Fifteen Nature-Inspired Wall Murals & Wallpaper (Options For Our Master Bathroom)

Our master bathroom remodel project is quickly approaching, so I’ve been spending some time in the evenings to try to put together my plan for that room. After looking through hundreds of pictures of master bathrooms to narrow down exactly what I want for that room, I decided that I wanted to start our master bathroom design by finding a nature-inspired wall mural or wallpaper to use as a jumping off point for the rest of the room.

I envisioned putting an amazing nature-inspired wall mural or wallpaper on the vanity wall. As a refresher, this is what the bathroom layout will look like…

master bathroom -final layout
(W/C is water closet, not walk-in closet)

That wall is 12.5 feet wide, 8 feet high, and has a window right in the middle. And as y’all know, I absolutely love nature-inspired designs that specifically include trees, flowers, and/or birds. I also love designs that are reminiscent of geodes and natural stone, and pretty much anything that looks like watercolor.

So after searching hundreds of designs, I narrowed down my favorites to these fifteen murals and wallpapers. Most of these are from one particular website, but I don’t have any kind of business relationship with that store. They just happened to have thousands of options, and I love that you can resize and crop their wall murals to any size you need to fit your wall. You don’t get that option when you purchase wall murals from places like Overstock and Wayfair.

Anyway, I started with probably 60 options that I had saved, and narrowed them down to these fifteen.

Peach Blossom Floral Wall Mural

This mural has trees, flowers, and a watercolor look. Plus, the colors definitely fit my style. The only problem is that it’s a one-size option only, and it’s just shy of the width that I need. I’m not sure if I could make that work.

wall mural 1
Peach Blossom Floral wall mural from Overstock
wall mural 1a
Peach Blossom Floral wall mural from Overstock

Rough Watercolors Wall Mural

The pattern of this one (not necessarily the colors) kind of reminds me of natural stone.

wall mural 3a
Rough Watercolors wall mural from Photowall
wall mural 3
Rough Watercolors wall mural from Photowall

Coastal Ink II Wall Mural

This is the one mural that I included that isn’t necessarily nature-inspired, although it kind of remindes me of a geode. But it’s an alcohol ink painting, which is also one of my favorite things.

wall mural 4
Coastal Ink II wall mural from Photowall
wall mural 4a
Coastal Ink II wall mural from Photowall

Floral Extravaganza Wall Mural

I really like this one, but it might be just a bit too abstract for my taste. I included it, though, because the colors are perfect for my taste.

wall mural 5
Floral Extravaganza wall mural from Photowall
wall mural 5a
Floral Extravaganza wall mural from Photowall

My Garden Bouquet Wall Mural

This is one of my absolute favorites, but if I’m honest, I don’t know that I’d used it in a master bathroom. It reminds me of the wallpaper I have in my studio, and while Matt has said repeatedly that he doesn’t care what the master bathroom looks like, I might be pushing it with this one.

wall mural 6
My Garden Bouquet wall mural from Photowall
wall mural 6a
My Garden Bouquet wall mural from Photowall

Flower Shower Wall Mural

Once again, I was drawn to that watercolor look of this mural. Plus, these are my colors.

wall mural 7
Flower Shower wall mural from Photowall
wall mural 7a
Flower Shower wall mural from Photowall

Beautiful Blossom Wall Mural

This one seems quite different for me as far as the colors go (although there’s some teal and aqua in there), but this is actually one of my absolute favorites.

wall mural 8
Beautiful Blossom wall mural from Photowall
wall mural 8a
Beautiful Blossom wall mural from Photowall

Tropical Leaves Wall Mural

This one made it in my top fifteen because it’s not quite so feminine, but I would still get my nature-inspired elements in there, plus there’s some blush pink in there as well. But the black background keeps it from being too frilly.

wall mural 9
Tropical Leaves wall mural from Photowall
wall mural 9a
Tropical Leaves wall mural from Photowall

Dahlias Wall Mural

But then I came across this one, and this is all flower, all feminine, and all frilly.

wall mural 10
Dahlias wall mural from Photowall
wall mural 10a
Dahlias wall mural from Photowall

Lustre Arrangement Wall Mural

I also added a few florals on black backgrounds in my final fifteen. These seem a little out of character for me (since I usually like bright flowers and white backgrounds), but I think these black backgrounds could be a nice jumping off point for a good feminine/masculine mix in a bathroom. Matt hasn’t asked for that, and he’s not expecting it, but I think it could look amazing.

wall mural 11a
Lustre Arrangement wall mural from Photowall
wall mural 11
Lustre Arrangement wall mural from Photowall

Pink Pions Wall Mural

This is another floral on a black background that I had to add because I love those frilly soft pink flowers.

wall mural 13
Pink Pions wall mural from Photowall
wall mural 13a
Pink Pions wall mural from Photowall

Daisies Dreams Wall Mural

And this is the third and final floral with a black background that I added. While these flowers aren’t my favorites (I prefer the one just above), I do love that this background is gray and black.

wall mural 14a
Daisies Dreams from Photowall
wall mural 14
Daisies Dreams from Photowall

Sparkling Garndner Wall Mural

And then there’s this one. This one has it all — trees, flowers, birds, loads of color, and a watercolor-look on the background.

wall mural 2
Sparkling Garndner wall mural from Photowall
wall mural 2a
Sparkling Garndner wall mural from Photowall

Peacock Wallpaper By Rifle Paper Company

This is one of two wallpapers that I included in my final fifteen, because…peacocks.

wallpaper 1a
Rifle Paper Company Peacock Wallpaper
wallpaper 1
Rifle Paper Company Peacock Wallpaper

Moody Midnight Floral Wallpaper

And finally, this wallpaper that I had originally considered for the guest bedroom accent wall made it into my final fifteen for the master bathroom. Again, I love the black background, and I love the colors of the flowers on this wallpaper.

wallpaper 2
Moody Midnight Floral wallpaper from Spoonflower
wallpaper 2a
Moody Midnight Floral wallpaper from Spoonflower

So those are my final fifteen murals and wallpapers that I’m considering for the master bathroom. And I can’t stress this enough, but Matt seriously does not care what I do in there. We’re just not one of those “design together, decorate together” couples, and I have to say that I love that. 😀 Every time we move to a new home, Matt hands me the keys and says, “Have fun! Do what you want with it!” And the best thing is that he sincerely means it.

He’s always told me, “Just as long as you don’t paint the walls pink,” then he’s okay with whatever I do. But when I started talking to him about this master bathroom, he said, “Do whatever you want! If you want pink walls, paint the walls pink!” (FYI, I hadn’t even mentioned pink walls, and had never considered them.) And every time I ask him about a wallpaper, mural, or other master bathroom design element, he responds with, “Kristi, do you know what I’m going to be doing in there? I won’t be looking at the walls.” 😀

All of that to say that while the layout of the room has been designed with him in mind, and the design of the vanity will be built with accessibility for him in mind, I’m also going to have some elements in there that are specifically for me, starting with a nature-inspired wall mural.

But after narrowing down these options, I’m also considering using the wall mural (or wallpaper) in a different area of the bathroom. I don’t like the idea of choosing an amazing design, only to use it on a wall that’s taken up with a long vanity, a window, and two large mirrors. So instead, I’m thinking about using it in the bathtub alcove. I think that would look amazing!



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  1. I was wondering about cutting up a beautiful mural with a window. You might could afford to go more feminine in the alcove since it is smaller and that will be more “your” area since Matt will be doing the showers.

    1. I was so glad to read your last paragraph about using wallpaper in bathtub alcove instead of vanity wall. All of the wallpaper designs are gorgeous but not broken up with mirrors and a window.

      1. Love the Flower Shower for the intense color and a modern look, but the Sparkling Gardner is so light and happy – like you are in the Garden of Eden!!! What a scene to wake up to!!!

        1. Sparkling Garndner in the bath alcove for the win! I just kept going back and looking at that one! Originally I kept thinking about how much of the design you would lose behind mirrors and the window and how I would use the wallpaper behind the bathtub. Glad to know you’re now considering that!!! Have fun!!! I love to watch what you do and get inspired for the house I am going to have built!

    2. I love peacocks too. So, if you were me that’s the one I’d go with. I have a lot of porcelain peacocks and would have them scattered around the room. I’m looking forward to when you get started and we get to see your vision.

    3. i love the pink pions and the daisy florals! is it possible to have tiles made in the mural designs and tile the shower? Just a thought……great job a always, and I love your bold beautirul choices.

  2. Amen to using it in the bathtub alcove so it doesn’t get chopped up by mirrors and window. All of them are so pretty. Can’t wait to see what you do in that bathroom.

    1. I absolutely love “Beautiful Blossom” and second choice would be “Sparkling Garndner”. Why not surround the tub area with the wallpaper so while your relaxing in the tub you would feel like your outside in nature.

      1. I also love these two, with the tree branches and blossoms . But I’m also incredibly drawn to the Coastal Ink and lastly the Tropical Leaves. All of the giant flower ones kind of creep me out, like I’m in a giant garden only I’m an ant or bug! Not relaxing to me. Honestly, my first choice would be Coastal Ink!

    2. I agree with using the mural in the bathtub alcove. Any of these lovely murals would be spoiled if broken up with so many wall features on the vanity side. I vote: 1. Beautiful Blossom 2. Lustre Arrangement. But whatever you choose will make a gorgeous bathroom.

      1. Everything they said! The tub alcove would truly be your focal point…pick your other colors from your chosen mural and tie it all together. You are a master at this. (My choice would be the first one.)

    1. Beautiful blossom is my favorite. I can’t wait to see what you will do in that master bathroom. You are amazing in your design. Have fun!

  3. Yes to using what you choose in the tub alcove! Perhaps a coordinating design on the wall and alcove? That could be fun. Depends on what you would like to look at while in the tub relaxing!

    1. Anne – I so agree with you. All the other seemed to have such large flowers or other things and I just had a hard time thinking that those would help me feel serene in the bath!! but the Sparkling Garndner wall mural from Photowall (I feel) is perfect for serenity!!!!!

    2. Some of those wallpapers have a great deal of the design at the bottom, which would be lost if on vanity wall or with a tub in front of it.

      1. That’s what I was thinking, also. I love the Beautiful Blossom but it seems a lot of the beauty would be masked by the tub.
        The darker ones are pretty but I’d feel like I was sitting in a cave…I know, I know, it will be well lit & the window is straight across from it, but that’s just my opinion.

        So my choice is Peach Blossom!

  4. Lovely choices! I can’t wait to see what you pick! I love the black background floral- I think it was lustre arrangement. I also love the peacock; design & color- but I would prefer that as a mural not a small repeat in a wallpaper. To me that one is most unified with your whole house. 🙂

  5. My personal favorite is the Coastal Ink II. I think I would look really sharp across the main wall and you could play with scale and length to go in the tub alcove. Matte Gold or matte black fixtures would tie in nicely and have a really crisp, clean look.

    1. Sparkling Gardner gets my vote. It looks as if you have thrown open the windows and have full sight of a garden.
      Gorgeous, but only if on an uninterrupted wall with no windows, mirrors or anything else to ruin it.
      Definately save that one for a large blank wall….

    1. Definitely in the alcove. As I was looking at them all I could think was what a shame it would be to break it up with mirrors and windows, so your last paragraph was the perfect answer.

      So difficult to choose.

  6. All so beautiful! If you put it in the bathtub nook, could you frame the Peach Blossom Floral Wall Mural out like it’s being viewed through large windows?

  7. I like all of them, but I am going to bet you are going to choose your absolute favourite, the My Garden Bouquet Wall Mural. It’s so YOU!

    I also think you would like the Sparkling Gardener. Good luck deciding!

  8. There are 3 that remind me of the walls in the studio, so I’m rooting for not those ones, since you already have that. And there are only 2 that I personally can’t get excited about. Looking forward to seeing what you choose! So many good ones!

  9. Not sure if you actually want opinions. 🙂 But for the vanity wall I would use something like the coastal ink as it lends itself more to being covered by mirrors and such. For use in a tub alcove I think the florals would be lovely.

  10. Moody midnight in the tub alcove is
    definitely YOU!!!
    I do like the peacocks but fear that will look dated in just a few years as it seems peacocks have been having a moment for the last several years.
    I also love Lustre Arrangement and My Garden Bouquet. I will be interested to see how you narrowed it down and why you chose the winner.

  11. Would the bottom of the mural be positioned above the vanity, i.e., not covering from the ceiling to the floor? Seems like some of these would lose a lot of their design if they covered the entire wall behind the vanity. Coastal Ink would work for both the vanity wall and the tub alcove, but the Beautiful Blossoms which was also a favorite of mine might not. I also liked the Lustre Arrangement and that might work for both too.

  12. I love the Peach Blossom mural and you are definitely talented enough to paint that yourself. Love the direction you are going with this project.

  13. Coming in from the striped gym, the Coastal Ink on the vanity wall would be stunning! Then top the tub area with the Floral Extravaganza to pull those colors through.

    1. Peach blossom floral is my favorite by the bathtub not the vanity wall! I would love to see this every time I took a bath!

  14. Tub alcove!!! Would be like bathing in a garden!!!! Decadent! Maybe choose a color from mural for vanity wall-nice painted wood wall!!!

  15. Ha! At the top of the blog, I assumed you were going to put the mural in the bathtub alcove (wrapped on all three walls). When you said it was for the vanity area I thought, uh oh, with a window and two mirrors, what’s the point? Kept reading and, yay, you came to the same conclusion. Perhaps the mural will reflect in the vanity mirrors, at least at some angles. At any rate, it will be lovely to soak in the tub and look at something beautiful.

    I have my faves among your choices. Just keep in mind that the tub will obscure whatever is at the bottom, so choosing a paper that had design and interest higher up might be better.

  16. Do the tub alcove and use the peach blossom. It wouldn’t be wide enough for the vanity wall but would fir in the alcove. I also love the Flower Shower and the Sparkling Gardner. Also, the wallpaper in the alcove would be reflected in the mirrors of the vanity so a win, win!

  17. The Alcohol ink, Floral extravaganza, maybe the peacock one. I’m drawn to less florals and more abstract. Seems easier to accessorize over time, I get stuck in the weeds, so overthink what is matching. Honestly I’d go with a neutral and bold color. Bold color on the opposite vanity and tub walls and a neutral everywhere else. Then a big abstract canvas you can create change over the tub if the mood changes . With the vanity mirrors and window it’ll be broken up so…possibly, go large a graphic or small and repeated.

  18. I ended up with Garden Bouquet or sparkling Garndner. Mostly because of the colors; they are your colors, but I’m most comfortable with them too. Also, because they can be sized to fit on each side of the window and around the tub surround, especially the Garndner. It would be like bringing the outside inside and be very relaxing. The other colors all felt like they would be too dark. Personally, and I’m thinking of you as well, I think we are more comfortable with a light, airy, spacious feel, than one that’s dark and closed in. Anyway, as usual, it’s your home. Choose what you love and will make you happy. P.S. Think about how hard it could be if you decide to change something later. Are these easy to remove, paint over, or ?

  19. I say the peacock in the alcove ( sounds like a Clue answer 😄 ). An added bonus of seeing the mural in the mirrors.

  20. My top two favorites are the Beautiful Blossoms and Sparkling Gardens. I hope you do the tub alcove because you’ll have more wall there than the vanity wall.
    Anyhoo, I know whatever you end up with will be amazing!!

  21. I immediately thought of our bathroom and the options there when I saw the peach blossom mural 🙂 I love it and the sparkling Gardener, too and thought you couldn’t convince me with anything else as much, but – that peacock wallpaper is sooooo beautiful! Thanks for presenting all this and getting my creative juices going!
    I’m def looking forward to see what you chose and guess it’ll be stunning as ever – esp. when you implement the design in both places 🙂

  22. I really liked all of them as any of them would be a good choice. My other thought was: I read your Grandmother’s memoir book and loved it and all of her descriptions of the areas they lived. Which of those mural type wall papers would best encompass some of those descriptions of the nature in your area of Texas?

  23. I love the idea of it on the wall behind the bathtub. That will be lovely. I don’t particularly like the wing walls around alcove. Too confining. I think a freestanding tub in front of a straight wall would be stunning.

  24. Oh Kristi, so many beautiful options for your bathroom. I too am glad you are looking to do the tub alcove in addition to the vanity wall since several of the options will lose interesting details due to window, mirrors or the vanity. I never knew there were so many options out there for wall murals and now I’ve just spent 45 minutes looking at the Photowall website, playing with the sizing calculator and trying to figure out where I could do this in MY house! Can’t wait to see what you choose 🙂

  25. Personally, I luv the Peacock paper for several reasons:
    I think it satisfies the feminine/masculine vibe better than any other choice given.
    Because it’s a repeat (or looked like it to me) it won’t fair poorly being broken up by a window, or any other wall object or treatment.
    And it’s fabulous in it’s darker background with the colorful majesty of those birds.😊

  26. These are just beautiful can ‘t to see how you incorporate one of this in your plan. How is your porch finish holding up, we need to redo ours and it has only been a year and what we used didn’t hold up

  27. I love all of them! Can’t wait to see what you pick – I don’t think you can go wrong. Yay for new spaces and projects for fun design!

  28. I also feel that the bathtub alcove is the place to put a mural. Of all your choices, Sparkling Gardner would probably be the easiest to live with. All of the others seem very “loud”.
    I am a decorator as well, and would suggest a favorite of mine: Maysong Spring from It is very similar to high end Gracie panels, but at a fraction of the cost. As an alternative, you could also frame three long panels and hang them behind the tub. That way you can take them with you when you move someday.

  29. You will do something awesome of that I’m certain. Pretty certain I could soak in a tub surrounded by peach blossoms for hours!!!!! It did seem like a waste to cut holes in or cover all that awesome beauty. I’m certain you’ll come up with a pretty wall color, some tiles, interesting light fixtures and mirror frames that will make the vanity wall gorgeous PLUS bonus reflection of the bath alcove. Going to be great!

  30. I love coastal ink II for around the bathtub. I didn’t like how much of the mural would be lost on the vanity wall. Love that idea more! Can’t wait to see what you pick!

  31. I love the sparkling gardener especially if you use it for your tub wall. It would feel like taking a bath in the forest. My second pick is flower shower because it feels calming and it has a lot of the colors you seem to like.

  32. Peach blossom or Flower shower!!! I’d choose Peach blossom hands down! It’s so gorgeous!!! I love the idea of you painting it yourself.

  33. I’ve read and re-read this post and as often is the case, many opinions are given even tho you don’t ask for your dedicated readers to give opinions. Some times you do ask us for our opinions, but not this one. I believe you are leaning towards something, but not quite sure which of these you are sure of. You will figure it out after thinking of all the advantages and disadvantages. Do you want opinions of this or not? Just say’in. Happy day, and don’t lose sleep over it. The answer will come to you when you least expect it 🙂

  34. I love the birds! on the vanity wall.
    Then use one bird, enlarged it, and paint it on the tub wall with coordinating background color.

  35. I love them all especially the one with the pink pions. I was thinking maybe you might want to do your own using acrylic paints in the smaller bathroom area. You are so creative!

  36. I like Peach Blossom or Sparkling Gardner; they feel like you are in an orchard or garden. I’m not crazy about any of the dark ones or the huge florals. I see you as a light, airy, colorful gal; not dark. The big florals just feel overwhelming to me. Whatever you decide will be perfect for you and that is all that really matters. You have a tough decision to make. 🙂

  37. I LOVE the Peach Blossom and the Sparkling Gardner. I think you can work your magic and replicate/continue the design wherever you fall short. You are a wonderful, talented artist!
    I have so much faith that no one would even be able to say that part of the mural would be hand painted.

  38. I like the idea of the mural above the bathtub so it gets its own space. I also suggest you do your own alcohol ink in your face colors. Maybe a series of large canvases. I’ll help!

    1. They are all beautiful, but for me there are 2 that stand out the most for a bathroom. Tropical leaves and Coastal Ink II. They would also look amazing on the bath alcove.

  39. How fun! I can’t wait to see what you choose. If you want to fall down another wall mural rabbit hole, check out SurfaceView. They are in the UK. Not inexpensive but the selection is amazing and the quality is excellent. I ordered full wall murals of Nik Miller photographs for 2 bedrooms more than 10 years ago because I couldn’t find anything comparable here in the US. Still in love with them.

  40. I’m not sure if you asked for opinions….if you are, my vote is for the bath tub wall, Beautiful Blossom or Sparkling Garndner.

  41. The peacock seem fitting for you. I love Beautiful Blossom and Sparkling Gardner but might lose the best part of the design from tub. What vibe are you looking for – calm or vibrant? Flower shower , Peach blossom , luster are my fav. I don’t like any of the others.

  42. Funny you should post this. I’m currently looking at various versions of wallpaper similar to the Lustre one for my master bath. Unfortunately I don’t have an uninterrupted wall where I could really appreciate the scale of the print – so I’m looking for things that are similar in imagery/feel but with a smaller scale.

    I think several of the ones you’ve posted would look fabulous on the wall behind your bath – and whatever you do there will be reflected in the mirrors over the vanity – so you will get good bang for your decorating buck.

    It’s very different from the other mural styles you have posted but I do confess I have a soft spot for Rifle Paper patterns. I love that peacock one. I bought one of their papers in the peel and stick version and covered my filing cabinet in my office with it. It looks fabulous – and the quality of their peel & stick is excellent and very easy to work with.

  43. I love the idea of the dramatic mural/paper in the bath nook! With all your choices I wondered about the colors which would reflect onto the person as they are getting ready/brushing their teeth. Some colors can make you look quite sickly and no one needs that in their life! Even in you’re not a huge “make-up to the nines” kind of gal you don’t want green undertones reflecting onto your skin as you’re trying to put on concealer!

    I will say that the wallpaper options all looked boring to me after the large scale murals. As Matt really doesn’t care–go as bold and dramatic as you want! The wallpapers felt a little on the safe side for you.

  44. Floral Extravaganza, Flower Shower, and Lustre Arrangement are my favorites (Flower Shower is #1; love the colors, plus some warmth in there which is important for a bathroom). Sparkling Gardener is also pretty. It just depends on your other finishes. And YES to the tub alcove!

  45. I like the Sparkling Gardner mural; it would feel as if I were walking into a lovely watercolor garden every time I walked into the room. Contrastingly (is that a word?) I like the Coastal II “geode” design as well. I wonder if they could work together in different areas….

  46. Wow, Kristi! You’ve got some beauties there and I don’t know how you will decide. But I know whichever one you choose, it will be beautiful! And yes! I vote for the bathtub alcove…. could be your own little feminine space. xo

  47. I think the peach blossom floral would be dreamy in your tub niche! To me, it just looks so you and fits in with your house so well. You wouldn’t lose any significant design behind the tub either. It would be as if the blossoms are trying to dip their petals into your tub water 🙂

    The peach blossom mural with a white tub and some gold accents would be heavenly in your master bath.

    I wish you well on all your fun choices with the upcoming project. Enjoy the process!

    YHWH Bless You : )

  48. I think the first two
    Complement each other so I would put the colors behind the vanity… upside down so yellow is at bottom and then the peach blossom is absolutely stunning. It’s so real and abstract at the same time. I think you could also do that behind the vanity and just ‘raise’ it up and start the bottom at the vanity height. Then the more solid part would be by the mirrors. Please please please choose that one. It’s soooooo pretty!!! 😊

  49. Did you read the reviews on Overstock regarding Peach Blossom? There are only two but neither is good. (You have to read all of the second one, as it starts out glowing.) I wonder if this pixilation problem crops up with other murals of the same type.

  50. I know the agony of vacillating among design options! I’m good at giving other people advice, but when it comes to my own reno, I certainly second guess myself. You’ve made a beautiful selection! I’m thinking of using the Photwall idea in the master bedroom in this way: Creating two panels on (hidden) glide bars behind the bed in the master. They would cover a large window at night and then during the day, they would come apart, allowing the window to shine through with the mural design on either side of the bed. What do you and everyone think?