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An Artwork Switcheroo and Haint Blue Revisited

Well, I asked for input on Monday’s post, and y’all didn’t disappoint! 😀 So which of the four fabrics did I choose for the music room chairs?

None of them. 😀

I remember one time I had a similar post with options that I was considering for a project (I can’t remember what project, exactly), and after asking for input and getting hundreds of comments, I ended up abandoning the original options and heading in a completely different direction.

One person got really upset with me and asked something like, “Why do you bother asking for input if you’re not going to listen to us?” But the thing is that when that happens, the new direction is almost always because someone (or a handful of people) made suggestions that got my wheels spinning in a different direction.

And that’s what happened again this time. Out of 200+ comments, a handful of you had some very different ideas that got me thinking in a different direction. Those ideas are still percolating in my mind, so I’m not quite ready to share, but I tested out another change that I did want to share.

A common theme in the comments on Monday’s post was how the colors in the pixel artwork are “subdued.” I don’t see that in person, but I do see it in the photos. So I wondered if it might be because the music room is the room with the least amount of light, which makes the colors look darker than they are.

So I decided to switch the entryway artwork and the music room artwork, and see if the pixel artwork placed by the front door with lots of natural light might make it look brighter.

I’m not sure if it does, but I have to say that I LOVE it there!

Don’t get distracted by the orange lamp. 🙂 I use it every evening, so until I make my final decisions, it’s staying put for practical purposes.

But the magenta color in the pixel art ties in beautifully with the magenta in the living room rug. And I just love how big and bold this is in the entryway.

I really like the abstract artwork in the music room as well.

And for some reason, when I made this switch, it made things come together more easily in my mind.

So I guess the lesson here is that if you’re feeling stuck and you’re having trouble making a room (or rooms) come together, try making just one big change or switch and see if that gets the creative juices flowing again. There might be something about the placement of a large item that’s causing a creative block in your mind.

And in other news, I’m almost ready to paint the front porch ceiling, but settling on just the right blue is harder than I anticipated. Many of you warned that I needed to go with a blue that’s much lighter than I think I’ll need. I found that to be so true!

I didn’t want the blue ceiling to clash with the blue shutters, so I decided to purchase a gallon of bright white (i.e., unmixed) Behr exterior paint right off the shelf, and then mix in a small amount of the blue shutter color (Benjamin Moore Gentleman’s Gray) to get a coordinating light blue.

I didn’t mix much blue into the white at all, and still when I put it on the ceiling, it looked like something that belonged in a little baby’s room, and not in a good way, but in that awful, predictable “I’m painting my baby boy’s room baby blue” kind of way that ends up looking way too bright and kind of cheap.

So I added a lot more white, plus a little black to tone it down. And then I repeated that about five times.

Here’s the first color I mixed and tested, next to the second color, next to the fifth and final color that I mixed and tested. (The final one is the one with the arrow pointing to it.

You can see how bright that first color was. The color next to it (the one in the middle) is toned down with black. I also lightened it with white, although that doesn’t really show. I did two more in between that second color and the final color, but I painted over those with each new color test. The one with the arrow is where I finally stopped mixing paint.

It’s really hard for me to tell if that color is actually going to work. I mean, in the bucket that I mixed it in, it looks barely blue at all. Here it is next to the white…

That’s so light!! It’s barely-there blue in the bucket. But when it’s on the ceiling, I almost feel like it needs just a touch more of black to tone it down even more, and then more white to lighten it. Right?

Knowing what I know now about how “barely there” the blue needs to be for a light, subtle haint blue porch ceiling, I think if I were to actually pick a color swatch to have mixed, I’d go right to the “white with blue undertones” section of the paint swatches and steer clear of the actual colors. Just the tiniest touch of blue seems to be all that’s needed for a light and subtle haint blue porch ceiling.

I think I’ll keep mixing. I don’t think I’ve found the right color just yet.



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  1. I enjoy moving things around in my house and getting “fresh” looks with my existing things that I love, too! I’m sure you have a master plan that I’m not seeing yet, but I honestly liked your previous artwork placement. I’m not sure if it’s the one big credenza with one big piece of art above it (which doesn’t look like it will fit right within your painted border once you hang it and leaves a big space to the right that will look like it needs something); then conversely, three pieces of art above three pieces of furniture (chairs and table). I think the balance you had before worked, but maybe your undisclosed plans will discredit that. Also, if the colors look right in person, who cares how they translate in pictures?

    1. I love the switch, but agree the one painting leaves a large empty space to the right of the credenza.

    2. I don’t love the artwork switch for much the same reasons. The triptych over the large credenza looks balanced. The flower art looks too tall and not wide enough for that same space.

      Either way, I would go with something slightly funky on either side of the entry way art, like vintage Italian gold tole sconces (especially with leaf/flower motif). You can often find them reasonably priced on Ebay or Etsy.

      1. I love the idea that’s been mentioned of a funky, Italian-style sconce next to the pixel art! I have several of those and use them in places where a bit of balance is needed.

    3. I think the scale of the single big piece with the credenza is wrong. It also makes the lamp and tree both look awkward. The large white frame worked to separate the image from the stencilled wall but here it it is too much so close to the white greek key border on your colour block.

      The big flower might work better there if you had a long bench below it – but then you lose the storage space and the whole point of the coloured credenza.

      You designed that whole area (the colour block, the credenza and lamp) to accommodate the triptych and now you have moved the element everything else coordinated with.

      The triptych is OK in the music room but I would definitely mount them at the same height rather than staggered the way they are now. I find that visually annoying against the regularity of the stencil behind it.

      So, no, I just can’t get on board with the swap.

      1. LOL…sometimes I just have to laugh. Those paintings aren’t mounted in a staggered pattern. The two outside ones are sitting on top of the chairs so that I can get an idea of how they look in there without drilling holes prematurely in my wall. 😀

        1. Wow, I could’ve sworn the three paintings were hung in a staggered set up! Had to go back and really look at the picture. To viewers of the blog (at least to me, and obviously Carswell) it does look like they are secured to the wall vs. leaning against the back of the chairs.

          That said, the blue in the paintings (at least as viewed on my monitor) looks great with the color of the blue fabric on the chairs!

      2. The switch up looks great, except the large flower picture looks way too large and square for the large rectangular background. I have faith you can make it work with changes.

        1. I have to agree with the above comments above. The flower artwork is just to out of scale. First thing I noticed is that it is to tall for the space and I also noticed the large blank area to the right. Its a beautiful piece of art but I don’t think it shows to its best advantage in this location.

          As for your haint blue, having been raised in the south, the blue you have now just isn’t close to what I have seen (and used) used. It is to dark or to saturated and just doesn’t have the same tone. I’d try some samples to see what you like.

          1. Most of what I’ve seen on porch ceilings growing up in Arkansas has been closer to what I’d call duck egg blue.

            1. Good call. Duck Egg blue and similar porch colors always have just that slight hint of green in them. Like duck egg blue you may not think of the ceiling color as containing green but it is on the green side of true blue or blues with a red undertone. My porch ceiling color has a little more of the green undertone than duck egg but its just like I remember the porches of my childhood, much of which was spent in, guess where, ARKANSAS! I was born there.

          2. Connie, I was born and raised in Little Rock — from 1959-1989. And yes, I love that little bit of green in the blue!

    4. Absolutely agree. The new placement is very meh to me, whereas the old placement, especially of the entryway art was “BANG! WOWEE! THAT’S PROBABLY THE BEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN! I COULD NEVER DO THAT!” Now neither make me happy.

      1. While the triptych looks fine in the music room, I’m not crazy about the size of the pixel art above the credenza, plus, it mimics the art on the fireplace too much. ( circular designs, square frames )
        You didn’t show it, but I’m imagining the triptychs look great with the kitchen cabinets, and are in the same sight lines.
        As for the porch paint, I think you’re on the right tract – I was going to suggest adding just a tad of blue to the white, instead of trying to lighten the blue! Also you might consider the palest grays that show blue undertones.

  2. I really like the art switch up. Curious to see what color you choose for the chairs. (and the orange lamp…LOL) Happy decorating!

  3. Perfect timing! I’m buying paint this weekend for our tiny porch ceiling. It’s a horrid taupe that the door, siding, and trim is. I think lightening up the ceiling will really open up the area. I’ll head to the white section first.

  4. I really like the switch. And I like the barely there blue for the ceiling. I am a more muted tones person so it is nice for me to see someone go bold in there colors. Keep up the good work.

    I also think it is interesting when you share your thought process. So, thank you

  5. I like the new placement, but I liked the old placement, too. One thing that I notice is that the view into the living room from the music room reads as soft and airy to me, whereas the view of the entryway doesn’t feel that same way. I think the entryway side of the room needs some glass and lightness to it. If it were me, regardless of what artwork is there, I would paint the credenza white and find some cool glass knobs (that don’t totally match to your curtain rods, but are in that vein) to lighten up that side of the room. And then find a lucite lamp or 2 for the credenza. The music room, even though darker in terms of the amount of light it gets, feels lighter to me. I think because of the wainscotting and light color on the wall.

    I love the lightest blue porch ceiling!

  6. I love, love, love the switch in artwork!! Wow, what a difference it made in both rooms.
    I didn’t like any of the fabric swatches with the flower, but those colors would look good with the art from the living room. I know you said you are going in a different direction, but I think you have many more options open with all the colors in the abstract paintings.
    It is amazing the difference just that change makes. I can’t wait to see what you choose for fabric.

  7. Hi Kristi, I absolutely LOVE every single thing you do ! I wish I had 1/1600 of your talent and energy… LOL A few years ago I painted my daughter’s bedroom ceiling with a barely there blue paint color called In Your Eyes by Benjamin Moore. A lot of people didn’t even realized it was a painted ceiling, but I had wanted to tone down the bright stark white in her room, and that is what I chose. Just an idea for your porch ceiling… Good luck !



    1. Danielle, I LOVE that color! (And Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes is my favorite song ever!) I’m getting ready to do the same thing to the ceiling in my bedroom and will definitely keep this color in mind.


    2. Wow, Danielle! this color is exactly what I am going to test on my little porch ceiling. It might have too much green in it to work for Kristi’s porch, but everything else on my porch is white. The blue I originally used is too strong a shade.

    3. The color mentioned by KathieB would match your teals perfectly when you look at all the shades of In Your Eyes by Benjamin Moore. Have you ever used silk velvet in any upholstering project? I love the feel of it and have bought some small yardages of hand-dyed silk velvet from Etsy. I guess the cost would be quite high to upholster chairs.

  8. After 40yrs of teaching I just cant get out of my head that the wall in the entryway reminds me of a classroom bulletin board. Sorry 🙁 But I do love everything else, including the art switch. Cant wait to see what your next idea is.

  9. Suggest you take a look at Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue for porch ceiling. Used it on our screened in porch ceiling. Pic in the link below. Difficult to get a good pic of it, due to shadows at different times of the day.

    Whatever you choose will always look darker on the ceiling since it does not get as much light.

    The table in my link is the same color. .. that will give you a better idea. If you think it’s a possibility, get a sample. Of the “real” BM color. Mixes from other stores do not have the same base, so you will never get the exact color. They’ll say it is a match, but if you ask enough questions you’ll learn it’s like 95-98 percent. It’s enough to make the end result too intense or too dark. I learned this when our entire family room was painted with a Sherwin Williams version of it. Upsetting! So I bought our porch ceiling paint for the painter to be sure that did not happen for our porch ceiling.

    Good luck.


    1. That’s a beautiful room! What makes it so nice is some natural wood pieces that aren’t painted…it warms the room. When you put paint on everything it makes it hard to pull the room together.

    2. Hi Debra!

      Your landscaping is gorgeous and I love the little fairy garden. I’m inspired!


  10. YES YES YES!!!! I love the switch! I think it is better to my eye. As much as I loved the pixel artwork in the music room, I think the triple art ties everything in from the living room with the fireplace. AND-As much as you don’t want to hear it…hehe.. the blue color on the chairs you are going to re-upholster actually looks great too with the new artwork. HAHA…I know though, when I don’t like a fabric, it nags at me too. Anyway, I love it all! You could even center the pixel art and the dresser on the entry way wall and it would take your eyes straight to that beautiful pixel artwork. WOW what spectacular accomplishments:)

  11. I do not love the pixel art. (I’m sorry ☹️) It reads little old lady to me personally. I love your triptych at the console! I do love the color combo or the triptych for your music room.

  12. I’ve been trying to put my finger on what I don’t like, and I think it’s the flower artwork. I love it in concept, and I even like it in reality as a stand alone item, but it doesn’t seem to fit with your house. I was watching the house tour video again and everything you have has rich, bright colors and a modern feel. Every photo of the flower painting, it just looks dull and flat and like a needlepoint I might see hanging on my grandmother’s wall. It feels out of place in all of your bright, cheery rooms. It feels like putting the flower painting in the entry way sucks the color from the credenza and the wall and makes those look duller too.

    When I envision the kind of floral artwork I might find in your house, I think of the mural you painted in your niece’s room, or some of the bright, bold floral fabrics you have chosen for upholstery projects over the years, like your wing back chair or the fabric you have in your living room on the pillow. I love the artwork itself, but the style of flower and the colors of the painting don’t feel right when I compare it to everything else you’ve shown us in your house. I wonder if the problem may be the artwork itself.

    1. I have to admit, I agree. It was a fun project, but feels out of place here and like it clashes with everything.

      1. I am in agreement with you, Mariele. Although it was rather ingenious, the button artwork seems to be more of a vacation bible school craft project than it does suited for the living room (or music room). I bet it would look awesome in Kristi’s niece’s bedroom!

    2. I haven’t wanted to say anything, because the way she did it is GENIUS, and had to have taken at least 4,000 hours, but the final product doesn’t floor me like the rest of her things. And I admit that’s an unfair standard to saddle anybody with.

  13. I think you’re right about the porch ceiling still needing to be lightened and toned down a bit, I’m toying with doing this to my entry ceiling and this will be so helpful in my paint picking process!
    I can’t say I’m loving the art switch though, I live both pieces, but agree with some of he other posters that the pixel art feels much too heavy and tall for the space it’s un above the console.
    Really enjoying your process and creativity as you tackle your home!

  14. I find your triptych to be a much better decision for your music room but I just can’t the pixel painting for the entryway. And, I am unable to verbalize what it is that doesn’t work for me, sorry. The blue ceiling situation is crazy, I think it still needs to be much lighter like at least 1/2 as blue as the current arrow blue. Good luck!

  15. I’m exhausted. You MUST be exhausted too! I know that feeling when things don’t feel right so I understand you’re wanting (needing actually) to keep experimenting until you get it right. I must tell you though that once I “get it” I leave things that way forever. No- that is not an exaggeration- I DO mean FOREVER. I do not like to experiment and shake things up just for the sake of shaking things up. I might angle an item on my wall unit a tad this way or that, but for the most part what I have I love and I keep it until I don’t love it anymore. After following your blog for years I realized early one that you are NOT one of those people who can leave things alone. But that’s okay if that works for you. Your home is not my taste (I lean toward classic neutrals/I know! boring…) but I love reading your blog because it motivates me when I feel lazy when I see how much energy you have. When I see that you can add on an entire carport I tell myself I CAN hem the drapes in my bedroom that have been too long for 4 months. ; ) I also love your practical tutorials on how to do things. It’s your home- do what you like and while you do ask us for our thoughts maybe you should not listen too much to us. Only you live in your house (well, and hubs and the dog too) but only YOU live in your head…Keep feathering your next until it feels right for you.

  16. I like the switch, love the abstract in the music room. How does it go with the artwork over the fireplace? Instead of a lamp on the credenza I’d go with a smaller plant next to the front door and really cool sconces on the wall. My son just gave me a suede couch and some lovely antiques and art pieces from his luxury apartment. Having a ball mixing it with my eclectic, somewhat amusing and hopefully tasteful stuff.

  17. I myself like it the other way. With it switched the three paintings against the stencil look way to busy placed together. It is your house however..

  18. I love the art switch in terms of colours, but the size doesn’t look right. The pixel art needs more room on top.
    Anyway, I’m really curious about your new ideas.

  19. I do like your pixel artwork against the purple wall but the proportions are wrong with the credenza. The artwork needs to come down lower on the wall. Also, it seems to scream for something on either side of it. Not necessarily artwork but perhaps something like a bold linear wall sconce with a pillar candle. Even if it’s two shelves with proportions that would compliment the artwork with either candles or artwork on the shelf.

  20. The pixel art just isn’t working. It clashes with the other art over the fireplace. It just doesn’t seem to belong. The size is all wrong and so is the colors.

  21. I used to work in a paint store mixing paint. I found that black colorant or black paint has a lot of blue to it, so if the customer wanted a really light blue we would mix a touch of the black into just the plain white. You would think uou would get a very light grey but you get a very light blue. With a grey undertone.

  22. Oh! Forgot I wanted to comment on the art switch. I too don’t like this new switch. I like the triptych in the entry for where it was created and the pixel art in the music room for where it was created. Your first idea was spot on for each space and while I do like how the colors flow from one space to the other, I don’t like them switched because of the size and scale of the artwork where they are situated. As far as the fabric for the chair it looks to me like the original chair is a navy blue velvet and while you want to reupholster it, what about redoing it yes, but keeping it in a solid shade of blue? I know you usually go in an entire complete new direction and like to add drama through a new different color but what about considering blue again? It seems (to me, anyway) that the blue color works. I know that might be boring to you and not exciting to have to redo in the same color, but “if it ain’t broke…”. I like the fact that your eye has a place to rest a bit amidst all the other color and pattern in your spaces. Love to hear your thoughts on OUR thoughts! Is it even possible that WE can inspire YOU?

    1. I agree that the pics look best in their original positions. From the angle that you photographed, the pixel pic and the fireplace “spoonflower” coordinate visually. The roundish-ness of the pixel flower balances well with the spoon art. I also advocated yesterday for chair fabric in the “blue” family, as in the same vein as the fireplace color, because of the way it would be a soothing place for the eye to rest. In addition, I liked the swatch of floral fabric on the pillow in the background. Those colors played well with the pixel and spoon pics.

  23. Kristi, I love the way you work and love the stuff you come up with but I absolutely hate(sorry) that pixel picture, I dont think it goes with your home at all and doesnt look right in your entry way. But I love everything else x

  24. I think the problem is the credenza. I am not a fan of the style or color, and to me, nothing complements it and vice versa.

  25. Love the art work switch. Much more dramatic. However, one’s eye is drawn to the orange lamp as opposed to the artwork. I wonder if some sort of metallic would be better with a clear class shade or ball. But definitely not the orange. Or black, but something that blends better so the focus is on the art.

  26. Guess I’m in the minority with not loving the switch. I get it that things aren’t staged – it’s just for the impression. I like the floral painting in the living room, and agree it is shown off to better advantage in the living room entry. The negative for me is the shape of the floral work compared to the eggplant wall behind. A tall sculpture there could help that issue, though, and maybe solve it. Something metal? And also, it makes the green of the credenza look too jade. I’d rather see a yellow-green credenza if you use it there. In the music area a triptych could be fabulous, but I think the paintings compete with the stenciled pattern. Just my opinion, obviously, because the chairs look much better with the blues of the painting nearby. I understand you don’t care for the quality of the fabric on those chairs now. Have you considered painting the frames of those chairs a glossy white and reupholstering with a windowpane check? Wouldn’t compete with the wonderful walls and might make those chairs look more modern.

  27. i actually went outside to look at my own porch which also is painted blue.
    A ceiling like this really needs to be a very, very pale blue. Almost not there. It gives such a cloud like blue, very whispy and peaceful.

  28. I respectfully disagree with the art switch. Through the colors work well, the large flower doesn’t fill the black background enough (too square) and when hung rather than propped, it will be too close to either the credenza and/or the trim detail. Further, i feel that the triptych has so much movement it messes with the stencil background. Or the other way around, but my (admittedly old) eyes get dizzy.
    On to the ceiling…would painting your blue onto a white primed background make a difference? I’d want to use Kilz just to neutralize the hues of the wood.
    Opinions are my own and may not reflect those of the blogger…😬

  29. Hi Kristi,

    Well, to add to your list of “suggestions.” I meant to write yesterday and say a lovely shade of marigold for the chairs. It’s not in the pink/coral family, but it will be complementary to the new artwork and the one you just moved. Plus, picks up a different shade from the fabric on the couch. The color Amal Clooney wore to the wedding last month was divine! https://goo.gl/images/AA5tLU

  30. I really like the switch. The paintings in the music room blend much better with the picture you have over the fireplace from the angle of your photo. However, the credenza needs to be centered within the key and painted white with the picture centered above it. Lose the fake tree and add a brass lamp.

  31. Would the pixel art fit over the mantel – maybe in a lighter frame? I think it would look fabulous there, with the light blossom art over the credenza & complimentary smaller pieces on either side. I do like the 3 pieces in the music room but feel that the movement in the paintings is enough that they should not be staggered in placement on the wall. All-in-all though, I love it.

  32. I really like the triptych over the credenza better. I don’t like that the 2 big, square pieces are facing each other. The triptych gave some variety. Although I like the flower in the piano room, perhaps hang your Mom’s painting, from the “old” kitchen, in the piano room and hang the flower elsewhere, perhaps in the studio, or office?

    1. I also think the pixel art would be more suited to the studio . I don’t think it works in either room. Sometimes things work better in person that they do in a photo though . I am actually gorgeous and thin but the camera just does not reflect me that way . Ha ha just had to add that last bit.

  33. Hi Kristi, I haven’t read through the previous comments so if this has already been suggested, I apologize. But have you thought of a white with a blue-gray undertone that might pick up the house color a bit? Or a marshmallow white with maybe a hint of blue in it?

  34. I don’t love the artwork switch. I don’t like the softness/movement of the 3 on top of the harshnesss of the stencil. Also, the floral doesn’t fit (size-wise) well on the black wall. You have a lovely home and I love you how you push design, however, I hope you switch them back.

  35. I must say that I agree with those readers who found the switch to be less than satisfying. One person hit the nail on the head, for me: the abstract art against the very “formal” stencil in the music room. But, again, if it works for you, then it works for me.

    Just a side note on the blue ceiling for your porch ~ Down in Key West, it is said all the porches have blue ceilings because, supposedly, wasps mistake the blue color for the sky and won’t build their nests there. I can’t verify that, because our association has rules about color. My outside entryway is the same color as the house (beige-y) and I have wasps nests up there. Make of that what you will!

    Keep decorating!!!

  36. I really like the triptych in the music room! The flowy, colorful, abstract paintings provide a nice contrast to the geometric and neutral walls! I agree with others, though, that the scale of the flower art doesn’t appear to work well in the entry. There are a lot of focal points in the entryway. Would you consider hanging a mirror over the credenza? Maybe that could add some “lightness” that someone before mentioned and also allow focus to remain on the purple border, credenza, and accessories!

    1. Also, just thinking out loud (or typing out loud?)… I’m not super crazy about the credenza. It’s a nice piece of furniture, but I’ve always felt like it is out of scale in the entryway. I know that it is probably standard height, but it seems short to me. Also, the dainty little legs look like they’re supporting the heavy credenza AND the heavy purple background (if that makes any sense at all). What about playing around with the idea of a taller piece of furniture, like a substantial sideboard or buffet? You’ve changed the colors of the entryway so many times, and it seems like you’re still not completely satisfied. What about playing around with scale for a while, see if something works better? I hope this is coming off as constructive and not judgy!

    2. ACTUALLY! Now that the grass cloth is gone, and if the triptych stays in the music room, the entryway is simplified. Which means, maybe you could consider the pendant lights you had originally wanted? They would look beautiful in front of that purple! Okay, I promise I’m done designing your house. Back to work! 🙂

  37. I think that deep purple wall needs the deeper, more vibrant colors in the triptych. The flower and light green credenza looked washed out.

    As for the paint… in the south, haint blue has a bit of green in it. Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue is a great choice. Not too blue, not too green… just a hint of grey.

  38. I really like the idea – mentioned just above – of a mirror above the console! While this would allow for fewer pieces of art, I don’t think that’s necessarily bad. It would be light and bright, but still dramatic with the purple border – and the fireplace with the art above it would then really be the star of the show. And art pieces could be rotated seasonally/annually/whatever for a little change.

    1. I like the credenza there, but agree that a mirror would work best. It would reflect the artwork above the mantel, which is just gorgeous. I would add a couple of stunning lamps on each end of the credenza. Speaking solely for my tastes, I would like less artwork (you have it in the music room, over the mantel, the botanical prints in the living room, in the hallway) and sometimes a “neutral” piece is needed for relief….. Not judgy at all, just throwing that idea out there.

  39. I loved the original artwork against the deep purple. It took my breath away when you first changed the grass cloth. I also liked the single picture in the music room. Your walls are busy in there so a single piece looked better to me. As always, you will make it beautiful.

  40. The switch is okay, Especially if you like the light in there for the art.

    If you want to hide the scale/shape of the pixel art, make it a gallery wall? The Triptych’s seem less ok, but seem a tad busy being broken up into 3 canvases on top of the pattern on the wall. Now you’ve mastered the technique you can sell these and make a big one for the music room, but this thinking feels familiar…. It feels like what engineers/designers call “design creep”, when the minutia you’ve been focusing on starts to stand out, you add in more features/specific detail. Design involves making relative but specific improvements within a set space for a final goal. Now the scale of the improvements is so small, it’s hard to settle on one choice. Sometimes the last 10% become 50% of the project. So you are definitely feeling the finish line for these rooms. Congrats.

    Honestly you can fill out walls art more after you finish the studio. Also I believe you’ll make more beautiful art between now and the studio’s finish-line so there is that potential too.

  41. I think the artwork on the fireplace may be what’s throwing me off. It seems to look pastel while the others, (the pixel and the triptych)both are much bolder colors. I DO like the changes in switching up the rooms though.

  42. I always add a wee bit of umber (along with black) to blues to get away from the too sweet. Maybe it would help in your search for the perfect haint.

  43. Hi Kristi,
    Lots of strong opinions today 🙂
    I can see why you like the change, the purple wall draws you into your flower picture. I would love to see you paint the flower frame a gold/leaf and think a dark natural wood for the credenza to bring the weight of the room down?

    I also think the tryptic makes your blue chairs not seem so off and perhaps a shade of blue more pleasing to you might be the ticket. It’s your home and I think you’re on your right path.

  44. I love the switch in the music room! The colors flow from one room to the next and complement each of the two rooms. Even the fabric on the pillow fits! I did see the artwork on the chairs and assumed you would fix that at a later date.

    Now, as far as the entry way …. I love the picture but not the wall color. I just don’t feel that bright and cheery attitude you had before with the blue of the grass cloth. Just MHO … sorry!

  45. I think what’s throwing everyone off with the flower artwork size in the entry is that it has a large white frame that is “interfering”, if you will, with the Greek key design of the background border. The triptych artwork frames were much smaller and less noticeable. In my opinion, I think if the frame were changed on the flower artwork, it would look a lot better in the entry area. I also think the reason the colors look duller or “flat” to some is because the colors in it are a little darker and then you have a large bright white frame surrounding it. I don’t think the colors are flat, just a little darker, especially the background in the artwork.

    As for the haint blue ceiling, yes, I would go lighter. I don’t know that you need to add more black – that will give more gray tones – just lighten it up with white. Most I’ve seen are a very light breezy blue. If you already have paint, I would just mix until I get it right instead of buying more.

  46. In Texas, we have “mud daubers,”wasp-like insects that make nests under the eaves for protection from the weather. Our house had very many nests under the eaves that were painted white. I read somewhere that the daubers would not build nests under places that were painted a light blue—they perceive that as open sky.

    So six years ago, when the whole house was painted, we had the eaves painted a light slate blue. Voila—no more nests.

  47. I agree that the ceiling needs to be much lighter. I think your idea to pick a blue – based white might be the right answer. As far as the artwork is concerned, it’s really hard to tell without seeing in person the whole setting. I do know that I generally shy away from 2 similar pieces of artwork (in size, shape, scale. and/or subject) opposing each other. I like to offset one with a mirror, or a grouping of 2 or more pieces of art on one of the walls.

    1. This is how I typically arrange art. I tend to find too much of a similar style actually competes rather than falls into a theme. I also really feel the credenza is wrong for the space. I think it’s a scale thing and a color thing and only one can be easily fixed. I still like the pixel art for what it is but I think it might be best to ask if it would make more sense in a room to be designed later. I have a lot of art I bought for one room only to realize it makes more sense in another space.

  48. Kristi, you have incredible talent and an artist’s eye and you continue to amaze me with your accomplishments almost daily. Usually my comments are affirming, but today, I’m going to be totally honest… This last iteration of the entry with the dramatic Greek key trim painting is stunning, but I do not feel that it goes with your home, even though you are using that trim on your drapes (which works for sure). It feels too formal even though your home is more dressed up than casual. Your living room is a dressy casual while the music room is more formal in my eyes. The key design does not play well with the beautiful yet dramatic stenciling in the music room. The two clash. Your living room has taken on an airy feeling. I would paint the entry wall the same as the rest of the living room and then do something dramatic… paint the credenza a color that comes from the daisy print. I see a bright magenta. Then I would place a dramatic gold sculptural long low bowl on the credenza and add beautiful gold sconces… long/tall with white linen lampshades on either side of the credenza. I think it would give the space any airy casual look that’s stunning and classy.

    As far as the music room… the triptych art seems fine there… not exciting. Why not save it for your bedroom remodel? A whole room could be designed around those three panels. They have your favorite colors and have such peaceful movement to them which would be perfect for a bedroom. I’d love to see some realistic art on that music room wall. A pastoral scene? Could your mom paint something for you? What a treasure that would be. With the neutral backdrop of the stenciled wall and knowing the colors from the nearby rooms, your mom could bring that all into play to get the appropriate colors and tones. In fact you could choose the fabric for your chairs and she could also take that into account in the painting. That way you have few things to complement.

  49. I love the pixel artwork in the entry. I wasn’t loving the triptych with the green commode but the pixel piece really ties in the purple and green well.

  50. LOVE your artwork switcharoo!

    Hate to say it, but your chairs in the music room now spark your artwork quite well… to my totally untrained eye. But I SO love blue and do not feel there is ever too much or too many blues anywhere.

    Now on the porch ceiling subject… Having done the VERY light blue porch ceiling thing and ending up putting just a tad of the lightest blue already mixed paint into the whole gallon of white, I got what I wanted…. almost a shadow of the blue. Like look twice or one could mistake it for all white, BUT it is a light blue and we ended up using it other place as well for the peacefulness of it.

    I pray you find the right blue for you and not stop until you get what your eyes and heart agree is The Right Blue for the ceiling of your beautiful porch.

    On another project at another home, they let me sit at the paint store and play with the colorants and a 5 gallon bucket of white paint I paid for up front. I had to keep track of what colorants and amounts went in that 5 gallon bucket! Was aiming for a very light blue to use with crisp white for exterior of 80 year old home. It was close but not Right until, of all things, I so felt to add a few drops of a magenta colorant. That made it pop and look almost opalescent without being consciously aware of any red spectrum in there at all. Had people all over town asking about where that paint came from. The paint store let me name it and saved it in their computer so I did not keep my record. Alas, the store got new computers and that formula is now only a long ago memory. i called it Blue Opalescence.

  51. I was on an Artisan Home tour Sunday…. one home had “Haint” blue porch entry. Very, very pretty. Was different then your blue but I think there are variations. Tried to post a pic here of it but apparently I am tech challenged today, was unsuccessful>

    I have decided to pass on expressing an opinion here. Trying to get legs under a remodel, redo of my own, maybe addition too. Having trouble pulling my ideas together. After looking at tons of photos, the home tour in reality vs the pics of them I have realized that the context, light, etc and photo quality have a lot to do with images and what something might look like. I experience my own rooms, then take a pic of them and think YUCK. My journey is just beginning. Will feel good to get a few core decisions made. Dreaming of the day when it will be artwork decision time.

    You have come so far.

  52. When self-mixing paint, I always start with no more than 1/4 cup of the base, then add other colors by the teaspoon (give or take). I keep track so I ultimately know the correct ratio when the color is what I want.

  53. i love your talent and your creative eye. With that said, I think I just don’t love the colors in the pixel flower. It still looks muted and dusty (?) to me. I loved the triptych and especially the orange hues over the credenza.

  54. I haven’t read through all of the comment or your responses so I don’t know if anyone has already suggested this. But when I went to do my my pine porch ceiling, I used a semi-transparent stain and it has just the slightest hint of blue in it. It’s opaque enough to show a little bit of the grain but still provided the right amount of blue.

  55. I agree with your final comments: the final blue on the ceiling is still far too dark.

    Suggestion: look at SW Sea Salt. It looks white on the swatch but has a really nice bluish-green once its on the walls. Subtle, but definitely a color. We love it. Even if you don’t want that greenish hue, it might help put you on the right path for your ceiling.

  56. Ok, so first off, I LOVE your pixel flower and want to adopt it! The colors are beautiful together. AND I really do like it in the entry way. It may be large for the space, and it’s not perfectly centered, but I’m a Bohemian (I call my style Vintage Bohemian Gypsy to be exact, lol), and I center NOTHING, liking the more casual offset groupings, so I do like how it looks.

    I also know that whatever you do, in the end will be amazing. Be daring!

  57. Usually love all you do, but not digging this switch. I first thought you were going to say you switched out the pixel flower with the piece over the mantel. I’m just not sure about the Greek key design and that beautiful pixel flower together. The pixel flower is such a showpiece, I feel like it needs to be on a plain area.

  58. Yes I also like the artwork the way it was. An unrelated comment – I know you switched out the colors of the wall and the credenza to what looks like a dark purple and a green but I also liked the previous colors you had. That color of green and purple are just not that appealing to me as stand alone colors. I liked the brighter clearer colors there before.

  59. When I opened your email and saw the change I gasped. It jarred me. So, I couldn’t resist doing some analyzing and tallying the comments about the art placement. Fourteen said “I like it” but not many said precisely why the change worked for them. The “No, I don’t like it” people more than not, explained what seems wrong to them. Thirty-seven of them. There were middle-of-the-roaders who suggested another change to remedy what they thought might not be working, such as, ‘the credenza is the problem’ or some such.

    I think the triptych looked best where you had it. It balanced the width of the credenza and its dazzling colors made for a wonderful welcome. It is too busy on that stenciled wall. But, the blue chairs look really good with it, the color, that is. Once up they might be grand.

    The pixel art piece would look better gracing another wall in the house. If you shut your eyes to the picture itself and just concentrate on the frame, its shape and color, it is easy to see it is way out of scale for the spot it is occupying now. Wrong because it is too big and too square. Without the Greek key design it could be properly placed, but even then, the piece itself doesn’t draw me in that spot. It needs to be viewed from a bit of a distance.

    Kristi, I would like to see you finish one room completely. Mainly, the living room. Doing that could make the rest of the decisions easier because you would be considering the whole, not the parts and pieces. I have to remind myself that you alone can see the entire room and the true colors.

    As for someone saying that you didn’t implement something or the other since you have invited suggestions: as many say, ‘It is your house’ and how true. The rest of us simply are playing in the sandbox enjoying frequent playdates. It is great fun. What a learning experience for us all!

    I think we all know our role as interested bystanders who have opinions. Surely, we can express what our take is without repeated apologies for offering them. Tasks need not evoke an emotional response. Seems like Kristi weighs things pretty objectively. She is taking us along on a free ride adventure. Wheee! Who knows what will happen next?

  60. I can see where you could possibly get away with using the triptych in the music room although I do think they are a little busy against the stenciled walls, but things feel a little calmer and more serene than previous post with pixel art and fabric color samples in there.
    I don’t think the pixel art work works in the entryway. Style, size, scale seem all wrong. I would love to see some elements added in there (entryway) with a little sparkle/gloss/bling, would look especially dramatic against the lovely dark background. Maybe a mirror with a little gold in the frame instead, tie in with credenza hardware, or maybe a sparkly floor lamp (instead of fake plant).

  61. I’m not a fan of the switch. I think the original paintings are a better fit for that space. I’m feeling the greek key doesn’t work with this art.

  62. Kristi, I don’t know how you do it. After reading all of these comments, I would be ready to give up. I know none of them are meant to be mean or I would hope not, but wow. I mean, you’re excited about the change and then bam, people pointing out why it doesn’t work for them. Please don’t start seeing things through the eyes of your readers. Don’t let any of them get in your head.

  63. I think the hue of your haint blue is wrong. Most of the haint blue ceiling I’ve seen are very faint shades of aqua or turquoise. Instead of trying to use Gentleman’s Gray (which reads very powdered blue), why don’t you try to find a pale aqua/turquoise that will work with your shutter color?

  64. Ok, my 2 cents, cause that’s probably all it’s worth!

    Your credenza color is throwing it all off. I love greens and teal, but this green is not working in front of the purple wall!

    Art work– Try the large floral piece over the fireplace, and see if you’d like it there. I would if the scale is right, I think. Such a statement piece!

    I vote for a large mirror over the credenza, no matter what color it is. It will reflect everything and will be just what you need! IMHO! LOL!

    And I think Teal on your chairs in the music room, would fit great with your flow art. Teal chairs would go anywhere, in your house, I think.

    Just 2c and you will do what is best for you! Thanks for taking us along for the ride! Always look forward to your posts!

    Ceiling on the porch, have you thought about a stain. I have a can of Rust-oleum Wood Stain in Vintage Aqua, that is a great color[oil based, tho], and if my plywood ceilings were not already painted, I would use it. You could white wash over it if still to dark

  65. Hi Kristi,

    Can I ask where you got the black doors in your music room? I looked around your site, but couldn’t find an answer! Love your home.