Window Treatments Make The Room

Remember this drapery sneak peek I showed you a couple of weeks ago?

Well, they were finally installed last week, so now I have photos to show you!

You’ll notice that I ended up changing the trim on them. And while that may sound like a simple task, it actually involved taking them completely apart and basically starting over. I’m so glad that I made the change, though, because the replacement trim was a MUCH better choice. I learned a very valuable lesson: Never use braided upholstery trim horizontally on draperies. Using it on the vertical is fine, but using it horizontally makes it impossible for the pleats to hang correctly.

So here’s a look at the final draperies. Keep in mind that the room isn’t finished. I think it definitely needs a little somethin’ above the t.v. Possibly some decorative plates? A couple of shelves? Let me know if you have any brilliant ideas.

Unfortunately, all I had was my cheap little point and snap camera, which has a terrible flash on it, so the photos turned out grainy and washed out (especially the first one…it’s AWFUL!). When the room is finished, I’ll get much better photos, but these will do for now.

We used a really nice linen blend on these, with a Parisian pleat at the top. I love Parisian pleats! Parisian pleats are stitched right at the very top, and fan out at towards the bottom of the pleat, where standard pinch pleats are stitched about three or four inches down from the top, and fan out slightly at the top. It’s a very small difference, and I really do like both types of pleats, but Parisian pleats are a slightly updated look from the traditonal pleats.

I can’t wait to show you the finished room! Right now, there has been a snag with the flooring. They homeowners had intended to install some type of hardwood or hardwood-look flooring, but because of some different issues with pets, subfloor, etc., that part of the project has stalled. Hopefully a solution can be found so that this room can be completed. It’ll be gorgeous!

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  1. They're beautiful and I love the trim you chose. My vote is for plates instead of shelves over the fireplace. Hope you're having a good day!

    pk @ Room Remix

  2. Very nice.

    I would put a retangular hortizontal canvas above the television. The art would feature the deeper tones (in the panel stripe and trim) and would hang so it is level with the top of the stripe. You could make it yourself; I just know it!! This would create a clean long line and avoid "eye dance".

    The dark beams on the ceiling are gorgeous. Did you consider a deep toned cork for the floor to balance them?

    And ask them to 86 the fake plants. (But that is my personal pet peeve…tacky!)

  3. The panels turned out just lovely. And I so know what you mean.. in my sewing business, almost every project I do is different. I learn little lessons all along the way (like the trim).

    I love the fabrics you used, too. And like you, I really don't like the fake plants. I even had a client that used fake flowers in her YARD !! Egad! How tacky is that!

  4. You did a great job. The space above the television would be well filled by something that takes the horizontal band created by the curtains through. So something that will blend in with the curtain's stripe will work well for me. Good job, BTW!

  5. Decorating is fun, especially if you do the work yourself. The little lessons we learn along the way just adds texture to the experience. Going against the grain, in any form whatsoever, definitely is less easy than going with the grain, even when we're talking about trimmings on drapes.