Shower Plumbing Fixtures Are Installed!

One of the main plumbing parts that I ordered and have been waiting on was delivered yesterday, and I was so excited that I installed the plumbing fixtures yesterday between lunch with my family (which always lasts until 4:00pm on Wednesdays) and my church small group meeting (which I was late to last night because of installing these fixtures). But I was just so excited that I couldn’t wait!

Here’s a glimpse of how the soft gold fixtures look against the white tile…

These are the Delta Trinsic fixtures in the color Champagne Bronze, which is actually a very pretty, soft gold color.

I’m still missing one piece — the backplate for the water control valve trim kit that is on the right wall in the photo below. I ordered that back in October or November, but according to the company where I ordered it, because of supply chain issues, there’s a disruption in manufacturing of many Delta products, so those are on manufacturing hold right now. And of course, the product I need happens to be on that list. They’re scheduled to start manufacturing 800 products that are currently on hold starting February 25, so hopefully the part I need is on that list. So for now, I wait. And wait.

But at least a backplate on a side wall isn’t that big of a deal. The shower can be used without that just as long as we don’t spray water directly at that unprotected/uncovered hole in the wall.

Here’s a better view of the shower fixtures together from the shower entrance. I was standing in the entrance to the shower and looking towards the wall on the right to take the picture below.

I still have to install the slide bar for the handheld sprayer, but I’m undecided about where this should go, and I’m scared to drill a hole in the tile unless I’m absolute sure about where I want to place the bar.

I don’t know if I want to place it in between the water supply for the handheld sprayer and the shower head/diverter, or if I want to place it on the right side of the water supply for the handheld sprayer.

If I put it between the water supply for the handheld and the shower head/diverter, it would be here…

I tried to hold it up while taking a picture. That didn’t really work out since my arms are so short. 😀 But here’s my attempt at showing what this position might look like…

Or if I place it to the right side of the water supply for the handheld, it would go here…

And here’s my attempt to hold it in that position while taking a picture…

It’s one of those decisions that doesn’t seem like a big deal, right? But it’s permanent. Once I drill a hole in tile, that’s it. There’s no going back, and there’s no changing my mind. So right now, I’m stuck.

But what this means is that in order for this shower to be usable, the only things that need to be done are (1) grouting the shower floor, and (2) caulking the corners! THAT’S IT! I feel certain I can get these things done this weekend, and we can start using our new shower next week! I doubt that it’ll be completely finished at that time. I still need to install the trim around the ceiling. But that doesn’t need to be done before the shower is used. And Matt’s new shower wheelchair has been delivered, so he’s good to go. He’ll get his first shower in the new made-for-him huge, curbless, roll-in shower next week. He’s going to be so excited. 😀



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  1. I’d see how it sprays and see how that reaches first. Get Matt’s input and the OT if they are still helping. He’ll be using it. If I’d say, visually, to the right, but that places it in the corner that could be more limiting when you got something so big. Having it closer to the center may give the user more of a range to spray the head. So put tape on the two places and have Matt roll in. Also there are temporary suction cup spray holders so you can really test it out before making those holes. After, you can place that in an ideal spot for Cooper washing.



      Our Peerless sidekick faucet came with one that has worked well. The Ikea one has fallen if you store the head 24/7 on it but for a temp spot in the shower, it’s never failed in use. I like the Ikea one because it’s plain white and can blend in. If it gunky I can wash it easily in the sink.

    2. That’s a great idea—I think it would look good either way, but it’s more about function and ease of use to me.

  2. I would place it so that it can be used as a sprayer (shower head type) when put in the fixed position. That is so it can be temporarily placed on the bar and you would get sprayed while doing so to avoid getting too cold when for example shampooing your hair and then will lift the sprayer off to use it. I like the handheld for this as I like having the warm water on me, but switching to the shower head makes me have to step away some to shampoo my head so the shower head doesn’t rinse before I’m ready and I prefer to use the handheld to rinse as it is easier to target.

    To test place it use double sided tape as it is fairly easy to get off tile.

  3. I kinda like it on the inside. It’s so beautiful I was just looking at this and thinking that when I got married in 1995 there was gold everywhere, I just disliked it soooo much, I wanted everything brushed silver and for a while black with kinda rubbed finish.
    Fast forward to 2021, so much brushed gold in my new kitchen and I love so much, plus the mixing of stainless, brushed gold etc. It’s just right.
    When I look at emails in the morning and you have a new post, I almost always click to see what wonderful thing you have done today! I think I have been following you for 5 years or more.

  4. Exciting progress! The idea to use a suction cup temporarily while Matt determines what location works best for him is perfect! BTW, that picture (not your photo!) that shows how the slide bar looks drove me crazy with it not being perfectly vertical on those small tiles. 🤯

    1. If you look closely, that’s just the fixture laying on her tile floor to show you what the whole thing looks like. It’s not on a wall anywhere.

  5. You might consider temporarily putting a small sheet of plastic behind the controller. You can tape the edges. It would be an easy thing to do and would help keep water out of your wall space.

  6. I think the rail would be better closer to the middle of the room – between the sets of fixtures. It strikes me that would give you the widest range to spray when it comes to cleaning the shower space.

  7. I have a very similar set installed in a smaller shower with a seat bench. I have it positioned so when I needed to sit on the bench I can easily turn on and off the shower sprayer and also adjust the temperature if I felt I needed hotter or colder once I was in the shower. So the height is geared toward my seated height versus my husbands seated height. We are like you and Matt. Hope this helps.

  8. Kristi, I have been following you for a long time. Your bathroom to accommodate your husband has been a good one to follow along because we are in the midst of 2 major bathroom renovations. My son who has his own home remodeling business is here doing ours as I write. It’s required not only tearing out all the old but has been cutting and sledgehammering out concrete ( live in an earth contact house on a slab here in KS). Been in this house going on 32 years. Anyhow….. because we are in the elderly bracket 68 and 75 we want the new showers to be accessible with no stepping over or climbing into. So master bath is being enlarged to more than double its size and curbless and large. The main bathroom is being ADA compliant for a roll in approach for the possibility of a wheelchair for either of us or future owners.
    So I have really enjoyed following your bathroom posts.
    Shower fixtures…….. I am a oil rubbed bronze gal. Its all over the house in light fixtures etc… So today I just ordered the shower heads / hand held sprayers for both bathrooms on amazon.
    P.S. I love your style with interior decorating. It reminds me of a modern twist with a somewhat 1940’s / 50’s feel to it. You are definitely in your element of interior design. I had plans for an interior design career, but ended up marrying and raising a family and ended up with a husband (he passed away 3 years go) who would not let me put my stamp on our home with decorating etc… Since then I have remarried and I am along with my son and the encouragement and appreciation of my skills and tastes from my new sweetie putting my stamp in this home….loving every moment of it and seeing the transformation that is taking place.
    Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us.

  9. I would suggest to put the handheld bar in the middle. We have a roll-in shower for my son who uses a roll-in shower chair and the shower has the shower head and hand held piece. He is not able to shower himself, but what we do is have the shower head spraying his legs torso throughout the entire shower to keep him warmer. Mom or Dad use the handlheld to wash/rinse his hair, body and feet. We have a heated exhaust fan that is a huge help in keeping the bathroom warm. My son’s shower takes about 5 mins, so we don’t spend a great deal of time in there.

  10. I like it better between the water supply. You could use some command strips to hold it in place to get a true idea before you drill holes. You could even get heavier weight command strips and keep it in place for awhile while you decide. I have two 25 lb strips holding my shampoo and conditioner station in my with zero problems.

  11. This is getting more exciting every day! I am so happy for Matt – you are making his life more comfortable and easier, and that is always a good thing. I can’t wait to hear how much he likes the new shower… that whole bathroom is a dream!

  12. I know what a life changer this will be for y’all – very exciting!

    I like it between the two things if you are considering opinions.

  13. I think I like the first example of where to put the slide bar-that is between the water supply and the diverter, not to the right. You now have a very good incentive to get back to the bathroom tile job-I feel you though. 😊