Addicts (not so) Anonymous Link Party

It’s Friday, y’all! That means it’s time to par-tay! It hasn’t been a very productive week for me, so here’s hoping that y’all have some inspiration for me!

Just a special reminder…Please (see how nicely I’m asking?), please link back to A2D if you’re going to link your project to this link party. I don’t care if it’s a button or text. I’m really not picky. Just pretty please.

A few reminders:

  1. Link only things that you have done yourself…DIY projects, room makeovers, recipes, etc.;
  2. Please link projects that are new to A2D (repeats will be deleted);
  3. Link to a specific post (permalink), not to your general blog URL;
  4. Be aware that by linking your project to this party, you grant me permission to feature your project on other areas of the A2D site, including but not limited to the Inspiration Files gallery. I may also use your photo on the A2D Facebook Page;
  5. Grab a button and add it to your post (or your sidebar, or wherever…or just add a text link to A2D);
  6. Be sure to visit others and leave comments!!
Psstt…Unsure how to link up? Click here to see step-by-step instructions.



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    1. Yes, I have! Most everything is growing in nicely…although not nearly as quickly as I’d like…LOL. I’ll have to take some updated pictures. We did have a few things not come in. Probably the wrong season for planting those particular things.

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  2. Yipee, I was finally able to post onto your link party! My computer would always freeze when I tried to open your link party posts, until today. I got the idea to click on the compatibility view on my browser and it worked (wish I would have thought of that months ago, lol).
    Anyway, thanks for hosting and have a great weekend.

  3. Thank you so much for hosting. This is my first time partying at your blog. I am a new follower and just love your style!