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Entryway Progress – Black Buffet & Finished Mural Wall

First things first, I finished my wall mural. Yesterday morning, I added some updated pictures to Friday’s post. But just in case you missed that, here’s how I decided to finish out the edges of the mural panels.

finished hand drawn bird and butterfly wall mural with gold gilding mural - 1

I painted a border around each panel with the wall color, and then added a very thin border of Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding in gold. I just taped off the border with painters tape, and painted on the liquid gold gilding with a small paint brush.

Now on to the buffet. I already know that many of you are going to be disappointed about this, but I painted my buffet. I loved the coral buffet…

buffet makeover painted with Behr Japanese Kimono - 1

…and quite honestly, it looked beautiful with the wall mural. And sadly, I didn’t get a picture of it with the mural because I actually started repainting it before I even started on the mural.

I know. Disappointment all around. Sorry. 🙁

But now my buffet is black. And you’ll also notice that the doors don’t have the carved design anymore. I wasn’t really fond of the door design, so I just flipped them and put the design on the inside and the flat side on the outside.

black buffet makeover - 1

So why did I paint it? Well, first of all, I painted my buffet the coral color because I was planning on using the watercolor fabric in the dining room, so I pulled a color out of that fabric for the buffet. I’m not using that fabric in the dining room anymore. (I’ll be using it in my office, so it won’t go to waste.)

black buffet makeover - 2

But the second reason is because the coral color will be making an appearance in the dining room and the entryway in another way (more on that later), so having a coral buffet in addition to the other coral would just be way too much.

black buffet makeover - 3

Plus, I really like black…obviously. And the black buffet will tie in nicely with the black that I plan to add to the dining room. (More on that later also.)

black buffet makeover - 4

So I grabbed some black paint out of my paint stash and got busy. I used Behr Ultra Pure Black in a satin finish, and then used Polycrylic in a matte finish on top.

black buffet makeover - 5

I also added new hardware — these pendant pulls and these swan-neck bail pulls, all in unlacquered brass.

black buffet makeover - 6

I’m anxious to finish up this entryway! I pulled out these two glass base lamps that I bought a while back, and I think they’ll look nice here. I will need to do something with the lampshades, though. That silver color looks awful in the room and against the mural, so if I do decide to use them here, I’ll need to recover the shades with another fabric. Or I might decide to use these in another room and use other lamps here. I’ll wait to decide on that until after I find the mirror that I want to use on the wall above the buffet.

black buffet makeover - 7

I’ve been searching for the perfect mirror, and unfortunately, the only one that I really like isn’t even available anymore. If I could have my pick of any mirror, I’d choose the Atoll mirror with the scalloped edges from Ballard Designs, but they don’t carry it anymore.

atoll mirror with scalloped edges from Ballard Designs

I’ve found some that are similar, but none that I think are as pretty as the one from Ballard. So I’m still searching.

And yes, I will be hanging something on the wall. 🙂 I know several of you said that I shouldn’t, but I never intended for the mural to be stand alone artwork. I intended it to be more like wallpaper, and wallpaper is a backdrop, not stand alone artwork. And even if I hang a mirror on the wall, I’ll still have plenty of mural showing on that wall. So my search for the perfect mirror continues.


Just to clarify about the doors, all I did was reverse them so that the side that was originally on the outside is now on the inside. This flat side was originally the part that was inside.

black buffet makeover - close up of doors - 1

And now when I open the door, the side with the carved design is on the inside.

black buffet makeover - close up of doors - 2

The hole for the pull isn’t in the center of the door. It’s more towards the top. So in order to keep the hole for the pull on top, I couldn’t just flip the doors over. I had to take the door that was originally on the left and use it on the right, and take the door that was originally on the right and use it on the left. I kind of lucked out in that the mortised areas for the hinges, as well as the screw holes for the hinges, still lined up perfectly.



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    1. I was actually thinking the same thing. That mirror IS gorgeous and I bet Kristi could totally DIY something like it… What about using plaster soaked cloth…I think it’s called hardware cloth? And I bet you could use clearance plastic easter eggs to help prop up the ruffles while it dries! =D

      1. My first thought was, “I bet she could somehow replicate that mirror!!” Kristi, I know you could. Somehow. 😉 Show us how it’s done. Pretty please? 😉

  1. The room already is coming together so much quicker than before! It seems as though you have a clear vision now! I love the new direction. The buffet while I’m disappointed to see it change color I understand it was causing issues with the design. But what’s a coat of paint?? It looks amazing in black too! Could you not make a similar mirror frame to the one you’ve shown? I’m almost thinking with something like paper mache (LOL! I know that sounds silly, but it almost has that look to it!)

  2. Well, I was wondering. I think I just loved the coral color, but I have to admit the buffet looks way more elegant and fits better in black. Happy to see the coral coming back elsewhere (table?). I think the direction you are going in now is much more “you.” Cannot wait to see the rest.

  3. Loved the coral, but this is elegant! I am partial to black painted pieces anyway. And I like the mirror idea. I think skinny taller lamps would be better though, IMHO.
    Can’t wait for more!

  4. Try calling Ballards and speak directly to customer service. Sometimes when they are low on stock, they remove it from online. Also, call their outlet stores. I know there’s one in Cincinnati and one in Atlanta. There might be other outlets. I’m just not sure.

  5. Loved your coral buffet, but the black is stunning! I thing it’s strong enough to stand alone, but will also look great with the dining room!

    Genius idea to switch the doors around to the flat side…totally stealing that idea in the future!!!

  6. awwwwwww black looks fine, but I think the coral buffet would go beautifully here! entryways are supposed to give the visitor an idea of what’s to come – that buffet did that! count me disappointed.

  7. All of this looks wonderful……..love the edging around the murals and absolutely love the black buffet. What a great solution to the doors! I would never have thought of doing that! This has turned into a very elegant space! Kudos to you!

  8. I Love Love the new direction! The buffet looks amazing against the ‘wallpaper’ and doesnt compete with the designs but enhances them. Cant wait to see all the other things. As for the lights I would go with something simpilar and definately glass or brass.

  9. Great progress. How about back shades? The lamps won’t look like they are floating and they will be grounded and make a statement. The black buffet is so striking.

  10. Superb!!! The wall looks Perfecto!!! Love to “sit back” and watch your creative process. You have perfected the look on that wall so far, with even more to come (mirror, lamps)! Stunning, beautiful!!!

  11. Nooooooooooooo!!!! 🙂

    Seriously though, I had a hunch this was coming. I’m glad you made the decision YOU like and not the decision WE like.

    It does look nice in black, by the way. There was just something about the coral that was neat and unique without being gaudy.

    1. I totally agree Justin…!!! 🙁

      Black is one of my favourite furniture colours but that coral buffet just sung in the entryway. No doubt you can see the bigger picture Kristi and we are unable to see that just yet.

      Looking forward to the complete reveal.

  12. Interesting Kristi, I was just thinking about your coral buffet the other day, and thought that was the reason for indecision in the diningroom. You are a green, blue, gold girl with a touch of black and white. Throwing coral in the mix was upsetting the whole apple cart. Love the new direction.

      1. I am in the process of buying my first place – and had already decided on green walls & black/white accessories! No wonder I love what you do so much! We have the same tastes-especially for “elegance with touches of whimsy.”
        I have a small, almost dainty, China cabinet & have been trying to decide what to do – of course, it shall now become black!!! Beautiful room,, Kristi!. Need to search your blog posts for the green color you chose!

  13. Loving your style and DIY awesomeness! Love the buffet in black and the wallpaper is amazing!
    The mirror: have you tried Kirklands, World Market or Overstock.com? They always have a interesting variety

  14. I was gonna’ say the same, make a mirror..!! I’m sure you could make one just as nice or even better..!!! BTW I love it..

  15. This is so much more you Kristi. I have been keeping up with to date with you and noticed that you were getting side tracked with other people’s ideas. Like the white walls, I just knew they wouldn’t stay white long because you love color way to much to have white walls. I’m loving the walls now. They are prefect with what you are doing now. Oh and I love the black buffet. Thank goodness you are back on track with what you love and want in your forever home.

      1. Oh definitely and the input has helped Kristi a lot. Yet Kristi loves color and she’s good at using colors together and making all of us stand back and said WOW THAT’S BEAUTIFUL when she finishes a room.

  16. I think the painted mural looks so beautiful, I really hate to see it covered up. And you are going to have to drill a hole in your mural. The mural is too nice to cover! Black buffet is nice. I think I liked coral a little bit better but I know you have a plan here and it’s all going to come together.

  17. I just gotta say, the gold border really adds some “ooompf” if you know what I mean. It adds some sophistication and finishes the whole thing like a picture needs a frame.

  18. I have never commented before so here goes. I love love love the mural and I’m so happy you painted the buffet. Very elegant. I have some furniture painting projects coming up and you give me the incentive to make it happen.

  19. I cant wait to see how you style the top of the buffet. I struggle with that aspect myself and I need you for inspiration!

  20. I am going to miss that coral buffet but do understand why you painted it black. Very clever switching the doors around. The buffet looks beautiful with the painted wallpaper and those lamps. I am sure the right mirror or artwork will come along. Have you checked your stash for something that could be repurposed?

  21. There are some lamps at Pier 1 where the bases are like twigs or tree branches. Just a thought if you want them to tie in with the mural.

  22. The black buffet with the mural behind is perfect! Love the doors turned around (now eyeing my hutch!) great idea! Looking forward to what comes next!!!

  23. The touch of gold around your murals is perfect….just enough to really set it off. I was one of the VERY few who didn’t care for the coral, but that was just me, so I was elated to open up your post this morning to see you painted it black :). The finish on that paint is flawless and I like the door solution you came up with too. I would have liked to see brass sconces with black lamp shades above the buffet, but like someone else mentioned, I can also visualize two candlestick brass lamps on your buffet with black shades. Be careful with your decision for your mirror frame though. Your inspiration is a bit cutesy for my tastes, but you always seem to come through. Anxious already for next reveal!

  24. LOVE the black on the buffet.Really ties into the wallpaper elegantly.How about the coral color on the lamp shades? I like your new direction, much more sophisticated.

  25. Oh Kristi! Love the black and the new pulls☺ sooooo beautiful. The finish looks flawless. Did you spray it? I am on board 100%. Are you still going to do chairs on both sides of the buffet? Obviously, not black with white piping….hmmmm….WWKD?

    1. I painted it with a brush, and then sprayed the clear coat. I know how to get a paint finish smooth with a brush, but I don’t have a lot of experience with water-based polyurethanes, and couldn’t get it brushed on smoothly to save my life. So I ended up dragging it out to my front porch and spraying it.

      I am still going to have the two chairs flanking the buffet. Not black. Not white piping, either. 🙂

      1. You may not recall… but I’m confused on the matte finish you referenced for the Polycrylic. You chose satin for the paint and matte for the finish? Why matte? The piece appears to have a very nice sheen. I don’t understand. I would love to try to replicate what you’ve done. It really does look very nice, but I don’t understand the choice of matte finish. Can you help???!!!

  26. Love the buffet painted black! I was never crazy about the coral color paired with the stained top, but I thought you would eventually paint the top black while keeping the coral color. I was pleasantly surprised to see an all-black buffet this morning, and I love the solution you came up with for the doors. I also love the gold border you applied to your artwork and think ties in nicely with your overall design. Well done!

  27. Super elegant!!!!! Love everything that you have done! I have an idea on the lamps- why not paint the inside of the shade with gold paint, and the outside of the shade the same color as the lower wall. It would tie the the acrylic and gold curtain rods in with the lamps! This mural is a masterpiece- love it!!!! Fantastic job.

  28. Very nice! The chrome pole inside the lamps bothers me though. Can you switch it out for brass? Shades with an inner lining of gold would add warmth when lit.

    You always have great solutions.

  29. Firstly the wallpaper mural looks fantastic with the gold edging. It’s the perfect finish. I loved the buffet in coral, but I really love it more in black and with the new hardware, it looks so elegant and somehow it seems more you. Great idea to reverse the doors. You are so creative. Well done Kristi for trusting your vision, it is definitely coming together quickly now and looking so stylish!!

  30. Hi Kristi:

    Read your blog everyday and you are amazing! I especially love that you allow yourself the flexibility of change when your first go doesn’t meet your needs. One thing I’ve noticed over the months of following your posts is that your inclination is to keep some sort of natural wood on the pieces you refinish. Then later you end up painting the entire piece. I only mention this because I’m wondering if this is part of your creative process? Personally, I have to work through what I think I should do vs what I really wanted to do.

    1. It’s not part of my creative process as much as it is my determination to put some natural wood in my rooms somewhere (I think natural wood softens and warms up a room), but not being able to make it work anywhere so far. I’m very frustrated with it, because I really, REALLY want some natural wood in there somewhere, but I just can’t seem to make it work. Heck, I even stripped all of the drawers and doors on this buffet this past weekend, and actually tried staining them first. I had hoped for a stained/painted combo on this buffet. But I tried three different stain colors, and all of them turned an awful orange. So I decided to paint the whole thing. It turned out nice with it all black, but I just wish I could find the right spot for some natural wood in this room, AND get it stained the right color without it turning orange or red.

  31. Though I am sure the coral was beautiful with the mural, I believe the black sideboard does not compete with it and is very classy looking. Coral lumbar pillows for each chair?!! 🙂

  32. I’m having a hard time with the black, so I’ll wait to see finished room to see your vision. I know it’ll all work out in the end. It always does 🙂 I really don’t care for those lamps on the buffet though, because they have a silver bar running thru them that (to me) clashes with the brass pulls. JMHO, (and it’s not my house 🙂 I do know that when the room is done, it’ll be absolutely gorgeous picture perfect.

  33. Looks great! Love checking in and just reading and seeing what you’ve been doing! Love you are surprising us with what you’ve completed and not getting bogged down by lots of opinions/options!! I’ve searched but can’t seem to find what paint finish you used on all the trim work? The wall paint is flat I think…? Did you use flat on the trim? Thanks!

    1. JAB, I thought I was alone, so I am glad to see someone else noticed what I see. Kristi, you are amazing, and everything you do is stunning and clever, but I disagree with the paint color situation. I disliked the greenish paint on the walls, and the whole white, greenish, plus mural background color just does not blend together. In retrospect, I probably do not really dislike the green, but just the way it does not fit the other components, in my (totally amateur) opinion. The white is not right for this, in my opinion, just as JAB stated above.

  34. The black looks great, i can’t wait to see it all come together. I was looking forward to seeing the coral buffet but i think the black looks great.

  35. The border was brilliant. <3 I like the black, as the coral was always a little too dark (but black isn't?! my tastes make no sense) in my opinion, but I will miss the pop of colour. I'm sure you'll find plenty of ways to add colour back in, though! =D Dying to see the finished room, it's coming along so beautifully.

  36. The mural is amazing! Are you going to do the wall on the left hand side as well? Or are you leaving it the way it is.

    I love, love, love the black buffet. I wasn’t crazy about the coral….

  37. Personally I prefer the buffet in black. Good call on flipping the doors too. It looks so elegant together with the new hardware. I can’t wait to see the entry and dining room completed. I’m liking the direction your going. I’ve always loved black, white and green together.

  38. Great decision! The buffet and the piano now will not be competing for the eye when you enter the front door. Beautiful, the way it’s now coming together.

  39. Everything you have accomplished since the last big update looks terrific. I think the narrow gilding paint looks perfect as edging for the mural, and while I liked the coral buffet a lot, I completely understand your choice to change it to black. And in front of the mural wall, the black buffet makes the birds and butterflies pop in the loveliest way! The lamp bases you have there might be OK with shades covered in a coordinating fabric with the rest of the room, but perhaps consider taller buffet lamps. That’s a lot of space over there, and you don’t want the lamps looking skimpy. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

  40. So much better. I was never a fan of the coral buffet especially juxapositioned to the piano in the next room. The buffet in black is beautiful yet lets other elements shine without competing. It looks elegant against your “wall paper” as well. Again, not competing.

  41. You are a genius. I hated your mural. I hated that buffet. Now, with the two together (and the buffet with changed doors), I LOVE it! I also don’t like the mirror or the lamps and would have never chosen those things for myself. But, here, it works beautifully and I LOVE them, too! Amazing. Really amazing!

  42. I much prefer the buffet in black, and I wasn’t crazy about the carving either. I thought it made the buffet look cheap. This edition looks smart, tasteful and expensive. Something must be said for having the vision and flair to try to use any furniture piece in any room – well, maybe not beds – because then we can adapt and reuse many pieces!
    Maybe try an ebay search for the mirror; or krrb, craigslist? Used? Loving this vision of the entry/living-now-dining room, O Tireless Kristi!

  43. I love the elegance of the black and gold buffet. I’m not a fan of coral…it’s just not in my color wheel. And, the thin gold border on the mural works so well with the gold hardware on the buffet.

  44. Hi Kristi,
    A heavy fabric with mod podge could be used to create the scalloped shell edge for a mirror, then paint to your taste. Obviously, papier mache. You could recreate the look if you desire.

  45. So classy! Every bit of it makes me stand up and cheer. Well almost every bit. I like that the lamps are clear, but I agree about the color.

  46. I love the black buffet. Classic.
    My fave designer Alexa Hampton has a black buffet in her foyer with hand painted wallpaper by Gracie. You are in good company. haha!
    I am thinking maybe coral in the cutains or Roman Shades for the dining room?

  47. The black buffet is simply stunning. It’s so much more elegant than the coral with the wood top.
    When you paint wood pieces, do you ever use an oil based primer? I ask because your painted finishes always look so smoothe. I’ve never been able to accomplish so smoothe a finish without an oil based primer, even using a sprayer and sanding between coats.

    1. Oil-based primer is all that I use on furniture and cabinets. My primer of choice is oil-based Zinsser Cover Stain. One reason I love it so much is because when it’s fully dry, it sands beautifully. I can get such an amazingly smooth finish by sanding it by hand with 220-grit sandpaper.

  48. Your painted furniture always looks so good. Do you always just spray your pieces with your Critter? Or do you brush/roll them?
    I bought a Critter because you said how much you liked it. I’m anxious for our weather to warm up so I can use it to paint in the garage. I have some pieces that could benefit from some paint.
    My husband told me I need to hang plastic sheets from the ceiling (to create a spray booth) to prevent the spray from going on everything like it does when I use spray paint from a can. Is that really necessary with the Critter?

    1. On this, I painted everything with a brush, and then sprayed on a clear coat. I generally don’t do clear coats over painted finishes, but black is a special case. Black paint shows smudges so easily. I mean, if you have anything but the cleanest of hands, just touching the black painted finish will leave visible marks/smudges. So to make it super easy to wipe clean, I find that a clear coat on black painted furniture is almost a must, unless the paint is semi-gloss or glossy finish (which I don’t like and almost never use).

      To spray the clear coat, I dragged everything out to my front porch and sprayed it with my Critter. If you’re going to use it inside, you definitely need to tape and drape everything in the immediate vicinity. I find that paints don’t fog up a room nearly as much as clear coats do.

  49. Can you tell us what matte poly you used . I always have problems with streaks putting a matte water based poly over black but I was using matte paint too. Did you use water based? Do you use flotrol? Absolutely a flawless application of paint . You amaze me.
    I don’t really care for the lamps with the buffet, but it may be the silver under the glass that is throwing me off. But that is why they make chocolate and vanilla ,not everyone likes the same flavor. To me they are lite and airy like the floral fabric not enough substance for the black buffet. I loved the coral and I love the black. I hope you find a mirror the compliments your design soon.

    1. I used Polycrylic in a matte finish, which actually looks more satin to me. I painted the buffet with a brush (yes, I use Floetrol…always) and then sprayed the clear coat on with my Critter sprayer.

  50. The “wallpaper” is super nice! Really becomes a statement! Perhaps a roundish (is that a word), oval shaped mirror…just to balance out the rectangle of buffet!
    Keep up the great work! Got ur momentum going now!

  51. Stunning! Very sophisticated yet still and whimsical. I like coral as an accessory pop but, now the buffet looks like a much more expensive piece. I ran around my house to see if any of my “old” furniture doors could be flipped, even my kitchen cabinets! Sadly they could not…you got lucky!

    Can you remind us of why you decided to hand draw the wallpaper design vs. using the actual wallpaper in those insert areas?

    I check your blog first thing every morning!

    1. The main reason I hand drew the design was because of price. Since I already had all but one of the paint colors on hand, and just had to purchase one sample size of paint plus some permanent markers, the mural cost me less than $15. The wallpaper, on the other hand, costs about $170 per single roll. In order to cover the three panels and match the design (matching the design from strip to strip is where you waste a lot of wallpaper), I would have needed two full rolls, plus a tiny bit of a third roll. That’s $510 + shipping for the wallpaper. I’ll take the $15 and ten hours of work any day. 🙂

      But honestly, I much preferred my mom’s design to the Schumacher design anyway. My mom’s design has a softer look to it, where the Schumacher design look much more scribbled.

      1. Yikes….I would have never thought wall paper existed that could be that expensive for just a few panels. Geez!

  52. Kristi – I think you’re a genius. I love everything you do and wish I could accomplish half as much.
    Keep up the good work!

  53. Count me as another that is glad you painted the buffet black. I think it will tie in beautifully with your music room doors. I have to agree that the lamps don’t quite work in that spot. I don’t know if its the chrome pole or the shades. Have you considered a round mirror? There are so many rectangles in the room already, a round mirror would really help to soften all the angles. Eagerly awaiting more:)

  54. Love the buffet painted black! The coral was great,but with the lovely wall treatment,the wall screamed for the black!

  55. The black buffet is so much more sophisticated and grownup looking than the coral (I must admit that I hated it), and your hardware choices are fantastic.

    The acrylic lamps are throwing things off for me a bit–I think a previous poster suggested brass sconces which would look fabulous with the buffet and a mirror with a gold frame. The other mirrors are cute but belong in a teenage girl’s bedroom or bathroom, not in your new sophisticated look.

    Congrats on a job well done!

  56. I don’t know if you have a home store in your area called At Home, but we do where I live, and that exact mirror was there as of two days ago, for 200.00! If you have one of those stores in your area you might want to check it out. Just a suggestion.

  57. my biggest fear when you got rid of the coral buffet was that coral was out. So glad it won’t be. Thrilled that your favorite fabric is going in your office, where you will see it every day. The current lamp look awful. They are too modern for such a sophisticated space. I hope once you get lamps and maybe a beautiful centerpiece you will forgo the mirror on the wall. If you have to have a mirror get a smaller one and put it on an easel on the buffet. That would be different. I just hate the idea of cover up even an inch of that wall. It seems as though everything you like so much before, i.e. the wood tops on the table and buffet have all fallen by the wayside. Maybe it is time to slow down your process once again, or focus on what still has to be done. I personally love the black buffet, and I think brass lamp with black shades are stunning. Don’t know if you can still find them. They used to be a popular style for a great brass company that no longer is in business.

  58. Love the mural and the black buffet. I think that the ceiling is begging to be painted green like walls.

  59. I love the black buffet, especially with the doors turned inside out. It looks very elegant and judging from your table, I think the more regal look of the black is better than the coral.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  60. Kristi…please don’t cover up the “wallpaper”. I know it was never meant to be a focal point in the room but I think it is stunning, and if I could I would ask you to come to my home and do the same to my dining area! Please use Command strips to hang the mirror just in case you change your mind 😉
    I absolutely love love love the black buffet with the reversed doors. So elegant!

  61. Beautiful! I love the tiny gold edging you added and the buffet looks wonderful black. I could say I was disappointed to see it painted because I’m a huge fan of coral, too. But… sometimes we need to make changes to fulfill our vision and yours is staring to wrap up beautifully. Way to go Kristi!

  62. Every room needs black, so the buffet works beautifully. Looking forward to where the coral will emerge as it is so gorgeous. I learn something in every one of your posts. Thank you for that!

  63. Love!
    You are so stinkin’ smart to flip those doors around.
    The buffet with the gorgeous backdrop makes me think of tapestries and French country manors or an English stately 20 bedroom “summer home”. Elegant, with character, and classy. Not stuffy at all, fresh and modern versions of those. Really lovely!

  64. I think changing your buffet to black added such a nice level of elegance and makes your mural wallpaper pop. I love checking in to see what inspiration your new day has added to mine😊. Thank you for sharing.

  65. Does your husband every say Quit looking at Pinterest!! I bet he walks up in a new place everyday…lol!! My husband came to bed one night and the bed was on a different wall!

  66. Why not cover the lampshades in the coral? I think that would look amazing…and you’d still get to use the coral you love!

  67. Love the black buffet! Did you spray it or brush it? I’d like to paint a few pieces and am not sure what works best. Your buffet looks like it came right from the factory!!

  68. I Always read the previous comments to make sure my question wasn’t already answered, but after reading them I forgot my question. I can’t believe the things these people say to you. “I hate” this “I never liked” that… We all know you change your mind and if you want our opinion you’ll ask. You are a much more disciplined person than I. I love your style and enjoy your thought process. I can tell you were raised with “if you don’t have anything nice to say…” As I was. I wonder if they would say the same to your face.

  69. Hi.. what a beautiful professional job .. i am refinishing a buffet. I sanded and stained the top leaving it wood looking.. will polycrylic that a few coats.. but did you polycrylic your whole piece or just the top?? and how long did you wait after you painted before you polycryliced your piece.. please respond asap as I need to start this finish asap.. Thank Kim

  70. I love what you did to the buffet in the black, and how cool that you switched the doors around. Did you spray paint the buffet. I see no brush lines. Love the sheen its perfect.

    1. This was so long ago that I can’t remember exactly what I did. I think I may have painted it with a brush, but then dragged it onto my front porch and sprayed a clear coat on it.