DIY Lace Chandelier

After yesterday’s discussion about the dreaded “boob” light, I was reminded of this project that I had seen over on College Life DIY. I’m generally not a huge fan of lace, but I have to admit, I think this looks pretty fantastic! In just the right room, with just the right decor, this would be great! And it’s a simple and inexpensive update, too.



That look pretty great, right? To see the details, head over to College Life DIY.



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  1. I like a bit of lace now and then. This reminds me of some lights I bought at Ikea. They’re made of soft paper and you can get them in various colours.
    BTW, your commentLuv isn’t working for me. 🙁

  2. I love this idea but wish I understood how its stay up on the ceiling? And did they happen to find a basket just the same size as the ceiling bracket for the old boob light. I read the instructions but when they get to the part where the screw it into the ceiling they lose me. I really did try to understand and I really want to know.

    1. It looks to me like they fashioned some sort of metal thing that fits in the bottom of the wire basket. If you look closely, you can see that they taped it to the wire basket. That metal thing has a small round hole in it that fits over the original nipple (I promise…that really is what they’re called!) on the original light (the nipple is the threaded metal thing that hangs down from the center of the original light that the glass generally fits over and then is held in place with a decorative metal finial type thing that screws onto the nipple).

  3. Finally, someone else who “sees” these lights for the real thing that they are; an exhibition of the female form. We used to wonder at who ever dreamed up the concept of making a light-shade look like a boob as our local pub was full of them.
    Neat Article