Guest Bedroom — Second-Guessing The Bed Decision

Well, y’all, I’m second-guessing my decision on the bed in the guest bedroom. Let me explain.

My original plan was to use the bed that I built many years ago, and upholster it with golden yellow velvet to make it look something like this…


Of course, I love the boldness of the color and the contrast with the wall.

So on Tuesday, I dragged the bed frame into the room, and after a trip to Joann Fabric and Home Depot for supplies, I got started on upholstering the base. But I didn’t get very far, and then I spent yesterday with my mom, so I didn’t any work done at all.

When I got home early yesterday evening, I decided to drag the headboard into the bedroom also. I hadn’t planned to use the headboard at all. That headboard already has a lot of trim (glued on with wood glue), as well as an upholstered panel on the front. Spending time and energy removing all of that in order to reupholster it seems like a waste when I can just sell or give it away, and then start fresh with a new piece of plywood.

But out of curiosity, I decided to drag the headboard in there as well, and as it turns out, I think it looks fantastic! There’s no high contrast and no punch of color, and yet, I like it.

blue headboard with wood frame - 1

So now I’ve confused myself and I’m second-guessing my original decision. Of course, that’s a normal process for me in every single one of my projects. 😀

blue headboard with wood frame - 2

So I can keep it like it is — stained bed frame and blue headboard. Another option is that I can just swap out the blue for the yellow and keep the wood frame around the edges of the headboard.

golden yellow headboard with wood frame

I’m not sure that I love the yellow with the stained wood, and I think the stain color on that bed might be too dark for such a small bedroom anyway. So to keep it light, I could paint all of the wood white, and then just replace the upholstered section on the headboard with the yellow velvet.

Or I could stick with my original plan and upholster the entire thing. What makes me hesitant about that now is that before I dragged the bed frame into the room, I gave it a really good cleaning. And don’t tell Matt that I said this, but I hadn’t realized just how messy he is. 😀 Let’s just say that the wood frame on his side took a little extra scrubbing, which is understandable since he spends so much time in bed, and he always has drinks and he often has food and snacks while lying down. And inevitably, drinks get spilled, food gets dropped, etc. So while I love the idea of a fully upholstered bed in general, now I’m not so sure that it would be the best option for Matt. I’m not completely opposed to it, though. We’d just have to be extra diligent about not dropping crumbs and being careful with drinks.

So that means the options are:

  1. Stained bed frame, blue upholstered headboard with stained wood frame (i.e., keep it as is)
  2. Stained bed frame, yellow upholstered headboard with stained wood frame
  3. White painted bed frame, yellow upholstered headboard with white painted wood frame
  4. Fully upholstered yellow bed frame with fully upholstered headboard — no wood showing at all

Any thoughts? 😀

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          1. My suggestion would be that since you don’t mind it blue/stained, to live with it as is for now and move on to other projects and circle back If feel it still needs the yellow.

            1. Why not let it be as is for kow and have fun with the pillows and the bedding? You can bring plenty of gold and texture in that way.

            2. oh – I’m with living with it till the dust settles and the room is closer to where it will end up – then evaluate as a whole……. I LOVE the blue !!!

        1. I like as is too. The wood is beautiful against the blue. You can always get a white bedding (match closet) with blue and Yellow?

          1. I love the bed just the way it is. I think it makes the room look larger. Maybe make a couple of lamps out of wood stained to match the bed use gold tone metal accents and white shades to tie the night stands. Save the beautiful fabric for either use i. New Master or new back room addition.

        2. I like both 3 and 4 but i think 3 may be the best option. My husband too spends a great deal of his time in bed so I completely understand about the clean up.
          The blue and stain dull the room.

      1. I like the blue headboard but painting the stained areas white. The brown just clashes too much with the white nightstands and trim and closets. I say first paint the stained wood and see how it looks- white paint and blue panel. If you still find you really want the yellow, then just do that panel. I think the bed really goes with the room, especially with the brass tacks against the gold pattern on the wall.

        1. I truly agree with this post and this idea. I also think that the stained wood drags down the whole look and does indeed clash with the white nights stands. Otherwise the blue looks wonderful. Keep the brass studs though – ties in perfectly with the gold night stand accents 😊 Bring yellow in with bed linens and wall art. The room is looking fabulous.

        1. Love the headboard as is. The yellow to me was too jarring. The navy with wood colored trim looks terrific on the “fancy” wall.

        1. Leave it. The yellow is too much. Your wall is a star and so is the floor. The yellow bed is all you see , and it detracts from the other highlights bin the room.

          1. I agree with Carole, the yellow would overwhelm the wall painting. Also, it might be unwise to paint the bed white if you’re concerned about dirt. Not to mention that painting some wood white over such a dark stain doesn’t always turn out right. Yellow accents with pillows, coverlet or other accessories will achieve the look you want. I think you would be better off moving onto to your next project before going full force into the yellow and then not liking it in the end.

      2. Number 1, leave it as is! It looks great & doesn’t overpower the gorgeous wall behind it. IMHO, the yellow called your eyes to it, leaving the wall an afterthought. You wanted a little warm wood in the room, so there it is! You can use yellow pillows & a yellow throw on the bed.

      3. Love it the way it is, but yellow and white would look great too! Would it be “too much” white with the nightstands? Excited to see what you decide!

      4. Is painting the bed white to match the bedside tables an option and leaving the fabric blue? Use yellow pillows as pops of color as accents—That way it brings cohesion and makes your backdrop wall the focal point

      5. I’d definitely keep the bed frame as is and add your yellow in with a thow blanket or pillow. Maybe even the sheets so you see them when you fold the top sheet down over the comforter.

        1. That was the feeling I got when seeing it too, calm and classic. I think the wood might look better white to match the nightstands but I like the idea of also incorporating the same color wood into lamp or a dresser.

        1. I’d keep it Ss is for 2 reasons. 1- it looks great against the wall. 2-Realistically do you think Matt will change his ways. You’re going to be in there quite a while while the rest of house is done. It will be better to have something easier to clean. That yellow will show stains more. When your Master is done you can always come back to it. Plus side less work for you & you can move on to the pretty stuff.

          1. I think this is the best way to go too. Just use what you have, especially since it looks so good. When it becomes a true guest room you can make the yellow headboard.

      1. I feel the same way. Like it as is. And the gold/yellow is showing on the wall stencil.
        Pillows and other accessories will add the additional pop you’re looking for. But you are the master of color and coordination, whatever you end up doing will be amazing!

    1. DEFINITELY Blue with stained. I love it!
      It looks so cozy and restful. (A priority for a guest.)
      It also emphasises the beautiful wall better than the yellow did.

    2. What about painted wood with the blue? I can see you liking the bold yellow, but I think the blue is beautiful. And the white to match the end tables.

    3. Yup, I gotta say that I’m on the “it looks great just as it is” bandwagon. I like the dark wood and the blue fabric against the wall. It’s attractive and quiet and really allows the wall to shine. I think you could do a bolster pillow for the bed in the yellow velvet and it would look fantastic.

      Speaking for myself I have never understood the appeal of completely upholstered beds. They just seem to me to be one more thing for pet hair, dust and dust bunnies to cling to and require vacuuming – and given their awkward shapes I can only imagine what a pain that would be.

    4. The blue. It allows the wall to take its rightful place as the work of art that sets the tone for the room. Put your pops of color in the accessories. And let Matt be Matt, crumbs and spills and all. Having already been there and done that, you know the blue frame will clean up well!

    5. I like it as is too. Use the yellow Fabric for an accent chair, or pillow or window treatment. The wood adds some warmth and contrast. And I loved the lamp idea out of wood

    6. I like it justasitis also i would bring your yellow in on some pillows or other accents. the yellow headboard just seems harsh

    7. I love how the headboard is so neutral. So much fun can be had with pops of color through the bedding. Bonus, you can change out the bedding to a whole new feel/ color scheme whenever you want, without having to go through any major changes. Regardless, I think it will be beautiful- your projects always are!

    8. Me, 200? 🙂 I like it just like it is, too! The brown frame gives it warmth and adds to the mix of thing. I love your decorating style and visiting your blog.

    9. I would finish the yellow fabric edges and lay it across the lower third of the bed over some white bedding and make 2 big yellow euro pillows

    10. Keep as is and add your punches of color with pillows, bed coverings, pictures. That way you can change with season or your mood with too much difficulty. It’s beautiful as is. You do amazing work!

    11. I would leave it just as it is – looks intentional-let the wall be the star. You could use the yellow as an accent-maybe on a chair cushion or pillows

  1. I find the headboard and base as is very restful. If you decide to upholster over the blue, I think the yellow would be cheerful and fun counterpoint to the wall with the wood of the bed all painted white.

    White paint with yellow fabric is my favorite, cheerful and fun.

    Either way will be great!

      1. I would keep it blue with wood stained. I would use the yellow fabric for cushion and throw. It would do a splash of color and tied evrything together. I love what you did. Good job!

    1. I love your first choice now option 4. I love colour and if I was a guest I would walk in and be blown away by that gorgeous yellow upholstered bed.

  2. I think the bed looks nice in its current state. Would you be interested in using the yellow fabric either as curtains, or pillows/cushions, bedding etc? If you were still planning a window seat, I would suggest it as the cushion for the seat.

    1. I like the headboard as is. And use the beautiful fabric as pillows and/or curtains, roman shades or in another room. I just like the contrast of the wood finishes and the calm of the head board against that amazing Art Wall!
      Sheila F.

  3. Stay with option 1. I would invest in bright sheets, duvet covers, etc. a wonderful rug and strategic lighting. I’m also fond of bright pillows. would help. I a

  4. Option 1 and option 3 are my picks! I LOVE color, but the headboard as is looks perfect. I agree that I don’t love the yellow with the stained wood, but think it would work with the wood painted.

  5. leave it as is ….. the wall paper is great and this makes it a focal point and you see the room as a whole … very pleasing , relaxing and beautiful ….. pillows for me would add the pop …. the yellow becomes too harsh on the eye .

  6. After spending so much time on that lovely wall, I would keep that as your focus. Why add the gold headboard which will make that the focus? Leave it as is….white will show stains on hubby’s side and you wouldn’t be happy with all the extra cleaning you’d have to do to keep white. I like how it just melts into the wall and lets the eye focus on your lovely wall art. My 2-cents, but you’re the designer.

  7. I love the navy headboard just like it is it’s more peaceful and classy. The yellow was fun maybe add some yellow touches in other ways, maybe a navy and yellow bedspread or a yellow pill or some thing.

    1. To be totally honest, in pictures, the gold accents in your lovely wall mural didn’t show up very well. The yellow headboard idea seemed ‘off’ to me, but I figured the gold was more obvious in person. I would wait for the finished product. I can see that the dark bed frame seems harsh beside the white side tables, I find the blue headboard and frame more appropriate for the lovely wall.

  8. I actually love the reused headboard and frame as is used in this space. With the simplicity of it you can really go wild with the textiles in the room and punch up the colors.

  9. I think just pops of gold in the throw pillows and maybe a throw blanket. Do NOT detract from that gorgeous wall. I love what you have with the dark wood and navy headboard.

  10. Keep it exactly as it is. It looks great! This gets you moved in there a little faster. Also you could upholster it after you and Matt move out of that room to reduce mess risk. Who knows, by then, some decor may have changed or you want this bed in the main bedroom and and a new one in here then too. Spend the $ then, to adjust it.

    1. Totally agree with Sewducky. The bedroom can be a calm oasis in while you’re in the major build. Based on your original comment about cleaning, it’s clear the stained wood holds up well.

  11. Personally I like the bed frame/headboard the way it is. I think you could use the yellow to make a bedspread for it. I think the yellow with a white fabric would make a really pretty bed spread.

    1. I would see how the headboard (which I love) looks with the window shade you ordered. I think it might be perfect to have those two items with the warm wood tone. I love the buttery yellow but think in smaller accents like throw pillows might be better.

    1. YES!!! This is exactly what I was going to say too! When I first saw it I loved it. The wall design is the show and the headboard is perfect. Don’t spoil the show with distractions. 😉 I would call this a happy accident all the way around!!

  12. I love the navy with the dark wood! Easiest to keep clean, the gold is way too bright for me. You have enough contrast with the flowers on the wall and blocks on the floor. Keep the rest calm and simple!!

  13. I also think if you just use pops of yellow color it will make the wall stand out. Using an all yellow headboard competes with the wall. Lastly, and I’ll shut up. The dark wood is a nice warm contrast to all the light gray and white and let’s the bed be restful and not as much of a focal point. I really see white linens with gold and lemony yellow contrasts, maybe even some silver gray and navy. It’s a really sophisticated v. playful color scheme you have going.

  14. The all yellow always felt a bit much with the wall. I love the bed as is and agree with others that yellow curtains and accent pillows will be perfect!

  15. Could you use the bed as is for now, and then when the Master is done, use the gold velvet for what will probably end up being a low-use guest bed?

  16. I love the way that style of headboard works with the wall. Could you paint the wood white, and then make the determination about changing the color? I feel like the white as opposed to dark could greatly change how the colors look.

  17. I like the blue on dark wood. It anchors the room and enhances the feature wall, whereas the yellow headboard washes it out. What about large yellow pillows against the Blue headboard for the pop – white bedding? Yellow window treatments, too.

  18. As others have said, I would leave the bed just as it is, and use the yellow fabric you bought for accent pillows, a valance over the window, or to reupholster a chair (if you will have a chair in the room). The bed, as is, blends perfectly with the wall and the wood warms up the space.

  19. I vote for option 2. If you do keep the blue headboard (as it seems you are leaning towards doing) I’d get a bunch of yellow bed pillows to add the pop.

    1. I would see how the headboard (which I love) looks with the window shade you ordered. I think it might be perfect to have those two items with the warm wood tone. I love the buttery yellow but think in smaller accents like throw pillows might be better.

  20. Hi Kristi:

    I love the Blue headboard, just like it is. While the yellow fabric looks really nice with the wall design, if Matt is actually messy, like you said, keeping a yellow tufted headboard clean might be an issue. One thing that you might want to consider is using that yellow fabric for a blanket / covering, at the bottom at the bed – that way you still get the bright pop of color but it is less work and potentially easier to keep clean and fresh looking on an ongoing basis. Whatever you decide, I know that it will look great and I look forward to seeing the reveal. I absolutely LOVE the wall, I keep wanting to put it on a dining room wall at my home. Thanks for sharing your journey! It is coming along so well!!

  21. My choice is number 1 because it works best overall. It allows the wall to be the focus, yet provides some contrast with the wood frame to the fabric and the stained wood has some contrast to the floor whereas I feel white would just make it blend in more. I had an upholstered all around frame which the cats loved to streak against so it always had pet hair on it. I do like the yellow though, but I don’t think white is the right color if you choose to do the yellow and not upholster the whole thing.

    I like the idea of using the yellow fabric in curtains, pillows, throw etc. if you don’t upholster with it.

  22. I have never been a fan of the big yellow bed. It just seemed overpowering for a small bedroom. I think that painting it white or leaving it stained would look better. Just my opinion.

  23. I guess it would depend on how I want the room to feel. The dark stained wood and the blue upholstery reads more masculine to me. That’s a nice counterpoint to the femininity of the wall, but that doesn’t seem like a look you’d be happy with for long. But the easiest thing to do would be to work with that and see if you can make it work. Painting the frame white and upholstering it yellow seems the opposite direction. Very feminine and bright and happy. Or, you could just paint the frame, leave the blue and use yellow for accents. You always figure it out so I’m sure it will just take some trial and error to get you where you want it to be.

  24. I vote for number 1. Just seems like it is the most practical, least amount of additional work, and looks fantastic! Bring in yellow in other ways.

  25. I love the way your bed looks in the room!! The navy fabric doesn’t take away from your incredible accent wall. I think the yellow does. Your bed makes the room look cohesive, classic and more expensive. I would keep your beautiful bed just the way it is.

  26. Option 1 now, and reconsider the gold upholstery later when you are back in the master bedroom. By then you may have different thoughts about what you want to do in the guest room. And gold accents for now would satisfy your interest in the original color scheme, but be easily changed out.

  27. I didn’t want to say anything, but I NEVER liked the mockup of the gold bed. Don’t get me wrong, I love gold. I have a sofa I adore that is that same color. But it never worked for me. Almost like there’s too much going on in that room with the flowers painted on the accent wall and the offset color block floor. The gold just never felt right. This feels great. You can have your pops of color that are easily changeable with accent pillows and curtains. And this isn’t your long-term room. I would be HAPPY to stay here as a guest. It feels safe and relaxing and restful. (So I guess I’m saying option 1.)

    1. I love it the way it is! It adds sophistication and depth to the room. Have you thought about making a bedskirt out of the gold fabric? I think that would be the perfect punch of color without detracting from your beautiful wall.

  28. Leave the bed as is. It looks beautiful and will function well for Matt. White/yellow will require a lot more maintenance.

  29. I agree with others. The bed looks great as is. Just use yellow bedding or accents. Navy and yellow look great together.

    1. I love it the way it is! It adds sophistication and depth to the room. Have you thought about making a bedskirt out of the gold fabric? I think that would be the perfect punch of color without detracting from your beautiful wall.

  30. I like that headboard! Also, I think it will balance with the dresser you plan to make. It looks so good that I think you should wait until you finish your dresser, desk etc before making your final decision.

  31. I love it as is. I thought I liked the yellow mock-up, but seeing what you have does leave the wall as the focal point and it’s so beautiful. I also like the stained wood. I would hate to have to clean up white all the time if you painted it, or paint it blue to blend in with the wall and headboard.

  32. Since this room is going to be your room temporarily use it as is. It is pretty and when the time comes for you to move back to the master bedroom if you still want to do the yellow on the headboard do it then. It will give the room a fresh look and it won’t have the constant wear that might lead to a dirty upholstery.

  33. I like it as-is! And you could always go back to your gold fabric plan when you and Matt are ready to move into your owner’s suite down the road!

  34. Use the navy headboard just like it is! It’s perfect! Then use the yellow for a lumbar pillow or a couple throw pillows on the bed.

  35. I like the headboard as is, maybe use some yellow in the bed pillows or duvet. I think the headboard painted white would end up too monochromatic for you with so much light color already in the room. That beautiful yellow fabric would be lovely made into a throw and draped at the end of the bed? In any case it is fun to watch your design coming together. I am crazy in love with the floral patterned feature wall.

    1. I think the blue headboard is too heavy and as dreary as hell.
      Definately go with the gold fabric, to contrast with the dark wall, and paint the woodwork the same colour as the material.
      That way you get your golden bed frame , but it will be easier to clean paintwork rather than material.
      Failing that, upholster the headboard gold, and paint the bed the same white as your side tables.

      1. Yes yes yes. I couldn’t put it into words, but that’s it…..dreary…I love the gold headboard and hate the dark stain.

  36. The headboard with the stained wood and blue fabric looks great against the beautiful wall.
    Perhaps use some yellow lamps with a stained wood base on the nightstands, yellow seat cushion on the desk chair or yellow accent on the desk and some yellow on the bed. A bedroom that is calm is a nice invitation to a good night’s rest. I love all your work. You are an inspiration!

  37. I like it as is. It adds warmth to the room. You could do white bedding and then add your punch of yellow with a quilt or throw across the end of the bed and some yellow accent pillows.

  38. Leave it for now. Sit on your ideas for a while, you always feel better about something after you let it percolate. 😄

  39. Option #1 looks fantastic! If it’s easiest to maintain, so much the better. Yellow accents or bedspread will be gorgeous and really complement the wall.

  40. I loooove it as is, but My opinion doesn’t really matter. Do what your heart tells you, because that’s what will make you happiest!

  41. I’m on the keep it as is train. It will be so much easier to keep clean. Why complicate your life by doing something you know will be a problem? You can always build the yellow headboard when you are no longer using that room as your main bedroom.

  42. I love the navy/dark wood. I would use bedding to bring in the color that you love. That way you don’t have to completely redo the room should you change your mind on the yellow.

  43. I love the headboard just the way it is. The warmth of the wood is perfect in that room and I think the blue fabric is less distracting and makes that wall a real focal point. Although, I’m a huge fan of the mustard fabric, I think it would be best a to accessorize with it in your pillows, curtains, etc.

  44. You could always leave it that way or do just The headboard and when you and Matt have your own master suite done, go back and Upholster the rest of it then. I think it looks good against the blue like it is.

  45. Not to throw another option into the mix, but… 🙂 What about painting the trim white, leave the existing blue fabric on headboard and stencil a small portion of the blue headboard fabric with a bit of a floral pattern to blend with the wall and make it really pop.

    1. Looks like #1 is the winner. You really stirred this bunch into commenting. I agree with the blue, dark wood because I’ve always felt the gold was a bit strong. Maybe you could build a bench to go under the window and cover it with the gold. It could sub as a luggage rack. Ilove the wall!

  46. I like the blue and the dark wood. It is calm and sophisticated and…DONE. If you change your mind, you can make a new bed with the yellow fabric. Or use the yellow for pillows or to upholster the desk chair (or both). I don’t think I would like the yellow with white-painted wood or framed in the wood of the old headboard.

    Work on the dresser, art, lamps, wardrobe interiors, and desk so you and Matt can move in and you can move on. You both must be itching to get the exercise room done.

  47. I agree with all those who say to leave the headboard just as it is. The blue works with the wall and the wood tones warm up the room. Use the yellow in accent pillows or to cover a chair at the writing desk.

  48. Wow – I do like the blue headboard, but not so much the dark wood. I think I would like the bed frame white like your tables, leave the blue and just accent with that gorgeous yellow/gold fabric. Also, are the studs on the headboard brass? I can’t tell from the photo, but that would add a pop of gold to the headboard too. Painted, it will be much easier to clean, and less stressful on you both for spills or crumbs. More practical. The older I get the more practical I get – getting rid of glass table tops, wrought iron and wicker! WAY to hard to clean, and I do not want to be a slave to the house anymore. I’d rather do crafts! 😉

  49. Well…since you asked. I think what you have rather then the golden all upholstered looks fantastic. Bonus is it will be so much easier to keep clean.

    That’s my two cents

  50. I like the stained wood with the blue just as it is. I think it is a more traditional look, but it really anchors the room. It also provides enough contrast with all the lighter touches in the room, so that’s why I wouldn’t paint it white or go lighter with the upholstery. You could always add yellow as an accent color (so keep that fabric and make pillows) or use it an a desk chair or somewhere smallish just as a touch. I also think it may be a bit hard to visualize right now without the mattress and bedding. You are seeing a lot of that wood and a lot of the blue, but you won’t see so much once everything is on it. Heck, the way some people pile on pillows you don’t even see the headboard anyway. Once you get everything all together then you can decide whether or not to paint it white or change out the fabric, but you won’t know if you do all that first, then put the whole bed together plus bedding and start trying to imagine what that wood and blue would have looked like.

  51. Please, please, please keep the blue bed exactly as is!!! It’s so rich looking. You could always make bolster pillows or draperies from the yellow velvet, which would provide the pop of color you love.

  52. I love it just like it is. I think you have plenty of white already and the dark wood sort of grounds the room. I love the blue against the blue wall. You could make yellow pillows to go on the bed or if you put a chair at the desk you mentioned in front of the window, upholster it in the yellow. Or a yellow window valance/cornice. Plenty of options!

  53. I agree with all who said to leave it as it is. I love the blue and think it would be a much calmer space to rest in. And, as others have said, use the yellow/gold fabric in accent pieces. It will also be less stress for you and Matt with not having to worry about messing up the new fabric.

  54. I really love it as it is. Also, I’m with you on the opinion that having a hard surface that is easy to clean is important. I also would not paint, there is already a lot of white in the room and I like the contrast that the wood bed brings. I love the whole room, absolutely everything you’ve done in here.

  55. I absolutely love it the way it is. It lets the wall be the star without distracting. I think some marigold velvet pillows on the bed would be just the right amount of color pop.
    And along with your other point, we had a completely upholstered bed like the one you were thinking of. I had it for 3 years and then sold it. The side rails had coffee spills from my morning habit of coffee in bed. Also, we have two dogs and their hair floats around the house and settles on furniture. This meant the flat top of the rails needed to be vacuumed every week. I decided that fabric bed frames were not for me and bought an iron one instead.
    Just some thoughts on my upholstered bed experience.

  56. Maybe use as is while you & Matt are using this room. When you move to your new bedroom, you can redo. The fully upholstered golden yellow should be okay for guests.

  57. As is….. allows your pretty wall to be a focus. I think accessories are nice color feature. Since a person wants to sleep in the room the huge yellow headboard might be lovely but stimulating.

  58. Go with 1! I love how the headboard works with the wall. And easy clean up is a good thing since you will use it every day. (Plus pets too) 😀

  59. It’s perfect just like it is. If you really want the bold gold, Make some pillows for the bed, or cover the seat of a chair for your writing desk with it. Long term thinking- it’s best to leave the wooden side boards on the bed for ease of future cleanup.

  60. The yellow looks too bold and bright. What if you painted the wood white or the same color as the wall and left the blue fabric? Use a few decorative pieces if you want the gold or yellow. The big yellow headboard takes so much away from your wall mural. Just my two cents.

  61. I love the blue bed in there, much more than the yellow. Whether you pain the wood white is up to you. I think either look is fine. I saw the yellow next to the other walls and the floor and maybe it is just my monitor, but it seems to clash with that grayish color. Maybe the gray in person is more gray than brown but to me, it looks almost beige and doesn’t go with that yellow. I think the yellow would look great on the bedding, pillows, a chair, etc…. instead of the headboard. But………… You should do what YOU want and what YOU think looks the best and what makes YOU happy! It is your home. I’m sure whatever you do will be beautiful when completed!

  62. I love the way the navy blue headboard looks. If you really want to add yellow, you can make yellow velvet pillows. Beautiful and so soft and cozy. I would definitely use the headboard as is, and in the future, if you change your mind, you can always change it or make a new one.

  63. Just gonna go way against the grain here and say do the yellow. I keep thinking about how you did your entryway over and over and over again until it had a lot of color and a lot to look at and then finally you were happy. I think it would be one thing if this was just gonna be a guest room, but it won’t be for the foreseeable future, which means you will see it every day. You weren’t planning on redoing this headboard anyway, so it’s not like you can swap it back out when you are ready to make it your official guest bedroom. And if you choose to do that, you can sell the yellow headboard then. As someone who has followed you for years and years, I just have to throw in my two cents to say your plan for the yellow headboard is more you than the old headboard is. Can’t wait to see where you land!

    1. Yes I agree. The dark wood with blue headboard is dark and depressing to me! Dreary looking is what someone else posted and I agree! As much as you love color, not sure you’ll be happy with such a dark color, but one thing I do know, whatever you end up doing, it’ll all be perfect and look beautiful when finished!

  64. For some reason I don’t remember the finished navy and wood headboard but I love it! I’m not a fan of the gold; it just seems blah but you could use it as a nice throw at the foot of the bed. Part of the decision though will depend on whether you go with a stained dresser or a painted one and what the bed covering is. Maybe it’s best not to change things until those pieces are in place.

  65. Use it as is and use the yellow for bedding, pillows, etc. Also think about ways to bring that into the room with a different texture, a porcelain vase, something like that.

  66. You could stay with option 1 while using it for your master and then when ready to move back into your actual master and use this as a guest room,
    then switch it out to the yellow.

  67. Keep as is! The stained wood adds some warmth that is missing with all of the white. And bring in a pop of color with bedding!

  68. I love the look of it as is, but by the time you see all these comments you could have already started to redo it. 🙂 I think till you have the master finished this would be much easier for Matt to use as he already does and it won’t show spills or marks from his wheel chair if that is ever a worry. The wood looks nice against the wall even with the white bedside tables. I would worry about scuffing up the white along the bed and having to clean up food and drink spills if that is how he lives. It always seems like you try to make sure you can help make it as easy as possible for him, and it seems to me darker wood stain would be the easiest stress free solution. Then when it is truly a guest room go with a change up if you still want it.

  69. Well, looks like the “keep as is” votes win. Restful. The blue is far more classy than the gold. Never did like it in the first place. Very hard to keep clean, besides. To me, the problem at this point is the starkness of the bedside tables. But, with bedding and the rest of what you will add in place they might look like they belong more than they do now.

    Since you will be occupying this room for some time, why not defer the final decisions until it truly is a guest room?

  70. Whatever you end up with will be great. And that hand painted wall is so gorgeous! I like bedrooms to be a peaceful place to recharge, with pops of color (the gold) in accents such as a throw or pillows. So … for restful sleep, I would vote for the stained wood frame or painted white frame (with antiquing of gold) with the navy upholstering on the headboard, maybe even replacing the existing navy fabric with tufted navy faux leather or tufted ultra suede for ease of cleaning. Some other information to consider for a restful sleep space (especially if you are like me and have trouble sleeping) … there are many interesting studies regarding how color of the room affects sleep, and how the type and color of lighting also affects sleep and health. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  71. I love the bed frame and headboard the way it is. I would save the yellow velvet for another project or make a fancy pillow the full width of the bed with tufting. Make fancy blinds for the widow maybe?!?

  72. I like option 1 because you can clean the messes better but mostly I like the plain contrast against the patterned wallpaper. The wallpaper is more noticeable. Also the color combination is cooler/calmer looking but still sharp. You can add pops of the bright yellow/mustard color for the lamps.
    Plus the bed is all done 😉

  73. I love the bed as is. Thought……YOU will be in this room temporarily…….keep as is to make Matt’s life easier. You can always change it up when it becomes the guest room again.

    Have you heard of NEVER WET? Home Depot/Lowe’s carries it. It’s a spray and makes EVERYTHING roll off the fabric! We have used it on couch, decorative pillows, placemats, ties and shoes….ya get the picture? ! You spray till wet…let dry! Amazing stuff! Try it!

  74. The bed works as is; so, maybe give yourself a break on that?? I can see big, beautiful yellow pillows and a white duvet or a white based duvet with pops of yellow to tie it all together. You mentioned doing a wood dresser. Maybe instead, that should be yellow? Or just accessorize more with the yellow on that side of the room too? I love the yellow added in to the room in general and can’t wait to see what you decide. You always take unexpected turns. Its fun to read about/ watch and always turns out GORGEOUS!

  75. I like option #1 . While I LIKE the yellow headboard idea, I just feel it’s covering too much of your GORGEOUS wall art you worked so hard on! And it is a bit bright and in-your-face large for the size of the room. I would rather see a comfy wing chair in the yellow, with maybe some yellow accent pillows or shams on the bed.

    1. P.S. As I commented the other day referring to Blindsgalore, I checked my tracking after posting that, and they were scheduled to deliver yesterday, which they did! So it ended up being about 4 weeks, which isn’t bad considering Corona!
      P.P.S Have you had issues buying wood lately? Have prices skyrocketed? I guess a lot of mills had been closed due to COVID, so no wood!!!

  76. I LOVE the navy headboard against your beautiful wall. Use the gold as accents. If you still want the gold headboard after you move to your new master suite, you can do it then. Several reasons to use “as is”…all mentioned above. Whatever you decide will be wonderful!

  77. Instead of tearing it apart and reupholstering perhaps you could make a slipcover for the headboard only. I’ve done this in the past, I simply line the slipcover with some quilt batting and put piping in the seams and it appears to be an upholstered headboard. Also works well if it gets dirty I take it off and have it dry cleaned…good as new again!

    I also like the blue so leaving as is would work too. Love your work, thanks for sharing!

  78. Doing extra work and “destroying” something you like and then having to be extra careful EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.MULTIPLE.TIMES.PER.DAY rather than just enjoy your food, just to have a yellow headboard (that may or may not be better looking than what you already have and love)… I wouldn’t do that to myself! Reminds me of an old ad, something about “your house is for you to live in and enjoy, not to clean all the time”… 😀

    I say keep it exactly as it is, since you like it (I think everyone likes it, too)! And when you move out, you can build the yellow one EXACTLY like you wanted it, no half-and-half solutions. You will have lots of time to get used to how this one looks, too, so you’ll be able to perfect your plans. Plus, this means you will get a bit ahead in your to-do list. Seems to me the solution with the most “wins” in it!

    1. Oh, two more things to consider – first, you could also do white painted wood with the blue fabric (so just paint the wood) if that appeals to you and second, upholstered headboards are bad for allergies, if there is such an issue with your family or guests.

  79. I’d go with the dark wood, blue headboard. Very calm and classic. The gold is just too bright and at a distance does not go with the beautiful wall you created. You could use the yellow, assuming it matches the gold in the stenciled design, for drapes or a padded cornice with white sheers (very full!).
    The gold is simply too bright for the current vibe of the room and the need for a spa or zen feel. A couple of pillows could work too. I would like dark stained wood lamps with a dull gold trim for cohesiveness. I would want a guest room to be cool and quiet, especially in a hot climate like we have in TX and FL.

  80. This wood/navy bed looks perfect and kind of serves as a neutral, so you could do yellow accents, 3 yellow based pictures above the bed etc, perhaps a yellow valence over the window, then in 5 years or down the road when you’re tired of the yellow, you could switch to a new accent color, and the bed would still be lovely and fresh looking,

  81. I’ve tried for 10 years to change a messy husband. It hasn’t worked yet. 😉
    The bed is basically Matt’s office. He shouldn’t have to constantly worry about keeping it perfect. It’s none of my biz, but if he has difficulty with coordination in his arms, spills may be inevitable to a degree.

  82. The blue headboard with the dark wood frame is lovely and seems tranquil: just as you’d like a bedroom to be. Maybe you could use your yellow fabric for a few throw pillows?

  83. I truly agree with this post and this idea. I also think that the stained wood drags down the whole look and does indeed clash with the white nights stands. Otherwise the blue looks wonderful. Keep the brass studs though – ties in perfectly with the gold night stand accents 😊 Bring yellow in with bed linens and wall art. The room is looking fabulous.

  84. i would keep the blue headboard and use as is, it does not distract from the brilliant work on the wall which really is the focal point and you can always get more color with some bedding.

  85. ABSOLUTELY CLASSY THE WAY IT IS!! Yes, I yelled, lol. Love, love, love the way it is and you can always accessorize to bring in a punch of color – OR change it later if you live with it for awhile and decide it’s not what you want. I absolutely LOVE it.

  86. I think the blue looks great with the amazing wall! I like it just like it is, with the dark stained wood and the brass trim. Could you use the yellow fabric for drapes or bedding maybe?

  87. Leave the blue bed just as it is. I always prefer a more “collected” look, and love the idea of mixing painted nightstands with a stained bed. Since your nightstands and bed are transitional in style, they “go” together very nicely. Painting the bed would result in a bedroom suite look, which is not my preference. And I think it would make the bed compete with your beautiful painted wall. Save your money, save your time, save your energy — the bed is perfect as it is.

  88. #1 To be honest I always thought the yellow detracted from the feature wall. When you posted a picture all I saw was yellow, the feature wall just faded into the background. I love this headboard against the wall. The headboard (I love nail heads) is beautiful and the fabric compliments the feature wall. When I look at these pictures I see that beautiful feature wall and the headboard acts as a beautiful accessory.

  89. I’m a ‘blue’ person, I love blue and I think the blue is just beautiful, classy. Having said that, I CAN’T WAIT to see what you decide. I always love your choices, IT IS GOING TO BE BEAUTIFUL! I can’t wait to see what you choose to do.

  90. Bedrooms I feel should always be a place of “tranquility”. I’d leave the bed as is and if you want make yellow throw pillows for your “punch of color”….

  91. Wow, Kristi… I LOVE that blue headboard. You have quite a dilemma. Maybe leave it as is for now and live with it a while. Or you could paint the stained wood white and leave the blue. Add pops of the yellow in pillows and maybe some art on the wall above the bed. And I saw above where someone mentioned upholstering the desk chair in the yellow. That would look awesome! Whatever you ultimately decide to do, I know it will look fabulous!

    The gold.
    You can bring in color with pillows, spread. And when you get tired of it you can change it out. The gold is… obnoxious.
    The head board as is, is very classy.
    You asked, I told. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  93. Gold color and metallic gold read as two completely different things to me and putting the two together seems jarring. I think painting the wood white might look too country or cutesie. My vote is for “as is,” at least for the time being. You’ll know if you can’t live with it.

    1. I like the headboard as is. Maybe find a great chair to upholster with the gold fabric and maybe some throw pillows from the gold.

  94. I would keep the blue headboard and add a small accent of yellow or gold, such as a flower pot or picture frame in gold/yellow.

  95. I say leave it as it is! It looks wonderful with the accent wall! The yellow is also really jarring to my eyes, that’s not what you want in a bedroom at all. Leaving it as is is calming and soothing to my eyes and honestly I just like it so much more. Especially for a bedroom.

  96. I personally love the way it is in the picture now. With the blue and stained. For myself the other was just too much bold against the blue wall. I would still use the yellow for a pop of color, like maybe pillows, bed skirt, a blue and yellow bedding. Or even add some yellow pops in paintings and decor. That would be just the right amount of yellow and not overwhelm the blue. It would be beautiful.

  97. First let me say how much I have enjoyed watching you repair, remodel, and decorate your home. Your work is beautiful and your skills are amazing. In the bedroom, the blue headboard does not compete with your lovely mural but it does seem a bit heavy. Have you considered painting the frame gold/brass? Either painting it heavily and wiping most away, just leaving color in the depressions of the frame or dry brushing paint lightly over the frame leaving highlights. It might brighten the frame enough so it doesn’t feel as heavy and it would tie in nicely with the nail heads and trim on the nightstands. If it doesn’t work you could always paint it another color or sell/donate it as you had originally planned. The gold fabric would look crisp and modern made into a large, long, round bolster pillow sitting in front of four white bed pillows on a white duvet. And made into panel drapes at the window behind your writing desk. And if there is any velvet left, perhaps covering the desk chair seat? If you do decide on creating your own velvet headboard, making it a bit lower than the blue headboard, more of your mural would be seen. Whatever you chose to do, it will be lovely, as usual. I can’t wait to see the results.

  98. I’d go with option 3. I think the blue blends into the wall too much, and the dark stain is too dark when considering everything else in the room. I guess if you did the dresser dark and the window shade, maybe then? But I thought I remembered you mentioning a lighter medium tone. I do think a fully upholstered bed, especially in such a light/bright color, is not a great fit for your lifestyle. The bed is one of Matt’s main living spaces…it should be made to fit him, not somewhere he needs to be “extra careful” all the time. I wouldn’t make a kitchen table or family room sofa somewhere people have to be extra careful…this is a similar situation to me.

    If having the frame be a lighter medium wood tone is an option, that would be my favorite option. There is a LOT of paint in that room, I think it could really use a wood bed to warm it up…it’s just the very dark finish it currently has is TOO dark, IMO.

  99. I am a color lover and thought your yellow mock up looked awesome. But seeing the navy bed in place, I have to say I love it more!! That way you can bring in color with pillows and bedding accents. Can’t wait to see what you choose.

  100. I think in a case like this it would make the most sense to start with the option that takes the least work (ie. leave it as is), as the rest of the room develops you likely will be able to eliminate some of the options, and help narrow it down to what will look best in the room.

  101. Although I’m pretty far down the comment list, my two cents! I think the bed looks “good enough” as is for right now. I would think about getting you and Matt installed in here, giving him another “destination” in your home, and getting the dining room back in shape. Change of scenery is needed especially for one who is restricted in their movements. You can always circle back when the real master bedroom is finished. As for messy, men are genetically messy, but I dare say, you can make a pretty good mess yourself! LOL

  102. Keep that pretty bed the way it is, use the gold velvet to make bolsters and throw pillows (or a quilt top!), and paint the white side tables the same blue as the base paint of the wall. As it is right now the white tables are too much of a contrast but dark blue would make a gorgeous tableau for that wall with the bed between them and gold accents in pillows and lamps.

  103. The blue headboard is surprisingly exciting. I agree with
    some other comments that the golden velvet would be
    gorgeous as a winter duvet cover and/or pillows.

  104. Well, you obviously have everyone interested! So many pretty opinions, too! I am with Deidre, Leslie, Amy and so many others– go with option 1 (keep the blue) and add the cheerful yellow with decorative pillows (or maybe a small upholstered chair or bench). It will be fun to see the finished product!

  105. I DO like your original idea, but I also like the current bed. I’m not sold on the gold with the wood frame, and it’s hard to tell whether I would like it with the wood painted white. I DO think if it was painted white, it would tie in the nightstands. Sorry not very helpful, which is why I don’t have my own blog, lol! I just get paralyzed by indecision.

  106. I like it as it is! There is so much white in the room already and I think the stained wood is a nice contrast to the white. Less work too! I’m always in for less work. 🙂 If you live in it for a while and don’t love it, then you can always make a change!

  107. I think I would love it as is. I like the look of it. You can always add yellow with a throw across the bottom of the bed – pillows, etc. I think you live with it for a bit & then see if you still like it or need to add something else.

  108. imho keep the navy and dark wood. the yellow is too bright against the gold on the wall, which is stupendous. Maybe add a thin gold stripe in the wood trim. Gold tone swing arm wall mount lamps (a classic which I love), then dark wood and navy accessories on the nightstands. I like the dark/white contrast. I would add another piece of dark furniture for balance. Loving how this room is coming along.

  109. Normally I am a play it safe kind of a girl, but I love the idea of the white bed with the golden velvet bedhead. I think the white would pull your bedsides together with the frame and the yellow would be a gorgeous pop of colour.

    I can’t wait to see what you decide to go with.

  110. Colors are my achilles heel. I agree with the people who said leave it, and see how you feel. If it was my own, I’d paint the wood parts the same color as the wall or white. 2 Comments – I think the wall is so gorgeous, the bed should face it. Also, wish Matt would configure some kind of hashtag count on votes. Normally I love your reader’s comments, but 268 is too much for me. Happy Labor Day!

  111. I like the blue headboard, with the stain. It’s calming. You could use the velvet on the window, throw pillows, lampshades. Truly just as a pop of color.

  112. I like it as it is! Plus less work (not that I’m doing the work, but even just thinking about it is tiring). The yellow is really nice though, maybe use it as pillow covers? Either way, I’m sure it’ll come out great!

  113. I agree to leave the bed as is, using accessories (which are easier to change) bright and colorful. Do you really want to have constant concern about food or drink making a mess that would be a pain to clean up??? Your life is busy and I have found in my life, I like my bedroom to be a haven, where I can go and just relax. Whatever you choose to do will be great!

  114. I absolutely the love the bedstead exactly as it is. The navy isn’t “dreary” at all, it is very sophisticated and subtle, and I love that it doesn’t exactly match the blue in the wall. The muted colors allow the beautiful wall and all the hard work that went into it shine. That bright yellow fights with the wall. A bedroom wants to be peaceful. And, your husband isn’t going to change and get neater and more careful, believe me. Save yourself a ton of work and let the bedstead continue to be easily cleaned. Your energy should be reserved for other beautiful works.

  115. I love the navy headboard! I’d leave it just the way it is and maybe use some yellow pillows on the bed for your accent color.