My Finished-For-Now Music Room

I finally finished all of the basics in the music room, and I even made an attempt to clean the floor, but only in the music room. The entryway and dining room floor is still a mess, so kindly overlook that. This is about the music room only. 🙂

I’m going to wait to do all of the decorating projects until the messy projects are finished in the entryway and dining room, so for now, here’s how the music room looks…

music room with all big projects finished - 1

It’s come a long way since the day we moved into this house!

Music room before remodel

I widened the opening from the music room into the hallway about a foot. It really made a huge difference.

music room with all big projects finished - 2

When we bought the house, that opening was only about 32 inches wide, and it had a plastic folding screen on it, and that led into the hallway that had a closet on either side. Things are feeling much more open now.

Music room before remodel

My favorite parts of this room are the pocket door bookcases. Before I built those, the doors just kind of got lost on that wall.

But now I feel like the bookcases actually showcase the doors better. They frame the doors and make them look much more prominent in the room.

music room with all big projects finished - 3

And here’s a look back the other way, from the back of the music room towards the entryway. You can really see how much bigger that opening into the hallway is now. And where the ladders are now is where the built-in hall tree will eventually be.

music room with all big projects finished - 4

This is the last wall that I finished yesterday. That little sliver of a doorway that you see on the far left is the doorway from the music room into the kitchen.

music room with all big projects finished - 5

And finally, here’s the straight-on view from the music room into the entryway.

music room with all big projects finished - 6

So that’s it for now! As much as I’d love to finish up this room completely, it just doesn’t make much sense to start reupholstering chairs, hanging artwork, etc., when there are still so many messy projects to do in the dining room and entryway. So now I’ll switch my attention to those front rooms and get the drywall finished, the windows trimmed out, the fireplace overmantel built, and all of the trim installed. Once all of the building, sanding, priming, and painting is done in there, I can get started on the decorating projects in all three areas.

My progress so far on the music room remodel.

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  1. Kristi, when I saw that first photo on today’s post, I heard a choir singing. Magestically. That room is perfection. IMO. 🙂

  2. It is really beautiful! I love what you decided to do with the walls, looks great with the doors, really pops.

  3. You have done a magnificent job. I love following your thought process(es) and your execution is spectacular!

  4. Magazine worthy, Kristi! I love how all of your trim work comes together beautifully! The ceiling, door moldings, and those amazing doors with the flanking bookcases. You know you’ve done a great job when it’s already this gorgeous and there’s no furniture or decor in the room. Thank you for being so inspiring:)

  5. When I first met my husband, he stated he wanted black walls. I, honestly, thought that was REALLY strange. Oh my word! Not only is it NOT strange, it is absolutely GORGEOUS! I sense a ‘redo’ in our future! When all your projects are completed, your little house is going to be a SHOWSTOPPER!

  6. I have to agree with you – the bookcase pocket doors are definitely the crowning jewel of that room! I wish I had an area of my house that I could do that to. I love seeing the progress and design choices you make (even if you change your mind later 😀 ). Very inspiring work!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! I so admire your talent—I stand in amazement of all you are able to accomplish!

  8. That is simply stunning. Glad you’re following your inner voice for that vision you know is “right” for you.

    Lee Ann

  9. What a beautiful transformation. I say this to you often even though I don’t know you, but I can’t help it…….I am proud of you!

  10. The music room is absolutely stunning! I think your decision to use “plain” black walls makes the room very calming and ties into the kitchen wonderfully. Adding in your beautiful piano along with everything you do in the dining room and entry will make this whole area gorgeous.

  11. Stunning is exactly the right word. And I believe the ceiling might be my favorite wall in the music room. Your ways of adding texture is amazing.

  12. This is really beautiful! Congrats on your progress – you keep me inspired! We are planning an extensive remodel in the fall on kitchen/dining/living room and I have lots of ideas thanks to you. Have a spectacular weekend Kristi.

  13. Lovely! It looks so much better, the “before” pictures are truly hideous! Even by 70’s standards. But are you going to put in a light fixture before you move on to the other rooms? It seems like that would be fairly easy, right?

    1. I’m probably going to wait on the light fixture. I’ve searched and searched for one that I like, but I haven’t found one yet. I considered making one inspired by that Coleen & Co. light that I really like, but I’m thinking that one might be better for the hallway since the music room already has so much going on.

      So for now, I’ll hold off on the light until I can come up with an idea (or find a light) that I really like for them music room.

  14. Holy moly! This is absolutely stunning! And it isn’t even accessorized yet – y’all must be so proud. All your readers sure are!

  15. Absolutely beautiful! I love everything you have done in this room. I really look forward to your posts!

  16. Stunning! I’m curious if you have different plans for your piano now that the bird wallpaper is not going in this space?

    1. I think a huge painting of your bird wallpaper would be great in here now. Way to go, you did a gorgeous job on this room.

    2. I haven’t made a decision on that yet. I’ll move th piano in there and see what it looks like, and then get more of the dining room and entryway done. Once things start coming together a bit more, I’ll make a decision on the piano. But of course, no one should be surprised if it doesn’t stay yellow. 🙂

  17. That definitely has the “WOW” factor!!

    I’m wondering how long now before you’ll be able to decorate and finish that stunning room.

  18. It is stunning!! I am really, really tempted right now to paint my dining room walls black. I have a chair rail so it would look similar to yours and I would just paint he top 1/2. Problem is that I just painted it grey a few months ago.

  19. It all came together very nicely! I do love how the bookcases show case the doors, I was bother by the doors just hanging there by themselves before. Great job!!!

  20. This is my new fav in your house!! This has turned out just beautifully and i can not wait to see whats up next!! I loved this journey of following you gut design and truly getting what you want out of the project because at the end of the day its your home. I am soooo in love with this room i am saving it to my dream/when i move into my own home book! Thank you for the inspiration!!

  21. I REALLY love your style!!!! You are truly an inspiration both personally and professionally. Thank you for posting all the nitty-gritty photos and comments that are an integral part of the whole process of decorating. I, too, heard “choirs singing” when I saw the Music Room photos 🙂

  22. Wow, it’s beautiful Kristi!! Every decision you made in the end came together so beautifully, from the bookcases to the black paint to the brass/gold fixtures and the glass. It’s so lovely and classy but still with pops! Great work.

  23. Everything looks great, I love the black and white. I like that you went with the less is more approach in this room. I look forward to seeing what you have cooked up for the dining/entry!

  24. WOW!!! One of the great things about your blog is seeing the progression of work, the “layering” of components. This room is just stunning. Thank you for this blog.

    1. It’s just Pure Black from Behr in a matte finish. I don’t even know if they have a paint chip for it. I just go up to the counter and ask for Pure Black. Black is literally the only pigment in the paint.

  25. Wow!!! I love to see your renovations and projects! I really admire your talent and perseverance! Everything looks great!!!

  26. As always you’ve done a fantastic beautiful job Kristi. The more things you do the better you are getting. As always you’ve amazed me. The music room is gorgeous and I love those black wall’s. Amazing!!!!

  27. I often wonder, when I look at the “before” pics, whether or not I would have bought your house? I would see the window air conditioner, the plastic folding door, etc and not “see” the beauty the house actually has the potential to possess. I absolutely LOVE all the work you have completed thus far to make this house your home…and I understand now that I don’t have the “vision” that you have certainly been blessed with. I think that is why I love your blog so much. It allows me to see things differently than I could have ever imagined. Well done! Beautiful! Awesome! Every. Single. Think.

  28. This room is gorgeous!!!! It takes my breath away beautiful! I look forward to seeing the space finished. Great job!

  29. Stunning! The bookcases make the doors feel like they are pieces of art. Love the wall and trim color. The whole room feels large and bright.

  30. This room is fabulous even without furniture and objects/books filling the shelves. I love the look of it. You were absolutely right to finish the door wall with the bookcases and absolutely right that the book cases showcase the design of the doors much more than the doors alone could on their own. You’ve gotten me excited to see how the dining room turns out and how you transition the two areas for continuity. So impressive, Kristi! Slow and steady wins it, and never apologize for changing your mind when one of your brilliant ‘what if’ ideas hits! They really pay off.

  31. Kristi, You have done a amazing job on this music room! It is so stunning, Beautiful, gorgeous!!! What a talent and vision you have! Congrats to you for all your labor on this project!!!!

  32. You have done an absolutely amazing job of transforming this home into one that is full of character! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  33. Simply elegant! The stark contrast with the white and black and the added “texture” of the ceiling, wainscoting, doors/built-ins make for a huge impact. Just love it!

  34. This has turned out so very nice, Kristi. I’m glad you will complete the entry and dining room before furnishing and accessorizing. You will know, while seeing all three rooms as a whole, just what needs done to tie them all together. I share in your joy. Are you sure you don’t want your curtains in the dining room to be verticle stripes instead of horizontal? It will raise the ceiling visually. This is all so exciting for us all….way to go, girl!

  35. Hi Kristi – I love everything that you have done so far. I admire you for having the courage to make decisions about your home based on what works for you and Matt and what you like.

    My husband recently had a stroke, and he’s currently not at home, but we are hopeful that he will be coming home soon. He most likely will be coming home in a wheelchair, so that’s made me look over your designs even more closely than usual, since that is now a concern for me.

    Thank you so much for sharing what you have done to make your home accessible for Matt. It probably helps more people than you realize.

  36. Although I am fairly new to reading your blog, I am totally mesmerized by your thought process,
    creativity and God given abilities in all that you accomplish. What I do not understand for the life
    of me is why on earth hasn’t someone on HGTV or TLC offered you a TV show. The only thing I
    can figure is that too many companies would have employees watching your show instead of
    working. Keep up your wonderful work and may 2016 be incredible for you, Matt & your fluffy

  37. Wow, I’m so impressed. This looks so great!! I can only imagine how good you must feel to walk through that room daily and know that it’s done.

  38. Kristi~

    I’m really wanting to do some wainscoting through my house, and am leaning toward the “judges paneling”, if you will, more like what is in your bathroom and was on the pony walls. But my walls are textured…that “orange peel” kind, if you will. What do you think is the best way to deal with this? Skim coat the whole thing? I’m just worried I won’t get an even/smooth finish. I even thought maybe attaching a thin veneer across the whole thing (more legit wood paneling, if you will 🙂 but am thinking the cost could be quite dear. Any thoughts/suggestions?

    1. Skim coating is definitely an option, and the cheapest, for sure. At the condo, we had really textured walls, so in the living room and breakfast room I used something called hardboard (or eucaboard) on the walls first, and then added the wainscoting on top of that. It worked really well. The hardboard is a dark brown color, and about 1/4-inch thick, and comes in 4′ x 8′ sheets that you can cut down on a table saw. I got it at Home Depot.

      1. Thanks! I will look into that, and find the prior post(s). I have only read up on your current house…need to travel back to “the condo years” 🙂

  39. Wow, this room is absolutely stunning and gorgeous, you have done an amazing job Kristi. Well done, you must be so proud of your achievements, as we are of you and your incredible vision!!

  40. Kristi, you did a fabulous job on every room and especially the music room. I love the door! I was looking back at the DIY Tool segment you did, great information. It would really be nice whenever you find the time to do an instructional video on how to use each one.

  41. You did an outstanding job!! I give you an A+. I love, love the color of the wall too. Keep up the good work….Rebecca

  42. It’s amazing how someone with talent and imagination can really transform a house from nothing special to nothing short of stunning.

  43. “My favorite parts of this room are the pocket door bookcases. Before I built those, the doors just kind of got lost on that wall. But now I feel like the bookcases actually showcase the doors better. They frame the doors and make them look much more prominent in the room.”
    Yes. Exactly.

  44. Yay!!! I’ve been been so excited to see the “finished for now” work, and it’s amazing! You did a truly awesome job. I love watching you take a room that is just pitiful and transform it into a work of beauty. I’m most impressed with your pocket door wall. You’ve aspected your beautiful doors perfectly! Love that you provide a focal point or view when you enter a room.

  45. This is beautiful. And I love that you’re making the house your own, and I also feel that this music room would still be a beautiful dining room, the dining room will still be a beautiful living room, and your breakfast room could still be a den. You’re creating beautiful rooms that are still multi-functional. I know you’re not planning on selling, but who knows, maybe you’ll win this weekend’s Powerball! Not to mention, you’re known to change your mind! Ha ha! I say that lovingly, you remind me of me!!!

  46. The music room is stunning and inspiring. Perhaps if I had such a room I’d actually practice now and then. 🙂 Just kidding! I’ve just found your blog and I’m truly amazed, going back to read about the condo redecorating as well as the house so far. Lovely, incredible, and more! I paint furniture and walls, but I don’t do “carpentry” work like moldings and drywall and the like–wish I had your skills as well as your eye.

  47. You could additionally bump crown molding away from the whole length of the second wall ( like it’s done on the inspirational photo) , so you would have a normal corner joint.
    I’ ve gone a foot over both sides of window and now I wish I’ve done a longer overhang if not a whole wall.
    You have a great ideas!

  48. DAYUM. I mean DAAAYUUMM!!!

    Absolutely gorgeous! I’m having a heck of a time finding an interesting barn door for our bedroom bathroom. I’m now considering converting a standard door slab. Your doors are stunning, and your bookcases, NICE WORK!👌🏼👌🏼