The Post Where I Reveal The True Depth Of My Crazy (that might lead to something kind of fun!)


I've had this idea, which I think would be kind of a fun little addition to my blog, for quite some time.  So today, I want to see what you think.  But in explaining how this idea all came about, I'll also be revealing the true depth of my craziness.  I hope you'll still like me at the end of this post.  :) Remember the other day when I wrote … [Read more...]

Breakfast Room Wall Treatment – Using Exterior Siding On Interior Walls

exterior siding used inside

I've been doing so much demolition and not-so-pretty stuff lately that I was just longing to do a project yesterday that would actually end up with a pretty finished result (rather than bare studs, or creepy nests from mysterious visitors).  So I decided to get started on the wall treatment for the breakfast room. The other day I was talking to … [Read more...]

Kitchen Progress — The Biggest Cabinet Removed And A Widened Doorway

wall of storage 1 - base cabinet removed

I didn't make a ton of progress this weekend on the kitchen.  The fact is that my body just needed a break.  My right elbow has been in so much pain ever since I spent the day doing the prep work for taking out the wall, and then building and installing the header. So I did try to take things slower this weekend, but it's not like me to just sit … [Read more...]

Kitchen Cabinets — A Preview

kitchen by glickman design build llc, via houzz

Well, it's been quite a week around here!  I feel such a sense of accomplishment.  If you had told me last weekend that by the end of this week, the wall separating the kitchen and breakfast room would be gone, and that I would have done it myself (with the help of my brother, of course), I don't think I would have believed you.  Amazing how the … [Read more...]

The Victory Is Mine!! (Load-Bearing Wall Removed, Load-Bearing Header Installed)

load bearing header installed where load bearing wall removed

I told y'all that I'd win the war, right?  Well, behold... It's such a terrible mess in there right now, but you know what?  Right now, all I see is that gorgeous huge opening between the kitchen and the breakfast room.  And it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, because let me tell you, it was hard earned. (Sorry, but … [Read more...]