Customized Durable Paint Chips

If you’re currently in the process of decorating your home, you can probably identify to my problem–my purse always looked like this:

I carried them around with me everywhere, because I just never knew when I’d pop into the fabric store, or find myself looking at rugs or artwork. I mean, if you’re redecorating your home, your paint samples are crucial!

The problem? I’d always lose them, leave them on my desk and leave home without them, they’d fall out of my purse, or they would get buried in the middle section (the bottomless pit) and get crumpled and torn. I found that I was picking up new ones almost every time I’d visit Home Depot.

So I decided to remedy that problem.

I picked up these items:

The wood circles came from a JoAnn Fabrics, and I found the chain in the ceiling fan/lighting department of Home Depot.

I drilled a holes in the circles:

Primed each circle:

Had a little finger painting fun (I didn’t have any tiny brushes, so this worked.)

Cut the chain to about four or five inches:

And when the circles were dry, I strung them onto the chain:

Now I have my own personalized little paint chips that can easily slip onto my key chain and never get lost!

I even got a compliment on them! When I was at the cash register at JoAnn Fabrics the other day, the cashier saw them and said, “Oh my goodness, can I see those!? How cute! (pause) What are they?” 😀

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Great idea! I have the same problem, usually lose my color things from the paint store. This is fantastic!

  2. This is great. I use plastic credit card holders to put my color chips in, but this is way cooler. I'm having one heck of a time picking my colors, so it may be awhile before I could actually make one.
    Love your blog,

  3. Great idea and Very cute! I am going to share my blog readers..thewalSMARTwoman.com…with your blog sited of course.

  4. Great ideas here. I have a design dilemma..I will paint my living room dark navy, almost black, gold ceiling with light beige couch, yellow and gold accessories (pillow, lamps, carpet) but my kitchen is right next to it and I have no idea what color to use there….maybe a soft citrus? apple green?

  5. You could also add a cute tag with it that has the project name you are currently working on with those particular colors. Maybe in a plastic one with a sleeve that you can reuse for a different project.