Studio Half Bathroom – Countdown To Completion (Bringing Back The Daily Progress Accountability)

Y’all, enough is enough. It’s time for me to get my studio half bathroom finished, and the only way I’m going to do that is by bringing back the daily accountability posts.

Remember when I did those during the last few weeks of the pantry remodel? This happens in every room remodel I do. I get to a certain point, and I lose interest because most of the big stuff is done, and it’s nothing but the tedious detail projects that I really dislike, like the wood filling and caulking. Plus, in this room, there’s molding that needs to wrap around a weird pipe for the toilet that I don’t know how to do, so I procrastinate and avoid it altogether.

The fact is that I’d rather be sewing pink draperies for my living room than grouting and caulking and installing challenging molding in a bathroom. But I need to put my big girl pants on and get this done. THEN I can reward myself with a fun project.

So as of today, here’s what needs to be done to finish this room. I have a video walkthrough showing what needs to be done…

Having trouble with that video? Click here to watch it on YouTube.

The remaining project that I dread the most is actually installing the crown molding. I don’t care what kind of jig or tricks I use, I’ll just never like installing crown molding. I also need to hang the mirror above the vanity (after painting the little silver parts black), finish installing and then grout the tile, and install two outlets and outlet covers.

half bathroom - countdown to completion - the to do list - 5

I also need to finish the wall design on this one area of wall. For some reason, I keep putting it out of my mind that this area isn’t actually finished. I keep thinking, “I really need to get that tape off of the wall!’ but then I notice that the design actually needs a second coat, and then that seems like so much trouble so I put it out of my mind until the next time I notice it. Then it’s a repeat of that same conversation in my mind. So this time, I REALLY need to finish the design and get the tape off of the wall.

half bathroom - countdown to completion - the to do list - 4

I still have quite a bit of trim that needs to be installed in addition to the crown molding — chair rail, picture frame molding, baseboards.

half bathroom - countdown to completion - the to do list - 2

And then all of the trim in the whole room still needs to be wood filled, sanded, caulked, primed, and painted. I also need to come up with a solution for privacy on that window. Blinds? A shade? Privacy film? I have no idea.

half bathroom - countdown to completion - the to do list - 3

I painted the side of the door that faces the back studio entry, but I still need to paint the inside of the door and install the door pull.

half bathroom - countdown to completion - the to do list - 1

And then there’s a HVAC air duct vent and a ceiling light that need to be installed.

So here’s the complete list of things I’d like to accomplish this week to finish this bathroom:

  • Raise vanity 1/2 inch
  • Install HVAC air duct vent
  • Install ceiling light
  • Install crown molding
  • Put a clear coat protective finish on the upper walls (just on the “wallpaper” design)
  • Install wall trim — chair rail, picture frame molding, baseboards
  • Finish installing the tile and then grout
  • Wood fill, sand, caulk prime and paint all of the trim
  • Paint the bathroom door and install the pull
  • Hang the mirror
  • Install two outlets and outlet/switch covers
  • Finish the wall design and remove all of the tape
  • Install the toilet
  • Print and frame photo print for wall
  • Find a privacy solution for the window

I think that’s it! I can’t guarantee that it’ll get done this week, but I can guarantee that I’m going to give it my best effort. And I’m counting on y’all to hold me to it. 🙂



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  1. Would you mind sharing where you got your mirror? I want a quality one that won’t fall and crack (I’ve read many reviews.) but not cost a fortune. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for your video on wood filler and caulking, my bathroom had been waiting 2 months for me to get up the caulking courage. Very pleased with the results.

  2. I also find this type of work tedious, ugh! It’s the little foxes that spoil the vine! Anyway, You CAN DO IT!!!…Put your mind to it and get ‘er done sister! 😉

    1. Get to it Kristi. You can do it! The more things you finish the more excited you will get about being done. What would encourage you more? Doing the harder or more tedious things first? Or a buch of smaller/easier ones that can be completed faster? I’m ooking forward to your daily progress. You got this, girl!

  3. If I lived close by I would come over and do all your caulking and detail work for you for free because I love the detail work. And after a career in graphics I am meticulous about getting it done right. But I live too far away so you got this. You do such a fabulous job on the details we would never know you didn’t like doing them. Everything always looks great.

  4. Hi, how about a roman blind that closes from the bottom to the top, that way you could leave it half open ensuring your privacy.
    What ever you do don’t ask me how to make it lol.

    1. This back area of the studio, and the pantry/breakfast room right next to it, have slab foundations. Since the pantry is already finished and I didn’t want any foundation jackhammered up, they had to install plumbing that is meant for basements that flushes up instead of down. 😀 So whatever goes down the sink drain, the toilet, or the shower (if I had a shower in there, which I don’t) goes into that little grinder you see just behind where the access panel will go, then it goes up and across the attic and down into the pipe in the hallway bathroom.

  5. Just watched your video and I was a bit surprised when you listed artwork to go in this room as an extra project – are you sure you want to cover that wall design in the area above the toilet with something else to look at? I understand the mirror, lamp and things like shelves to put items that are necessary in the room, but the walls themselves are art and shouldn’t be covered by more art, I feel… of course, that’s only an opinion and a suggestion (by an avid fan!), I hope you don’t see it as a reprimand 😉 other than that,
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you to get all that stuff done in this week – I know you can do it when you put your mind to it!

    1. I don’t know what the “other than that” bit of the sentence meant to lead to – of course I’d keep my fingers crossed for you if that includes making art work for that room, too!!!

    2. I’ll wait until last to see about artwork. But since the walls are so busy, I envision something in black and white to both add a bit of calm, but also contrast, to the very colorful and busy walls, and also to relate back to the black and white chevron on the back entry floor. But I could also change my mind on that within the hour. 😀

      1. I see the walls as the art work — why distract from it — maybe find metal , in my little hallway I did a venetian type finish and layered 3 colors and all I added was those metal flowers to the focal wall and everyone sees the wall before the flowers … they love it . Wonderful color and design on those walls ….

  6. I love the daily updates!

    You might want to consider purchasing something like a contour gauge or outline gauge to assist with the trim around the pipe. I had planned to research them for cutting trim around a rock fireplace, but ended up moving before doing that project. So I can’t offer specific brand advice, but I do know helpful products exist for that sort of thing (if you opt for a little assistance).

    Keep up the great work!

  7. Get it done! Just focus, so you can get this out of your head for good! 🙂

    I echo the comments about artwork. Your walls are artwork enough. And, for window treatments, I echo the same sentiment. I think you should keep everything in there as simple as possible to allow the walls to stand out. A clean roman blind sounds nice.

  8. Some good podcasts are in order: Patient Zero is great, I now know a lot more about Lyme Disease and it is so interesting. Culpable, 15 great episodes. Nothing like a podcast to help with tedious work! This is why I don’t vacuum or mow the lawn when I should, I can’t listen to a podcast during those tasks!

  9. you go girl —– I will be your biggest cheerleader , pick out the easiest one first then go from there , ……. GO ! GO! GO! 👏

  10. For privacy, a beaded window curtain or a stained glass insert? Something that will break up the lines of a body inside, but lets the light through.

  11. I love everything in this bathroom but the tile. It looks so dated and public restroomy. I think it would look amazing if you removed it and brought the colorful wall design all the way down to the top of the molding.

  12. I’m thinking you should cheat the molding by getting those corner blocks . It’s such a little room -and with just 4 inside corners-then you wouldn’t have to worry about mitering the corners and also I put rice paper film on the lower half of my bathroom window and just put a sheer curtain on a tension rod over the whole window but nothing is permanent so I can change it if I want…