the neutral, but maybe that’s just me. Also, I think the entry wall in the very dark teal is magnificent in the photo you showed us today. I think the better lighting shows it off nicely. And I wonder if when you get the green sconces wired and connected if that additional ambient light will make it look even better. So I caution you about repainting too soon. It’s lovely. I had to tell you again that I have started reading the Dana K White book you recommended and it is helping me so much! Thanks so much! Procrasticlutter! That’s me!

  15. As a last resort you could mix up a paint in the exact color of pink you want and paint those neutral covers when you need a working break.

  16. Looks nice. Pls don’t paint your foyer wall, it looks great!
    Side note: have you seen the new Ballard Design catalog? Ooh… It’s everything Kristi! Take a look🙂

  17. Looks good! Did you check Michael’s scrapbooking section? Somewhere in there, they have rolls of different colors and patterns of paper. I got black and white dots to wrap my books!

    1. I love that chandelier in the music room but i just plain love that chandelier! Music room looks great. I believe it will be finished in 2020.

  18. So glad you chose this direction. It looks so much less busy–so pretty. I actually like the neutral paper book covers, it connects to the tan on the walls so nicely. But I almost always end up liking the direction you take, even when I don’t think I will.

    My suggestion for paper sources would be an art store (do they have University Art stores in Texas?). The last time I looked they had large sheets of very beautiful paper. Not cheap, I’m sure, but very pretty.

  19. I love that chandelier in the music room but i just plain love that chandelier! Music room looks great. I believe it will be finished in 2020.

  20. Fadeless Paper Roll, Pink, 48 Inches x 50 Feet Found this @ School Specialty.com !!! They have all kinds of colors and sizes, it’s like craft paper. Love the wall!!

  21. The Dana K White book, Decluttering at the Speed of Life has really been a game changer for me. She is so right that i kept trying to organize it to keep it all when what i needed to do was declutter and understand the size of my container!

  22. Ah, this looks great Kristi. I was one of the white shelves opinions because I pictured some glassware/vases, etc. With your baskets, and books, that is a whole different story. It looks great. First thing about the paper, I too thought about wrapping paper – I could swear I have seen plain pink wrapping paper in rolls – even in ?Walmart? Anyway, I know you will find what you wanted. Great job, as always.

  23. You inspire me so much! I really like everything you do. I am always so blown away with what you accomplish. Thank you for sharing the journey of your beautiful home with us followers!

  24. The music rooms looks beautiful. I especially like your entry and the artwork you chose. All of the elements look gorgeous together.

  25. Looks amazing! I knew it would. Where to find pink paper big enough for wrapping books? Hmm Perhaps a Party stores should have it? If any place would have a variety.. I think they would. I mean hello… baby showers! Depending on if you want matte or glossy. I’d probably just give up on the paper and buy fabric (or dye it) and then iron on a light weight stabilizer OoooH or spray starch or I actually prefer Terial Magic?. Probably Waaaaaaaaay more work than paper. But you’d be able to find the color. Because I guarantee the colors will only come in so many shades and it won’t be dusty pink you are looking for. lol But if you want paper, try searching for Jam Paper products. They have a very large product line.

    1. I also liked the bookcases white. The teal is pretty but there’s too much of it for me. I also would love to see the books in their original state. But, not my house and you love it and that’s all that matters. Aaa

  26. this is everyone’s opinions , and you ask — I was and still am the white with teal inserts — now all I see is that big blue bookcase door combo and the rest of the room is lost, even your wonderful door now is just there …. the balance is gone , yet the chandelier fits much better in this music room , great choice there .Linda , I agree with you .

    1. I agree. It loses those beautiful doors! But, if Kristi is happy, then that’s all that counts. My opinion only.

  27. Kristi, awesome as usual! As I read of the difficulty finding paper for the books the idea of marbelizing paper came to mind. As you enjoy crafting this may be of interest to you. And you would have such fun with variations in the colour and patterns.

  28. Love the teal, your choice of shade of teal and the way the bookcases and doors look like the custom wall that they are. BUT if we were friends in person I would good naturedly tease you about the book covers. It’s so decoratory! At least they are brown which will remind some of us of our school days in the 70s. We cut open grocery bags so we got it for free. I’m an old librarian type and I like the multicolored naked books. I know people are doing it (wrapping books), and sometimes I refuse to do what everyone is doing. I give you credit for labeling them, most don’t even care enough about the contents to do that!

  29. Love the teal across the shelves, trim and doors. Unifies everything and us soothing. Also love the neutral book covers. Suspect that all pink would pull the eye past your fabulous artwork on both sides of the room.

  30. I think I remember you saying you had some fabric that you loved that you couldn’t find a use for. Use it to recover your books!

  31. Looks great! I was on the fence about it, but I think the teal you chose is beautiful. I’m wondering if, on a sunnier day, the doors would be more of a focal point. In the photos my eye is drawn to the shelves first, doors second. But that could be because I’d the weather that day.

    I wouldn’t change the teal in the entryway. It is stunningly dramatic and really makes your frames and accessories pop. The richness of it anchors the other colours so well and it also ties in to the music room without repeating too much. I’m not sure the other teal would create that same “colour drama.”

  32. I love the bookcases all teal. So classy and elegant, as is your decor styling. Well done Kristi. Awesome job!!