Forward Momentum (Dining Room Rug Purchase, and More!)

olympia flatweave striped rug 8 x 11 from overstock

I don't really have any new news or progress photos to share with you today.  I just want to say... I'm so stinking excited! And yes, I'm still blabbering on about finally having a clear plan and a vision for my house.  :-D  It's just been such a good and encouraging week.  I've felt such a renewed excitement about my house, and a renewed … [Read more...]

A New Bedroom For My 10-Year-Old Niece (The “Before” And The Plan)

wallpaper seen in Lilly Pulitzer store

I mentioned a week or so ago that I'd soon be working on a project with my mom. We're going to do some redecorating in my niece's bedroom and give her a room that's truly fit for a 10-year-old girl. Right now, her room is far from girly. In fact, there's nothing about it that says "kid's room" at all. But before I get into all of that, let me make … [Read more...]

How My Whole House Design Plan Came Together In Literally One Night

dining room drapery fabric - 1

Have you ever been struggling with decorating decisions for your home, and then you make one decision, or come across one item in your stash of goodies, and it makes your whole plan start to fall together? Okay, honestly, I don't think I've ever had that experience...until yesterday.  And now, because of one very fortuitous find in my stash 'o … [Read more...]

DIY Artwork Ideas That Anyone Can Do

DIY artwork - diptych artwork created from photograph via House By Hoff

I will soon need some artwork to finish up the decorating in my bathroom, so I've been looking quite a bit lately at DIY artwork ideas to get inspired.  I love trying my hand at different types of artwork, but I know many people who wouldn't even think about creating their own artwork because they just assume they have no artistic talent.  … [Read more...]

The Final Condo Tour (With All New Pictures!)

condo after 1

As promised, I have the final and complete condo tour for you today.  And these are all brand new photos that I took yesterday.  :) I've shown you plenty of detail pictures in the individual room posts (you can find links to those here), along with info like paint colors, links to DIY projects, etc.  But today, my goal is more to give you the … [Read more...]

20 Random Facts About Me

Happy Monday, all!  And a very happy day it is.  My brother and I finished the condo on Friday!!!   Actually, we finished it at 3:45 am Saturday morning after working all day Friday, and all through the night.  I was determined to finish it on Friday because I had things planned this weekend for my birthday (which was yesterday), and I didn't want … [Read more...]