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Painted Label Treat Jars

For quite some time now, I’ve wanted to find unique containers to hold dog treats and, well…human treats on the countertop.  Until now, the box of Milkbone dog biscuits has been sitting by the pet station.  I’ve had my eye out for containers for quite some time, and didn’t find anything I liked, so I decided to make my own.  It was quick, easy, and cheap.

painted label treat jars 1

I found the containers at Hobby Lobby.  I believe they were $12 each, but of course, I had a coupon.  Then I used scrapbooking stickers made of chipboard, painters tape, and white spray paint.

After taping off a rectangle with painters tape, I used the chipboard stickers to spell out “(human)”.  I initially wanted them to say “dog treats” and “human treats”, but there wasn’t enough space.  Oh well.

painted label treat jars 4

Then I wrapped the container in a plastic shopping bag, and taped the opening of the bag around the area that I had already taped off.

painted label treat jars 5

And then used white Rustoleum Painter’s Touch paint in a flat finish…

painted label treat jars 6

…and gave it about three light coats of paint.

painted label treat jars 7

I love how they turned out.  Now obviously, I would never do this with something that would get tons of use, or that would have lots of little hands (or lots of adult hands, for that matter) handling them, or that would need to be washed regularly (or at all, really).

My initial plan was to etch the area first, and then paint it so that the paint would have something to “grab” onto, giving it a better chance at staying put.  But after searching all over for my etching cream with no success, I gave up and threw caution to the wind.

painted label treat jars 2

I really don’t foresee myself touching the fronts of these containers anyway.  The lids will be handled quite a bit (especially the dog treats…at least once per day), but there’s really no reason for me to ever touch the fronts.  So I’m hoping that it’ll last a good, long time!

painted label treat jars 3

If the paint just won’t stay on, then perhaps I’ll consider having some custom vinyl labels made.  But I really like the dimensional effect of the thick chip board letters!

painted label treat jars 1

Most of all, I’m just glad to have the dog treats out of the big red cardboard box and conveniently stored in something a bit more attractive!

This project was for my condo breakfast room makeover. Click here to see the whole before and after of the breakfast room makeover.

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  1. Very nice!  Hm…creative juices flowing…if you ever did find the etching cream or spray, you could do the same thing and then peel off the letters when you pull off the tape.

  2. Lori, they're actually holding up perfectly!  I just never touch the front of the jars…not because I go out of my way not to touch the fronts, but because it's just not where I naturally grab the jar to open it. 

  3. I love these…look great!  Maybe you could re-tape/re-bag and spray some acrylic sealer on them so the paint won't chip off?  If they're holding up though, I don't know if I'd want to risk re-taping 😉

  4. If it doesn’t last, I heard/read you can used hot glue or even white craft glue to write letters/draw and then paint over it and none would be the wiser. I would think it’d work better with hot glue because in my experience craft glue sticks to hardly anything