No White Walls For Me

wall moulding idea, via Sarah Richardson

Sometimes I feel like the process of designing and decorating my house is a journey of self-discovery.  I'll see ideas online that look amazing, so I'll try it out for myself, and then realize that I don't really actually like it.  Or more often, I'll realize that it looks good in pictures in another person's home, but for some reason (which I may … [Read more...]

Cased Opening Progress (Patched Hardwood Floor & Door Casing Installed)

new cased opening from dining room to kitchen with door casing installed

The last time I showed you progress on my new cased opening from the dining room into the kitchen, it was kind of a mess.  I had cut the new opening and did the rough framing to make the structure sound (which you can read about here), but I had a long way to go before it actually looked good. Last weekend, I worked on patching the … [Read more...]

How To Install Picture Frame Moulding (The Easiest Wainscoting Style Ever!)

Full wall picture frame moulding in progress - How to install picture frame moulding wainscoting -

I've made quite a bit more progress on my dining room walls!  In fact, I would have had most of the wall moulding installation finished yesterday (excluding the parts around the windows that will soon be replaced) except that the Home Depot that I always go to was completely out of the moulding that I'm using to create my wall frames. Anyway, … [Read more...]

Entryway Wall — Mirror Or Artwork?

entryway wall with three upper panels

Happy Monday, all!  I continued my work on the walls in the dining room and entryway this weekend.  I also tackled a couple of other projects in there, like trimming out the front door and patching the hardwood floor in the new opening between the dining room and kitchen.  Today I hope to get that opening completely finished and framed out, as well … [Read more...]

Entryway Wall Progress

entryway wall picture frame moulding progress 2

I've finally made progress on the pretty stuff on my entryway wall!  I still have loads of sanding and mudding to do on the other walls (getting walls perfectly smooth, since I won't be texturing, takes forever!), but I decided that I needed to take a day and work on something fun and pretty.  It's just what I needed to motivate me to get the rest … [Read more...]

Overmantels, Wainscoting & Windows (Decisions Have Been Made!)

dining room fireplace overmantel design idea, via Tiek Built Homes

My progress on the taping, mudding, and sanding of drywall has been pretty slow lately.  As I've said before, anything dealing with drywall is the part of DIYing a house remodel that I dread the most (especially taping and mudding the ceiling).  But I've also had lots of other things (excuses!) to keep me sidetracked, like a new HVAC installation … [Read more...]

New Window Frustration

dining room windows - 1

It's not often that I hire professionals to do a house-related job for me. I love DIYing, and I love learning new things. I like to push myself a little bit further with each project and expand my skill set. But I figured that installing windows was something best left to the pros. After all, you really have to know what you're doing in order to … [Read more...]