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Living Room Phase 1 Progress (and an Overstock.com Giveaway!)

**This giveaway is closed. Winners announced at the end of this post.**

As promised, I’m going to share my living room “phase 1” progress with you today.  (If you missed it, you can see the entire plan here and here.)  At this point, I think phase 1 is about 20% complete.  But what a difference 20% makes!  If you’ll remember, here’s how the room looked at 10:00pm last Tuesday night…

House living room before 6

And here’s how it looks now.

Living room makoever phase 1 - 20% complete

And last Tuesday…

House living room before 3

And now…

living room makeover phase 1 - 20 percent complete - 1

I ended up going quite a bit lighter on the wall color than I had originally planned (believe it or not!).  I ended up using a Behr color called Sweet Georgia Brown, which is the same color I used in Gwen’s bedroom three or so years ago.  The white that I used is called Polar Bear, and it’s the same white I used on all of the trim, doors, and wainscoting in the condo.

This room is definitely very “thrown together” at this point.  It’s a far cry from what it’ll be when Phase 1 is complete, and so far the only things giving this room any sort of “put together” look are my awesome Overstock.com items.  But it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

My crazy floral sofa (that I’ll be reupholstering in the near future in a solid fabric) has just been covered up with a canvas drop cloth, which I didn’t even bother to iron.  (I mean, seriously…I can barely manage to iron my clothes when needed.  I’m certainly not going to waste time ironing a canvas drop cloth that is hopefully a very temporary solution to a floral eyesore.) 😀

The coffee table is the one I made here, but it looked way too country farmhouse sitting next to my antique dresser, so I covered it with my Turkish kilim.  Neither of those items will be in the final Phase 1 room. (I finally decided to use the kilim to upholster an ottoman for another room, but more on that later.)

The framed painting is one that I found in one of my storage units.  I have two of them, and they’ve just been sitting in storage for years.  It won’t be in the final room either (which is why it’s just sitting and not hung on the wall), so for now, it’s just filling space.  Same goes for all of the pillows in the room right now.  Just temporary.  Just filling space and adding color (the wrong colors, but that’s okay for now).

living room makeover phase 1 - 20 percent complete - 5

I replaced the original chrome light with a new oil-rubbed bronze fixture.  For now, it has to be swagged.  It’s not my favorite look, but I won’t be removing polystyrene ceiling tiles or doing electrical stuff right now.  That day will come…eventually.  For now, I have to live with less-than-desirable things like swagged lighting, polystyrene ceiling tiles, an eyesore of a window air conditioning unit, and trim with layers and layers of thick, dripping paint.  That’s all part of the fun of living in a house built in 1948, right?  🙂  We’ll just call it “charm.”

But the biggest quirk in this room that irritates me the most is this…

living room makeover phase 1 - 20 percent complete - 4

If I center the rug and the furniture on this wall with the big window on the opposite wall, it sticks out past the wall.  Uggghhh!!!  That is the visual version of fingernails on a chalkboard to me.  (Obviously I haven’t painted or trimmed out that wall.  Ha!)

Eventually that wall will be moved over about three feet to enlarge the kitchen, which will also square up the living room so that things on this wall are more in line with the big window.  But that’s part of the final plan.  Phase 1 definitely doesn’t include moving walls, so for now, I’m stuck with this.  I know, I know.  In the whole scheme of things, this is a ridiculous thing to be complaining about, right?  🙂

And finally, I have my drapery rod hung, ready and waiting for some gorgeous draperies.  (I got an email saying that my fabric is on backorder.  Boo!)

living room makeover phase 1 - 20 percent complete - 6

I bought a double rod because I’ll be using draperies as well as sheers.  These particular sheers are some that I borrowed from the condo (they actually belong in the bedroom there), and the sheers that I’ll be using on this window will be on rings because I want them to be functional.  But for now, this will do.  I just needed something to cover the bare window until I can get my draperies made and sheers selected and ordered.

So that’s it for now.  Obviously I have a long way to go still, but I think I’m off to a pretty good start.

It probably goes without saying that my favorite things in this room right now are my Overstock.com items — the tufted chairs, the metal and glass table between the chairs, and the seagrass rug.

I actually have two of the black iron and glass end tables, and I’ll be using both of them in the final room.  But for now, using both of them makes the furniture stick out way past the wall.  I’m trying to deal with the rug sticking out past the wall, but having the actual furniture stick out like that just might send me over the edge.  😀  So for now, I’ll just be using the one end table.

And now the fun part…a giveaway!

I’m so excited because I get to give two of you a $100 gift card to Overstock.com!!  I have so much fun looking through their site, picking out things for my living room, and they have so much stuff that I have no doubt each and every one of you could find something just right for your home.

Here are the details:

  1. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post.  (Note:  Only comments on this blog post, on this blog, will be counted.  Comments on Facebook or other social media will not be counted as an entry.)
  2. One entry per person.
  3. Entry will be open through Thursday, November 21, 2013, at midnight (CST).
  4. Two winners will be selected, and each winner will receive a $100 gift card to Overstock.com.
  5. Winners will be announced on Friday, November 22, 2013.
  6. Giveaway is open to residents of the U.S., Canada, and any other country where Overstock.com will ship.  If you live outside of the U.S. and Canada, please check here to see if Overstock.com ships to your country.

*Disclosure:  I was provided with a $1000 gift card to Overstock.com to decorate one room in my house.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Congrats to the giveaway winners!

overstock winner 1 overstock winner 2
Deanne (#181) and Terrie Jo (#121), I hope you enjoy your $100 Overstock.com gift cards!



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  1. I so enjoy following your blog with your DIY renovations. You are so talented. Love the chairs and rug from Overstock.com. It’s one of my favorite online places to shop. Looking forward to the next project!

  2. I love your Overstock chairs! I think I need a similar light option, but I’m scared to go light in a linen or regular fabric with an almost 3 year old in the house…maybe cream leather!

  3. Looks good so far. I would certainly appreciate that gift card. I might be able to get rid of some of my cheap grad school furniture!

  4. I was just showing my husband your blog last night. Love your style and how you do it on a normal (to us) budget. This is my “win win!” post 😉

  5. Wow you’ve done a lot of work so far! I LOVE those chairs and the pottery barn table between them 😉 I can’t wait to see the final room but so far it looks awesome. Love the idea of u sing the drop cloth as the sofa cover too, brilliant! Thank you so much for the awesome giveaway too!

  6. Looks great! I want to hear more about the roman shades install and the trim you chose. It’s fun to watch this all come together!

  7. I love watching your new house come together! You’ve come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Congratulations. It’s looking great!

  8. I feel your pain in living with phase 1… We are currently stripping paint off kitchen cabinets right now… But like you, I know it will be worth it in the end! Good luck!

  9. I love watching all the progress you are making! I would love $100 from Overstock.com to work on my “work in progress”.

  10. Love the progress in the living room. Love the Overstock.com chairs. I can’t wait to see the next round of changes.
    I have my fingers crossed for me to get some Overstock.com merchandise (pick me..pick me)!

  11. Beautiful! What a difference a little color makes! Kitty looks happy with the changes too :))
    Can’t wait for the next phase ~ oh, and the winner of the gift card!

  12. Love watching the progress and I am learning from you patience, I too have a room in progress and I second guess every decision. I need a plan, you have a plan. Well done so far. Your choices from overstock.com are fabulous. I’ll be checking in.

  13. I love the color on the wall and the rug! I’ve always wanted a rug like that. Maybe I’ll get my chance to have one, if I win the $100 Overstock.com gift card! Can’t wait to see the next phase!

  14. Kristi! It looks SO MUCH better! Your phase one is a LOT better than my phase one, ha ha. We moved in a year ago and all I managed to do was hang drapes and get new carpet so far. Planning on a built-in building fest over the Christmas break, wish me luck. I’m excited to see what your room grows into! 🙂

  15. Wow, what improvements you have made and I feel so inspired by you! I enjoy reading your posts and watching your progress! I am working on updating my hall bath in my head if that makes any sense and hopefully get the physical part started soon. Good luck and I hope I win the Overstock gift card! 🙂

  16. Looking great so far…. I love hearing about your advetures with your new home!! I am also in Waco and bought a 1950s fixer upper quite similar to yours a few years ago and still in the process of rehabbing it. It’s time consuming and never ending but so much fun!!!!

  17. I totally get you on the rug and things being centered. I hate things not “working” they give me headaches too. I would love $100 for overstock. I am glad things are coming together and I was wondering why you hadn’t hung the picture. 🙂

  18. It looks fantastic already! I love the bamboo wood shades – I am planning to order those exact ones for my living room. Can’t wait to see the finished product! Great job!

  19. Love the wall color and the chairs. Can you give me info on the floor lamp between the chairs ? I sure could use that gift card … got my eye on a rug at Overstock !

  20. Your new Overstock items look fantastic with what you’ve done in your living room so far! I’m looking forward to watching the room evolve through the phases you’ve planned.

  21. Even with their great prices, it would be so easy (and fun!) to spend a hundred dollars at Overstock.com! The intermediate phase 1 is a vast improvement over the before photo from last week. Definitely starting to come together!

  22. Love the combo of the wainscoting and paint! I am also warming up to the idea of using those bamboo blinds in my living/dining room. I think it will add some much needed color weight and texture and will compliment the curtains I will be using. What color are the blinds? Those are the ones you favor from Home Depot right?
    Everything looks great!

  23. We’re in the same boat! I just moved into my home 6 months ago and and redecorating the entire place (which is SO overwhelming AND expensive!). I LOVE the chairs you chose for this room! Great job!!

  24. I think the coffee table would look fine with the correct props on it:) Great start and I understand not ironing! Looks fine to me:)

  25. The room is looking great! My husband and I just bought a house that will double as our primary residence and a student enrichment facility. We are going from 1,000 sqft to over 6,000 sqft so saying we need help financially to fill the home with nice furniture is an understatement. 🙂

  26. You are definitely more patient than I am. I love your chairs from Overstock.com. I purchased 2 chairs from them myself and receive a lot of compliments on them. Good luck with the rest of your remodeling and look forward to see your progression.

  27. I recently discovered your blog and have ready every post! I am now following you and have really been enjoying seeing your progress. I love getting inspired!

  28. Thank you for sharing your progress!! I love those tufted chairs— exactly what I was looking for my living room!! Definitely love all of those overstock.com finds. 🙂

  29. Wow indeed, what a difference 20% makes! I love those chairs and the antique dresser. It’s fun to see a room evolve and I like hearing your thought process about it.

  30. Love the progress you have made! And your “temporary” fixes are awesome! I would use them as permanent! Lol! You definitely have a knack for decorating with what you have on hand. 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity for the giveaway!

  31. It’s amazing how a little change makes such a difference… I look forward to all of your postings. I live in a home (was 4 studios) built in 1930, a still in process project and we have been here 10 years!…lol, you just gotta lol or go nuts!

  32. I have truly enjoyed following your projects and you inspire me to keep thinking outside the box with things to do with my own home. Your phase 1 is looking fantastic and I can not wait to see more. Thank you!

  33. Kristi,
    We share a passion for making old things New, I love your decorating style! You are one classy lady, I admire that about you. Love the room so far, can’t wait to see the finished product.

  34. That certainly is a great improvement Kristi, but I am sure you will make it look even better in the next phase, can’t wait to get more ideas.

    And that giveaway sure is tempting. 🙂

  35. I thought you were joking when you said “here is the room now”! Amazing what a little paint and some furniture can do.

  36. I’m loving the chairs, seriously! And I’m actually really liking the antique dresser too. I’m finding myself drawn to more pieces like that.

  37. Wow! What a transformation!!!! Looks amazing! I like where you put your rug! And the bamboo blinds! Great job- your 20% is way better than most people’s 100% ! Lol.

  38. love the kilim with the blue legs. I know you said you’re not keeping it there, but I like how it brings out the blue. I desperately need a new rug with no loops so my cats can’t ruin it! this would surely help.

  39. As usual you are turning these rooms into beautiful showcases. Thank you for your inspirations. I am almost done with the room that I did built-ins in from your site. Can’t wait to share them.

  40. I love you blog Kristi and check for updates often. There are a few things on my wishlist on Overstock, from bedroom to kitchen. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  41. I think your 20% Phase 1 is great! I would also love some new lamps for my bedroom so I would love a chance at the gift card. However, I’m most excited about seeing you ‘create’ your new house. I check back everyday just to see what you’ve been up to! Good luck and thank you for the opportunity!!!

  42. Congratulations on making progress. I love what you are doing and can’t wait to see what is next. I Love Overstock.com

  43. Happy to see you’ve got it ‘coming together’! We moved into a new house 4 years ago and it seemed to take forever to get it to look at least cohesive! I am impressed!

  44. Wow you did that quick. Its looking great. Where will the Christmas tree go? ok ok on that note tell overstock.com to put their Christmas commercial back on tv. The one with the lady singing @overstock.com to the tune of jingle bells. catchy commercial 😉 love the chairs and the sea grass carpet what fun for you!

  45. I love the wall color and want those blinds. Can you share a post on how much privacy they offer. I currently have faux wood blinds and really want to change to bamboo shades, would love to know your thoughts on them! Maybe if I am the winner of the overstock gift card, I can buy some from there!

  46. Kristi – love all you do, and that you do it on a “normal” budget! I am alone so it’s only my budget and my time, both of which are very limited. You do great work!! Thanks for all the great ideas.

  47. oh Kristi you are being way to hard on yourself. Go re-read what you have posted as to what you will be doing in that room, makes my head hurt just reading all you still want to do. The 20% solution of transformation is wonderful and now no more hanging your head in shame when someone comes to the door. All that being said I could use a $100. gift card to Overstock.com and do some damage of my own!!! Oh how I am enjoying this “ride” with you at the wheel. Nancy

  48. Great job on Phase 1! It already has a warm, welcoming feel to it. And the Overstock chairs are the bomb! Thanks for the opportunity to enter for a gift card!

  49. Kristi — It’s coming together just great. I’d love to win that Overstock gift card of course (love Overstock), but I wanted to suggest something: if you pull one of your side chairs to the edge of the rug — basically at the corner of the wall — and angle it back into the room, you’ve extended your room a bit and covered the corner of that rug. It will require a shift of other things, but it makes that rug make a little more sense. For now, anyway. Also, I’m of the mindset that at least one thing in every room should be at an angle. (Can’t wait to see what you do with the rug. I’m glad that you decided on the ottoman; that would have been my choice, too.)

  50. I can’t believe the changes you’ve made in a few short days! Wow! Love the wallcolor and treatments and your furniture looks amazing. Great job and am loving the changes AND the charm!

  51. I love watching the progress on your home. You are such a talented lady and love watching (and learning) . So, what is your next project? Can’t wait to see 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for the gift card. I had been browsing Overstock’s website. I really need a router and a sewing machine (I want to start sewing my own drapes). They don’t have routers in the tool section so I have been looking at sewing machines but what I could afford wasn’t exactly what I wanted. With the gift card I will be able to buy the exact sewing machine I have been drooling over. Not too fancy but not too plain. I’ll tell my son I want a router for Christmas. I think he would like a mom whose idea of a present does not come from Lowe’s or Home Depot. Poor kid. Thanks again for the gift card.

  52. I like the chairs in the room and the sheers, I am worried when you put the curtains that it may close the room in more. Won’t know until you try.. ha ha.. I have returned a lot of curtains for that reason, a valance may be all you need… The room looks small and I think a lighter color would brighten the room up some; and give it a bigger appearance. The thing on the table would look good if it were a rug under the table. Overall the room looks good. Can’t wait to see the finished room. Good luck!

  53. You are such an inspiration to those of us who strive to live in a beautiful space! Can’t wait to see how you add your touch to the rest of your home.

  54. I live In a house built in 1927, so I understand all the “charm!” 🙂 I shop overstock frequently and would put the $100 to good use!

  55. Your “temporary” fix is better than my permanent room… I’m not a big fan of brown but I really like this color! And I am absolutely in LOVE with the chairs you chose from Overstock! Awesome!

  56. I love following your progress and seeing all your ideas. I LOVED the bed frame you made and was at ‘awe’ with it. Fantastic decorating! Simple elegant relaxing and peaceful ! Would love to win an overstock.com certificate. Thank you so much for sharing your blog!!

  57. I am so inspired by all of your ideas and your fantastic work. I’m also amazed at how quickly you move things along! Job well done!

  58. I love the color scheme, even it’s not the final! I’d love the overstock card to finally get some drapes for our den!

  59. Wow! It already looks sooo much better. Love the contrast with the wall colors and those bamboo shades are perfect. Can’t wait to see the end product down the line!

  60. Those chairs look great! If I were to win the $100, I might have to set aside that money for a portion of one just like it..

  61. That came together fast! Well, probably not for you since you had to do all of the painting and unboxing and arranging, but you know what I mean 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you do with the floral sofa, and how the grasscloth walls come out!

    I’d love to be able to have two chairs adjacent to my sofa. My living room is a good size, but only really accommodates my sofa as far as seating goes. I can’t wait to be able to spread out a bit too!

  62. It’s all coming together beautifully. I admire your ideas and your energy! I can’t wait to see the finished product…… I’ll be following along!

  63. It’s starting to look much better! Btw, I really like the “addition” of the cat on the sofa! lol You once posted a how-to on refinishing wood furniture without having to strip it first. I would really really like to see that one again but can’t find it. Can you give me directions to it, please? Thanks!

  64. It doesn’t take much to make a difference does it? I’m enjoying the process – are we going to get a follow-up breakdown on the trim and wainscotting process?

  65. I love the color of the walls, and the wainscoting is a must! I have a very similar color scheme in my living room and love it! And with an Overstock gift card I could tackle my utility room that’s right now in progress…

  66. I’ve really enjoyed watching you transform your condo & now your new home as well. You inspire me to be more creative in my own home.
    Thank you!

  67. It’s all looking sooo much better! I love your overstock chairs! I also like your idea
    Using sheers and drapes. I’m itching to remove our blinds, but in Las Vegas, they keep out
    Soo much heat in the summer!!!
    I wouldn’t mind using 100 towards one of those chairs!

  68. I have enjoyed following your blog. Love your style! The living room looks great and I love those chairs! Would love to have $100 to spend at overstock.com to continue decorating our house built in 1949!!

  69. Wow… what a huge improvement! I love the brown wall color, the chair rail, the chandeliar, the blinds and the rug… It already looks a MILLION times better than my living room and you tell me you’re only on phase 1? 🙂

  70. Looks great! We’ve been remodeling for the last 8 months so I totally get how every little but of progress feels incredible!

  71. Wow.

    If it were me, I’d have considered that as finished. 🙂 If that’s only 20% of the way to finished product, I’m on pins and needles to know what the final result will look like.

  72. Wow! What a great “temporary job” you have done! I showed my hubby your work…he is quite impressed and so am I!!!!! Would love one of the $100 gift cards from Overstock too!

  73. Love the changes and how well you take into consideration your next move for that space!
    love all the details can’t wait to see your next post !
    Debbie Foley ,Michigan

  74. Funny how all the comments come out when there’s a giveaway 😉
    I do love the wall colors you’ve chosen! Also, I think your temporary fix looks better than my permanant living room, but that’s why you’re a decorator!

  75. I like how you’ve chosen to redo your room in stages. I can attest to the need to have improvement, even if you can’t do it all at once! Nice job.

  76. Kristi – all temporary for now BUT very liveable. I’m sure the rug sticking out is like fingernails on a chalkboard but it is a beautiful rug! Things will all come together it just takes more time and more money then we think. 😉 Great job.

  77. What a huge difference a little paint makes. I love the wall colors and those chairs from Overstock.com. I just bought an older (outdated) house and came to your site for inspiration. I cannot wait to see the final result!

  78. Your 20% is looking better than most people’s 100%! I’ve had my eye on a bench from Overstock, so I could use the prize, for sure.

  79. Love those chairs! I’ve always been hesitant to buy furniture that I can’t test for myself. How comfortable are they? Do they seem well made?

  80. Looks great already! Although I’ve been trying to see the appeal in seagrass rugs for awhile now, and can’t seem to love them. I think it’s the texture that I can’t get around.

  81. How far you have come in just a few short days! I understand that this is only a move toward what you have in mind, but boy is it a big move. Without even going back to see the beginning, I an remember how far you have come from the horrible carpet and drapes when you purchased the house. I am so thrilled that Overstock.com has offered to help you, and I wish I could win a gift card just so I could give to you. Not that I wouldn’t like buying from Overstock, and I may, but I would much more love to see your goals met. The rug sticking out past the wall is the only thing that bothers, me too. While it is only temporary, I would probably pull it all the way against the outside wall even if it wasn’t aligned with the furniture and big window. Of course, I’m sure you’ve tried it that way already. I am so very proud of you and your progress. Life is so full of wonderful things to come. And just think of all that extra space you have now! Will be happy when the condo sells, so you can further your dreams.

  82. Looks awesome!! I am fixin’ to start a total house remodel on a property we just bought. Hope to be able to move in ASAP! Wish me luck!

  83. Love the room color! This is the way I decorate, in phases. I slowly make decisions to be sure it’s what I really want. I hope to do my kitchen soon!

  84. I fell in love with your condo kitchen and have been following ever since. never ordered from Overstock.com so this would be interesting. Your living room looks great. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  85. Very nice progress-you’re pretty speedy when you put your mind to something! (kinda like I was in the olden days) The rug thing would drive me bat-s__t crazy-I would have to not center it. I have a half billion things that I would like on Overstock, pick me, pick me!!! 🙂 Sit back and enjoy your progress…

  86. Wait… Overstock.com delivers to Canada? How did I not know this?! I love your Overstock selections. Those chairs are lovely.

  87. What an incredible difference paint, rugs and furniture make! I can see the vision you have and it is starting to get there! I am sure it will be AMAZING when you are said and done! I so enjoy taking this journey with you! Thanks!

  88. Wow! You have made such wonderful progress and I know that it will look fab U lous when you finish – even phase 1. I so understand working in stages – I have been doing that since we moved into our “new to us” house in March – I’m actually getting a sofa for the living room delivered on Thursday (just in time for Thanksgiving – yeah!). Can’t wait to see it all come together! BTW – I love, love, LOVE the brown paint color – it is going to look so rich with the fabric you ordered for your drapes! 🙂

  89. I love your site! Tons of great ideas and inspiration that I am in desperate need of as I remake our new home as well. Thanks!

  90. What you’ve done (and only 20% complete) looks awesome! A possible solution to the rug issue – put a beautiful planter on the corner of the rug that juts out into the other room.
    Oh, by the way…I would love to win a gift card from Overstock! Seeing what you’ve done so far has inspired me!

  91. We have a long narrow living room and the walls don’t line up on one end so we are stuck with using the other end for our seating and TV. We’ve talked about putting in a gas fireplace on the outside wall but couldn’t center it or the seating would stick out on the opposite wall. Don’t imagine overstock could fix that, other than draw attention away from that and to their fabulous home decor items instead!

  92. Wow, Kristi! The room is really coming along, even if some of it is temporary. You’re doing a great job! I’m so impressed with your vision and talent and I can’t wait to see the room as you take it through the transformation process.

  93. Phase 1 is definitely a step forward! Looking forward to Phase 2… I am still stuck on Phase 1 in my home. Hope you make it farther than I have!!

  94. I have learned so much about home renovation from reading your blog and can’t wait to follow the improvements in your charming new house!

  95. I love those club chairs, I think I want some in my living room. The room is coming out fantastic. I have an older home too and all my trim and chair railings are polar bear white also.

  96. The room is off to a great start — here’s hoping an Overstock.com gift card could get me jumpstarted like that too!

  97. What a difference you have made in your room already! I love your creativity. The earthy tone of the walls makes the room very inviting. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  98. Amazing changes! Looks so much better already. I can’t wait to see all the progress as you continue to work on this room.

  99. You are truly inspiring! I can’t believe what you take on by yourself. Can’t wait to see more of your house transformation.

  100. Love your website & love your projects!! This doesn’t even look like the same room! I hope you’ll feature tutorials!

  101. What if you put a fairly large piece of furniture on the wall “around the corner” close enough to create a feeling of extending the room? Then the rug won’t feelblikebit is sticking out as much.

  102. Awesome as always! I like how you quickly did the half wall and chair rail. It’s the look I’m going for in our living room as well.

  103. I have been checking your site all morning to see your progress. Yay!!!!!!! I love your work and vision that you have for your new house. You are an inspiration to me and I have made 4 of your DIY items. Thank you so much for your step by step on the things you’ve made. I’m now in the process of making my 3rd spoon mirror for my mother-in-law. Thank You!!!!!!

  104. It looks much better already! I love the light fixture, especially the crackled glass. And it feels much more inviting with the warm brown on the walls.

  105. I love your Overstock picks! I really love those chairs! I’ve been eying the same ones myself! I love how nicely they go with the rug (which truth be told I had doubts about). I also love the Turkish kilim in that room. I know it’s not staying there but it looks great! I can’t wait to see the final phase. I feel like you should do an open house for your fans once it’s all done haha. It might be worth the trip to TX just for that lol.

  106. That is such great progress! I can’t wait to see everything all put together. The idea of upholstering such a large item scares me, but I know everything is going to turn out awesome!

  107. Love LOVE love the chairs. The room is dramatically improved. We’ve been eyeing a new vent hood on Overstock and WHOA would $100 really help 🙂

  108. Love the paint color and your 20% looks so good.
    I would love the $100 overstock.com gift card to do some remodeling myself.

  109. Everything project has to start somewhere. Mine are only pretty in my head until they are complete. My family always wonders “how is THAT gonna turn out?” at the beginning of a project. HA! I would love to win $100 OVERSTOCK.com prize!

  110. Love your “thrown together ” room. It looks great. I n ever would have thought of using such a dark color on the wall but with the white, it looks great.

  111. We have to move soon and a ton of work ahead of us. I would LOVE to win this giftcard.

    Are you going to keep the burgundy pillows? Your color scheme looks really different from what I imagined. It almost looks like the classic, red, brown, green, gold color scheme. As usual, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. 🙂

  112. You have managed to pull together a pretty good look already. Looking forward to watching your progress. And your energy level still amazes me. I bought paint for my tiny en suite shower area on Saturday and I’m still working up the energy to start. Keep up the great work!
    Lee Ann

  113. Where would you recommend getting the cheapest options for chair rails like you have? I was hoping to do something with them in my bathroom that I just painted, but I love saving money as much as possible and I am on a freelancer salary. Thanks so much for the inspiration! I really love keeping up with your work. I’m currently sitting in jury duty so it was nice to have an email popup from here to pass the time. Thank you for running the overstock.com contest too, that’s really cool.

  114. Love those Christopher Knight chairs! I have been eyeing those for a long time, who would have thought the kid from Brady bunch would have a furniture line? That $100 bucks if I win would probably be the nail in the coffin to getting a pair of my own. Love all of your selections by the way, not just the chairs 🙂 I feel ya on the rug debacle, I would drive me nuts too 🙂

  115. What a difference! Just these few things make it so much nicer. I know the frustration of not being able to have things just as you want, but just keep telling yourself what my husband and I keep says to ourselves, “It will so so nice when we get done”.

  116. I love Overstock … and am in need of a large area rug after our house flooded. A $100 gift card would be amazing!

  117. I really like sheers – solo in summer; under layer in winter. What a nice big front window. Oh to have your energy minus 25 yrs might help me. Have ordered several items from overstock – they are addictive

  118. We moved a year ago, and I purchased quite a few items for my new house from Overstock. I also started with 2 arm chairs, end tables and an area rug! 🙂 Love to see all of your creative ideas! You inspire me!! Also have quite a ways to go to finish my house; so an Overstock Gift Card would be great!

  119. You never cease to amaze me, Kristi. The speed at which you work is mind blowing. Your living room is really taking shape. I love me some Overstock, too. Can get lost for hours on that site!!

  120. What a difference the paint made in the living room. I love the chairs, end table, seagrass rug and your chest you got off CL. Can’t wait to see the end results!! You’re awesome!

  121. I love phase one of your living room and look forward to following the progress! Would love to win the $100 overstock.com gift card 🙂

  122. Thank you for sharing your wonderful design ideas. i’ve really enjoyed following the progrees on your new home. Thanks for the give away!

  123. Wow that’s a great 20%. I am really loving it. I am wondering if you thought of moving the rug in towards your two windows more. I can see it’s not under your dresser. This might help with the nails on chaulk thing. Lol. Be proud girl you are doing awesome!

  124. Amazing difference already! I know, it’s the most minor item in your post but, do you mind sharing where you purchased your double drapery rod? I have been looking for a long (144″) center open double traverse rod but, I can’t seem to find one for a reasonable cost. Quality draperies, rods and hardware seem to be so difficult to find that I’m beginning to wonder if they have gone the way of the rotary dial phone! Also, I thought of you this weekend — I ordered some great throw pillows from World Market (www.worldmarket.com) and saw some great pieces of accent furniture that made me think of you and your Ikea piece that you plan to embellish. It was my first time visiting their site and I’m hooked! Of course, up here in Vermont our shopping selection is LIMITED so, that’s my excuse for getting overly excited when finding a new online store.

  125. I love reading about your progress. I am always reading them to my husband and we both agree that you have some amazing talent and stamina to tackle such a project. I look forward to each new step along the way.

  126. I love following your blog and progress on your home. You have such great ideas! I would also love a $100 gift card from Overstock. Keep up the great work!

  127. Kristi, you are off to a great start. I like the wall color. I can’t wait to see the fabric you chose in this room. Wish they would deliver it, like…soon!
    I love browsing Overstock for home decor items. I just have to make certain I don’t do it in a weak moment or they might have to deliver my order with a moving van.

  128. I just stumbled across your blog today while searching for some information on cutting bias welting. That tutorial was the bomb! Not only that, but I have searched high and low on the internet for some clear and concise directions with photos for professional drapery construction that are not ‘bag’ style. THANK YOU! Love the progress you’re making in your living room. A gal after my own heart! Congrats!

  129. I love it! I am in love with the color sweet Georgia brown and would love to do a copy cat Master Bedroom like you did Gwen’s bedroom. That gift card would be awesome!

  130. I love, love the chairs and table! I love to see a room pull together. Just takes a little vision and you’ve got a lot of that!

  131. What an improvement already! Maybe you could “even up” the edge of that carpet by placing a narrow table or bookshelf along the edge of that unfinished wall. It would give the illusion that the room is as long as the rug.

    Thanks for the contest….:))

  132. Ah, a fresh place to have a cup of tea and think about the work that you have accomplished. Granny’s curtains – gone!

  133. I must say that this is a VAST improvement… and I’m looking forward to the rest of the story! That reminds me—I think you ought to write YOUR story. In a book. Would make for very interesting reading. And I’ll copyedit it for you!

  134. Your living room is coming along very nicely, l love the colors. It’s looking very cozy, even without being finished. I would love to win 100.00 from overstock. I shop there all the time, it’s my go to site..Thank you, Gail

  135. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! You are one talented woman and I really enjoy watching your creative process unfold. Thanks for a nice giveaway too!

  136. hey Kristi,
    just wanted to say hey from the great white north, I have recently become a fan, its been a couple months, your still and diys are awesome and such an inspiration. im still backtracking on all my reading of your blogs, there is so much to learn and take inspiration from. I recently moved as well, going from a house to an apt and trying to make it our own, downsizing and making it just so and now I have lots to go by. I just want to thank you so much for your sharing.

  137. Ohhhhhhh! the living room looks so pretty! I can see that consignment sofa in the living room with those chairs! now I know why you pondered it so long – you knew what was in your vision and we couldn’t see it! will you do tufting when you reupholster this sofa? I am also redoing my living room – the $100 gift card will help so much! Hope I win!!!

  138. What a transformation! Well done. Looking forward to seeing what comes next. I am hoping the bathroom comes soon. I have one very similar to yours….

  139. I think the tufted chairs are my favorite things in the room right now…..well, those and the cat. The wall color is perfect and nice job on the wainscoting. Must feel so much better to at least have one room that’s presentable. Good for you.

  140. Kristi, I came home for lunch to see if you had posted your weekend progress. OMG! I was amazed. You inspire me! Thank you for sharing your ideas, wishes and hard work. I would love to be considered for the Overstock gift card. Cheers!

  141. Wonderful improvement. I lived in a home built in 1949 for 24 years and I understand all you will be going through. I love the chairs and Overstock–could really use the certificate.

  142. You get so much done so quickly!! I am so jealous! When I am done with this pregnancy (7 more weeks to go!) I’m kicking it into high gear like you! =]

  143. So I don’t care if it is a sponsored post I LOVE those chairs. In fact I thought of getting rid of one of my chairs just so I could get one!

  144. I cannot believe how much work you’ve gotten done! I’ve been living with missing baseboards in my own living room since July. 🙂

  145. The living room is coming along nicely. I especially like the rug and Roman shades. It ‘s fun to watch you put this room together. The draperies, reupholstering, artwork, pillows, etc. will make a big difference.

  146. I am always amazed at your hard work. If this is only 20% of Phase 1, I think we’re all in for a treat!! Great job, Kristi 🙂

  147. I am a huge fan! I love everything you have done! You are a great motivator to me. With triplets under 2 I don’t have time but then I look at all the wonderful things you do and I figure out a way!

  148. While it’d be nice to win a GC, I have to say that I really afore that brown paint. It’s a really nice warm earthy brown. Your blog always inspires me as we’re currently remodeling our house, so I always file your projects away for future uses (like that herringbone tray with rope handles).

  149. I love your blog, I mean really seriously… who doesn’t?? lol
    The colors you are using for your new home are the same as I used for my last home ( I read your blog religiously to get new inspiration!) and want to use again in my daughters home now that I live in her home as her home health aide. Money is tight to say the least, but overstock has these chairs I’ve be eyeing for quite some time, this would be great to win!

  150. Love your wall color. The room is looking good already. Overstock is one of my favorite online places to shop!!

  151. For only being 20% done, it looks amaizing! I love seeing what a little paint and your creative mind can do, I’m anxiously awaiting the next post!

  152. Seeing your post in my email, makes my day. I have been dying to see what you did with the living room. I love the chairs and can’t wait to see how you upholster the couch. I have one that needs it, too. Thanks for sharing all you do. You are by far my favorite blog!!

  153. You simply amaze me! Your living room already looks 10 times better than it did. I can’t wait to see the finished product! I love your taste!

  154. Just WOW! Again, you are working as fast as the Energizer Bunny on crack! 😉 Love the wall color. It’s going to look awesome with the print fabric you’ve chosen.

  155. You have made fabulous progress. Amazing what a little paint and fabric can do in a room! I anxiously await your posts to see what your next project is!

  156. I am overwhelmed by all you do and how well you do it. I especially admire your ability to stick to your plan!

  157. Your frustration with the rug hit close to home for me. I can’t decide about hanging a picture… should I centre it over the couch which is the main focal point of that wall? Or centre it on the wall itself? It won’t be the lone picture on the wall, it will be one of three of smaller size.

  158. Big change already! Can’t wait to see the final stage 1. Thanks for the opportunity to win $100 from Overstock. We are building a new house, so we can definitely use it. Thanks.

  159. If this how good it looks partway thru phase 1, I can’t wait to see the end result. Great job. I’m loving everything.

  160. That looks beautiful to me!!! You are working wonders with your “old house”.
    I would love to be entered in the drawing…just what I need….more “stuph” :^)
    Blessings to you,

  161. The swag lighting is so retro and retro does seem to be “in” now…!! But the light fixture is so pretty I don’t even notice the swag. Would love the overstock gift card to use for my bathroom and kitchen remodel!

  162. Wow. The room looks so different and so much more pulled together! I wouldn’t have ironed that canvas either! The wrinkles would just have motivated me to work steadily until I finished the sofa, lol! I seem to remember an article where there was a similar situation with shorter wall length where they placed a tall folding screen jutting out from the short wall to lengthen it. Don’t know if that would be feasible for your situation, but it’s an idea. Looking forward to seeing future changes!

  163. I am such a fan! I don’t usually comment on your total DIY diva awesomeness, but hey – its a giveaway! AND after your Overstock.com post I was so impressed with those club chairs I just had to check out Overstock.com for myself and what do you think I found?! The perfect size 6′ sofa, with ONE cushion and LOW rolled arms in a beautiful neutral color to fit in my every so challenging but extremely charming 100 year old house! Do you know how hard it is to find furniture for small rooms?!! So its between the ‘Portfolio Harper’ in Cream Chenille OR ‘Portfolio Ellie’ in Barley Tan. You cant win if you don’t enter!!! Thank you Kristi and Overstock.com!

  164. I think it looks great and very crisp and clean. You certainly did a lot in a short time. It looks beautiful. Love reading your blog and overstock.com.

  165. Your living room progress looks GREAT and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out in the end! (I especially love your new tufted chairs!) As I read your blog I find myself wishing I could go help you with your million and one projects. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

    Oh, & I was wondering how the trees are doing? Were you pleased with the end results with your arborist?

  166. Love your blog. Your living room is off to a great start. I admire your practicality of not rushing into things. You’ve accomplished so much in such a short time.

  167. What a huge improvement! Can’t wait to see all the amazing projects that you’ll do in the house. I’m happy that you have much more room for your creativity (easy for me to say, since I’m not the one doing the work). Thanks for the giveaway!

  168. I adore your work. And as fate would have it, i adore overstock.com too. You have ben such an inspiration. My house has transformed since I found your blog.

  169. Love the Sweet Georgia Brown – a little disappointed that after all the work you did on the floor you’ve covered up with a rug but I have no doubt that when you are finished it’s going to be phenomenal.

  170. Your posts always make me so happy. That’s a pretty incredible 20%. I can hardly wait to see the next step. I love the things you bought with your gift card. I’d love a gift card from Overstock.com.

  171. I like that you did a “step 1” for the Living Room as it was great to see that we don’t have to do it all perfectly the first time, but take steps, evaluate and add something else. Always open up your blog as soon as I can. Fascinated to watch the house unfold. Thank you for making us all feel like we can do it too! With your great pictures and easy to understand guidance.

  172. I would love a gift card to Overstock.com, especially this time of year!!! I am glad they chose you as a sponsor you deserve it!!!!

  173. Love wainscoting look and the choice of Sweet Georgia Brown, it’s rich and warm; it reminds me of dark brown sugar 😉 ! I also really, really like your fabric choice, the total look will be polished, sophisticated and welcoming. I admire your vision and taste.

  174. Been following you as well….and all i can say is Great Progress! I know its not the final look, but for now it looks warm and inviting.

  175. Hi, Wow what a transformation so far. Can’t wait to see the end product. We too have done mucho renovations in our 1968 ranch house. Next is the finished basement redo. Well after Christmas that is. That gift card for Overstock.com would sure come in handy for us. Thanks.

  176. 20% makes quite an impact! I am looking forward to seeing the progression and no doubt it will be stunning. I’d love a gift card to Overstock.com

  177. I know the room is only partially done, but I agree that it is a huge improvement! I’m so anxious to follow along as you make all the changes to your home. I know it will be beautiful when you are through.

    I would really love to win that gift card to Overstock! I already know that I would put it towards the very same seagrass rug you chose! I love it! 🙂

  178. wow will you ever have a hard time to pick just 2 winners. I look forward to see all your updates, and so happy that you are able to do most of them your self..Way to go DIY~♥ We live in a motor home full time. have had the same two chairs for the last 12 years, they came with a foot stool, witch take up a lot of room in my Tiny living room. I would love to win the $100 so I could look for a new recliner on overstock.com…♥ If I don’t that’s ok 2, I’m just happy to watch how your new home is getting to where you want it..♥

  179. I love the before and after pictures! It will be great to see it completed. Thanks for keeping us posted on all you do!

  180. I’ve been lurking on your blog for quite some time, you really have some great money saving ideas, including Overstock.com. Your living room is coming along nicely, I think a plant in the hall at the end of the sticking out rug would really be a helpful fool-the-eye solution for now. I only suggest this because it really seems to bother you (nails on the chalk board). Also you are lucky to have your mother’s wisdom and help with the upholstery projects. Mine taught me, but big projects are such hard work, I know why they charge so much. Will keep watching and rooting for you.

  181. Love phase I! I’m a firm believer of “living” with a room for a while and adding to it when budget allows or functionality and design dictate. Great use of your overstock funds. My fingers are crossed that I get to peruse there sight with $100 too!

  182. What can I say! I truly look forward to your posts via email and facebook. It is such an inspiration to watch your transformations and your ability to work so quickly. I have such an admiration for your talent! Your ‘temporary’ living room looks so warm and certainly not temporary–I can’t wait to see the final result down the road……plus the fantastic new curtains!

  183. I love watching all of the progress you are making and I look forward to each new post. I can’t wait to see the finished house! You are so talented!

  184. The room is coming along nicely. I could spend an hour without blinking at the overstock website. I have been obsessing over rugs lately!

  185. Kristi, it’s looking great already! Excited for you. If I won, I believe I’d get sconces for the bedroom. I’ve decided to go with them to have more surface space on the night stands.

  186. You have quite an undertaking on your hands! But your progress is coming along. You must have more patience then me because I would want to jump to the end, like yesterday! Good luck, I know it will turn out beautiful. 🙂

  187. Oh my gosh of course I’d like to win like anyone else. I have a rug I’m eyeing over at overstock myself. lol…(I love that site). Your living room is going to look amazing if your condo is any indication! I love the chairs you bought and the seagrass rug. But I really LOVE the blue and tan fabric that you showed too. It’s gorgeous! I am in the “middle” stages of my family room and I am doing kind of a charcoal grey, white and lots of pops of yellow. I really need to finish this phase with a rug. Any thoughts of whether I should go with a black design or a dark or light grey? You can see my post at my blog under the title “WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES!!! ( And 30 bucks! ) Am I allowed to say that? I’m new to this blogging etiquette so if not I apologize and you can edit that out! I sincerely would love your opinion on a rug to compliment the drapes and colors. I love your style and would respect your opinion. I can’t wait to see all the phases of your room! I am new to following you and I check every day for more updates! lol…And I am still going through all your old post and enjoying the condo redo too. Thanks for sharing.

  188. i so enjoy reading your progress. Your design sense is exactly what I’m striving for in my home,…classic, comfortable, colorful. Thank you for all the time you dedicate to sharing your hard work!

  189. Your blog is sooo inspiring. I love seeing what you are up to, and love the step by step tutorials. Thanks for the opportunity to win a great giveaway.

  190. I love the room. I think I have your cat’s twin at my house. We call her Lucy but my husband calls her Lucifer because she is a devil – love her.

  191. I figured you were up to something when you didn’t post for awhile… you’ve been a busy bee! I can see your vision even at the initial Phase I stage — it’s going to be lovely! Am glad you’ve decided to reinterpret the rug on an ottoman – it’s going to look awesome!

    Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us. I, for one, will be impatiently waiting!

    Thanks – to you and Overstock – for the giveaway. My fingers, eyes, and legs are crossed!

  192. My goodness, Phase 1 looks SOOO much better. Those curtains in the “before” picture were just too much yuck. Great job. Thanks for the Overstock giveaway!

  193. Wow! you make 20% look pretty dang good! I can’t wait to see where the kilim ends up and that dresser is really rockin in there right now. The antique-ness of it seems to add depth to all the other furniture. Keep up the awesome work!

  194. I always read that paint can change the whole look of a room, but seeing IS believing. Paired with the white wainscoting, your walls look so upscale, so beautiful.
    Your energy level continues to inspire/amaze/?shame? me! Well done!

  195. Amazing progress! Despite your claim that the coffee table clashes with that lovely chest, but sitting it ON that gorgeous kilim would be fabulous! Layer that baby right over your sisal and love it! Thanks, too, for the giveaway.

  196. I’m loving the anticipation of each room completion. I so wish I lived close and could work along side you to learn and be inspired. Keep up the great work!!

  197. I love checking my email and seeing yours in my inbox. I can’t wait to open it and see what you’ve done today. 🙂

  198. I have been following you since finding your website. I have yet to see something you posted I did not like. I always check each day to see if you have a post and miss you when you don’t. The living room is coming along so well and I cannot wait to see it finished. I just finished my condo after 4 years of hard work and am so pleased with the outcome. Have not done any of your diy projects but will keep reading and perhaps attempt something in the future. Your living room looks wonderful in such a short period of time. Needless to say NEVER did I make such progress in such a short period of time. lol. Look forward to seeing your next post.

  199. I soooo appreciate this blog. The tips have helped me (flotrol) and also inspired me (artwork); most other designer blogs use a lot of whites in their space and I like dark blues, browns and reds.

    If I win the $100, I’m planning on getting the Bunch Side tables. they are such a good choice because they are so functional and still have space for designing. love it!!!!

  200. The room looks much better and it will only get even better in time. I buy almost all my rugs from Overstock. Would love to win a gift card.

  201. I love what you do and appreciate you sharing the mental process too. I am so enjoying each step of the way!

  202. Your living room looks a million times better! Hold that close to your heart the next time you look that rug going beyond that wall. I would love a $100 gift card to overstock.com for my own personal remodel of my living room!

  203. Ok, Kristi, you had me at “Sweet Georgia Brown” paint color. As a Peach State transplant to the frigid north I love any reminders of my home state. I am so happy to see that barely hanging drape all gone. The transformation is well on it’s way. Just a little suggestion, I echo someone saying to angle the chair out to the side of the rug. I would also add, angle the other chair by the window. It looks like such a nice place to curl up to read the mail. I just hate to waste good window light….also, love to look out.

    1. By the way, I did not know that Overstock.com had such great furniture. I spent some time today on the site checking it out!

  204. Slow and steady win the race, and you know you can’t rush perfection. It may not be the end you desire but Looking better every post. And how lucky to get a gift card!!! Sign me up too.

  205. How do you do it? Wow! You did an excellent job on the room! Can’t wait to see what else is around the corner. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  206. Thank you! For the fun update AND for the opportunity to win a gift certificate to Overstock.

    20% DOES make a big difference! Looking good.


  207. Wow! That’s only 20% done?!? The room looks amazing! I can’t wait to see more Phase 1 progress in the future. Thanks for the giveaway. I love overstock.com:-)

  208. Love what you have done! Especially your colors & purchases from Overstock. Looking forward to seeing each step!

  209. This is why I think our houses have so much in common, ours is a 1948 house, too. I’m glad you feature the house while it’s in progress. Many times normal people get the feeling there is something wrong with taking your time to decorate because many blogs show things finished and styled already. There’s nothing wrong with that at all,but it’s nice that there are other blogs that show the slow way the rest of us decorate! 🙂

  210. Love your o choices. I cannot tell you how excited I would be to win the gift card. I can’t wait to see where the room winds up.

  211. Nice start to Phase 1. Now at least it is liveable and you can really get to know your new home. We also recently moved and are now in the process of making the place our own. I must say, you are so inspiring and continue to give us ideas for our new home. I sure could do with a $100 gift certificate to help with my efforts.

  212. Well there ya go. Just mention the word give away and people gonna play. I love your blog and keep up with EVERYTHING you post. Keep em coming!

  213. Love your Overstock finds. I have always been reluctant to by upholstered pieces online as I am very sensitive to comfort and seat in chairs and sofas. Hope yours are as comfortable as they are handsome. Would love to find a great table for my dining room/library and that $100 gift certificate would come in handy.

  214. Your living room is beautiful! I love the balance, symetry and simplicity…….your colors are warm and welcoming too:-)
    Would love to win the $100 and be able to do something to my living room too:-)
    Thanks for the chance!

  215. Love your blog! Is it crazy that I look for the email everyday and get excited when I see it? I’m searching for an old roll top desk to make the pet center for my daughter.

  216. Wow, what a difference already! I love the look so far and those chairs are gorgeous. Can’t wait until you add that beautiful fabric to the windows.

  217. I really like looking at your projects and progress. I am such a procrastinator and don’t always finish my projects, but you make it look manageable . So I hope the more I see, the more I will move along wIth own my stuff.

  218. I love the choices you have made so far for your living room. The chairs, rug and table all look great. I cannot wait to see how your draperies look when finished. I am so glad you are back to regular blog posts. I was having addicted 2 decorating withdrawal. We are slowing chipping away at an older home as well (slowly is the key word here). I have such a hard time committing to decorating decisions so I love how effortless you seem to make it. If I had a $100 Overstock gift card I would use it to buy a rug for under my kitchen table.

  219. Thanks so much for posting! It always helps to see the unvarnished before and then the after. Gives me hope for some of the things in my house!

  220. I think you’re off to a fabulous start and I can’t wait to see how everything ends up — for both Phase 1 and Phase 2!

  221. WOW – this is amazing work. I can’t believe what a difference you made. I’m in the process of redecorating my living room after 9 years. Would love the $100 card to Overstock. It would be put to great use!

  222. Wow, just placing the chair and draperies in the room is a drastic change. Can’t wait for more changes to come….the transformation is amazing!!!!

    I would love to have the overstock gift card to buy one of those chairs for my room!!

  223. Kristi, I love your attitude. Doing something that makes your house look good on the way to fabulous is inspiring. It really is easier to live in a home where everything isn’t exactly what you want when you are making progress and enjoying beauty which you create…all while staying within your perimeters. (Did that make any sense?!)
    Oh…and for some reason….I thought your living room was going to be navy. Wonder where I got that idea. 😉

  224. Hi Kristi;
    Today I was at Home Depot in Halifax, Nova Scotia and saw the fruitwood matchstick bamboo blinds at a really low, low price of 24.00. Not sure if these are the same as yours. They do have a valance and are roll ups .
    Need to check yours out again. Please enter my name in your draw for Overstock . Maybe they have blinds.

  225. Well I usually have to rush through the comments…although I love reading them but today I actually have to comment myself because I also want a shot at the $100 gift card….I love Overstock.com….they have some great stuff and I look there before I even look at the other sites….you certainly put good use of the gift to you..I love those chairs and they go so well with the dresser look. so how is Matt liking the house?

  226. Wow! Just … wow! I am amazed at the difference in the room already! I cannot believe you’ve got beadboard and trim up already! It is going to be gorgeous when finished if it looks this good and you’re only in Phase 1. That paint color is so pretty, it looks in the pics to be the color of a light brown sugar! Your drapery treatment is going to be so lovely on that nice, big picture window.

    Your Overstock items are lovely, those chairs are gorgeous, but there’s NO WAY you could put that second table in there and not be pushed over the edge right now LOL! I am so much like you, Krisit, certain things like a rug sticking out that would not bother anyone else just keep me awake at night! But rest assured, that rug is looks so pretty against your newly redone hardwood floors that it’s not noticeable that it sticks out a bit.



  227. Kristi, I have 5 of those Providence blinds in my bedroom right now ready to go up in the place of white metal mini blinds. You inspire me to get them installed, they look beautiful in your room. It is starting to look like you, it is wonderful to see. Most of us out here are seeking beauty and order despite our imperfect homes and small budgets, I am so grateful that you can show me how it’s done!

  228. Your phase 1 looks so much better than most folks finish line. Take a few minutes to enjoy what you have accomplished. Just think, now you don’t have to crawl in a hole in shame if someone comes to the door 🙂 I’m amazed at what you’ve gotten done in such a short period of time. I’ve learned, if I think something will take 2 days, it takes 4 and it took you no time to knock out this room. So far, phase 1…check…phase 2 postponed until fabric arrives…so what’s next? Not that I am being pushy, but I love seeing how your mind and hands work.

  229. Amazing transformation in so little time! Love what you have done so far! I have so enjoyed seeing all you have done so far to your ‘new’ place. Love your ideas!

  230. Quite the difference a week makes! 🙂 I can’t wait until you get your drapes done. I always think your drapes/fabric make your rooms! You have me addicted to looking at fabric online now… I think over the Christmas holiday I am going to attempt to make my own drapes. Hopefully they come out as nice as your stuff. Looking forward to all your decorating in this house… so far… sooo good!

  231. I have really enjoyed your blog for the last few months! I bought my first house last year and would definitely put the gift card to good use!

  232. It’s so fun to check here each day and see what you’ve done! I can’t wait to see your house completed! In the meantime, I’m enjoying this adventure!

  233. Kristi-I love your “Phase 1”, it looks great! I wish you had shown the original before picture with that ugly carpeting still in place next to the Phase 1 though. The color used on the upper portion of the walls is beautiful and the white balances it well. Did you do a paint technique with the brown to give it dimension?

    This journey of following you through the blog and FB is really inspiring me to shorten my work week so that I can work on my house. Thank you for sharing.

  234. You are a wonderful inspiration!
    Love following your progress and projects. You encourage me to keep trying !

  235. I love your ideas, I have a house under construction and you are such and inspiration and show where to find such awesome ideas. Thank you for your page… I LOVE IT!

  236. Wish that I could be as motivated as you. It’s so inspiring to see the changes you’ve made. Your condo looked great and the house is moving along. Thanks for all of your hints and projects.

  237. Kristi, Kristi, Kristi!!!! I CANNOT believe that is the same living room! I had to keep tagging back and forth between the pictures to be sure! The AC was the only thing I recognized! You have such an eye for putting things together to look great–even in Phase 1. Love the wall color, the white trim and those chairs are to die for! Would LOVE the gift certificate, of course, to continue work on the living room at my house. You are amazing…

  238. Even though you have only completed 20% of the plan for the living room, the difference is amazing. I love the way you chronicle each step along the way. It really helps me to understand the process of how to plan for a renovation.

  239. I can honestly say, “I’m addicted to ‘Addicted2Decorating!'” 🙂 I appreciate your decorating savvy and your ability to create works of art from common, everyday items. Your carpentry skills are amazing! WHAT AN INSPIRATION YOU ARE! Thanks for sharing

  240. It is looking good. I am not sure I am brave enough to paint my living room that dark. I can’t wait to see how the drapes change the room. I really like the floral.

  241. As frustrating as it can be working in stages, it also gives you the chance to live with things for a little while to make sure everything truly works. Or at least that is the excuse Im giving these days 🙂

    I like what you’ve done with the place so far, lol. Seriously, its coming together very well. It looks very classic, but warm and comfortable. Thanks for sharing your progress!

  242. I have been following you for some time now. I look forward to each post and can’t wait to see every step of your home’s transformation.
    I would love to win and use some ideas I got from following you.

  243. I love the way your living room is coming together. Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of us buying our house and I still don’t have the living room decorated. An Overstock gift card would be very useful.

  244. I love all of your ideas… Keep providing us with nice ideas to try in our own homes…. You need your own DIY show… HGTV needs you.

  245. We recently moved into a new place and being a tad on the OCD side…I’m struggling with unpacking boxes, making home improvements and wanting my new digs beautifully decorated….all at the same time…so your blog entries on the new house really resonate with me. And, after seeing the great new pieces in your living room, I’ve now got an uber case of “Overstock” envy!!

  246. You are just amazing! I love following your blog where your humorous writing style, coupled with step by step projects, are so very inspirational to all DIY followers. I look forward to taking your home makeover journey with you and learning along the way. In a nutshell, thanks for the laughs, learnings and love in all that you do! You’ve go me addicted to you!

  247. Have you considered using a tall bookcase to (temporarily) extend the living room wall? You could cover the back with a panel of fabric so that it’s not an eyesore from the next room, or even put two bookcases back-to-back, if you can find two that match. (I’m assuming bookcases from Craigslist, because I know you don’t want to invest heavily in temporary solutions.)

  248. Love, love, LOVE seeing the progress! You are SO talented. I’ve gotten a lot great ideas from you! You need a show on HGTV or something! And I’m NOT just saying that! 🙂

  249. Love seeing how your house is beginning to take shape! Love your ideas and your color sense – thank you for so many ideas! I would love to win a chance to spend some money at Overstock – fun fun!!

  250. Love what you have done so far . Can.t wait to see more. I like watching what you are going to do next. I like to see if I have any of the same thoughts as you on colors

  251. Love a giveaway! Kudos to you, Kristi, for your drive and guts in doing these projects, esp. when you are doing them all on your own!

  252. Wow! Amazing what you do with such little time!! Looks amazing already. Cannot wait to see it finished. Wait, if you’re like me…it’s never “finished” 🙂 Love your work and I am really enjoying the transformation of your 40’s home.

  253. I love the color of your walls and the Roman shades! Can’t wait to see Phase 2 and all the other cool things you do in your new home. I would love to win $100 to spend at Overstock.com!

  254. Your progress is amazing. So looking forward to seeing what you do in the months to come, you are truly an inspiration!

  255. I love your design skills! Guess what I want to order the same end tables! I am new to blogs and I find your blog inspiring!

  256. We have the same first name. Therefore I should totally win one of the gift cards!

    In all seriousness, your Phase 1 progress is great! You chose beautiful pieces knowing how you want the room to end up as. Looking forward to seeing those walls moved, the air conditioner free window and swag-less light fixture. 🙂

  257. Beautiful work! And I love your choices. My husband and I bought a home a year ago and we still haven’t gotten it furnished. No curtains, needing bedroom furniture and more. We sure could use and would appreciate an Overstock gift card. Blessings to you and your family!

  258. I am truly in awe of your motivation. I love the room. I am a huge fan of contrast and that deep brown in contrast with the white is simply lovely. I cannot wait to see the room when you are all done. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  259. Absolutely love watching your plans and dreams come true. So much progress in such a short time, keep up the hard work it is definitely showing.
    P.S. I would definitely love a gift card from Overstock.com.

  260. I probably won’t win a gift card, because there are literally a GOGILLION (that is a real #)
    Other comments on here but wanted to share how much I love your blog.
    I found it within the last 2 weeks and by total accident! So glad I did though!
    LOVE your bravery with color and pattern! I’ve enjoyed all your posts and can’t wait to see how this room turns out…. Well honestly I want to see the whole darn house!!
    Happy home decorating and have a blessed Thanksgiving !

  261. Hey Kristi, Awesome progress! Can you flip the sofa with the chairs or is the sofa to long where it hangs past the short wall too? Looking forward to seeing more always fun to watch everything come together.

  262. Been following you for a long time and just have one question….when do you sleep???? Thanks for the give away chance!!

  263. Love love love your site!!! I’m making a reading room and your two tone wall combo is my inspiration! Hope I win but either way I’ll still love your blog!

  264. Your blog inspires me! I’m moving into my grandparents house (built in 1961) and have some odd sized rooms but what you are doing reminds me to be patient and that not everything can be done at once.

  265. I love your chairs! I had a dream of tufted sofas when we first moved into our new house, which has somehow turned into a dream of a nice craigslist sofa, so it would be awesome to win this giftcard to help make the rest of the room pretty. 🙂

  266. Great progress. I love your inspiration fabric. I also covered my husband’s ugly favorite coffee table with an old tapestry. He didn’t get it. lol… he thinks a double wide lazyboy recliner is considered a couch! Pray for me when I get around to redoing our house over the next year. Your ceiling looks so much better… what was the secret there? beside that beautiful new light fixture?

  267. We recently sold our house and bought a little 1948 charmer (moving in a couple weeks) and have a lot of the same issues as you’re dealing with. Thankfully the previous owners already had the hardwood floors re-finished because I’m not sure I’d want to tackle that. You are a brave woman for doing so and they turned out wonderfully.
    A $100 gift certificate would sure come in handy for our new place.

    Love your blog!

  268. I am interested in seeing how you do the different phases since I am redecorating my house as well. My mother passed away in May and I inherited many items from her, plus my son and his wife are expecting my first grand baby so I want to get going on this as soon as possible. I have very little decorating knowledge, but I do know what I like and don’t like. It is exciting for me to watch you pull it all together in the phases that you are doing. I am quite impressed and look forward to each one and then the completion, of course. Thank you for doing this for us all to see. I would love to win the gift certificate as this house needs much work on it. Thanks.

  269. The rug sticking out would drive me nuts too. How about a portable screen set up where the wall will eventually be? Or back to back bookcases, one to even out the living room rug and one behind it facing the hall. You can always use bookcases elsewhere after you build the wall. Another option would be to build the living room wall out the three feet into the hall where it will eventually join the kitchen wall and you would have a nice nook on the other side until you can enlarge the kitchen. A three foot wall would take no time at all to erect and very little money.

  270. I have always wanted to shop at Overstock. Following your progress and your shopping at O gives me incentive.

  271. From one WACOAN to another just wanted to say I love the choices you made with the furniture and rug! I look forward to reading about your progress. It helps build my confidence to tackle projects in my own home!

  272. Great progress! I can certainly understand the phases! We own a home originally built in 1901 and then added onto in the 50’s. I have lots of paint to scrape, sand, strip, etc to get drips and dings off of. Restoring woodwork is a pain! I used very similar colors in a small hallway we have and everyone loves it! I have very old grass cloth to take down and replace. Not sure with what yet but we will see. Love reading your blog, it keeps me inspired! 🙂 Thanks for doing the giveaway too!

  273. What a difference. You continue to amaze me on how talented your designs are. Thank you for the opportunity to win a gift card.

  274. Love those chairs! I would probably use a gift card towards those too! Love your blog, and great giveaway!
    Nicole B.

  275. I am amazed at the changes you have made to your home. Your hard work is inspiring! Thank you for the awesome Overstock giveaway.

  276. Just found your site and love your attitude. I love how you can have a vision about your new room and you get it done. Love the colors you chose.

  277. Kristi, I look forward to your blog entries whenever I am on my computer. Love your sense of style and color. Being a quilter, I LOVE color. I have never been to Overstock.com but poked around and I think it is a great site….I see Christmas…..I would love a chance to win. Thank you.

  278. Love the wall color. I checked out the bedroom you decorated and think this color will be great for the bedroom I have to do in my home next month! Thanks so much for your inspiring ideas- and opportunity for a giveaway. You are making progress!

  279. I absolutely adore the chairs. I cannot wait until my boys no longer think my upholstery is their napkins because I am determined to buy them.

  280. Love the fact you are working in a typical ordinary room, not something with tall windows and high ceilings which lends it own beauty. Anyway, excited at what you have accomplished so far, it very pleasing, can’t wait to see al the tweaking and finishing yet to come! And to think you can purchase it so easily on Overstock.com. Thanks for the inspiration!

  281. Hi,read your blogs every day and get inspiration .We have recently buy our house so I get new idea from your blog. I have seen your phase 1 living room progress and like it. Like in this picture, I have seen you have a pet . You have one WONDERFUL Turkish kilim which you said you bought from Turkey .Because I love traditional thing so I would like to say i you just give a coat of SILICON SPRAY to it you can give loooonger life to your Turkish kilim and you could have it with you for long time.

  282. Hi Kristi – I found your blog yesterday…and I’m addicted! I have a living room about the same size as yours and am looking forward to seeing what changes you’ll be making. I’m also in the process of redoing my whole house with very limited funds…one room at a time…and right now I’m working on my living room. I admire your bravery with room color (Sweet Georgia Brown) and would love to do something similar, but I’m a paint chicken! Polar Bear…I think I can do…baby steps, right? I can’t wait to see what you to with the ceiling!

  283. I love shopping on overstock.com and this would be so helpful for Christmas! I’m going to have to bookmark some gift ideas for my husband 🙂


  284. It’s ok to have a visual “spill-over” unless it obstructs a pathway. Maybe you could place a tall potted plant behind the area that sticks out for a more relaxed look.

  285. Hi Kristi,
    I agree, your living room is off to a great start! So tell me, do you love the seagrass rug? Is it soft? As in, get down on the floor with your grandkids to color or roll around on with bare knees, soft? I’ve only seen pics and love them, but I do use my LR rug to sit on, lay on, play on with the kiddos.

  286. Hello……I am so glad I found your blog. I used to live in Waco (taught at South Waco for a couple of years), and my husband is from there and bleeds green and gold! 🙂 We come back to visit around the holidays and visit our old haunts. Love reading your blogs and sharing the excitement of your new home and all the improvements you are making!

  287. Love those chairs! I think you have made major progress in this room! You truly inspire me. I am always amazed at how you come up with great ideas that are affordable for everyone! I love checking in on your home’s progress. So happy for you!

  288. I love all the choices for the furniture, paint and wainscoting. I believe you have doen a wonderful job for phase one!

  289. What a transformation! I love how well the antique dresser works with the room. I’m glad you decided to restoring it and keeping the wood. (btw, I’m a woman 😉 )

    I desperately need a carpet for my living room too, it’s only autumn in Europe and our feet are freezing!

    Thanks for the inspiration, keep it coming!

  290. Hey there Kristi!

    I have been following your progress since early this year. I love the way you are able to remind us that it doesn’t take anything more than determination to get things done! We moved into our first house this past July. It was built in 1865…yep, 1865. I laughed when you mentioned the thick layers of dripping paint on the trim. I feel your pain, but I am also insanely jealous of your “newer” home that you get to remodel. Keep up the hard work and remember that we are all rooting for you!

  291. Wow! I love the transformation! You inspire me, Kristi. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. Following your progress helps get me moving with my own projects. You go, girl!

  292. Kristi,
    You never cease to amaze me. I am also a DIY’er so I am always impressed at your projects and determination. You inspire me! Thank you for your never ending enthusiasm. I would love to enter into your generous give a way.
    Thank you,

  293. Kristi, I love how you make your room as happy as possible by adding temporary elements like cushions and art even when you have no intention of keeping them. Encourages me to enjoy my “in the meantime” phase of a room. Also, it’s so great to deal with a company like Overstock who ships to Canada! So many sites featured on blogs have lovely things at great prices and don’t ship outside the States – yay Overstock!

  294. Nice job! I love how the white paint below the chair rail gives the appearance of wainscoting. Can’t wait to see the couch reupholstered!

  295. I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now and have to say it’s a favorite! I’ve also got my co-worker Trish hooked on it and we both get excited when we see a post arrive in our email and then we discuss how much we like what you’ve done! 🙂

  296. WOW, Warrior! I know it’s not the “final product,” but what a lot you got done in just a week! In another week maybe you won’t even notice that rug sticking out. I’m sure it must feel so wonderful to walk into this version of the living room rather than last Tuesday’s! Keep going — we can hardly wait to see what’s next!

  297. We are about to start a renovation on a 1970’s tri-level and I would love to find some goodies on Overstock. I love just browsing that website when I want to find awesome stuff!

  298. Kristi, I like staying away for a couple of days so when I visit you have gorgeous pictures up. Your progress on this room is awesome!!! I really like how the darker paint begins halfway up the wall. That lifts the eye and those ceilings appear so much higher, don’t they?

    My favorite thing about your blog?
    You’re not a stuffy designer. You’re like us, except you have the knowledge of how things can be pulled together to create a whole “feel”–something I haven’t been the greatest at. Your blog makes me feel like I can actually do some of these things! Thank you for always inspiring me!

  299. I love it. You have made it truly gorgeous even if it’s not quite how you want it yet. Though I’m not a big fan of brown I love the wall color too. It’s very rich! I was thinking about your problem with the rug and how it juts out. You could move it closer to the dresser side of the room. I was thinking that also rearranging the furniture would help too. Swing the sofa around and place the sofa along the edge of the rug. Angle the chairs one on either side of your beautiful antique dresser. As a bonus, one of the chairs would be hiding the window air conditioner. Another bonus with this arrangement is that the couch would make it seem as if you have a more defined entry hall or foyer area behind it. Then you could either add a sofa table behind it or perhaps a nice upholstered bench or something for some additional seating there. You may have already tried all of this and if so just pay no mind to me. It was just a thought. Anyway, have a terrific day and keep up the good work.

  300. I so enjoy following your adventures! I like that you have started building your nest and trying to find ways to settle in your new home.. I am like you in that I move a lot and am constantly changing my environment. I have found the most important part is taking the time to learn the rhythm of how you will live in your home. enjoy!

  301. I am new to your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed it!
    Your sense of style resonates with me as does your furniture choices and color schemes. It doesn’t hurt your a fellow Texan!
    I am eagerly awaiting the phases of your house and daydreaming that I was there with you being a fellow DIYer 😉

    Thanks for the chance at the gift card, that would be so fun to use!
    Your new living room looks amazing, good job!

  302. This is looking really great. Even if your pillows and rug on the coffee table are temporary, they really pull the room together for now. Kitty seems to be enjoying the view from the sofa.

  303. Kristi, all of your projects amaze me. You inspire me everyday to do more around my own house. (Can’t wait to read the post about installing trim) I really like how you did the living room – even on a temporary basis – it looks a million times better than the before pics. I also love the new bed frame. Your husband must be very proud of you. Keep up all of the good work and thank you for sharing your new home with us. PS. I can’t believe the overstock purchases got to your home so quickly. LOVE the new chairs! MW

  304. Love the warmth that the wall color and blinds lend to the room — it whispers “cozy”, and I can see lazy afternoons with a good read and hot cup of cocoa or chilled glass of wine. Can’t wait to see all other “Phases”! 🙂

  305. A lot of comments! But it is nice to see your progress. Just take it 1 step at a time; remember you want to enjoy these changes; its is not worth stressing yourself, especially if you might change your mind again anyway! 🙂

  306. You’re my number one blog stop every day! I was so excited for you to begin this new house project! Go Kristi!

  307. always fun to watch other people figure out the hard things in decorating…the over the edge comment made me laugh…I know the feeling…I think I like the lighter color on the wall..

  308. Your home is looking more and more beautiful every day. You are doing an incredible job Kristi. You’ve been a huge inspiration to me to tackle some of the projects around my home. I look forward to rest of the transformation.

  309. Oooh I could really use $100, we just moved into our forever (hopefully) home. Your living room has made serious progress. I just discovered your blog a month ago and it’s wonderful 🙂

  310. Fantastic! I know you’re not nearly done yet, but think of how far it’s come from when you first purchased the house! That green carpet is but a distant, dusty memory! LOL! A $100 Overstock gift card? Oh my goodness! I have desperately been searching for a chair or two for our bedroom and bathroom vanity and I’ve been making myself crazy! Solid? Pattern? Neutral? Bright color? Arms? Armless? It’s maddening! Having a gift card sure would help make my decision easier 🙂 hugs, Leena

  311. Wow! I can’t believe how much you’ve accomplished already, I looks awesome so far. It already looks like a different house. I’m enjoying the progress. I’ve been wanting a new rug for my living room and my bedroom so a gift card from o.co would be awesome step toward that.

  312. I would love to win. I live in a new house and am trying to decorate on a budget. New to your blog and love looking around!

  313. I love that you actually have a Phase 1 plan… I tend to not do anything until I am ready to do it all.

    I will say I don’t envy you on the ceiling tiles. We are in the process of re-doing an old farm house for a friend who recently lost her husband. The house had some similar tiles that had been stapled to the ceiling. They were already partially ripped out, but what remained were staples with little pieces of white. I did the entire kitchen on my own. over a 4 day period… it was something that would go work on when I didn’t know what else to do and needed to make my time useful… at least that room is done…

    I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your home develop and can’t wait to see the rest of it come together!!!!!

  314. Your living room looks so much better already! Great job! I’d love to win a gift card to Overstock. Thanks for the giveaway!

  315. Wow, you’ve done a lot of work and planning. I love getting ideas from you and also encouragement to just try things. I hope to win that Overstock card, lots of room for improvement in my small home. I need furniture that can go up vertically in my 9′ ceilings.
    Keep up the progress.

  316. What a transformation… already! Kristi, I always love your color choices. Might not be what I would in my house, but I love your boldness and how it’s so easy see your personality in any room you touch. Kudos!
    (and fingers crossed for some spending money at Overstock!)

  317. I just found your bog 5 days ago and love all the useful information you’ve provided. I was originally in search of trying to figure out how to make my own tufted headboard. Thank you for the instruction! I’ve been reading every section since & am creating my wish list of your favorite tools. I’ve not tried the headboard yet, but your instruction makes me feel hopeful/confident that I can do it 🙂 what a difference your phase 1 has made already! The windows of my home don’t have the trim around it, Could you tell me what type of cut should be done for this? Thanks for the chair railing info. What a huge help!

  318. I am so impressed with how quickly you seem to make things transform and how thoughtfully you share the process. Your designs are so inspiring as well…you make me feel like I can do it, too.

    An overstock gift card would be so helpful in getting the 2 huge, bare walls in my living area decorated. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  319. Wow that is one crazy good transformation, temporary or not. I’m really enjoying reading your blog these days and seeing all the fun things you are doing in the new house. Kudos to you.
    P.S. I remember reading your blog post about doing home improvement projects yourself and although my husband is able bodied, he’s handyperson challenged so I do it all myself too, and I really related to your post.

  320. Your room is looking good! We live in a parallel universe as I am working on my living room, too. I am reupholstering 2 chairs exactly like the cane chair you redid and also a tufted ottoman that I made from a coffee table a few years ago. I have two Craigslist end tables that need a paint job and am searching for a third. A sofa and chair are on order. and an Overstock gift card would help me with lamps or a rug!

  321. What a fabulous job! May your phase one living room not last nearly as long as mine has! And yes, that is me tactically refusing to tell you just how many years my electrical has been at a standstill therefore the living room in ‘phase one’……

  322. I TOTALLY understand your irritation with the rug…I have semmetry issues too!! 🙂 Thanks for offering the giveaway, I love OVERSTOCK.com!

  323. Your progress looks amazing! I like your approach of working in phases- thank you for the inspiration. I want to do that too, be satisfied with incremental progress, and know that one day my living room will please my eyes, instead of make them cry!

  324. I am always surprised at how much you get done and how good it looks. I have been looking at the Overstock website–guess what? I have several things I could spend a $100.00. on-Ha

  325. Kristi,

    My wife is one of those that can’t envision something from seeing it or reading but has to see it in person. Hopefully we will be building a house next year. How would you suggest getting items (bigger purchases, tubs, furniture, etc) online from retailers such as Overstock without having my wife say seeing it in person and say it’s not what I thought or I don’t like it.

  326. Kristi one of those chairs would look great in a very bare corner in my living room. So I would love to win a gift card to help me buy it!

  327. I can always find a diamond in the rough on Overstock. I bought two accent chairs for my family room and I love them. I don’t buy anything in a store before checking Overstock first.

  328. What lovely work!!! It’s inspiring; our dining room needs a facelift, and I was considering at least paint and new (handsewn by me!) drapery. Maybe I can get it done! Would love the gift card to give me more options. Great blog!

  329. I like what you are doing with the room. If I win I plan to buy some new items for my kids bedroom. Thank you for this giveaway

  330. I am always amazed at how much you are able to accomplish, especially the building projects. Your blog is a major inspiration!

  331. It looks great so far! I’m missing all the interesting stories from having you as a neighbor but its so great to see you making progress on your dream house!

  332. What an amazing transformation. I follow your posts on a regular basis – always excited to see what you’re working on or creating!
    Absolutely love those chairs!
    Thank you for being an inspiration!

  333. Kristi,
    I’ve been meaning to shoot you a quick email over the past couple of days. So I am taking the time to do it now!
    The living room looks SO much better already. I’m glad that you got rid of the drapes. That alone did wonders! I absolutely love the sea grass rug. The pattern is really cool; it gives the rug a great texture. I’ve always wanted one myself and I’m thinking about investing in one for our dining room/office project we’re working on now. Perfect choice! Also, thanks for the tutorial on installing chair rails. My husband was quite impressed with your tips.
    The wall color is beautiful. I liked the Breakfast Blend, but think Sweet Georgia Brown was a good call.
    I’m very new to your blog. I stumbled upon your advice, about two weeks ago, while looking for ideas on upholstering a headboard. A few days later, I googled “how to make a wooden bedframe;” and there was your site AGAIN. From there, I saw the link for “plastic spoon wall art” and became very curious. That’s how I became “addicted” to A2D (pun intended). Like I said, my husband and I are in the middle of a crazy furniture building/refinishing/reupholstering project that seems to be snowballing out of control, (you know how it is). So, every time that I take a break, I grab the IPad and check out your past DYI projects for some brainstorming, inspiration and most of important, MOTIVATION.
    It’s funny, and I may sound like I’m a nutty stalker, but it’s kismet that I came across A2D. Besides the upholstery project and bedframe; I’ve always wanted to try to make a concrete planter and have been talking about upholstering an ottoman, so I’m very psyched that you have plans to make one. I also like to find hidious pieces of furniture and get my Mom to help with the reupholstering. Good times and I many laughs.
    I wanted to tell you that your approach to blogging is definitely a great characteristic to your website. As I’m sure you know, trying to research a DYI project on the Internet can be SO very frustrating. They give bits and pieces of information that really don’t help get you to the pictured end result. I love the fact that you give the materials list and where you find crazy items. You’re open AND realistic with your budget and also with your opinions about different manufacturers/ product preference (ie: Minwax v. Rustoleum on pine). Also, what I call the “woulda, coulda, shoulda’s.” I have a hard time making decisions sometimes and value someone’s insight of what they’d do differently if they had to do it over again.
    So, on that note, I’m going to stop fawning over your site because I’m sure you have many other comments to read. But, I’m so excited that I get to watch you transform an entire room and keep on doing what you’re doing! It’s really cool!!!
    Dawn G.

  334. Great job and as always amazing progress. Please share what you eat for breakfast , lunch and dinner because your energy level is off the charts!

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  339. Fabulous! I’m always so impressed with–and inspired by–your projects. The cat in the after photo is a nice touch, too!

  340. Kristi, what a difference a day makes! Looking really good. Love the wainscot–I have that brown in my bathroom with white wainscot ! The chairs are great too. I know what you mean by the centered thing–totally get it. Things like that make me nuts too! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with. Its always exciting to see what you have been up to!
    Glad your enjoying your home!

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    Congrats on your home looking fabulous!

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    Melissa 🙂

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  349. You are so creative! i love what you have done so far. The best part, is that you do everything on a budget! Saving a buck while having fun and making your home beautiful…that is right up my alley! I love Overstock too! They have great customer service and fab deals!

  350. Just started following but am so enjoying the posts I have explored. My house is from 1907. I am always looking for fresh ideas that I can do myself and stay on budget. Thanks.

  351. We have moved into the money pit! All of the money has to go towards boring things like dry wall and A/C- I would love to have the gift card to spend it on something fun- instead of always spending $$ on what is necessary! THANKS!

  352. WOW!! I admire how you’ve taken the blank slate of your “before” room, and-even though you say it isn’t the finished product-just the color on the walls (love the brown and white together!) has already drastically changed the entire mood!! IF I win one of the $100 gift cards to OVERSTOCK, I would LOVE to surprise a cousin who is, not only a starving student living in a tiny 3 room family apartment (she has 2 young kids), but is battling breast cancer as well! She has her eye on a 1920s home and says-I’m going to own it someday!! It would be great if she had the $100 to pick out something from OVERSTOCK now, to inspire her future dream of re-doing an older home, just as you are! Thank you for an opportunity to enter your giveaway! Good luck in your on-going transformation!

  353. Wow! you have a lot of comments. If the “leave a comment” field wasn’t at the bottom I probably wouldn’t have noticed how popular you blog is – but that should come as no surprise as your stuff is wonderful! I just moved into a new construction home and am scared to death to do anything cuz I might wreck it! Thanks for some inspiration!

  354. Love, love, love everything that you do! So glad I found you on facebook. I just got a new duvet set and shower curtain from overstock.com and love it and their fast service!

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    Beth 🙂

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    Moving 500 miles away, into a new home and starting completely over. Would love the chance of shopping with overstock.com 😉

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    I like how you improvise with a “placeholder” for items you really want just to help pull the room together while waiting.

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  378. I love following your progress through all your different projects. The results are always amazing. It inspires me to do things for myself instead of trying to save up money to “have it done”. When I see someone else tackle something and succeed, I think that “I can do that!”
    Thank for taking the time to encourage those of us who wouldn’t have tried these ideas otherwise.

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  387. So I was excited to comment on your next post that I didn’t post for the give away, as I have not been on the computer for a few days and read the last 5 all at once. Then I realized we are on the same time zone and time was not up so comment here I shall.
    Kristi, I found your blog from a link from another blog and started following you when I saw all the budget friendly DIY you did in the condo. I am usually a lurker and do not comment and just Soak up all the information. I am fairly handy ( not as handy as you) though my neighbor calls me “Barb” Villa because I am always tearing something up. I am on my own so sometimes I do run to him for help/strength but most of the time I am able to figure it out on my own and I m teaching my electronically spoiled children how they too can DIY.
    I don’t expect anything more than I hope you are able to read this. And I truly want you to know that I enjoy reading your blog. I think that is the greatest compliment to a writer. I actually enjoy it! And I mean it. I save your blog until I have time to actually read and not skim ( as I do others)
    And I am thankful for the effort and time you put into to sharing your insights!

  388. I love seeing your progress and thought process. This may have been said and I confess I did not read all of the 738 comments ahead of this one. But have you thought about putting the entire room on an angle?