Breakfast Room Wall Treatment – Using Exterior Siding On Interior Walls

I’ve been doing so much demolition and not-so-pretty stuff lately that I was just longing to do a project yesterday that would actually end up with a pretty finished result (rather than bare studs, or creepy nests from mysterious visitors).  So I decided to get started on the wall treatment for the breakfast room.

The other day I was talking to my mom all about my plans, and I told her that I wanted to use exterior siding on the walls of the breakfast room, just as a nod to the fact that this room was originally an exterior part of the house (an exterior breezeway, or dogrun, connecting the house to the garage).  I’m pretty sure she thought I was crazy, but after I showed her a few examples online, she seemed to be on board with the idea.

So yesterday, I was determined to get one wall done — installed, primed, and painted.  Unfortunately, I only had time to do one coat of paint (it’ll need at least two, if not three) so it’s still rather blotchy, but at least you’ll get the idea!

exterior siding used inside

(Sorry for the dark photo.  I still don’t have electricity in this room.)

Now if you’re wondering about the color I chose, that’s a nod to the house’s history.  As I’ve uncovered “layers” in the other parts of the house, I’ve discovered that at one time, the walls, the trim, the interior doors, and the exterior of the house were all painted seafoam green.  So I thought this would be a fun way to bring that part of the house’s history back to life.

Plus, I think it’ll look great with the green that I have picked out for the cabinets – kind of an analogous color scheme, especially if I bring in some blues (which you know I will since they’re my favorite).

Probably my favorite thing about this seafoam green color is how it really complements the rich, dark wood ceiling.  I had been undecided until now about what I wanted to do with the ceiling.  I had assumed I’d just paint it white for now, but after seeing it against the seafoam green, I’ve decided that it definitely needs to stay that rich, dark brown.  I’ll need to touch it up in areas, or maybe just re-stain the whole thing, but I think it’ll be really beautiful when it’s “new” again.

But probably my absolute favorite thing about this wall (and I think you’ll love this, too) is…


I’m totally kidding!!!  😀

Oh, come on…it’s April Fool’s Day!  So did I get you?  Did you think I had absolutely lost my mind?

Actually that seafoam green siding is something that I uncovered yesterday while pulling the plywood off of the walls in the breakfast room.  (I’m trying to remove all of the shoe moulding, baseboards, and plywood to get the room ready for self-leveling compound.)  Underneath that plywood, I’ve discovered vertical stained pine paneling, horizontal stained pine paneling, pieced together pine paneling, and now this seafoam green siding.  And yes, the house was once painted this color, as I’ve discovered by uncovering other areas of exterior siding painted this color in the sunroom and the storage room in the back of the garage, as were the interior walls, interior trim, and interior doors.  😀

Now there is some truth to this post.  I did tell my mom that I want to use siding in this room as a nod to the fact that this room was originally an exterior part of the house.  And yes, she did think I was a bit crazy until I showed her pictures.  But what I had in mind was something a little more along these lines…

entryway by colleen brett via houzzTraditional Entry by Philadelphia Media & Bloggers Colleen Brett

…and definitely not seafoam green. 😀

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  1. Ok, you got me…first thing in the morning with little sleep. I was thinking though how many AMAZING things you do and that you would totally pull it off and make it look beautiful! 🙂

  2. Well, I have to admit, you got me. I had TOTAL faith in you that you could “make it work.” 😀

    However, I am relieved to see that GORGEOUS inspiration picture you posted at the end. That is fantastic.

      1. me too! lol I was like- Well Kristi is really switching things up- ok- it’s her house. Whatevs… Pretty much anything you do would look awesome.

  3. Ba, ha, ha, ha!!! LMAO!!!
    Here’s proof I’d follow you anywhere!
    While reading this, I was thinking, “That sounds terrible, but I can’t wait to see pictures when it’s all done because I just know Kristi will make it all come together in some way unimaginable to me.”

      1. Yep, me too. Gotta say, the plans sometimes start out sounding a bit odd, and then Kristi pulls it off AGAIN. I think it’s a great testament to her skill that so many of us bought her April Fools plans! 😀

    1. Ha, Ha!!! Me, too! I think it’s because you do so many things that I would never think of and they all turn out beautifully, that I am willing to go along with whatever new idea you come up with. However, I did wonder about the color of the wall with the color I thought you were choosing for the cabinets. It was going to be a faith thing…lol.

  4. I’m not a t all a prankster by nature, and I never remember when it’s the 1st of April, so yeah, you got me, too. ~:0)

  5. Ha! You got me!! I totally believed you’d make this work and it would come out looking as amazing as everything else you do! I didn’t even bat an eye lash, had total faith that you would make it work! LOL!! Happy April I truly do Fool’s day! P.S. I love the inspiration picture, not THAT will look amazing!!

  6. I didn’t even think it sounded terrible—you explained it so well that I figured it was going to turn out well in the end.

    I do love that last photo. Really love it.

  7. Wow, you sure got me, while I was reading I kept thinking that I couldn’t imagine how those two greens would ever go
    I know you do some pretty amazing things. I kept thinking that I couldn’t wait to see it all done. And now I never and I think that’s a good thing!
    Enjoy your day, looking forward to more posts. Yours from snowy Canada.
    Ps. We just can’t get winter to quit here, we will be so glad to see summer and get grass

  8. Well, I tried to like it, lol, until I read you were keeping the ceiling a dark brown. Even then, I held an open mind. You got me. Thanks for the chuckle.

  9. OK, you got me too. But in my defense, I was up very late last night watching the opening day Indians game from Oakland. So I am not at my – ahem – usual discerning best this morning. And just to make you feel a little bit ashamed of yourself, as I read this post I was thinking: wow. That’s butt ugly. But if I understand what Kristi is all about, she will turn this into something very, very cool. Don’t see it yet, though. So, Kristi. You are forgiven. And thanks for the smile. Keep up the great work! You inspire.

  10. Well Good Morning to you too! You got me fooled, too…. because I am so impressed by your energy and talent…that I knew I was in for a treat! But the inspiration piece… will be an absolutely joy to watch unfold!

  11. You are BAD!!!!!!! I’m with the others..I thought “oh well, it’s her house”….
    Toooooo funny!!!!!

  12. Ok, so I too thought “eeewwww”, “yuk” and then “I’m curious to see how she’s going to make it look awesome ’cause I know she’s going to pull it off in the end”… Hmmm, you are perhaps developing something of a cult here…

  13. The only reason I knew from the beginning that it was a prank was because the floor would have to be built up before you start on the walls. Had it not been for that floor, I would have bought it hook, line and sinker. And I wouldn’t even have thought you had lost your mind. I absolutely love that you will use some exterior finish on the walls of the breakfast room.

    Did I understand you right? You pulled everything off the sunroom walls, or did you mean to say breakfast room walls? You’re a regular whirlwind, but might as well level both floors at once. Should the whole house be leveled before you try leveling the floors in those two rooms to match? I have no idea.

    I’m so glad you’re having so much fun!

  14. You totally had me!! Every single year I remind myself to be wary of April Fools hijinks and Every Single Year I get fooled by someone. Thanks for the laugh.

  15. You could totally make it work is what i was thinking. And also I was thinking how in a million years I would never have the creativity to think of something so ‘awful’ as you were suggesting and have the panache to make it look good, which I have no doubt you would.

  16. LOL. This was a good one. However, truthfully I kind of liked the wall! I have faith that you would make it magazine worthy! You are a bright spot in my mornings!

  17. You got me as well! I was reading and thinking ” I don’t know about this idea”, but I’ve seen you do some amazing stuff and thought ok she’s going to do it again. Thanks for the laugh because we are having a snow storm here today which I think should have been an Aprils fool joke. Cheers

  18. My first thought when I opened your blog today: Please, let it be April Fool`s Day! 🙂
    Uhhh…relieved. 🙂

  19. I kept telling myself…’s not your house….if she likes it dark and dreary you don’t have to live with it! I am so glad it was a joke…I love the look of the pic you show. I am sure it will be a knock out.

  20. Well I wasn’t digging the color but to each his own right? But I DO LOVE the WALL itself. I actually would do that in a heartbeat…probably white not seafoam green (one of my least favorite colors).

    So, you GOT ME but you didn’t GET me all at the same time cuz I was half way there with ya.

    I really really really like your sample tho of bringing outdoors in with the shingled siding above the white paneling…very pretty!


  21. Ha ha ha 😀 You got me!

    I was confused as to why you would begin working on a wall before putting down your floor but, as always, I continue to have complete faith in your judgment.

    I am pleased that this was a joke and would most likely fall for another like it. 🙂

  22. You got me! I thought “Well, this will be the first thing she does that I really don’t care for!” lol. Glad you were kidding. =)

    And I do like the last pic you posted.

  23. Well, you did have me going…but I kept looking at the pics and thinking “this doesn’t look like her usual standard of work! I can see nail holes all over the place and shoddy joints between boards!” I think it could be a cool idea maybe…(and on my monitor it doesn’t look so seafoamy) so I thought it was possible.

  24. But that would go so well with your copper and green kitchen! Can’t wait to see how the kitchen turns out. I like the green, but was thinking how dark and dreary it would look with all that dark paint and wood. I was skeptical…but hopeful you could pull it off.

  25. Oh, you got me too! When I got to the April fool part I laughed out loud – Good one! I love that siding and the details in the inspiration picture though. That will look beautiful in there. 🙂

  26. Kristi,

    You go girl! I think you have a great idea. Just bringing the history back into the house will be such a great way to restore and remain historically correct. Hillary Clinton, started a restore America while her husband was president. You know, Jackie Kennedy did the same thing while her husband was in the White House. Wish more people thought like you that it’s not just about your own ideas but a wonderful nod to the past. Almost want to say the Pledge of Alliance right now. Continue the great work! 🙂 P.S. Would you mind if I share your idea? I will be sure to give your credit and add a link. 🙂


  27. lol…yeah you got me! I was seriously questioning why in the world you would do this cuz -well, I thought it was ugly… and then I was trying to say…hmmm, okay I may think it’s ugly but Kristi is good so I guess I’ll have to wait and see what she does with this. haha good one girl!

  28. Ha! While I am not a fan of seafoam green, that fact that I (and others) still believed that in the end, the wall and room would be amazing and Kristified. Like that new word? lol

    Well played! 😀

  29. Oh boy, since I just found your blog this morning and have really no idea what you are all about yet I just thought you must be historically restoring an old farmhouse or something. I mean I do have that old barn siding on my barn, my shed and my chicken coop. There is even some of it under the stucco on my house in town. So I could totally see your vision looking at it from my point of view, lol! Truly, if you staged this room with an old wood burning stove, a spatter ware coffee pot stuffed full of some wild flowers and a farm table that has seen better days it would probably be a highly re-pinned Pinterest photo! Ha! Happy April 1st to you too!!

  30. So I guess I’m the only one that loves this! Lol. That is one of my favorite colors. And that wood ceiling next to it is amazing. So maybe the ceiling isn’t great in real life but refinished and a fresh coat of the same green could be so cute. Adjacent walls white with gold chandelier. And oh my goodness I just finished the perfect painting for that wall 😉 And my mom is rarely on board with my design ideas. Lol.

    1. I liked it too.. I thought it would go being she is painting the kitchen cabinets a dark green anyways…. I knew whatever she was going to do in there it would turn out great. Then she got us… well that picture is very nice but it has alot of details, I’m sure she can pull it off…WAY TO GO KRISTI….!!!11

  31. I KNEW IT !!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m a genius – ’cause I just knew it lol
    ( actually I was remembering last years post where you talked about giving up blogging – and thought she’s doing it again LOL )

  32. Hey Kristi, I was thinking how many amazing things you do. GORGEOUS inspiration picture you posted at the end. That is fantastic. Great job. Your wall treatment for the breakfast room is incredible. Have a good day.

  33. Ba ha ha ha ha! You got me. I actually like that horizonal siding but the color kind of stopped me. The color isn’t horrible but I wondered about it being too much since you’re going to paint your kitchen cupboards green. Anyway, I love the wainscoting and cedar siding in your inspiration photo! Very pretty and the white will be nice and bright!

  34. Maybe because I didn’t read this until April 2, but you TOTALLY got me. I have so little decorating sense that I was thinking, “Well I hate it, but if Kristy likes it I’m sure it will turn out.” LOL- good one!

  35. I wasn’t going to say anything because it is, after all, your house…but yes, I thought you had smelled too many paint fumes or something. I just thought this siding was waaaaayyy out of whack for you…not the beautiful finishes I’m used to with your projects. However,
    I LOVE the white siding and think it would be beautiful in your house.