Breakfast Room Curtains – Stripes Or Trellis?

I took a couple of days away from house projects this weekend, so I’m still working on putting my kitchen back together. I still have several doors and all of the cabinet hardware to install. (I’m sticking with the brass, by the way, and it looks lovely!) So while I finish that up, I’ve thinking about my next project from this month’s “to do” list. I think I’ll concentrate on my breakfast room curtains next.

During that first week after I hung my white IKEA Ritva curtains, I really thought I could live with solid white curtains in that room…

Breakfast room curtains - IKEA Ritva white curtains

But then after a few days, the newness wore off and I became a little less enchanted with that wall. It’s just so…neutral. And I’m just not a neutral kind of person.

Then I came across this picture one day while I was scrolling through Pinterest, and stopped in my tracks.

turquoise and white stripe curtains from Worthing Courtvia Worthing Court

Y’all know how much I love stripes! And while my black and white striped curtains had a much bolder look, these softer colors look so light and fresh. I could immediately envision them in my breakfast room. With a teal peninsula and an entire teal kitchen right next to my breakfast room, that might be teal overload if I put it on my windows, too. So I’m thinking about possibly doing green and white on my windows if I can find a light green fabric that complements the green in my dining chairs.

I did a mock up of the room with striped curtains just to see what they would look like. I couldn’t find an image of curtains in the exact colors that I’m considering, but this one is close enough, and will at least give an idea of what teal stripes would look like…

breakfast room mock up with striped curtains

I love that, but with a kitchen full of teal cabinets, that might be teal overload. Here’s how green might look…

breakfast room mock up with striped curtains in green

Another option I’ve been kicking around in my head is using the trellis stencil that I purchased long go and using that on my curtains. I love a trellis pattern just as much as I love a wide stripe, and I think either one would work on my curtains. This is the stencil I have.

large trellis wall stencil by Sarah M Dorseyvia Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

So I did a mock up of a trellis curtain in the room also. And again, I couldn’t find any images of trellis curtains in the right colors, so this is a very general idea.

breakfast room mock up with trellis curtains 2

To be honest, I like them both, and the one I like more seems to change with the hour. The stripes are a bit calmer look, and the trellis is obviously a busier look. Although I’m absolutely certain that actual trellis curtains in the room won’t look as busy and imposing as the terrible mock up I did. 😀 But whichever one I choose needs to go with my new breakfast room rug. This rug from Overstock is the one I bought.

new rug for breakfast room

I think I’m leaning towards stripes. Stripes, just like teal, are consistently a favorite of mine. I default towards stripes. I also like that I could achieve that look with fabric, whereas achieving the trellis look with my Ritva curtains would require paint. And while I was fine using painted curtains in the condo, the thought of using them in the house just really doesn’t excite me. But if the trellis is a better option than the stripes, then I’ll make myself be okay with it. 🙂

So, trellis or stripes? That’s the question on my mind today.



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    1. I think you should do the striped curtains but stencil your trellis on the wall opposite the peninsula, in the colors you showed-muted teal/tiedyed teal.

  1. I vote for stripes. They make a statement but don’t compete with other items in your room. To me they are pretty and yet give a softness to the room. As always I defer to your decision, since I love everything you do!

  2. Need to lighten the color and I think the stripes will be great. If you stay that saturated, that’s all you see in the room. Bold stripes, but more understated color.

    1. Stripes yes. Trellis too busy. Maybe different shade of green…too matchy matchy with cabinets. And maybe less stripes, at bottom only?

    2. Agreed. I love the stripes, but I think they should be in softer tones. All I saw were the window treatments as a stand-alone item and not the room as a whole.

    1. I was thinking something like that.. maybe do the trellis but as stripes? probably to busy with the chairs but it is an idea..I like the stripe and she is killing me.. every day I see Kristi’s blog and I am already thinking about painting my just painted cabinets a blue… I am trying to do exactly what she is doing and stop rethinking everything! Kristi, until I red that post you made about wasting your weekend, I had no way to describe how my mind works!!!! So I am trying to finish some other things before I redo the kitchen cabinets! I love you colors, you ability to know what is you, and the ability to know when to stick with what you are drawn to and when to risk it!

      1. I was thinking the same. A stripe of trellis on the white drapes. I would think that would be a one of a kind look.

      1. I am in this camp. As a suggestion, you might want to revisit the post(s) about how much you like the feel of white drapes. I think the trellis, while pretty, is a lot of pattern to add, and that the stripes are too bold and will take away from those stunning chairs (love those).

        1. I think the white curtains are good as they are… maybe if you need a tad of jazz and a trim to the top and/or bottom. Also, you don’t have anything on the wall yet (perpendicular to the windows) and once something goes up there striped or trellised curtains could begin to look crazy busy. I’m all for color, I just think you already have a lot and sometimes the neutral will make the color stand out a little more and shine.

  3. I love the stripes! I did wide navy and white stripes in my living room and dining room and 9 months later they still make me giddy when I look at them

    1. Please live with the white for a while after everything else is finished in that room. I believe with all color you have in your room already and then anchoring table with the rug you will need the solid curtains. They provide a calming effect and look so pretty even now.

      1. I agree. I like the white. Looks so fresh and clean. The others look too busy with all the other patterns going on IMHO.

  4. I like the stripes. I think the trellis competes too much with the pattern in the chairs. But what about using dye instead of fabric or paint? I hate to see you work so hard to cut and sew all that fabric when you have so much more work to accomplish! Look for an easier option. Even if the dye would bleed a bit, it could be a happy accident, and soften the edges of the stripes.

    1. If I do stripes, I’ll use fabric, but there’s no need to cut and sew a bunch of fabric. There will be very little sewing involved.

  5. I love the casual breezy look of striped curtains. For me, the trellis pattern would be way too busy, especially when combined with the rug and dining-chair fabric.

  6. Team Stripes… I have thought your chairs look too formal…beautiful, but dressy. Stripes makes the entire room playful!

  7. I really like the stripes and you know what? I think I’d try to paint them. Or maybe, since you’re using linen, water down the paint so it’s more like dyeing them. I think you’ll get a much closer match to your cabinets that way. Also, I like how how it would keep them semi-transparent. If you did sewn stripes, wouldn’t that require backing them with something to hide the seams?

    At the very least, you could do it to try it with a piece of linen and see what you like.

    1. No, if I do stripes, there won’t be any sewing involved. At least not for the actual stripes. 🙂 I’d use strips of fabric, double-sided iron-on interfacing, and probably some sort of ribbon or other trim in the same color as the stripes to cover the raw edges of the stripe fabric.

      1. Have you used this method to add horizontal stripes before, or tested it on fabric similar in weight to the IKEA drapes? I love your stripe idea, but am concerned that even using the lightest interfacing/fusible and ribbon (as well as the strips of fabric) could prevent your drapes from hanging the way you want them to, especially given how full they are. I used to use Steam-a-Seam lite to baste trim before sewing it on, and even that sometimes prevented the garment from hanging correctly. I switched to Washaway Wonder Tape, so stiffness from the fusible is gone after washing, but that wouldn’t be practical for your project.

        1. I agree with this. As they are, the curtains have a nice “softness” to them in appearance. I would be afraid the strips glued on or even sewn on would make the curtains hang different.

          I do agree the bluish color, although beautiful might be overkill. For colors I like a very soft green, maybe even lighter than the green you are sharing with us in the mock-up. Again though, Denise has a good point, how will they hang? Maybe just go with the edge a bit of green…we know they would hang correctly then!

          I think what you are doing is beautiful. I love the color scheme for sure.

  8. Kristi

    I like the stripes too. It does give a much softer look and the trellis seems too busy to me.

    But I also know that whatever you go with will turn out great!

  9. I too like a color on that wall vs. the white, although those curtains were lovely also. I love the stripes. My eyes see the trellis as another pattern, but the stripes as a neutral. Your room is looking so attractive.

  10. Stripes for me. I loved your black and white striped curtains, but think a softer contrast in colors will be even more beautiful. I like the light teal, but am leaning towards seeing if you can find the right soft green. With you painting the cabinets in the pantry green and the green in the pattern on the chairs, I think green stripes would be stunning.

    1. I love the trellis with the chairs but it might be too much with the rug as well. Love the idea of green so pale you have to look twice to see! That would liven up the wall without competing with everything else.

      1. Yep I love the idea of Trellis in the lemon yellow or yellow green whatever that color is….I think it would add spark to the room! It would be really beautiful and tie the whole room together! Kathy

  11. Stripes, but maybe painted on in a washed out, faded tone with some white peeping through, like the colors in the chair fabric

  12. I vote for the striped. The trellis pattern could work if it was softened if you applied the color with a more dappled application. But that might lean towards rustic for you.

  13. Stripes for sure! Don’t get me wrong I love the trelis but with the other fabrics in the room it will read busy.

  14. I think stripes. I would do blue. I think the lightest blue in your chair fabric would look nice and airy. The trellis would compete with your rug

  15. I agree, the trellis, while very pretty, reads way too busy. In that same vein, the white and color stripes steal the show just a little too much for me. What about alternating stripes of a very soft green from the chairs and a softened teal? They’d still have character, but not be so “in-your-face”…

  16. My first impression – too much teal makes the green look a bit out of place on the chairs. It looks great in the neutral room, bit a bit lost in the teal room. I would try a mock up of light green curtains to see how that looks. I think I like the lattice design.

  17. I like the white. Both patterns take your eye away from the pretty chairs – I would wait till everything is done in the kitchen and live with it awhile. Then change.

    However, I’ve always loved whatever you choose.

  18. I like the stripes better too. They look more contemporary/updated, whereas the trellis, to my mind, reminds me of the 70s. I like the idea of having the stripes quite soft, perhaps a paler tint of the cabinet color. The stripes also echo the design in the rug, but much bolder. Go for the stripes, you know you want too 🙂

  19. I LOVE the stripes! White seemed a little boring for you! 😉 I’m sure what ever you decide will look great!

  20. For once I can’t say that I agree with either decision 🙁 (I’m always, always on board with everything you do, this feels so bizarre for me!!) I love the trellis, but just like most everyone states – it’s too busy. Even the stripes while are more subtle I just can’t get on board :/ MAYBE if they were a very light/soft color. But there’s just so much going on already with the color of the cupboards, the upholstered chairs and future accessories. I could see trimmed edges or a border but I’m just scared of how busy it’s going to be – although if anyone can pull it off, it’ll be you!!!

  21. Love the rug! Pale green stripes for the curtains to play nice with the rug and chairs. Save the trellis for another room-the guest room maybe?

  22. What is the focal point of the room? In the mockup, all you see are the curtains. The table/chairs kind of disappear. Maybe it’s just the mock up that makes it look like this. I really like the white curtains (if you don’t like white, you can always dye them).

    1. Team white curtains! I think once you add decorative wall art and a colorful buffet, it might be overload.

  23. Leave them plain for now…I prefer the trellis mock-up, the stripes look too “beachy” in that color way, in my very humble opinion. Once you pleat and hem them, their appearance will definitely be altered.

  24. How about vertical stripes or horizontal ones using the trellis pattern. So not as busy as the full trellis.

    I like either so don’t think either could go wrong.

  25. I happen to love stripes too! So I have black and white stripes up at my windows right now! That being said, I also own trellis print curtains, damask print, chevron
    pattern, and a few others. lol…. I love to decorate, and so I switch things up when I get bored, by switching curtains and sometimes rugs, to give my rooms a new look! And than I can always switch back later if I want. You might want to try your black and white stripes in there, what can it hurt, you already have them. Just a thought.

  26. I vote for Stripes…I think the trellis pattern will be too busy with the chairs and the new carpet but I’m sure if anyone can make it work, you CAN!

    Just a quick question and I apologize if I may have missed it in another post, what brand and color of bamboo blinds did you order? Also are they lined? I need to replace my faux wood blinds in my kitchen/family room combo and I just love yours!


  27. Stripes here. And I LOVE your idea of doing them in green. I find I really like rooms where colors in the same family but not usually used together ARE used. It’s very fresh. The rug is gorgeous too! Such a cheery room!

  28. Stripes! But I’m wondering how ironed on stripes will affect the ‘hang’ of the curtains…alternating rows of one layer with rows of two layers plus iron-on material plus possible trim seems to me would result in some wonkiness. Maybe that’s just me.

  29. Well, what fabric do you want to shine and be the focal point? Stripes on the curtains or the fabric on the chairs? It’s one or the other I think or there’s too much going on because they both shout, they are not subtle. I think I’d take the fabric from the chairs and make a band on the curtains. Or makes valance on top of the panels? Making them solid seems iffy because you don’t want them to clash with the cabinets. Is there somewhere else in the house you can put your stripes?

    1. I agree. While I absolutely love just about any stripe, I don’t think that they belong here….just too busy. If your chairs are to be the focal point, I think that the white curtains with a band of the chair fabric would look lovely. (either vertical or perhaps an upper and lower horizontal band). Love your rug too! 🙂 Btw, did you decide what colour your buffet is going to be?

  30. I love the look of the trellis inspiration photo, but for this room I think it would be the wrong choice unless you could achieve that soft, varied hue in the original inspiration. Also it would not be the better look with your beautiful rug. I think the wide stripes would work much better, but not a bold stripe, a very soft hue of the green in the chairs. You would be in danger of overwhelming the space if you match your stripe green to the chair hue. Let the chairs stand out beautifully against a softer but related background. Not sure the construction method for the curtains will give you the result you want unless you use enough fusible for both the color and the white stripe. I think they might sag over time. Enough fusible would cost a lot. Stripe fabric might be cheaper.

  31. I absolutely love your chairs. I have apple green in my kitchen. Not necessarily by choice as it was in the kitchen when I purchased the house. It’s a really big project to repaint and I simply don’t feel up to the task at this time. So I’ve looked at your chairs and loved how they would bring my green into compliment my favorite blue and it work.. I’m in love. So given how much I love the chairs, I think the trellis takes away from the specialness of the chairs and the stripes add to it. I like the trellis as well but perhaps in a different application.

  32. I have to go with the stripes. The trellis design and the rug design seem to compete with each other instead of compliment. But you are seeing it in person so I know you will make a great decision. Love reading your blog because you amaze me that you have no fear tackling any project.

  33. I was a fan of the calm,soft white curtains,however the stripes would work as well. I’m too matchy matchy and would have gone for turquoise stripes,but going for the green sounds good if it doesn’t clash with your new rug,which is stunning!

  34. I love for the trellis! That way you can vary the depth of color and vary the colors​ (some blue, some teal, some green). Stripes seem too formal

  35. take the last photo in this post and apply the mocked up patterns to the curtains so you can see the chair, rug, and possible curtain options at the same time. Am thinking the stripes will win, but cant wait to see the end result.

  36. I think I actually have the exact curtains that you used as a reference- were they from Target? I have them in my living room and love them. I take them down for winter, because my mom and sister give me a ton of crap about how they’re too summery, but I can never wait long to put them back up. The only downside to the store bought curtains is, I’d like to add two more panels to my front windows, but you’ve got a 50-50 shot of the stripes lining up. Not very consistently made, but what do you expect from Target!

    I vote for the stripes, they’re bold but not overwhelming!

    1. I had no idea that curtains had seasons. I have the same curtains hanging all year round. If you like them, leave them up in the winter. You have to live with it. Your mom and sister don’t.

  37. I vote stripes. Still have the breezy look you’re looking or & go better with the rug. I like the color too .

  38. I love the stripes! The trellis pattern combined with pattern on the chairs may be too much. You could even keep your white curtains and put a light or dark teal trim running down on the inside of the panels for some added color. Whatever you decide, I know it will look awesome! Beautiful room!

  39. Hi Kristi, a follower from Canada here. I love how you manage to do so much diy and are prepared to change direction if things don’t work out just right for you… I’ve been living with the wrong paint colours for so long that they’re starting to feel right. I also love how you will accept so much input from your readers, making adjustments and changes when the concensus of opinions steer you in another direction. I can’t help but feel the rug has too heavy a look in this room, where everything else should make a soft backdrop to the beautiful fabric on the chairs. However, maybe a light grey stripe on the drapes would tie in the rug without adding too much contrast. The green could come from the leaves on the bush/tree outside the window. IMHO.

  40. I’m loving how this room is coming together. My personal favorite would be the striped curtains, just because the white part of the stripe would allow more light to pass through the panels. But, I may recall you saying that the curtains probably wouldn’t be pulled across anyway since you have the blinds for privacy. So there goes that theory! Ha! Maybe I too just like the stripes! Either way, I’m sure it will look fantastic!

  41. I think bringing in more of the lovely green that’s on your chairs via your curtains is a brilliant idea! Either stripes or trellis would work, although I’m leaning toward stripes (but you have to understand I’ve had a love affair with stripes for over 30 years. LOL).

  42. The trellis pattern is beautiful, however with the rug you have purchased I believe the stripes would be best. the light green color you are considering would be very nice.
    Do you remember where you purchased the stencil. I am thinking about that in my bath/bedroom.

    Thank you

    1. There’s a link under the stencil picture to the source. I purchased it from Sarah Dorsey’s Etsy store, but it doesn’t look like she carries it anymore. I’ve seen similar trellis pattern stencils from Cutting Edge and Royal Design Studios. Both have online stores.

  43. I’m on the stripe bandwagon! The trellis is a lot of pattern with the rug and the chairs. If you can’t live with the white (my actual preference, lol, but then I don’t live there!) the stripes seem cleaner and they match how you decorate. I think you’d like the trellis in the short term, like the white curtains, but to stand the test of time, I think you’d be happier with stripes long term. Of course I could be dead wrong. 🙂 So you should do what you feel is calling you!!

  44. Stripes! Trellis is too busy, also I think the trellis pattern fights with your rug. Stripes are calming, clean and uncluttered. That’s my thoughts for what it’s worth!

  45. Generally I love stripes (I think I got that a couple of years ago from reading your blog) but somehow they don’t feel right to me. (Same goes for trellis.) Too many different patterns on top of each other (chairs, carpet, curtains). Maybe you could you do some sort of trim, repeating what is on your chairs?

    1. Same here. I just feel there are too many patterns competing. I do think the green brightens up the room though. Maybe you could do a solid green curtain with teal trim.

  46. Honestly, I might hold off on the curtains until you have the chinoiserie mural planned out. The stripes and trellis pattern are both high contrast and focus pulling. I see the mural (in my head at least) as being the star of the show in this room. Can’t wait to see how it turns out, in any case!

    1. I’m thinking the same thing. In any case, the trellis pattern is too small. Stripes are a better scale for the other patterns in the room. If you choose a stripe, you may be happiest with a very light version of blue or green. My personal choice would be a light (ivory) patterned sheer. Let the sun shine in! Can’t wait to see what you choose in the end, but don’t feel rushed.

  47. I think you should use the green stripes on your curtains. It would tie together the green on your chairs to the buffet you’re planning to paint green. It would seem more like its own room with the green yet not clash with the kitchen’s teal. I’m sure that you will figure it out.

  48. Stripes! Stripes! Stripes! The other is just way too busy with all the other designs! Love the stripes, and it doesn’t much matter the color 😉

  49. I know mine is not the popular opinion, but when I look at the picture of the room with white curtains, I see the beautiful chairs and woven shades and cabinets. When I see the pictures with patterned curtains, I see just that… patterned curtains. I think the solid white ones provide the perfect backdrop to both brighten the room and compliment, yet not compete with, the other beautiful patterns that should stand out.

    Having said that, I totally understand the love of all things striped! If you go that route, my vote is for a light teal stripe. Either way, it’s a gorgeous room!

  50. I love the view from your table to the outside. Personally, I like the white as it doesn’t detract from that beautiful view. What about waiting until you’ve finished the rest of the room to see if you still feel the same way? Sometimes less is more!

    1. Yes! Also, the first photo example shows everything plain except the striped drapes. In your room, there’s a lot for the eye to play with already. White would be a “rest” for the eyes and play up the view and chairs as well.

  51. Perhaps somebody suggested this already (I haven’t read all 85 prior comments), but what if you did a color block? Cut off the white curtains and replace the bottom with color. Buy a length that measures the width of the curtains and cut crosswise, which will avoid having to piece. I have done this and added a narrow strip between the top and bottom colors.

  52. Trellis in a really really light colour so that the effect is more subdued and subtle — almost like a watercolour wash effect. I would do it either in a light green or light teal, or even an off white so it’s like tone on tone. Ohhhh, I like that idea so much that I’m going to have to keep it in mind for when I finally get around to sewing the roman blinds for my kitchen windows!

  53. I would put together all the elements in the room and kitchen, then revisit the drapery. I’m personally loving the plain white- you have a LOT going on in there already. And, well, you know how kitchens always seem to get cluttery, despite best efforts. Live with the white for a week after you get it all put together and then make your decision. Been there!

  54. Ditto, Lisa. I think you should hem and pleat the white curtains and move on the the buffet and other elements before you make a decision. You may love the white after all.

  55. Teal stripes the same color as your cabinets. As others said, the trellis or any other busy fabric is too much. I don’t like the green – the teal would complement your beautiful cabinets.

  56. I agree with the NEITHER crowd. Solid would look best to me. Either the white or very soft green. Like someone else mentioned, maybe wait until after rug and mural are complete before making a change…? I’m certain whatever you end up doing will be beautiful!

  57. LOVE THE STRIPES in the blue soft green and with the bold width of the white stripe in the pattern, it softens the look.
    Can’t wait to see your kitchen🤗

  58. Yes, stripes are definitely a favorite of yours and you’ll like them for probably longer than the trellis. I vote for the softer green stripes and think you can tie them in with the kitchen by adding some green or green and teal accents in counter top accessories and kitchen tools.

  59. Hi Kristi, it’s all looking great! Can you tell me why you don’t want to paint curtains? I just got several sets of the Ikea Ritva panels. I am wanting a 3″ black border or so at least on the leading edge (I’ll live with that awhile to decide is I want onadd the border along the top and down the back edge as well). I’ve seen it done with ribbon and with paint online. How would you do it and why? Thanks a bunch!

  60. Definitely the stripes! As for the color, I’m not sure about the green. Are there and wheat/brownish/taupe tones you can pull out of the chair fabric?

  61. If I remember correctly, in a previous post, you mentioned just adding a decorative edging to the white curtains. Seems like that would still be the best option…it would break up the all white that’s not doing anything for you, without overwhelming/competing with everything else you have going on in the room. Excited to see all of your ideas coming together into a beautiful, cohesive look!

  62. You do so many things over again. I marvel at your energy and talents, but I think you should slow down , live with things awhile and get the room finished before adding your accents. I think the stripes and trellis are way too busy with your chair fabric. Why not concentrate on getting the background settled before rugs, curtains and chair fabric are selected? I think you would save a lot of time, money and stress if you focused on completing the space first.

    1. Your comment confuses me a bit. What else is there to do? My kitchen cabinets are painted, the floor has been finished, the breakfast room is painted and trimmed out. I’m ready to decorate — move forward and get it done, not slow down.

  63. Sorry to confuse you. Your chairs , table, and curtains were done before you had the rooms completed . You have so many projects that have rooms that open to other rooms. Some of the things you have done and redone seem to be problematic because you have changed your mind about colors or patterns. It is amazing to see the amount of work you accomplish in a short time. Because you work so incredibly quickly , some of your do- overs could be eliminated if you would wait to see the whole rather than trying to complete things before you have spaces that open or flow into each other all done.

  64. Kristi,

    I love how your “kitchen mantel” turned out!! So honored my kitchen was the inspiration. You are welcome!!!

    I would go with teal stripes. If you are thinking too matchy matchy then go one or two shades lighter then the cabinets but still in the same family. I really don’t mind the teal…actually looks complete. You can always off set with black or white accessories to help with some grounding. Also, bring in some brown to incorporate the floor. Wicker baskets or wooden plate chargers can be wall art too. OK, waaaay too much rambling. See what happens when you make me feel like I have a sense of style. haha

    Trust your gut…you know what you like!

  65. Since I didn’t get to your blog till tonight, I don’t have time to read all the lovely comments above. But my vote is: Finish the kitchen cabinets and trim; put down the rug; THEN decide for sure about the curtains. I guess you’re waiting for the new doors to arrive, and that’s why you haven’t finished your kitchen? I worry that the rug and the busy chair upholstery, together with stripes on curtains might be too much. How about pinning some fabric to one of the drapes to simulate finished striped drapes and seeing the result along with the rug down. Of course that would necessitate buying the fabric, but if you’re pretty sure you want that anyway, it won’t matter.

  66. I was going to vote for a lighter shade of teal stripes, then I saw your rug. Now I think maybe a solid color with a patterned trim would probably look best. I’m sure whatever you decide will look great! Can’t wait to see what you decide.

  67. I like the idea of stripes, but I would like to see 3 narrower stripes in the lower one third of the curtains. You get a taste of stripes to dress up your curtains but they would not take away from your lovely chairs.

  68. Kristi, I definitely agree with the stripes. I love the teal and don’t think it’s too much. What if you went with a lighter shade of teal?

  69. I love the trellis drapes, however with the pattern on the rug and chairs, it might be too much…I like the idea of using the white curtains with a the trellis trim.

  70. I like the teal stripes! The green stripes are okay but the green looks washed out to my eye. (Remember, that is not a criticism, just what I observed) The pattern was nice but my preference is the teal stripes. Loved them.

  71. Stripes. I love trellis prints, but it’s too busy next to the chairs and rug patterns. I love those aqua striped curtains–lovely. Maybe a slightly different green though–it looks a bit too pale, but that might just be because it’s a quite photoshop job. I think it will tie in nicely with the pantry cabinets too. Love how these two rooms are shaping up. Can’t wait to see what happens to the music room too.

  72. I’m sure I’m in the vast minority here, but I would truly try to live with them a bit longer. Wait until you have the buffet, artwork, rug and accessories in place before making a decision. From what you have mentioned, there will be a lot of pattern and bold color in the room with the chairs, buffet, rug and possible bird mural. I think at that point, it will be very obvious what direction your curtains should take.

  73. Teal Stripes are my favorite. The trellis is too busy with the chair pattern. The green stripes are OK but the teal in the context of the chairs and whole room is lovely. And it obviously coordinates with the cabinets but with the table right there it doesn’t look like teal overload to me. It looks perfect 🙂

  74. I will be one of the few on the trellis side of the issue! I personally don’t like wide horizontal stripes. I feel like when you walk into the room the eye goes straight to those stripes and they overwhelm everything else. I think the trellis actually counter balances the chairs very nicely and keeps the eye moving around the room (if that makes sense). Do what you love though and it will be perfect for you!

  75. Kristi, are you planning to make the striped curtains by using the fabric from the ones you currently have? Seems that would be a practical and economical way to go about it.

    1. I plan on using the Ritva curtains that I currently have, ad adding color to them in some way, whether it’s stripes, a trellis pattern, or something else.

  76. The white curtains look the best!! But, if it must be a pattern then the turquoise stripe curtains look the smoothest.

  77. I prefer the TRELLIS.

    I like the how the curves of the pattern complements the curves on the chair fabric.

    Whatever you choose, I’m sure will be beautiful.

  78. Any kind of pattern on the curtains is going to compete with those beautiful chairs. The curtains need to be a solid (light) color, or very subtle in design to enhance rather than trying to be the stand-out. Maybe a subtle ombre effect would work here, with a green color at the topic of the curtains fading into white at the bottom, to frame the dining table and lovely upholstered chairs. Also, I’m not a fan of curtains that are so long as to lay on the floor, but I know that’s apparently the style now.

  79. The teal stripe curtains pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease….

    The inspiration pic is the most YOU pic i’ve ever seen

    And even the mockup just makes that room… WOW… it just ROCKS… stunning… Beautiful Peaceful..Welcoming… I would never want to leave that room

    I’ve never felt so strongly about anything else on your blog ever and I’ve been (mostly) lurking for years!

  80. As a drapery professional, I’d recommend adding a tape trim that brings in the colors from your chairs to the white panels. Then add art with color to the side wall.

  81. Kristi,

    Your table and chairs look beautiful!
    But, I think the drapes detract from the room–the space is too small and the drape on the right covers your lower cabinet.
    What about a window treatment that is not full length or even none at all?

  82. My opinion is to leave the white curtains. It’s not a busy, overwhelmed, or heavy look. If you want to add same color, you can add just one wide stripe or two – wide and narrow stripes. When holidays ( Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc.) come, your room will have a more elegant look with white curtains and interchanging decor.