Four Fabric Options For My Music Room Chairs

I’m still working on my unfinished project list (and still fairly confident I can get it finished by the end of the month if the weather will cooperate), but yesterday I took an hour break to go to JoAnn Fabrics and look at some fabric options for the music room chairs. I know some of you really like the blue that’s on them now, but I hate it. And no matter how much I try to convince myself to make the current fabric work, I just can’t.

The blue that’s on them now just seems a little too faded or dusty, plus it’s just too true blue to make the cut. Even just a tiny bit of green added to that blue would make it more a color I could work with, but true blues really clash with my teals. Plus, the fabric itself is like a cheap velour rather than a soft, luxurious velvet. So it has to go. There’s just no question about it.

After looking at all of the options, I finally decided to head towards the warm, bold, vibrant side (orange, coral, pink) instead of my default teals and greens. And while I was open to any fabric that would look nice in the room, I ended up with four solid fabrics. Here are all four of them together…

From left to right, I have a darker pink/fuschia, a pinker pink, a true orange, and a coral. (Side note: The floral fabric in the living room is just draped over a pillow. I’m determined to use that fabric in the living room, but I’m still not sure exactly how.)

I took these pictures last night as the sun was going down, so the rooms look much darker than they would at the brightest part of the afternoon, but here they are one at a time. First up, the dark pink/fuschia…

This is a nice, thick linen/cotton blend from P. Kaufmann called Winton Fuschia. And here’s a view of the fabric looking towards the entryway…

Next up is the pinker pink. This one is a cotton/polyester matelasse with a geometric pattern on it, but the design is pretty subtle. Here it seems to look more coral…

So this is probably a better representation of the color, which is more of a dark pink than a coral…

And then I tested out a true orange. This one is a 100% polyester Crypton fabric called Cross Current Tangerine. I love that it’s a Crypton fabric. I’d use Crypton fabrics on everything if I could.

I like how it brings the orange from my entryway lamp into the music room. But I’m just not sure how I feel about orange chairs.

And finally, I got a swatch of this coral outdoor canvas that the JoAnn Fabrics here in my city carries in stock. I love the color, but the actual fabric is much thinner than I would have expected for outdoor canvas, and it’s actually a little stretchy on the bias, which gives me pause. I don’t generally like my upholstery fabrics to have any stretch to them at all.

But the color is nice bridge between the orange lamp in the entryway and the coral lamp in the hallway.

So again, here are all four fabrics together.

The more I look at them, the more I think I like the first two (fuschia and pink) more than the orange and coral, but my opinion seems to change hourly. These chairs are very visible from the front door, so I want them to be just right. As far as the color goes, at this very moment, I like the second fabric the best. What makes me like it just a little less is that it’s a matelasse. If it were just a smooth fabric, I probably would have already purchased it. But I’m just not completely sold on a matelasse.

I’m sure y’all have opinions, so lay ’em on me. 😀 And while y’all do that, I’m going to head to Home Depot and get some light blue paint samples for my front porch ceiling.



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  1. I love how the orange brings out the orange in your picture and your lamp. I think the pinks are going to fight with the purple in the picture because it’s more on the pink side. I love the colors in your house!! I have been adding a lot of the same colors in our house! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

    1. My thoughts EXACTLY! I love how the orange ties into the lamp and picture in the entrance area. Worried about the pink, with the purple curtains. I know it would tie in with the carpet but it may be too much different color combinations.

        1. I’m team orange too. When I saw the first photo, I thought “no pink, it fights with too many things, but that third sample, (crypton one) would be my choice!” I also like the sofa color with everything, but I think the music room needs a bold color to contrast with the stenciled walls. I also would suggest a warm gold, but I don’t think that’s a choice, lol!

          1. Wanted to add that I know you love a variety of color in a space, but you also may not want it to end up a kaleidoscope. I am not exactly nutso about any of the choices, and would try to find one that is already within the spaces. I would keep searching.

            1. I think this is the second time I’ve commented even though I read all your entries. ORANGE!!! Looks great with the lamp and wall art in the music room.

            2. I don’t like the colors, either. How about a purple pink or even the same fabric as your living room curtains- that would carry that beautiful purple through tall of your rooms.

    2. I’m also on board with the orange! Which surprised me. When you said orange at first I flinched, but seeing is believing!

  2. I liked the second one best, but it’s hard to tell. I would stay away from the orange even if it does bring the lamp color into the music room. It’s a whole lot easier to change the color of a lamp than it is to have second thoughts after the chair is done. But I have faith in you no matter what.

    1. I LOVE the second one the best as well!! I also love the subtle detail in the fabric too. The orange just didn’t cut it for me at all. It may go with the lamp, but not the rest of the house that was in sight. The second one went really well with the fabric on the pillow on the couch. It really tied a lot of things together.

  3. I always make my decision before looking at which option you chose so I do not let your choice influence mine, but I also like the second fabric best. Personally, I would not even consider the orange.

  4. I like the first one (Winston fuchsia) best. I think it works well with the colors in the living room which are in view from certain angles. And it look good next to the wall art.

    1. Agree with Laurie; fuschia blends well with wall art in music room and living room print fabric as well as sofa and window fabrics.

  5. First, I love the floral in the living room and it looks great as a pillow. Keep in mind your living purple curtains will show on the windows you have yet to finish, which are closer to the chairs. For that reason, I like the first (deeper red) color the best, but ideally, something with a line of the same purple running through it as the curtains? Another option is to upholster the seat in the floral fabric and then maybe do the rest of the chair in a solid and perhaps more neutral color, white actually might look stunning or even a green.

  6. Why don’t you put your coral chair that you upholstered there for a picture to see how that color looks as a bigger spot of color??

  7. Keep looking. You don’t seem excited about any of the options. I think odds are high that you’ll get one chair done and decide it’s not what you love.

  8. I am usually a huge fan of orange, but not sure how it would look next to your beautiful art work. Seems the pinks would match better.
    Not chair related, but could you tell my the color white that you used on the house trim?? Please 🙂

    1. If you mean my interior trim, it’s all painted Behr Polar Bear. It’s a lovely creamy white with a slight touch of warmth to it. My exterior trim is Sherwin Williams Extra White, which is the color of their base paint right out of the can before any colorant is added to it.

  9. This is off subject but did you paint the side table by the chair in the music room? If so, what color paint, please. Is there a post about it? Thanks, Cindy

  10. Well, i’m definitely in the minority but I really like the teal. BTW puppy has flourished ( tripled in size)and looks right at home.
    Really enjoy your blog.

  11. I actually like the orange and coral colors better. For some reason, I feel like the pinks are competing with the purples.
    The orange is more complementary with the purple and looks better with your lamp and your artwork in both rooms. All that being said, it might look very different in person, than on a computer screen. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll pick the best one.

    1. I agree Ellen but I’m not sold really on any of those 4. I think the pinks are fighting too much with the purple, sea foam green sofa and the rose color in that artwork. Also, not wild about the watercolor fabric in the living room, personally I think an Ikat would look better with the rug. Maybe there’s just too many colors? Something’s just not right. How about black?

      1. I also thought that black would be a nice neutral or stick with a good shade of blue that blends.maybe even a mustard or neutral shade of yellow. Adding another bright dominating color that can be seen in from one spot is beginning to give me the feeling of standing at the center of a color wheel. I love your use of color but to my senses adding a bright color to the chairs is fighting is screaming look at me. This takes away from your magnificent artwork and the soothing affect your rug lends to the all the rooms. Okay we all see and feel colors differently so this is just my opinion.

      2. I agree. The muted, almost faded look of the green sofa and entry table combined with the deep purples and now fuchsias or oranges is starting to become overwhelming. I think you’re losing the cohesiveness of a color scheme and going a bit off course. While I appreciate your love of color, I’d hate for for you to start introducing too many of the bright warmer colors and go down the dreaded path of 2016 again. Just my humble opinion, spoken as a fan of your work!

  12. Why not go with the purple like your drapery fabric…tie the two rooms together and you like purple. Would blend with the entry and the artwork. If you ever required more seating in the living room you would have a cohesive blend of the green and purple tones. Just a thought. I am sure you will know when the time comes to reupholster.I really enjoy your blog…my first time to comment.

      1. I was thinking plum as well, if you could find one that works with the tone of the living room curtains. Plum and teal look terrrific together.

  13. The second pink! I love the color but maybe you can find that color in a better fabric? I do love orange chairs. I have two in velvet that I’m in love with but here you need the pink 🙂

  14. None of these four are particularly grabbing me. Looking at the two different angles of your photos, and everything else, I would think something more in a better coral color, or some sort of lavendar would be a better fit.
    Either of the oranges don’t seem particularly pleasing.
    Obviously, just my opinion.

  15. Forgive me, but I’m not “feeling it” with any of the choices, although if I had to choose, I think i’s go with the second pink choice as it matches an accent color in the painting above.

  16. Although the pinks are gorgeous, they make the colors in your artwork look dusty. I know this is not one of the choices but how about kelly green?

  17. Might be how it is showing on my computer. But I don’t love any of them that I would buy them tomorrow. Keep looking. Maybe finish you curtians in the lounge room and come back to the chairs as another follower has pointed out this could change the way you decide to go in the long run.

  18. I like the first one! Although I love the orange and coral, it’s just not right for the space. I think the 1st one is the best option to not compete with your curtains. In my opinion, the first one just fits…with your style and with your room.
    Ps- I love reading your blog. Although our decorating tastes aren’t all that similar, I love to see your ideas and all your projects. Good luck!

  19. Sorry, Kristi, but the waythey show on my screen, I don’t care for any of them. All seem to clash with the amazing artwork.

  20. I like the 2nd pink best. Oranges would fight too much with the picture. It is not the 60’s anymore. But all the choices to me are just off a bit. I’d keep looking for something that ‘I’m the right fabric.’ You don’t seem sold on any of them.

  21. My two favorites from both angles are the second and the last. I love how they bring out the colors from your artwork and still look pretty when looking at the floral material on your pillow.

  22. I dunno…they just all seem a little too bright to me. I know you like bright, but two whole chairs in one room might be too much pop. I’d hate to see it drown-out other design elements in the room like your artwork.

    I recently noticed that Spoonflower allows you to order different types of fabrics, including some upholstery fabrics (including Sunbrella, I believe). Have you considered picking the exact color you want in photoshop (perhaps matching it to something in the room) and just having a solid color custom printed?

    Another thought I had…and I may be opening a can of worms… Those chairs have a barrel-back that might look nice in a contrasting pattern fabric, similar to what I think you wanted to do (or did?) with some dining chairs. Like a big floral on the back and solid on the front. Just a thought…

    1. I had originally thought I might do a contrasting fabric on the backs, but I really want to save that treatment for the two additional chairs that I’ve been saving for the living room, not only because they’ll be even more front-and-center than these music room chairs, but also because they’ll be positioned so that the backs will actually show. I don’t want to do that treatment on two pairs of chairs, and since the backs of these music room chairs are against the wall, I feel like the contrasting backs would kind of be wasted in this room.

    2. Thats what i was going to say! I thought about the floral fabric on the back with any of the choices. I’m sure whatever you pick will be great.Xx

  23. I think either pink ties in nicely with all the rooms, at least on my screen. The oranges just seemed to clash for me, especially the 3rd one.

    1. I was thinking green as well— another hue of green that will compliment the sea foam sofa in the living room that would pull you into the flow of the music room. Maybe a pop of color on a small pillow in the chairs would satisfy your pop of color you desire?

  24. My gut reads the oranges as a neutral, maybe the wood in the shades… The Crypton one (and color) I like the best. Not sure how to say it, but the purple in the curtain has similar tones to the Crypton one.

    I’ll warn you, It may be because, I am typically repelled by bright pinks. Those pinks jumped as too bright initially, but again my opinion is skewed. Also grew up with a corduroy orange couch.

  25. The second color is my favorite too. I have a chair in my dining room in a matelasse fabric and I love it!

  26. While I like the second pink the best, I think you should keep looking. I don’t think you are 100% sold on any of them. The perfect fabric is out there…don’t rush just to ‘get it done’. Your house is beautiful! My favorites are all the white woodwork, your creative artwork and the use of all the color. You are amazingly talented!

    1. I agree. THe second from left jumped out to me right away, but it reads more coral than pink on my iPad screen. Even after all the comparisons I liked it best. That said, I too, think you are too underwhelmed with those 4 choices. I can see you doing both only to redo them in a month.
      I love the floral in the living room.

  27. Of the four options I instantly liked the second pink. The 3rd and 4th choices look as though they wouldn’t have enough contrast to the color of your floors. The second choice looks to go nicely with the music room art and the floral fabric you want to use in the living room.

  28. I don’t care for any of them either. I agree that the living room window treatments need to be finished and hung. Is the sofa staying the color it is? I would def finish off the items in that room before doing these chairs. I would lean toward something purple also as a previous poster said so you could swing those chairs to the other room for seating! Great idea.
    I’m not a real fan of coral or orange. But you have the right eye for getting things to tie together albeit you have redone a lot of things over.
    You just amaze me with your talents and your perserverence to get it exactly to your liking. Yours is the ONLY blog I see every day and really look forward too. You have the skill to thoroughly explain every single detail and not leave anything to guessing for us readers. THANK YOU KRISTI. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻I too look forward to seeing what you do next! 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Patricia, on all your comments. I think that Kristi’s artwork is lovely and already provides the pop of colour that she loves. I too would like to see the chairs in a purple, similar to the living room drapes or a green similar to the sofa….I think that that look would be classic. The pinks and oranges just seem to be over the top for me….but I admit that I am probably too subtle with my decorating.

  29. The pink tones seem to coordinate best with all the other colors in your room, but I’m not sure either of these are fabulous, especially with your beautiful artwork. Of course, my iPad might not have a true representation of the colors. The orange and coral fabrics seem off, but I always love you finally decide on!

  30. I’m afraid the bright pink and orange will compete too much with your awesome pixelated flower artwork. I agree with the other posters who said to keep thinking/looking.

  31. It may just be both my old eyes and my old laptop, but the colors all seem to clash with those gorgeous art work pieces you created. I can’t wait to see what you do, as it always turns out to make me say “WOW” and I’m sure it will be the same this time 😊. Have a wonderful week.

  32. I like both of the pinks best, but keep looking till you find something you LOVE. Also, how about piping in one of the orange colors? Too crazy?

  33. I personally do not like any of them…but I have thought that with many things you have done and after you do them it looks terrific….so guess I just do not have a designer’s head….guess that is why my house is so hohummm. 🙂

  34. I absolutely love everything you have done in your house, it is looking fabulous.
    I personally think all of these colors clash with your artwork. I don’t believe you are really thrilled about any of them either. Maybe keep looking. I think it would be difficult to go with any bright pinks, corals or oranges with the colors in your artwork.
    You always work it out so that it is beautiful in the end.

  35. I “think” a beautiful rich green pulled from the picture would look beautiful. A darker richer shade than the sofa.

  36. With all of the samples together, I thought #2, for sure. But one by one, I liked #1 best by itself. Still if none of them are strumming your heartstrings, I’d leave it until you have more of the other living room done: rest of the drapery panels, the two chairs you mentioned above.

  37. Hi Kristi! This is my first post on your fun blog. I’ve been enjoying your home renovation journey. Personally I do not like any of those picks. Maybe consider a jewel tone green. It’s a fresher and more modern color, and I see greens in a minor way throughout your pics. It would pick up the sideboard color while not matching it exactly. Good luck!

  38. I love fuchsia and orange together — so why not do the body of the chairs in the fuchsia, use orange piping and a print like the one in the LR on the sofa for a couple of kidney pillows? Just a thought.

  39. I vote orange! I feel it complements your flooring and window shades well. Plus, it ties in well with the other colors you have in both rooms.

  40. Sorry, don’t want to hurt feelings, but I’m like many others. On my computer, I don’t care for any of them. Plus you seem to be unsure about them too. Like others, I would say, keep looking. I don’t feel any of these jumped out at you as “this is it”. Just my two cents worth 😂

  41. I am struggling with the colors tying into the beautiful flowers above the chair. I am drawn to the tie in that the oranges provide — same but of pop in the other rooms to allow for consistency, but I also keep looking for SOMETHING in the floral image to tie to chair color. Not seeing anything. Are you set on that image being in that spot? If so, I would take it into consideration. Blessings!

  42. My first consideration would be a fabric that coordinates with the wall art. Those colors are so bold that I would be afraid of it clashing. I like the idea of the pinks from what little of the art is visible in your pictures.

  43. Hmmm…if the artwork in your room is your focal point, I think the Winton Fuscia comes closest to a choice but I’m not sure if that is what you are gong for. If you want to carry a color from the room and into another to flow or surprise, maybe a deep teal and/or an orange. Why do both chairs have to be the same? Just my thoughts…

  44. I totally agree with everything you said. Initially when I saw them all together, I went for the second color on instinct but when I saw the pattern I cringed basically because of the tufting on the chair. If it had a larger more fluid pattern I think you’d be ok, but lining up the Dimond pattern seems like it might turn out to be a nightmare. Could you give it another go and find that color in a solid maybe velvet???? Love your colorful home!!!! Yours is the only blog I subscribe to that I get really excited about when I see your next episode come in!!!!

  45. This may be a dumb question but I have followed you for years and I seem to remember a pair off coral chairs that you redid for the entry way that were coral with a white trim… where did they go and are you planning on using them in another room? I loved them!

    1. I actually gave those chairs away. 🙂 I do have some of that fabric left, though, but unfortunately it doesn’t work with the colors I’m using now. It’s way too bright and garish, and compared to my current colors, it almost has a slight neon/fluorescent look to it. If it were toned down just a bit, it would be perfect. I actually did try putting it in the washer with some bleach (tried three times with the same piece), but the color is exactly the same. It’s polyester, so changing the color is pretty near impossible.

  46. There seems to be way to many colors. The chairs would look good in the same color as the fireplace and the table the same yellow as the picture above the mantle and also in the music room picture.

  47. I’m not a big fan of pink, but your judgement is usually right on point. I prefer the look of the orange chair, but I don’t have to see it everyday 😉

    Also, why does Cooper look huge in those few photos?! I didn’t think he was that long~

  48. I like the first two options the best. If I had to choose, I would go with the darker pink color because it would look really good with your art piece, and picks up on the pinkish colors in the floral fabric draped over the pillow in the living room. I also think it complements the other colors you have in the living room. It may not pick up on the orange lamp, but it will coordinate well with your art over the entry way chest.

  49. Like others, I’m struggling with these colors (and with the watercolor fabric, but leave that out of the discussion for now). I have 3 thoughts: 1) the 4 chair fabrics fight your flower artwork (both the music room and the mantel pieces), 2) there is going to be A LOT more lavender in the living room before it is all said and done, and 3) those 2 other chairs in the living room will be done. I would finish up the living room before moving on to these chairs. If I had to pick one of the 4, I would pick either the fuschia or the true orange. But, really I think you need to wait. You’ve got teal, lavender, green (buffet), purple, orange, etc. going on and the living room chairs are probably also going to be a color. Wait and see what needs balancing.

  50. I would pull pinks from the artwork, the blue or the green since those are the dominant colors. There isn’t much orange in the artwork so I think having so much orange would fight with the pinks in your artwork. I also like the blue chair color as it pulls the gray blues from the artwork. The artwork seems to have more subtle colors not vibrant, unless it’s the computer monitor as others have said, but I still think the blue you have works well or a more antique light or darker mauve.

  51. I like the second colour best by the way it looks on my computer. Saying that, whatever you choose it will be the right one. Everything looks good so far!

  52. I might go with a neutral that is slightly darker than your wall color, and pipe the chair and cover the buttons tufts in a fun color, like the orange. Then add a pillow to each chair. I love color too but I like it best when it’s not big surfaces of it everywhere, if that makes sense.

  53. I love all the colors on their own but I’m not crazy about ANY of them for the chairs and where they are located. All of them either clash with the purple or with the teal.

    Personally, I think a print fabric would be better. Something with a lighter, neutral background like white or off white. Actually, the pattern I have in mind is the bird mural that you and your mom painted. There were small splashes of color but the bulk of the pattern was outlined in black.

    I think there are too many solid colors that are competing with one another. Even a softer and more subtle pattern like the living room rug would look great on the chairs. Perhaps creating a custom fabric as you did on your last post from photos of the rug?

  54. Love all your rooms and the colors used,but I can’t see any of the four choices being right under your art piece.
    On my IPad only the orange ,which ties into the little bit of orange in the art piece may possibly work……at a disadvantage
    Not being able to see the true color
    If you love the pink,go for it!

  55. The only thing I find jarring is the orange lamp in the entry. What if you removed it and then tested the fabrics again. Painting a lamp is a minor job and minimal investment. Upholstery is a big job and big investment.

  56. I love the fushia, but agree with everyone recommending you try a purple.

    I love your use of color so much that I’m adding color to my house. I’m in the process of painting my bathroom vanity fushia. Thank you for helping me get the courage to get out of my neutral comfort zone.

  57. PS. I would love to see them the same colour range as the sofa. Since the blue is coming off anyway how about painting the chairs like you did the sofa? When the paint works you could then find fabric to match.

  58. What about using the floral on the chairs with one of the solid colours for covered buttons and piping?

  59. I saw lots of orange votes before I skipped down to write a comment. For me, orange+purple=Halloween. The orange accent lamp with the painting and wall is fine but orange chairs with purple curtains and a purple wall are a step too far. If you’re not sure, why don’t you put the coral chairs you used to have in the entry in the music room for a couple of days. I also think you should see what color works with the leftover teal grasscloth because I’m going to be surprised if you don’t go back to it one day.

    I favor the fuchsia but like the pink as well; both work with the purple in the living room and gray walls of the music room. Overall, I think you should LOVE the fabric for the chairs not just settle. Slipcovers are easy enough to redo but upholstery, especially tufted upholstery is a pain.

  60. Not a fan of the bright colors since you have so many colors in that space (living room and music room) already. I would look at a deep purple swatch. When there are a lot of bright colors in an area, your eyes do not know where to look. Keep the paintings as the focal point and let the chairs be background pieces via a dark(not bright) color that is a shade of a color you have already used.

  61. The four color options seem to clash with the dominant pink/rose colors in the pixel artwork. Have you considered eggplant/aubergine, the colors that surround the yellow center of the flower?

  62. Something I have been strongly considering for a pair of wing chairs I have is white upholstery with one wide stripe of bold color down the middle. I googled “large single stripe on white chair” and found a few images. On this Pinterest link ( ) is a bergere-style chair with a wide gray stripe. Change the color of the stripe, take away the tufts on your chair, and you could have something similar. I think I would go with a grass green in your music room but an orange could also work.

  63. My immediate thought was that the orange looks great with Cooper. Maybe a cover for his bed?

  64. I would choose orange if it was my room. All the others fight with a myriad of things, most of all the artwork directly above! Which took you way too ling to change it. To my eye, the orange complements instead of competes.

  65. The fuchsia sings! I see lots of passionate opinions here and know from what I’ve seen of your work that you won’t make a mistake, so go with your own gut. To me, the way the pink calls to the beautiful painting in the next room and the sheer happiness of the color make it my own personal favorite.

    Have fun!

  66. Not excited about any of those colors. They seem to clash with surrounding rooms. I would not buy fabric until the living room drapes are done and up myself.

  67. I LIKe first two pinks, change the color of the lamp. Wow, you sure got what you asked for. LOts of opinions, and opinions are like noses, everyone has one .

  68. I am not sure about the colors . I keep thinking something in green. Please no Texas Longhorn orange, LOL. Are you upholstering these yourself. ? I do like the blue, maybe you could find a blue fabric that you liked better!!

    1. These are pretty easy, so I’ll be upholstering them myself. Hopefully I can pay someone else to upholster the two for the living room, though. Those won’t be so easy.

  69. Hard to tell on my screen, but I’d go with the color that best coordinates with the picture above the chairs.

  70. You are creating a vignette–a visual play in this little spot of your world. How do you want the plot to read, to be seen? You have a focal point in place, your art piece. It is the star of the show. (On my monitor, the colors are a bit subdued, even greyed-down.)

    Your four fabric possibilities are pretty colors, but much too clear and too intense to be placed under the picture. They would edge out the star (but are deserving understudies) and would scream for attention because the chairs are not small. You would have a mass of color. (Drape something as intense as that prospect and live with it a few days.)

    As for color choice: the first one in pink seems closest to the color of the picture. (It is hard to tell second-hand here.) Still, it is too bright.

    I could see the chairs serving as adjunct interest by being quietly respectable. Purple family? I hope not. Maybe the green in the upper-right of the picture, right next to the lime green would mirror the value of your couch and look like part of the family? Make for a subliminal connection? “I am here, but I’m letting my picture-friend be admired more. Still, sit on me. I am very nice.”

    It would be tempting to add pillows for effect. Maybe irresistible. Hopefully, much later, if at all.

    However, that table has great lines and might just be the better place for a color ‘dress’ to complement the picture. Painted a right-on color bull’s eye, as only you can do, you little mix-master genius. (Less color on the table, compared to the amount of visual impact a lot more color would have on two bright chairs.)

    I am thinking of the whole, not the parts. It is how I tend to see decorating a house.

    Finally, whatcha know? The resident chameleon pup has blended himself right into the floor. My chuckle for the day. This was fun.

    So, is your house, Kristi. Thanks for letting us weigh in. We will enjoy the final result along with you.

    1. Some good thoughts here about colors. I agree that the picture colors seem more muted. I wish I was in your house, not looking at a monitor!

  71. I like how the blue in the current chairs picks up the blue in the rug and fireplace. I’d lean toward teal that more closely matched. I think it grounds the room, especially next to the textural wall treatment already in that room. Maybe paint the table between in a more vivid solid color, or even a floral birds decoupage like the wallpaper you once painted. The picture above them is so large you probably don’t need any more pattern though.

  72. Since the chairs sit directly under your pixel art, I would go with one of the pinks. I wouldn’t worry about them blending in with the entryway….but what do I know, I’m no interior decorator.
    I’m still not a fan of the orange lamp…a bit too pumpkin color for me…it’s also the 1st thing my eye is drawn to in all of your pictures of your entryway. I see the lamp before I see the artwork.
    I’m sure whatever you decide will be great. Happy decorating! Looking forward to the end result(s).

  73. Whatever you do, don’t try to match your chairs to your lamps! You’ve painted that lamp at least twice now.

    1. Lol, I agree! You should never buy expensive fabric to go with something that can be changed with a $4 can of spray paint! Choose large purchases and statement pieces first and then add the small details and accents, not the other way around. That kind of backwards decorating causes expensive mistakes and re-dos.

      1. Paint the chairs before you reupholster them. You are not keeping the blue velvet anyway😆
        I do not like any of thise colors though. Black? Deeper colors with bright piping or buttons would be dramatic.

  74. How about a soft buttery yellow? Opposite purple on the color wheel, complementing it and partnering with your greens and blues.

  75. I was one of those who was totally team blue for the chairs but I must admit I like the direction you’re going! My favorite of the four is the first color and don’t judge, I can see it as curtains in the living room and even painted on the credenza.

  76. I love your house and all of the wonderful colors! But like a lot of others, I’m not thrilled with any of these choices, but it could be my monitor. And like others, I think you should finish up your drapes and the rest of your living room before you decide on these chairs since upholstery is not the easiest thing to change… But I’m sure whatever you choose will look great!

  77. I’d like to see a deep moss green like in your picture. I think you need something to tone down all the vivid colours you have.

  78. Kristi, I saw the 2 pinks and I thought “old lady” and I AM a old lady!!!! The orange I liked but I felt like there has got to be a better choice out there. One time I wanted a ‘beach feel’ so I painted walls different colors of very pale sea glass colors. I thought it was subtle but when my daughter saw it she asked if I was going for a Crayola look! I like your color choices but at some point I need to rest my eyes. Carry on, do ur best and flush the rest!

  79. So I came back and studied it all again. Still don’t care for any of the colors. I’m afraid they’ll clash with your living room curtains when you get them finished. I know however, that whatever you end up with, will be gorgeous as usual.

  80. I vote for the fucshia with orange piping. I’m not a fan of the bright orange lamp, but it isn’t my house.

  81. I say keep looking, I don’t think any of these colors are working, I think you could get away with introducing another color but not any of these as I think they clash with your curtains and are messing with your lovely cohesive look. I like the sound of either the moss green, buttery yellow or a paler shade of your fireplace blue.

  82. The orange gives me pause because it’s so opposite of what you’re usually drawn to and two chairs in that space would be A LOT of orange and having that *I went overboard with orange* thought after a full chair upholstery project would be sad. However that being said I’m not particularly drawn to any of your choices because I don’t think they go well with your pixel painting. The pinks in the painting have a more purple tone and the oranges seem more muted (could be the lighting). Maybe find a paint that is similar to those colors and paint two boxes similar in size to the chairs those colors and see how you feel before taking a dive. Sounds crazy but it will give you a visual stand in for how they would look completed.

  83. First thing I spotted is that the bold orange picks up that little bit of orange in your picture. That’s before I even went to the picture with the orange lamp in the background. It makes it really jump out. I’m not normally a huge fan of orange but I think this works.

  84. I also would like to suggest an alternate colour. A soft light pink (plain or patterned) similar in shade to your rug. You have some light pink in the entry artwork and in your pixel art! Maybe that’s too girly for you/matt. (Ooooh, light pink with teal piping even haha.) I love that living room rug so much!

    1. I love the idea of a softer pink similar to the rug! I was also thinking of a soft yellow. There are some softer yellows in the pixelated art and the spoon art.

    2. I suggested earlier possibly black but I also think soft pale pink maybe. But then I’m torn because I also feel there could be too many colors in the overall scheme of things. (and if you would check out my instagram you’d see that I love color)

  85. All the colors are pretty and look great in the entry pics. The first colors though seemed to make the couch look so drab. The orange shades didn’t have that effect as much.

  86. I think a fabric color close to the color of your fireplace surround. It would highlight that similar color that is in your pixilated picture. I see why the true blue doesn’t work, but the depth of the color is a soothing place to rest the eye, so using a saturated color fabric very close to that paint color would really work well.

    1. I think you are on to something! I had a similar thought last night after I had posted another comment. I suggested a white chair with a single wide grass green or orange stripe, forgetting that the scalloped mirror across from where the chairs are is painted a different share of green. While i still like the white with a stripe idea to keep things lighter, a stripe in a teal would bring that color into the music room. It could be similar to the fireplace or it could pick up one of the lighter teal/aqua/turquoise colors in the dining room chairs or the kitchen cabinets.

  87. I think that because your flower artwork appears muted, the brights are too bright. If you could photoshop out the artwork and digitally change the chair color to one of your choices, you might have a better idea of how the brights would look in conjunction with the other room and it would just require a little computer magic. Love the brights just not sure how they work with other muted colors.

  88. If you’re going for color, orange it is! It looked best in the music room and was a pretty good fit for the entryway.

  89. Hi,

    Apologies if someone has already suggested this…….but why not mix it up a bit and use both the second pink and the third colour the orange together on the same seat. Maybe the front and back different, like the one below……. – scroll down to April!

    Or you could make the back pink and the seat orange, I love these two colours together, warm and spicy and a bit funky.

    Also check out this range of fabrics not sure if you can get in the US, but it is amazing!!

    Just wish I could paste pictures into this comments section, have found some amazing photos!

    Good luck
    Jane x

  90. Love the colors and would love to see them in the room, just not as the main upholstery fabric. Your artwork is absolutely beautiful and stands out great because the blue chair color is a more complementary color instead of a dominant one. I would select a color that supports your artwork but doesn’t compete. Then use the other fusia’s, oranges, etc as accent/accessory colors.

    1. Yes, a green that is as deep as the current blue would look wonderful. If it could coordinate with your couch, it would bring it all together. Have you ever had so many comments, Kristi?!

  91. If it were my home, I’d leave the chairs as is, or possibly re-do them in a teal that more closely matches the fireplace surround. That seems to be more in line with the more subtle green sofa and purple drapes. The brighter colors seem more suited to smaller accent pieces. You could always add a small pillow to each chair in the floral or, even better, a subtle stripe with most of your colors.

    But whatever you decide, it will look amazing!

  92. I’m not a huge fan of orange and I didn’t like it when it was between the pink and coral. But the moment it was by itself on the chair I was suddenaly all ORANGE IS THE ONE!!! xx

  93. Keep your chair fabric neutral (for you;)) and zing the chair up by painting the wood elements a shade of orange/pink.

  94. As a retired interior designer here goes my take on it. It has to be the fuschia because it is the only color of the bunch that ties all the pink and oranges of the artwork. Extremely strong colors get tiring after a while. Of course, it works if you don’t change the artwork and put some other stuff there. 😃

  95. Oh my goodness! I’m behind in reading this blog and you already have so many comments. I was very pleased when you mentioned liking the first and second fabrics because those were my favorites too and I like number two (pink matelasse) best. I think the pattern in it would look great on the chairs.