Guest Bedroom Progress (Plus A Sneak Peek At My Purple Chair)

Y’all, I’ve totally found my mojo again. For the first time since I finished my mom’s kitchen (which you can see here if you missed it), I dragged out my tools yesterday and got busy on the guest bedroom. I didn’t do anything huge — just a bit of nailing on some trim, tightening some screws, etc. — but it felt so good to get back to my tools. And it was so energizing! So much so that I worked until about 11:00pm last night, and even then, I didn’t want to stop. If it weren’t for Matt telling me that it was time to close up, I probably would have worked until the wee hours of the morning.

By looking at the room, you’d never guess that I worked that long, though. The closets need a lot of finishing details, so there’s not a whole lot of difference between the “before” and “current” view of them. But I did manage to get all of the nail holes and cracks filled with wood filler, and I got quite a bit of sanding done as well.

I also got those top shelves removed and the nail holes patched. If you’ll remember, when I built the closets, I originally put these shelves in the top…

built in closet progress 1-21-20 - still need to build window seat

But then I decided to do sliding doors instead of swing doors, and those required hardware that went all the way across the width of the ceiling in front of the closets. And because I wanted a clean look without hardware showing, that required a header in front of the track. And because I wanted the header to be tall enough to cover the hardware on the doors as well, that header had to come down further than I had anticipated.

guest bedroom diy closets - 12

And that made those upper shelves pretty much useless. So yesterday, I removed them, and now I’m back to having two wide-open closets that can be configured in a thousand different ways.

left closet upper shelf removed
right closet upper shelf removed

I haven’t quite decided how I’ll configure these. Other than the bars for hanging clothes, I’ll probably keep it very simple without building in a lot of permanent shelving. If any specialty storage is needed, I’ll just use organization items that I can purchase and insert into the closets. That way I’m not stuck with anything permanent, and it can be altered easily for whatever I may need these closets for when we’re finished using this bedroom as our main bedroom.

As far as the accent wall goes, I’ve made a decision. I’ve abandoned the idea of doing any kind of ombre or mountain or watercolor design. Instead, I’m going to do a more simple blue and gold “wallpaper” design.

The wall color will be this dark blue that I had color matched to the velvet that I’m going to use for the headboard…

wall color

I failed to get a picture of the velvet with the wall color before I sanded down that patch of color, but this will give you an idea…

accent wall color

Velvet is one of those fabrics that has a very obvious nap to it, so if you turn it one way, it’s one color, and if you turn it the other way, it’s a different color. In the case of this velvet, one way is very light, and the other way is very dark. I haven’t decided which way I’ll use it yet. Obviously the dark will blend in with the wall, and the light will give some contrast. I’ll have to wait until I get the wall finished to see which one looks better.

But speaking of the wall, my vision is to do a dark blue and gold design. I had originally thought of doing a simple geometric design like this…

And while I love that (and still may end up doing something like that), I think a line drawing of flowers may be more my style. I found this, and it’s kind of reminiscent of the design I did a while back on the entryway wall…

line drawing floral wallpaper
Botanical Garden Hand Drawn Flowers Wallpaper from Etsy

But you’ll have to imagine that last wallpaper with a dark blue background and the flowers in gold. So at this point, I’m still not 100% sure which direction I’ll go, but I’m leaning towards the flowers.

So it’s not much, but that’s the progress on the guest bedroom. I’m just so excited that I feel like I’m back in the swing of things. I so enjoyed working yesterday, getting my hands on my tools again, and making some progress on that room. At this point, I just want to get the room finished. While I do want to figure out that accent wall (I really don’t want the entire room a solid color), I’m wanting to make a decision and get it done without getting bogged down in the details.

So now on a completely different topic, I wanted to show y’all a sneak peek of the purple chair that arrived for the living room!! I’ll wait until the other one gets here (should be next Monday) to show you the chairs in the room, but for now, here’s a peek…

purple chair preview

I can tell you that the picture does not do it justice. It’s probably the most gorgeous purple I’ve ever seen — not too red, not too blue. And the fabric is gorgeous. It’s a polyester velvet, which is my second favorite velvet only to silk velvet, so it has just a slight sheen to it that is so beautiful.

And as soon as I put the chair together (I just had to attach the legs), I turned away for no more than five minutes to get the huge box out of the way, and then I turned back around to this…

purple chair with peeve sitting on it

Yeah. That should go well. 😀 So if any of you have had success with any of those pet hair remover gadgets, I’d love to hear about it. I’ll definitely need one!! I have one of those big sticky rollers, but I just hate having to continually buy refills, and I don’t particularly like how fast the sticky sheets lose their stickiness. So anything that doesn’t use sticky sheets would be preferable.



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  1. I love love loved your bird and lower “wallpaper” and have been hoping it would someday return. Could you try that pattern on the blue using a gold Sharpie? YOu could even use the pinks and light blues from the failed murals to fill in birds or just leave them as outlines.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I’ve found works best, too, and I’ve tried EVERYthing. I’ll take a barely damp towel to wipe over the hair (or my glove) and then just use the glove to pull the hair off.

        1. I have wondered if you or your husband was sick. So glad you ate ok, back to amazing all if us with you expert skills. Thanks for sharing, enjoy every post.

    2. Agreed! We have two yellow labs and two long-haired cats. We have tried every Hair grabbing gizmo and gadget but good old fashion latex gloves and latex tipped squeegee is the fastest most effective hair remover available.

  2. Please stick with the simple graphic gold design. The dark color is so dramatic that that the bird and flower design will clutter it up. But it’s your house. And I’m partial to graphics.

  3. Welcome back! Nap should go down, or it will look like a mistake if it goes upside down… how about shelves on the bottom instead of the topic the closets? … we have tried everything for dog hair in the last 10 years. We have two big dogs that shed alot. The only way to go is the furminator. Gets almost all of the fur before It lands on your furniture or your floor. It was about $30 on Amazon but so with it!…

  4. I love the flower design! When I saw the picture my mind immediately went to how beautiful that design, done with the drawings in the dark blue on the white background, would look with the dark headboard. But whatever you do will be you, and your house.

  5. For dog and cat hair you must get a ChomChom Roller. It’s sold on Amazon and is a non-sticky tape roller. I hesitated buying it even after reading several glowing reviews from various bloggers because it’s $25 and frankly, that seemed just a bit absurd for a lint roller. But man, the thing is amazing. I have two labs and it is a lifesaver for quick furniture clean-ups – well worth the money!

  6. I have a lint brush that I’ve had for over 20 years! It’s made of fabric, kind of like velour. They have similar ones at Walmart and other places. It’s made by Evercare, is black with red fabric. On mine, it has a button you push depending on left or right hand, but the Walmart one has two sides. It works like the nap on velvet. To clean it, you swipe it the opposite direction, but I just wipe it on my hand and most comes off that way.LOVE IT!

    1. Yup, same here – those good old black and red lint brushes that have been around forever. My navy blue couch was delivered abut 3 weeks ago, and my 2 grey cats love it, plus every other speck is in full display. I ordered the lint brush from Amazon, and I think it works even better than the tape roller. Good luck, those chairs are beautiful!

    1. Just be sure to close the drain or use a trap of some sort to catch the hair. I had a rather expensive plumber’s bill when my sink drain backed up. Other than that, worked great!

  7. Get a ChomChom Roller for the pet hair! It works sooooo much better than any sticky roller, and no refills! I have a Husky and a Great Dane, so, I’ve got my work cut out for me when it comes to getting pet hair off of furniture.

  8. I love the geometric pattern for me. It is so sophisticated. However, I think from what I have gleaned about you over the past few years, you would be happier with the floral (though it looks a lot more complicated than the geometric). Whatever you end up with, it will look fantastic. Can’t wait to see it.

  9. I like the flowers, but that seems like a long narrow room, will they look ok or be skewed looking at them at an angle from the doorway to where they aren’t recognizable?

  10. My sister has 4 buff cocker spaniels and a graying mini daschund. She also has a solid white long haired cat. She has a rubber brush thing to brush the furniture with that does a good job of getting hairs out of the nap of the fabric. I don’t have any links though. It just looks like a brush and the rubber bristles are blunt and flat across.

    I love the blue color…and think the outline of the flowers in shimmery gold would be lovely and very elegant.

  11. Ha! I just found some great wool saddle blankets that coordinate with both my long haired cat and my living room to go over my chairs, but that’s kinda my western contemporary style anyway. Every now and then I wash the blankets. I don’t think you want to cover up that beautiful purple, though. 😉

  12. Have you checked out Pretty Handy Girl’s tutorial on making an ombré mural? She gives some really good tips! Also, if you are not familiar with A Glass of Bovino’s blog and Instagram. She participated in One Room Challenge from last year and created a really striking bedroom with moulding and color! The bathroom she did in this year’s is pretty cool, too!

  13. Love both the geometric and the floral. My thoughts are if you want the headboard to stand out just a little, then do the floral since you’ll have much more gold happening. Have fun! Can’t wait to see it.

  14. I do not own a critter, but I hear rubber brushes and squegee’s can work okay. There’s a lot of silicone dish scrubbies that might work, but are pricey. I’d buy a few squeegees from the dollar store, trim the edge to a few experimental textures to see what shapes work best before investing in an expensive roll or brush. Aldi, a few months back, had a whole set of rubber brushes. I got it to squeege out the occasional puddle from a wet car in garage. I’d send the unwanted handheld one, but we are a few states apart.

  15. My daughter uses rubber gloves to remove cat hair from fabric furniture. Your closets are nice. Could you make 1 of them for hanging clothes and the other with adjustable shelves for linens and whatever else you’ll store in there? Just my 2 cents.

    I have always loved the flower and bird wall covering you made and would love to see it on this wall by the bed. Again, just my 2 cents.

    Good to have you back Kristi!

  16. So enjoy how you just keep moving forward! Love how you show both your successes and your failures. Thank you for posting everything. You are such an encouragement to me (as I have both successes and failures, also). God bless you Kristi! Thank you for your blog.

  17. My dogs are trained to not get on certain pieces of furniture. You simply set mouse traps under layers of newspapers. They jump up and the noise of the trap springing against the newspapers scares them off. Be sure to place the trap as far back as possible (with the lever facing the back of the seat) and put enough paper that there is no danger of them getting hurt.