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Gwen’s Master Bedroom

I can’t believe I’ve taken this long to show you how Gwen’s bedroom turned out!! Remember Gwen’s bedroom? I painted her furniture, made a new diamond-tufted upholstered headboard, make new draperies, and painted the walls a beautiful medium brown. I also updated the adjoining master bathroom.

This bedroom was redecorated on a budget.  While I love showing you remodels that I’ve worked on, like Julia’s kitchen that I showed you last week, it’s really these budget makeovers that get me excited.  Why?  Because I know that not all of us have $50,000 sitting in the bank to hire a contractor to completely remodel a room.  But for most of us, scraping together a few of hundred dollars over time to make some improvements to our room is a little more attainable.  And those are the things I love sharing with you!!  Attainable decorating ideas.

Anyway, before we get to to the “after” pictures, let me show you how this room started out.

The bedroom is not very big, so this bulky bed, with a headboard AND footboard, was really overpowering the space and taking up extra floorspace.  The builders beige wall color did nothing for the room, and the windows needed some attention.
There was definitely a need for new accessories.  And again, those windows looked so bare!!
The dresser with the hutch was also way too overpowering for this space.  The whole matching bedroom suite included this dresser and hutch, a chest of drawers, the bed (headboard and footboard) and one nightstand.  Way too much matching furniture for such a small room!
The other side of the bed.  You can see where the master bathroom is in relation to the bedroom.  Just to the right of the bathroom entry sits the chest of drawers, and to the right of that is the door into the bedroom.

So now let me show you how it turned out!!

The big, imposing bed with the footboard that took up valuable space was swapped out for an upholstered headboard.  The windows were dressed up with natural woven shades and drapery panels.  And my favorite touch–tiny chandeliers were used in place of table lamps on either side of the bed.
Gwen’s original nightstand was given a coat of paint and then distressed and antiqued.  The metal wall hangings were also painted and antiqued.
This drapery fabric is one of my all-time favorites, with a beautiful, subtle floral pattern.
The walls were painted in a medium brown, which really warmed up the room.
The framed print came from Hobby Lobby.  I can’t remember what the little figurines are called, but Gwen collects them.
The window to the left of the desk was dressed with a simple pleated valance and a woven shade (my favorite shades from Home Depot).
Isn’t that just the prettiest little chandelier?!  I love that little touch.
Unfortunately, the desk couldn’t be centered on that wall because of the chair and the nightstand, so we made the most of it right where it is.  But that’s okay!  We can’t all live in magazine photos where everything is perfect, right?  Here in the real world, we sometimes have to live with off-center desks.
Gwen’s original dresser was painted, distressed, and antiqued.  I bought the frame for the mirror at a garage sale for $3.  It was in rough shape, and I was certain it would need to be refinished or painted, but once it was in the room, it looked great!!
The plates were cheapies from Marshall’s, and the bird bell came from Hobby Lobby.  The lamp was a gift to Gwen from a family member (I think), and the little painting on the piece of slate was done by Gwen’s mother.
Gwen already had the old books, which I think are perfectly and beautifully worn.
It really is amazing how paint can give a piece of furniture new life.
The nightstand to the right of the bed is from Hobby Lobby.  We kept Gwen’s original comforter and shams, and added a new bedskirt (accented with remnants from the draperies), and new throw pillows from Bed, Bath & Beyond and Marshall’s.
Above the chest of drawers hangs another painting by Gwen’s mother.
And yet another furniture piece transformed with paint!
I love the worn edges and the original handles painted black.


Here are just a few “quick view” before and afters. Just move your cursor over each photo to see the before and after view of each angle.



That’s it! Hope you enjoyed that little tour of Gwen’s bedroom. And I promise that in the future I’ll try to do better at showing y’all these completed rooms in a much more timely manner. 🙂

Edit: Click here for all of the info regarding resources for this room. This page will soon be linked from the menu bar under “Complete Room Designs”.

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  1. This room turned out beautifully! Such soft welcoming colors and I adore the chandeliers hung as side lights! Wonderful…Janell

  2. The room turned out great! Looks like it took a lot of projects to complete the entire makeover. The headboard is my favorite part 🙂

  3. Wow, I can't believe the difference. My favorite was the drastic difference with the headboard/window shades/nightstands/chandeliers. So romantic looking. And I LOVE how you can move your cursor over a picture and see the before/after. How do you do that? Great job!

  4. BEAUTIFUL!! Realy love the stunning changes. THa Chandeliers have to be my favorite. Of course, I love the painted furniture too. THanks for sharing.

    Have a God Filled Day

  5. Love everything…the warm browns, the chandys, painted furniture. Great job!

  6. Wow, looks great! So "put together" without looking too "decorated." I especially like the little detail (although I know it wasn't a little work!) of adding curtain fabric trim to the bed skirt.

  7. I love the peacock blue accents. One of my favorite colors right now. I have a incomplete master bedroom, but my walls are the same color and my headboard is almost identical. I may add some peacock accents. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. I just wish we had a picture of you outside the window trying to block the bright sun with an artificial tree and some kind of playground equipment. 🙂 Would have made a very interesting behind the scenes display. The room is beautiful. You did a very good job. I'm proud of you.

  9. That headboard is amazing. You make it look so easy to do on your tutorials, I'm slowly building up enough DIY confidence to give it a shot.

  10. Love the little chandeliers.. I've been looking for sconces but I think they make an inspired change. My husband loathes tuffted headboards so I've ben scouring blog land for other DIY ideas. I would love some ideas (future blog?)

  11. Amazingly beautiful! You have transformed those room into a more beautiful and comfy one.

  12. I am after for the cabinet. I can use it usefully. I am in a hurry to have that inside my room.

  13. I love the side chandeliers!  You could put a large piece of art work hung vertically next to the desk and it would feel the visual void from having to have the desk offset.  Looks great.  I love the headboard too!

  14. Hi – I really love the transformation of this room!  I have a question for you – did you / she wire the chandeliers? Or are they plugged in?  I would like to do something similar w/ lighting in my bedroom but am not sure the best way to do it.

  15. Sonya, she actually had an electrician hardwire these, but you could easily achieve the same look with plug-in lights.  If you find a chandelier that you like, and it's meant to be hardwired, you can purchase a kit at Home Depot to turn it into a plug-in light.  I've done it several times, and it's not difficult at all.

    1. Kristi, I just found you on Pinterest. I love your work. I am constantly decorating and redoing my own home. I love the chandeliers and wonder if you would share with me, where you purchased them?

  16. Thanks for all your instructions and advice. You inspired me to make my own headboard. I was a bit over ambitious and made a very curvy tufted HUGE headboard. But, it turned out pretty well. Thanks again!

  17. Hi!  A friend told me about your blog and I am so glad she did!  I love, love, love the way this room turned out – it is BEAUTIFUL!  I am your newest follower.  I know I will spend ALL DAY looking at your talented afters!  WOW!  🙂

  18. I can't believe that is the same dresser!  I would have thrown that thing out and yet it turned out so glamourous and midcentury glam.  I love this room and what you accomplished here.  

  19. I love how that dresser turned out.  I would have thrown that thing to the curb and yet it turned out being my favorite piece in the room.  It has such a midcentury  glam quality that I just didn't see before.   I love everything about this room.  You really work miracles.  Nothing looks like a design compromise.  

  20. This is gorgeous! I just found your site (coinciding with the purchase of my first house) and a lot of your tutorials are absolutely fantastic and I’m sure I’ll be making use of more than one! I have one question – How did you wire the little chandeliers so that there were no cords showing?

    1. Hi Krystal~
      Congrats on your new house! 🙂

      The chandeliers are actually hard wired. We had a handyman install electrical boxes in the exact spots where the chandeliers would go.

  21. I have never commented on the beautiful makeovers that I come across but, I had to comment on yours. I am a mother of 10 (all adults except 1 teen) and have just been able to really feel free to “fix up” my home. You seem to have SO much energy and I am truly inspired by what you do. Thanks for sharing your work with us.