Friday Wrapup (and I Completely Dropped The Ball!!)

This is Friday.  March 25th.  The last Friday of the month.  You know what that means?  It means that today, I was supposed to draw a name for this month’s gift card giveaway!!  You know what I did?  I completely FORGOT!!  Oh boy, this month has flown by way too quickly.

So I do apologize.  I’m gonna have to announce the winner tomorrow.  Hopefully next month I’ll be more on top of things!

In the meantime, if you missed any of this week’s blog posts, you can click on a thumbnail below to go directly to that post.

fw-32511-1  fw-32511-2  fw-32511-3

fw-32511-4  fw-32511-5  fw-32511-6

fw-32511-7  fw-32511-8  fw-32511-9

Have a great weekend! 



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  1. i love seeing the open cabinet kitchen photos, I did that in mine and what a difference! I'm not to the point of having things in baskets but i do have my dinnerware and glassware nicely arranged 🙂 its such a wonderful thing not having to open cabinets and bonk your head or someone else's for that matter.

  2. Well it's not like you have anything else to do! :o) Heck, I have to ask my kids what the day is…on a daily basis!!!

  3. Tomorrow? It's now two days later, and nada. I understand – believe me I do understand – how hard it is to keep up a blog when you're also working, but if you're trying to bump up your stats by offering giveaways, you really need to be more on top of things, Kristi. I want to add that, while you've absolutely been a favorite blogger of mine since I started trolling the web for DIY design/decor, you've disappointed me a bit by the fact that you don't seem to embrace the vast community of DIYer's out there the way that most successful bloggers in this vein do. You seem to bristle a bit at suggestions or advice contrary to your mindset and I can't help but think "She's too much like me." i.e, you're a bit too proud AND insecure at the same time. Be gracious, Kristi, and open yourself up to the very vast network of people out here who are your sisters, NOT your competitors.

  4. Deb, I have no idea what you're talking about when you say, "you've disappointed me a bit by the fact that you don't seem to embrace the vast community of DIYer's out there the way that most successful bloggers in this vein do."

    And yes, I have quite a bit on my hands, with a blog, a full-time business, being a housewife, remodeling my condo by myself, and taking care of a disabled husband full time who recently sprained his ankle TWICE. I would ask you to be gracious as well.

  5. Deb, couldn't that have been handled in a private email? I mean, if you feel you HAVE to say something, which I am not sure why you did. I will be gracious and assume you are offering her advice to build her blog even more, but it feels a little ugly to read…kind of like overhearing someone being criticized at work in front of customers.

    Oh…I just had a thought…what if THAT one comment were the comment that won next month and it on the front page of the blog for all to read. THAT would be embarrassing.

    I'm gonna assume you had good intentions, Deb, just you missed the mark a little.

  6. Deb, I can't believe that a blogger would post such a rude comment on a fellow blogger's site! I agree with Sarah. If you really felt the need to give correction you should have done it in a private message.

    I am amazed at all that Kristi does all by herself. Her husband is in a wheelchair and unable to help with anything. She takes care of him, which is no small task in itself. She works into the wee hours of the morning on her projects and blog on a regular basis, just trying to keep up. She does not take off on weekends. She seems pretty super human to me. I think that she deserves a pat on the back and lots of encouragement rather than your criticism, which by the way, brought her to tears as she was up at the crack of dawn to start another week.

  7. That rude comment brought me to tears. Kristi, you didn't deserve it! I appreciate the encouragement and assistance you've given me privately. This is exactly the type of person and comment that prevents me from creating my own blog. Again, I'm so very sorry…