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Spring Wreath With Paper Pulp Egg Carton Flowers {VIDEO}

Matt and I have been eating quite a few eggs lately, and since we buy the free range brown eggs that usually come in the pretty paper pulp egg cartons, I had quite a few of those stacking up! I have a hard time getting rid of the paper pulp egg cartons (even if that means returning them to the person I bought the eggs from at the farmers market) because their texture is so nice, and I’m convinced that there are a thousand pretty things that can be made with them (although I’ve only found one so far–flowers!) So before we became overrun with paper egg cartons, I decided to put five of them to use and make a spring wreath for my door.

I know what you’re thinking. Spring already, Kristi?! Yep, spring. Our weather around here has been so mild that I’ve felt silly with a snowball wreath on my door, even though it’s still officially winter. So I decided to go ahead and make a spring wreath. Here’s what I came up with…

See what I mean about the texture of the paper? I want to find more ways to use it, but because the flat areas on egg cartons are so limited, I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas. But I suppose there are plenty of things you can do with paper pulp egg carton flowers, right? So far I’ve made a pretty little pendant light and this wreath. Hmmm…what else needs flowers?

I decided to do something a little different with this project. Instead of doing a step-by-step post with lots of pictures like I usually do, I decided to do a video tutorial! I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Hey Kristi! I can’t wait to start mine – please give Matt my Thanks!! for working so hard on the video. It was very helpful to see how you wrapped your wreath. I would have cut narrow strips & wrapped around & around the old-fashioned way. I like your method/look so much more! Thanks! to both of you for caring, sharing, & encouraging so many!

  2. Kristi – you can use the egg cartons for seedlings – I know you live in a condo but you may have a spot to seed your own summer flowers. Also schools are always looking for cartons for school projects. Beautiful wreath, the flowers are lovely.

  3. If you have a fireplace, bbq, or firepit (or go camping), they make great firestarters. Fill with melted wax and tuck in some cotton balls or dryer lint (yes, there’s a use for that too and you can use up your old candle ends). Toss one into your fireplace (or other device), light it with a match or lighter, and you are good to go.

    1. that’s a great idea! I hate using the log starters, but even with our dry wood we have problems getting a nice fire going without something to help.

  4. I have chickens and neighbors buy eggs from me. They save cartons and bring them to me. We recycle. Besides using them for selling eggs I also use them for seedlings like someone else already posted here. If you know of a person who has chickens I bet they would love to have them. I know a few people in my area that have chickens that pay.05 a carton or give a free dozen eggs for empty cartons.

    1. I’ll take the ones I don’t use back to the farmers market where I get my eggs. 🙂 I was mainly wondering about what other decorative purposes I can use them for, because the texture is so pretty (to me).

  5. You’re so creative and love all your ideas.
    The wreath and the video directions were both first class!
    Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  6. Be really careful using used egg cartons; salmonella is spread on the outside of the egg (from poop, etc.) as well as on the inside–it’s impossible to completely wash it off the egg, and you can’t wash the pulp-type egg cartons.