Hallway Bathroom Changes Coming

Now that Matt and I are using our new master bathroom, that means that the main use of the hallway bathroom can now be as a guest bathroom. And since I won’t be in there every day, using that as my main bathroom to get ready for each day, that means that I can finally make some changes that I’ve been thinking about for a while now.

When I did the original remodel on this bathroom in 2015, I painted the vanity teal. Of course. Teal is my go-to color.

Small bathroom remodel - before and after

Then there was a very short stint where the vanity was gray (bleh), and then in 2021, I did a more extensive makeover on the bathroom, and that’s when I painted the vanity this coral-orange color.

Even though I’ve been at this for just over nine years now (we bought the house in August 2013), I find that I’m still trying to “discover” my style. My taste is always changing, although it’s generally in subtle ways. And I’m continually refining my style.

I mean, how many tries did it take for me to get my living room right? Five? And it wasn’t until I stopped trying to force my strict use of cool colors (mainly teals and greens) and embraced my love of warm colors (mainly anything in the pink category), that I finally got it right.

With this bathroom, I was determined to use that fabric for the shower curtain. I had purchased it for another project that didn’t materialize, and I didn’t want to waste money, so I used it in here. I do like it, but over time, I’ve kind of grown tired of the colors, which appear a bit more “primary” than what I’ve grown to love.

And then I chose a color out of that fabric to put on the vanity. And while I love pretty much any version of coral there is, I’ve learned that for my own home, I prefer my corals to lean more towards the pink side than the orange side.

So the orange of the vanity and the brightness of the shower curtain fabric have been on my “I’d like to change that” radar for a while now.

And then there are all of the metal fixtures in the room — ceiling light, sconces, drawer and door pulls, faucet, etc. This is the only room in the whole house where I used silver (brushed nickel), and I’m just not really a silver kind of person. I much prefer the warmth of gold and brass, especially in the darker, aged finishes. (I don’t really like the bright, shiny, garish gold and brass finishes.) So I’d like to swap those out, too.

I don’t know exactly when I’ll tackle these changes. After all, my main priorities for now are to (1) finish the home gym, and (2) get started on my studio ASAP. But the projects in this bathroom aren’t too big, so I can add them to my “do these if I need a break on the big projects” list of things I’d like to get done.

What I don’t want is to end up with a boring, neutral bathroom. That will never happen. 🙂 I still like colors, and this bathroom will still end up being colorful. But I’ll just be a little more selective in the colors that I choose rather pulling a fabric out of my fabric stash to use as a jumping off point because I don’t want to waste money and I feel obligated to use it somewhere, this time I’ll actually start with something I’ve chosen specifically for this room.

Or maybe I’ll decide to put the color and pattern on the walls this go ’round! Wallpaper, anyone? 😀 That could be a fun change.

Anyway, I did a quick search for fabric last night, but I didn’t really find anything that caught my eye. Actually, what I’d really love to use is the fabric that I used on the pillows that are in the purple living room chairs.

how to sew a pillow cover with zipper - 24

That fabric is one of my absolute favorites ever. But I’m not sure how I feel about repeating a fabric that has already been used in another room, and I’m not willing to give up these pillows for the living room because they’re too perfect for that room. That fabric is called Paint Palette in the color Punch by P. Kaufmann.

So finding a fabric (or wallpaper! 😀 ) will be my starting point, and I’m not really in a rush to find it. But I will be keeping my eyes peeled as I scroll Instagram and flip through magazines, because even if I can’t get to all of the changes in the next few months, I’d at least love to spend a couple of hours and get that vanity repainted sooner than later.

EDIT: I actually have quite a bit of that P. Kaufmann fabric left over, so I got it out and draped it over the shower curtain rod. Just that little change goes a long way in this bathroom! I love this fabric so much! I’m still not sure what I think about repeating a fabric, though.

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  1. I can’t be the only one whose first thought when hearing the news about the shower curtain was “I’ll buy it!”, right?

    1. I love that fabric! Those pillows are just a fraction of the fabric – as a shower curtain in this setting, it looks like a different work of art.
      Why not paint the vanity black with satin or vintage brass hardware?
      It would be so classic with the whites and wood – and would allow you to change up your shower curtain, walls, art any time you want a new look without having to paint it again…
      Or if you must have a color, the deepest violet on the fabric would be unexpected, yet contrasting/striking with the warm-toned hardware as well!
      Deep, dark plum speaks to the ceiling planking in its deepness as well…

  2. I’ve got professionally installed wallpaper in my hall (aka guest) bath. If your guests use your shower, be aware that the steam can make the edges of the wallpaper strips come up. I’ve glued them down several times. I took the wallpaper out of our primary bath and redid the walls with Venetian plaster about 15 years ago (it’s similar in color to the plaster in your new bath). It still looks great, and I still love it. Our third bathroom (3/4 bath with a stall shower) is painted. I live in California’s Central Valley. It’s kind of wet here now, but most of the time it’s very dry.

    1. That fabric is gorgeous! Why not use it again?…nobody will ever notice it’s the same fabric as what is on the living room throw pillows. And even if a really observant eye did catch it, it’s just a testament to your good taste and decorating skill. Something that lovely deserves to be seen in its full glory!

  3. I say repeat the fabric! The pillows are such a relatively small application, so the pattern reads differently there than it does on the shower curtain. It’s not like you took the curtains from the living room and also made a shower curtain out of the same material.

    1. Whole heartedly AGREE with Katie! It is stunningly beautiful. Frankly It brings a joyful warm for starting your day with a shower. You would be showing the entire pattern/colors this time as opposed to just 20”. I defy any guest to have the nerve to ask…. “is that the same fabric on the two pillows in your in your Living room?” This is YOUR House….

  4. If you still like the hardware in that room you could just pull it off and spray it with the combination you used to colour the plumbing in your new bathroom. I have even seen people spray faucets and handles (although I’ve never done it) but if the bathroom isn’t going to see heavy use it might be worth giving it a shot and seeing how it holds up.

    I really like that fabric and since it is only on throw pillows in the living room I wouldn’t have any qualms about using it for a shower curtain. The thing is you love it. So use it, it’s not doing any good sitting in your fabric stash. Unless maybe you envision a use for it in your studio.

  5. You have that beautiful fabric, and love it, so use it! People aren’t all that observant, so I doubt very much that someone will use the guest bath and think, “Oh my goodness, she repeated the fabric from those pillows in the other room. How dreadful.”

  6. It’s interesting how that piece of fabric looks like just enough to make a new shower curtain! It matches nicely with the artwork! I’m glad you mentioned it would be a “side project”. That would work.

  7. I love that PKauffman fabric which is pretty much out of stock on the internet. You have used so little of it in the LR that I think it could be used again in the bathroom.

  8. I also think that the curtain in the bathroom will look quite different as a large piece and full out look at the pattern. But who cares anyway…that is a gorgeous fabric! And the colors you could pick for the vanity…wow! Those two small changes will make it feel new! Hardware or not, it will be a nice refresh for the Spring! So inspiring…now I’m looking at mine! 😂

  9. Repeat the fabric! It’s absolutely too beautiful not to use twice. Honestly your guests will never zero in on the fact that it’s been used twice anyway …and if they do, so what?! It looks different on a bigger scale in my opinion.

  10. Do it! The fabric looks more elegant in the bathroom than the old shower curtain, it ties together with your house aesthetic, and who cares if the pillow fabric is the same. Paint the cabinet your pinker color and the rest can wait. As for the metals, it’s funny that I thought the handles/pulls were already dark brass in the photos.

  11. If you love that fabric why not make shower curtains out of it? The print will look different on a large shower curtain than it does on an accent pillow.

  12. 1. The fabric is beautiful.
    2. Sounds like it makes your heart sing.
    3. If there are rules about fabric repetition you are just the person to break them. 🙂
    4. Therefore, I say go for it!

  13. I love your work, the guidance you share with so many followers and your talent and skills is really something I’m sure many of us strive for.

    On the guest vanity, I don’t see the coral color in the vanity and it looks like middle or deep pumpkin to me. I’m good with my colors as a stained glass artist, perhaps it’s your lighting. Also I was wondering if you find the dark wood ceiling in this same bathroom something you may contemplate changing.

    I love the fabrics you’re looking at, they’re stunning!

    1. I’m not ready to give up the stained wood ceiling yet (but that could change any day 😀 ), but I am ready to do something different on the countertop. I have a large remnant of the quartz that I used in our master bathroom, so that’s an option.

      1. Do you have enough of the walnut veneer/lumber leftover that you could cover and/or make new doors and make it similar to your beautiful master bath vanities? I love the idea of having continuity throughout a home with the large items and letting each room have personality with pillows, art, decor, etc.

        Either way, you do phenomenal work and I can’t wait to see what you decide!

  14. I am COMPELLED to say: I LOVE that fabric in the bathroom. And 2 small pillows in your livingroom should NOT mean that you can’t/shouldn’t use the Gorgeous fabic in the bath. It’s not as if the livingroom fabric use is Huge~it ‘s an ACCENT. Just saying!

  15. I’ve been in the decorating blogosphere for a while and I feel that repeating the fabric would be GOOD! Creating flow, connection, and all that. Plus, as others have said it is barely used in those small squares in the other room and SHOULD get some more floor time! Plus pt 2, it reads differently in a large swath. I say use it 🙂

    1. Completely agree! It’s beautiful fabric and since the living room and first bath are both public spaces, I like the idea of repeating the fabric in the shower curtain!

  16. I LOVE that fabric as a shower curtain. I would absolutely go with it. No one is going to look at your gorgeous shower curtain and say how dare she use the same fabric as the living room pillows. If they even notice.

  17. Go for the fabric change. It won’t matter that it is used in another room. It is beautiful. Go for it.

  18. I love both of the fabrics, but that second one is divine! I believe that using the same fabric in two places ties things together nicely. I would def use that fabric for the shower curtain. It’s gorgeous.

  19. Love the fabric from pillows you would love looking at that in bathroom! Your creative mind is always at work and you do accomplish so very much. Will be fun to see the finished guest bathroom. Blessings

  20. I have had a love affair for that fabric for ages! We sold it at my last place of employment, and I may even have a small piece of it in my stash! I hope P. Kaufman never discontinues it, that would be a shame. Please use it in the bathroom or somewhere! I’m with you on the coral and the countertop. They need an upgrade, and depending what you choose, I would say the brushed nickel needs a change too, if you can do it without spending a ton!

  21. I love the repeat because it adds some continuity to a space which feels nice. Since you have it, why not try it out and see how you feel. You won’t use it elsewhere so no harm no foul.

  22. Oh I love that fabric as a shower curtain. My suggestion would be to use it as a shower curtain. The vanity I paint a complimentary colour. In y it r living room the material is used as an accent colour. In the bathroom the shower curtain can be the statement. Maybe a lighter, softer shade of purple. For the vanity?

  23. The fabric looks so beautiful in the bathroom! It also reads very different from the pillows in the living room. use it! It is too beautiful to hide. Can’t wait to see how you change this bathroom.

  24. If you love the fabric, just go for it! It would never occur to me that using the fabric in both places would somehow be undesirable or a faux pas.

  25. Love the fabric and agree with all about repeating. You don’t get the full aspect of the fabric on small pillows, so in the bathroom it would be a beautiful and colorful scene to see more of it. Also, I do not care for the wood countertop, too dark, and changing it with a lighter top would make the room bright and cheery. My colors are also teal and I love pinks, they go great together. Getting ready to remodel kitchen and the ceiling will be Behrs Undine, a beautiful teal.

  26. I think it is cohesive to the whole guest experience. I took the same fabric I used for pillows in my living room, as cafe curtains in my kitchen, and as a valance in the guest bath. I have had them for 11 years (it is a very colorful toile) and as the rooms relate to one another, (the kitchen and living room are open plan and the guest bath is around the corner), it still looks great. Do what you love and feel comfortable with, you always find a solution.

  27. That fabric is just SO PRETTY – I don’t think anyone but you would notice it repeated. Beautiful, beautiful fabric!!

  28. quite a few designers intentionally repeat fabric through out a home for better flow. they use it in different proportions and iterations which is exactly would you’d be doing with pillows and shower curtain. I can see why you love it, it’s lovely.

  29. It’s been so helpful to watch your style evolve over the years and to watch you become more specific about what you like. One thing I’ve noticed is that you increasingly tend to favor one side of the color wheel: if pink is the “dividing line,” you favor the purples and blues on the one side of the pink rather than the reds and oranges on the other side. Maybe that explains why you like the Kaufmann fabric rather than the existing shower curtain: both have rich colors, but the Kaufmann features more purples and blues, while the original curtain has more oranges and yellow-greens. Once again, I find this helpful: what’s my go-to color, and which side of the color wheel do I tend towards if I use that color as a starting point?