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Window Treatment Indecision

Do you have a hard time figuring out what to do with your windows?

I generally have no problem at all deciding on window treatments, but I’ll admit, I’m having a heck of a time with this house.

Example: Here’s my living room…

living room as of december 4 2013

(If you’re new here, please know that this room is only about 20% complete. Right now, it looks like a hot mess, with a hodge podge of crazy furniture that clearly doesn’t go together, but it’ll get better!) 🙂

As you probably know by now, this is the fabric I purchased for my living room draperies…

Drapery fabric, P. Kaufmann Florabunda Sea Glass

That’s P. Kaufmann Florabunda Sea Glass, in case you were wondering. And I purchased 18 glorious yards of it.

I never planned on dressing all three windows the same. I really want the big window to be the focus, so I plan on putting draperies only on the big window. And I bought a double rod, so it will actually have draperies and sheers.

The other two windows will have the wood Roman shades, but no draperies and no sheers.

But here’s where I’m stumped. Do I need to put the wood Roman shades on the front big window as well, just to make them all coordinate?

And do I need to add some of the drapery fabric to the other two windows in some non-drapery way to make them all coordinate? Two ways I could do that are either…

(1) Make valances out of the drapery fabric for the smaller two windows, similar to this one that I made for the condo breakfast room (instructions here if you’d like to make your own)…

I really like valances (but please do not suggest a cornice…I can’t stand cornices…they give me flashbacks to 1980s decorating kind of like my new gold table did for some of you 😀 ), but to me valances are kind of a kitchen, breakfast room, and bathroom thing, but not necessarily something I’d want in a room like a living room, bedroom, or dining room.

So that leaves option…

(2) Use the drapery fabric as an accent on the wood Roman shades, similar to the edge binding fabric on these Roman shades from Smith + Noble

natural roman shades with brown edge banding from Smith + Noble

I like that idea, but I’m a bit afraid that the pattern on the fabric is way too big to make any kind of an impact.  The pattern repeat is 36 inches, and the flowers are huge.

p kaufmann florabunda sea glass fabric

(Awful iPhone pic…sorry about that.)

But maybe they don’t need anything at all, and I’m just completely over-thinking the whole thing.

This isn’t the only room that has me completely stumped.  My bedroom and office have similar window situations, with one main focal window, and then another window on the wall perpendicular to it.

my office

Welcome to my mess.  🙂  Sorry, but I didn’t even take time to clean up for you.  That’s okay, though.  We’re friends, right?  (And again, if you’re new here, the only thing that’s been done in this room are the floors.  You can click here to see how this room…and all the rooms…started out when we bought the house.)

Now I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, “But Kristi, why do you need new window treatments in your office when you already have such beautiful, perfectly good curtains!”  😀  I know.  Please don’t be jealous.  🙂

Okay, in all seriousness, you see what I’m talking about, right?  One main window that will be the star framed with beautiful draperies, and then an awkward little window to the side that’s kind of jammed up in the corner.  Even if I wanted to put draperies on that window (which I don’t), there’s really not enough room in the corner for a drapery panel.

And then we have the same setup in the bedroom.  Main focal window, small window to the side jammed up in the corner.

*Sigh*  I’m almost certain I’m over-thinking it, but once I get started down this “over-thinking” road, I can’t stop myself.

On a side note, I ordered my fabric for the ottoman I’ll be making for the living room!  I’m so excited about that.  I had planned on getting a really dark teal blue velvet (basically the darkest blue color in the drapery fabric), but I couldn’t find any I liked.  Then I came across this Robert Allen Tex Weave in the color Baltic, and it was perfect!

robert allen tex weave baltic

It’s soft, yet thick and durable, and the texture and slight color variations are just gorgeous in person. I can’t wait to get it in my little hands and start making my ottoman!!

I also purchased some accent fabric for my bedroom — this Robert Allen Cats Cradle in Papaya…

robert allen cats cradle papaya

That image is actually from Etsy seller StudioPillow.  If you like the fabric but don’t like sewing your own pillows, they have some very reasonably priced pillow covers available in this fabric as well as lots of other great fabrics.

But anyway, the Cats Cradle in Papaya looks so great with the P. Kaufmann Sea Breeze Patriot fabric that I already have for the bedroom.

P. Kaufmann Sea Breeze Patriot Fabric

My gosh, I love fabric.  Sometimes I feel like I could look at, and talk about, fabric all day long.

Anywhoo….my window treatment issues.  Any suggestions?


Several people have suggested just going ahead and making the draperies for the big window, and then deciding what I want to do with the other two.  The problem with that is that I bought 18 yards of fabric (and I don’t want to have to purchase more).  My original plan, since that window is 10 feet wide, was to use three widths of fabric on each side.  (Remember my pet peeve with ready-made curtains and why I only use custom draperies?)

So if I go with my original plan and use three widths of fabric on each side of the big window, that’ll use up all 18 yards of fabric.

That means that if I want to alter my plan any, and have any fabric left over for the two small windows for valances, or edge binding, or even single-width drapery panels, I need to decide now before I start making the draperies for the big window.



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  1. I’m thinking just making the drapes for the large window will be fine. If you decide you need to coordinate the smaller windows with the larger, then you will need to do both: add the fabric to the smaller windows as valances AND add the wooden shade to the large window. But feel that would just be too matchy matchy. One thing about it, you can make your drapes for the large window. Live with that for a bit. Then you can always make the valances later if you feel you need to. Covering the couch will help immensely in the final decision making. You’re doing great girl! Now, Please do a very informative how-to blog on making those drapes! I have to get started immediately after Christmas making curtains for my entire house and petrified to make the first cut!! Just do not know how to square such large panels. Most will be 108″ long here. Thanks a bunch!

  2. This is totally an untrained opinion. I don’t think the front window needs the addition of blinds. Choose either sheers or blinds. Perhaps if you are not in love with the accent pillows on your new chairs you could pull the drapery fabric into the small window area by making some sort of accent pillow from the new drapery fabric. Just sayin. Haha now can you fix my livingroom. Haha I also have a floral damask vintage couch I love in burgundy/pink floral. Haha

  3. Make your living room draperies first, hang them, and live with them for a bit. Then, if you have any smaller pieces of material left over, just tack them in place on your smaller windows, on the sides or at the top, to give you a sense of whether that’s what you want. For the office, I’d do both windows the same, either shades or curtains. You’re doing great, and the fabrics you’ve chosen are amazing; the colors are what I would choose.

  4. Hi Kristy,
    Love the banding, but think you are correct in the pattern being too large to accomplish the look. I think I would just leave the shade as is and live with them a bit before doing anything. I’m not sure valances would give you the look you are really after. Good luck, I’m sure anything you do will be lovely as usual! Merry CHRISTmas!

    1. I agree that the pattern might be too large but I like the banding on the blinds. What if a solid was added in say in a linen beige or the light celery?

      1. I agree and think you should cover coach and finish main curtain, then find a complimentary, solid binding for the shades.

      2. I agree with you Susan. I would just use the drapery with sheers on the large window and use a complementary color banding on the roman shades.

  5. Make the drapes and hang them. If you need to add the shades underneath you will know immediately. Everything else feels too fussy and not you. Don’t over think it. The worst thing that could happen is you hate everything and have to save up and replace it all. It’s not anything permanent so don’t stress!

  6. I think the sheers are dated and take too much visually away from the room. I would go for an open, clean look with 2″ blinds in same color as shades on the two small windows. I would use balloon valances with a gorgeous trim or swag and valance, and I would treat all windows alike. The previous suggestion of some of drapery fabric worked into pillow cover could pull room together. Look at Country Curtains catalog for suggestions (they have a wide variety of casual and formal styles). Good luck!!

  7. Go with what you KNOW. If you know you love the fabric for the big windows, make the draperies and hang them up! You will then be able to figure out the smaller windows/shades/valance/trim issue! Any of your suggestions would be fabulous, but any great journey begins with a single step! Make those drapes!

  8. I reccomend you ditch the sheers in the living room, go for the roman blinds and that gorgeous drapery you already have planned. On the 2 side windows I would go with roman blinds in a solid blue (the darker blue of the flowers). That way you could pull that solid blue into pillows as well, because 18 yards of drapery + flowery pillows would seem overly fussy to me. You could even do piping on the pillows (and the roman shades) in a lighter blue, so it ties together but is not too matchy-matchy, kwim ?

    Foe the office, would it be over the top to get a corner rod and treat both windows together ? I can’t really tell the amount of wall space between the 2 windows, so I can’t really tell if it’s doable, but a rod in an “L” shape would create a cohesion between the 2 windows .

  9. I think the draperies with the blinds will be too heavy looking on the picture window.. It will throw the room off balance.. The smaller windows in the living room with the wood blinds would be nice if you maybe picked a color that is in the drapes and with the same texture as drapes and banded the edges or just put a 5 to 10 inch along the bottom of blind.. If you put it on bottom of blind you may be able to use drapery fabric?
    I know your not thrilled with the idea of a cornice. But my husband and I made a beautiful wood cornice with crown molding over our 14 ft picture window.. Which I painted white.. Good luck!

  10. This may not be a good idea, but I will throw it out there, and if nothing else, maybe it will inspire other ideas. What if you painted the wood trim around those small windows in a blue or green that matches your fabric. Not sure if there is anything else architecturally in the room that would be disrupted by that, but it seems to me that the important thing for tying the windows together visually is color, not pattern. The other option, I suppose, is a roman shade in a blue or green, but your existing blinds are very nice as-is.

  11. I love the idea of the valances on the two smaller windows – maybe if you did it like you did in the Condo with a solid band at the bottom – so they aren’t too matchy-matchy but still
    co-ordinate with the front window. I think I would lose the sheers and just go with the roman blinds – that way you can open them to let the light in but drop them down at night for privacy. (BTW, I am in love with both of your fabric choices – the colors are fab.u.lous!!!!)

  12. i would put the draperies with wood Roman shades on the big window and the two small windows valances with the wood Roman shades. the big window will be the focal point because it will have the most fabric on it. no sheers to old looking. you could pull the blue’s and green’s out for pillows and other things. good luck

  13. I know what you mean about window treatments and how they can sometimes be a challenge. I absolutely HATE dealing with windows but it seems it’s a must if you want a nice looking place. LOL. Anyway, for what it’s worth here’s my advice. Definitely NO valances in the living room. Unless you really do want that 80’s feel. I would also 86 the sheers and put the same bamboo (wood) shades on the large window with the drapes so that everything is cohesive. To add some of your drapery fabric to the small window side of the room, make some throw pillows for your chairs with it, or like you said, add a strip of that fabric or a neutral fabric to the existing roman shades to soften the edges a bit.

    For the oddly placed window in your office and in your bedroom, I would go with a plain neutral (white, off-white, tan linen) roman shade. It would take away any focus from that window and let the other window stand out more.

    Hope these suggestions help. I can’t wait to see your progress.

  14. Wonder if you could do a valence across the two small windows to mimic the size of the big one? Also, if you do something like that, I’d forget the sheers and go for the shades on the big window too.

  15. I would do a single width curtain panel (non closing) on the two side windows. One on the far left side window towards the corner, and one on the right side window towards the right side corner. Leaving the panels off the sides of the windows on the inside edges will make that wall seem wider, but having a small amount of fabric on that wall will help warm it up. Then I would do panels on each side of the big window that you could close for privacy. I think the wood blinds in the front are unnecessary with th sheers.

    1. I agree with Lorraine’s approach, but I would also just do decorative side panels on the large window. This would add a vertical element to your room.

  16. So many good suggestions. I like the idea of using roman shades under the drapes instead of sheers for more cohesion. I also love the idea of banding the blinds on the side windows to tie them in, even if the flowers are too big, it would still bring the colors over. For the other rooms, the one window isn’t a big dramatic window like the living room, therefore I believe they should have the same type of covering, obviously just different sizes. Either way, it wil be fabulous, as you have wonderful taste and I look forward to it all coming to fruition!

  17. I like some of the suggestions to bring some of the fabric to the other side of the living room through the use of throw pillows on those chairs. I also like the idea of a balloon valance (is that what it’s called? I’m picturing a rectangle of fabric hanging down, with 2 ribbons or strips of fabric looped around from the top to bunch it up and not cover the window) on the two side windows. I don’t think the front picture window needs blinds though–it would probably be too much with curtains and sheers, and unnecessary. I don’t think that would look strange either–the front window is so obviously different/bigger than the side windows that I look it would look fine.

    From the photos, it’s hard to tell if the bedroom/office windows are the same size or not. If both windows in each room are the same size, or close to it, then I would treat them the same for cohesion, even if one of them is more a “focal” point in relation to furniture and room layout. One solution is a Roman blind as someone else mentioned, since the corner window makes a curtain panel difficult. Or you could go with curtain panels, but “fake” the corner window a bit–hang the curtain rod wider than the actual window (on the right side only, obviously). Then the left panel could cover a tiny bit of the window, and the right panel could mainly be covering the wall, with just the very left side covering the edge of the window frame. This might make it look like the window isn’t quite so much in the corner, although you would lose a bit of light coming in.

  18. I agree with Margo: Why not pull an accent color from your fabric, and add a band of that color on the woven Roman shades like in the photo? I think a shade of the blue would be especially scrumptious 🙂
    I don’t agree that sheers are old-fashioned. I am a big fan of sheers because it lets light into a room while providing some privacy — something I think is important in a front room. I don’t want anyone walking by to see inside my house 🙂 Plus I simply like the look of sheers. I use them in almost every room except the bath. I think adding woven shades to the big window, along with the drapes, would be overkill.
    But take what the rest of us say with a grain of salt; it’s your house, and you should do what YOU like! You have to live with it 🙂

  19. I would edge the blinds in a solid blue that matches the color in the drapery fabric. I don’t think you need to put blinds on the draped window unless YOU want to.

  20. with your furniture arrangement, I think the picture window is no longer the focal point of the room. I think something very inconspicuous belongs on the picture window so it sort of blends in with the walls. The draperies should be on the 2 small windows, extended out on either side of the windows to make those windows seem wider. as for the room with the corner window, a drapery panel on the right of the corner window, actually on the wall, with a drapery panel next to the main window, again, covering the wall between the window and the corner window, would give the illusion that there was a continuous corner window. especially with a piece of furniture or floor lamp in that corner. That said, I know whatever you do will be stunning. I love your style.

  21. I haven’t read the previous responses….so sorry if this is a repeat! I would use a solid blue to edge the blind- the darkest colour taken from your 18 metre piece. Then I would use this same colour and sew a panel at the bottom of your curtains–a longer and wider version of the valance in the condo kitchen.

  22. Just found your blog recently and love it. For the living room windows with the shades what about using a complimentary solid color of the drapery for the trim color (one of the blue shades) on the edges and bringing over the drapery print in a pair of pillows for the chairs under the window?

  23. I am seriously lacking in decorating skill, but I am gleaning tons from your blog. That said, my personal opinion is that it is difficult to imagine anything in your living room with that large floral print sofa dominating the scene. I would be inclined to take care of that piece before moving on to anything else. The drapery decisions might come more readily without the distraction of the sofa print.

    1. I think this comment is right on the money. That large print sofa is like the “pink elephant” in the room…can’t think of anything else. I also have to say that drapery material is absolutely beautiful ; and I do like your blog so much. I look forward to each of your blogs.

      1. I went back and looked at the picture again and MY opinion is to put valances on the two smaller windows and the brown shade under the curtains. To me they are in the same room; so they should tie in together somehow. Plus that fabric
        should be shown-Ha. Love it.

  24. I say keep the big window the focal point and just do the wood shades on the two smaller windows. I’m sure you’re doing way more to tie the room together. I get in these over thinking moods to… I’m still in one about my dang nursery set up!

    1. I visited your blog the other day when you mentioned your nursery setup and saw the options, but didn’t comment because it had been a few days and I was sure that you had already made your decision. I’ll visit again and impart all of my wisdom on the topic. I think I have about two seconds’ worth of wisdom on the topic. 😀

    2. My first instinct was Option 1, because I’m a huge believer that a bed is the focal point of the room, so it should be front and center as soon as you walk into a room.

      HOWEVER, after reading your descriptions, and the pros and cons of each arrangement, I’m fully on board with Option 2. I like that idea of a mirror that reflects all that’s going on in the room being visible upon entering the room, and I like the crib being in its own little cubby, tucked away like that. And as you described the decal, it seems like it would fit better in that space rather than on the main long wall.

      And that’s my two seconds worth of wisdom on the topic. 😀

      I would have commented on your blog, but it requires a login to comment, and I can’t remember my wordpress.com login password to save my life.

      1. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your advice!! I didn’t realize my blog required a login to comment… thanks for letting me know!
        I totally agree with what you’re saying – my original plan was option 2, but then when I thought about option 1 I thought, “hey that make sense – crib front and center”. I actually went ahead with option 2 though. After we got the dresser up there it just made sense for all the reasons you mentioned. The mirror is a great little reflection of the room and it kind of makes the room feel bigger. The crib and the decal in the nook is just so cozy too. The big main wall would have felt pretty bare with just the decal there. I think the dresser in the nook with all the wall hangings would have felt really busy. Anyway, thanks again for stopping by and giving me your advice!

  25. Not sure this will help or not, but what about using quilts for draperies in your office? I used two full-size quilts to cover the sliders in my living room and they look great. I found a pattern that uses my two main colors (red and camel), with a scalloped edge in solid red. I folded over and tacked the top couple of inches to adjust the length and sewed curtain rings at the fold. If there are matching or coordinating shams, use them to make valances and/or pillows.

    In your office, I agree you should treat the two windows as one. Using my idea, use one twin comforter for each window, hung inside the windows. You can then use shams (or cut up a third quilt) to make two valances hung outside the window and meeting in the corner. Extend the outer edges as close or as far as you want. If you open the curtains in opposite directions, the corner will look like a single window.

  26. Kristi–I say to with your gut. But don’t do the balances. It will look country. I know
    You will hate me. But I think you should do shutters on those small windows and also in your office. I know you hate them. But the shutters really class up a window. And then the drapes will be gorgeous. No need for a valance. My other suggestion is a London shade of some sort for your office. I have them in my keeping room. With a roll up blind hidden. Mine are faux.

    I am not a fan of bamboo shades at all. They remind me of outdoor blinds. My neighbor 10 years ago couldn’t afford blinds. So she did her whole house in outdoor blinds. I think they are so heavy they must need panels to balance. I know my tastes Aren’t for every one. Which is why I say go with your gut.

  27. What if you picked a color from the fabric that you will make your curtains from and get that in a solid color and just edge the blinds with it like the Roman Shades in the picture?

  28. You had the right idea to begin with. Put all that beautiful fabric into the big window and use it with the sheers. The side windows look perfect. Quit double guessing yourself and stay with your original plan. You will love the outcome. Don’t try to make the windows matchy-matchy.

  29. I would go ahead and make the draperies for your picture window, as you planned. I like your original plan to use blinds on the side windows and I suspect that your original instinct will prove to be really good. If you decide that the side windows need more, you could order a little more fabric and make valances for those windows.

    As for your office, blinds and a valance would be nice in there. They let in a lot of light and allow you to commune with the outdoors while you’re indoors.

  30. Love the fabric choice. I’d make the panels for the large window now. No shade on that window. I’m leaning toward valances on the other two windows, but I’d wait on those until the couch is recovered. Once that’s done you’ll have a better idea on the two smaller windows.

  31. Hi Kristi,
    I like the transformation of this living room already and the magic has just begun! I love how the drapery fabric ties the browns and blues together that have started to make their appearance in the room. My two cents is this: make the drapery on the large window with sheers, keep the bamboo shades, they add great texture, add one side panel to each of the two windows (one on the left of the first window and one on the right of the second window, and add molding to the top of the two side windows to balance the height of the large window on the other wall, add sconces (candle or electric) to the sides of the picture between the two windows to add taller visual weight. I’m going to try to add links from Houzz, here goes, you may need to copy and paste in browser:
    Curtains on just one side of window:
    Curtains pushed to one side of window, picture between windows, sconces (layout inspiration not actual sconce inspiration):
    Window moulding:
    I can’t wait to see what you decide to do! At the end of the day: stay true to you and your vision, it’s your “castle” :-)! Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration to me! We moved about a year ago to our “forever home”-a 1980’s contemporary full of potential. I love to DIY with Goodwill and Craigslist finds. It’s fun to see what you are DIY-ing too!
    Love Ya,

  32. OK- here is my opinion. Leave the 2 windows with just the wood blinds…I love the edge binding idea, but if you think the pattern is too big, then just don’t worry about it. Anything bigger (like the kitchen window in the condo) would be too much matchy matchy. As far as the big window… love the curtains with sheers… don’t need the wood blinds. But I am a traditionalist…. it would look good either way- so do what you feel is better- NOTE… the sheers make it more formal… the blinds w/ the curtains make it more modern. My opinion 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE The fabric… I got all excited seeing the big bolt of it… I’m like you lately, can’t stop looking at and talking about fabrics~! Now if I only had 1/2 your talent! 🙂

  33. Are you doing a valance with the drapes at the big window? My thought would be to keep your blinds that you like (I like those as well), but use the same style valance for the small windows. Note I said same style not the same fabric, but with one that coordinates with your drapes and the rest of the room.

    BTW- I did go buy a saw, not the compound miter you suggested although I did drool over it, but I got a nice jig saw and an electric drill that should work for what I need now. Thanks for the suggestion.

  34. I’m going to vote for going with the drapes as you plan on the big window and then banding the blinds with a coordinating fabric band. My thinking is that you can pull just one color out of the drapes plus that I can’t stand to much coordination in a room. Plus I believe you may be overthinking things and obsessing just a bit….just as all us brilliant folks do ! (wink wink)

  35. Draperies like you planned on the big window then choose a banding on the blinds that has one of the soft neutrals in the fabric. It will all be beautiful.

  36. So many good ideas! Have you considered perhaps free hand painting the blinds with just a little bit of the pattern of your drapery material? Also I might think about making some small throw pillows for your chairs using the Baltic Blue ottoman fabric as a piping on the pillows.
    Everything is really coming together in the room.

  37. I haven’t read all the comments, but I love the fabric and blinds you have chosen. That being said, I don’t love sheers. I would leave the blinds, as is. It seems like the print is a little bit too big to add to the sides. I really prefer curtains on all windows, but unless you do a panel on the left side of the left window and one on the right side of the right window, it may be too much if you put 2 panels on each smaller window. But, I’m no window treatment expert, so I’m just giving my opinion. You should ask Suzy at Worthing Court to weigh in, since she has her on workroom. I’m sure she would have lots of good advice.

  38. Well, you are better at giving me advice than vice-versa, so take these thoughts for my 2 cents worth: make the drapes and the ottoman and live with them awhile (and cover up the sofa until you can recover it). I like the sheers and the shades and the fabric for the drapes, so you will figure it all out. Would it be too matchy matchy to band the shades in the blue you’re using on the ottoman? If that would look too heavy, I would lean toward banding them with the drapes even though the print is large–it will provide a good effect anyway. Still can’t believe it’s the same room! Beautiful!

  39. Ok first I would not put the brown blinds on the big window the walls are dark and the blinds make it look darker. The room is small the more light the better to make the room appear bigger. You could use the fabric on the smaller windows wrapped around a wide decorative rod and draped down either both sides or one side depending on your taste, and do the same for the big window but drape it on both sides for the big window. I would not put the fabric on the brown blinds the pattern appears to be too big for what you want to do. Another option would be to make the drapes down each side and down the middle then add a valance across the top and a matching valance on the smaller windows. You don’t want the room to look too busy or to closed in. The pattern is a nice choice and with the right curtain design the room will come together nicely. I do agree to bring that pattern over to the other windows to balance the room out. Good luck!

  40. The big window like you want, no shades. Banding on other shades with same fabric (no worries about large pattern, it’s only to make things cohesive). Or if there is a matching fabric in the same collection with smaller print, get a little to do the banding and add a small toss cushion on that bench.

  41. The other room with the awkward side window. “Build another window” to match the main one in size and put on the wall in the corner to bridge the two real windows, with mirror as the glass. Then, you end up with one big corner window, which will not only make it easier to curtain, but will also create a stunning focal point and visually enlarge the room.

  42. I like the idea of using your fabric on the large window with the sheers. Leave the blinds til done then if too much-remove them. The smaller windows go with your idea of shades with accent bands. A solid color from the fabric, maybe the ottoman color family. I live in Mo but isn’t Texas on the warm, sunny side….I would want the availability of something to pull across to break the warmth of a very hot day. The roman shades on the small windows help with this. LOVE your fabric for both the living room and bedroom. It is your house and do what makes you happy. Can’t wait til the ottoman is covered.

  43. How about banding the bottom of the panels of curtains for the big window with a complimentary pattern/plain and using the same for edge binding on the roman shades? Use the widths of excess primary fabric for any number of possible accessories, i.e., line a basket with it, kidney pillow, coasters, welts on sofa?

  44. Hi
    Wow you have a lot of ideas to choose from. And here’s a few more. First I got to say I just love both fabric choices. Beautiful. There are two things I notice about your living room right away. 1. Your two smaller windows and piece of furniture are now your focal point not your big window. 2. Your room is very dark even during the day. My suggestions would be to hang one panel on each side window and two panels on your bigger window. No blinds and no shears. Or do roman blinds for three windows. This would let in lots of light during the day and be able to close at night. If this is not a room you’ll be hanging out I wouldn’t bother to close them at all.
    For matts room I would do white wooden blinds with a simple valance.
    Hope that helps. Cheers

  45. I think the fabric you have chosen is absolutely gorgeous! I always find the fabric of my drapes first, fall in love and then use them as the jumping off point for everything else. Here’s my 2 cents for what it’s worth! Ditch the sheers. I agree that sheers are dated. (Don’t look in my formal living room yet though). I have been slowly “weeding” them out myself. They remind me of my gramma’s house no matter how nice they are. I would use the blinds on the big window for privacy issues and to give a cleaner updated look.
    I so agree with the comment above about doing the roman blinds on the smaller window with the same fabric as the big window! I love that idea. I checked out the link she posted.. and love it! http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2009/02/make-shades-out-of-mini-blinds.html
    While I don’t agree that the valances are reminiscent of the 80’s as one commenter said (your condo looked amazing with them and had no hint of the 80’s) – I really just don’t care for them as much. But I would definitely make roman shades out of the fabric you have chosen. That way the coordinating windows would all be cohesive and pull the room together. And you can use coordinating colors from the fabric throughout the room. Although I don’t believe in matchy matchy, I do think there needs to be balance.
    I also think that the window can still be somewhat of the focal point no matter which way your couch sits. But, I am kinda off the beaten path with that whole “focal point” thing. While I get the concept, I think if a room is decorated nicely and balanced well that the room itself should be the focal point, not one wall in particular. As beautiful as the fabric is I would want someone to walk into my room and say “Wow this room looks amazing. Look at the colors and all the fabrics too. I love it!” Not just walk in and see the amazing window and how beautiful that it. I remember reading a quote from Marilyn Monroe about beauty and “dressing” . (Paraphrasing) She said you should turn your back to the mirror and then turn quickly to look into it. No one thing such as your lips or eyes should jump out…it should all come together so it’s all beautiful. -Just me… but I go with that theory in decorating too.
    Good luck Kristi! I can’t wait to see what you do because I know it will be gorgeous! I thought your condo was, so I can’t wait to see the transformation here. 🙂

  46. I like sheers, only if you can open and close them. The stationary sheers make it seem outdated. I would put faux roman shade valances on top of the bamboo shades up to the ceiling at the same point of where the drapery is going to be. The room will look taller and uniform. Trim the bamboo with a darker blue and carry the trim to pipping over to the couch cover, I would introduce a fabric with a design similar to the one you have for the bedroom.

    Office should be roman blinds made out of a really fun fabric you never get tired of. In an office you will need every piece of floor and wall space, I believe drapery
    will be too heavy and busy for the area. Also I noticed the windows move up which is perfect for a roman shade ..the window can be open and roman shade half down.

    The fabrics are beautiful and I enjoy your projects and knowledge, good luck

  47. I would say go ahead and make the large curtains for the main window with the fabric you already have. You know you need that much fabric to get the types of draperies you like (the 3x width) and if you did it any other way you’d be unhappy about it. Even if you decided to use the same fabric, you wouldn’t want to skimp on the main window.

    I would recommend getting an accent color for those two side curtains in a color that matches the fabric in the main window draperies (and bonus if not really featured in the rest of the room, so not the teal in your ottoman, maybe the green?). This would add some more color into your lovely living room as well as keep those two secondary windows in the secondary position. Personally, I would add a single drapery to each window over the roman shades draping to the side, but for you, I think using that color as the accent fabric on the roman shades would tie them together nicely. This would make them look matching, but not too forced or over used.