How To Infuriate A DIY Blogger In Four Simple Steps

I write periodically about copyright, using people’s photos properly, giving proper credit, etc.  I  always catch some flack for it, and I’m sure some of you are sick of it by now.  But I’m about to show you why I continue.

If you’ll remember, several weeks ago, I created a chrysanthemum mirror made out of plastic spoons.  It is my most popular DIY project to date, being pinned to Pinterest over 41 thousand times from my site.

When I do DIY projects, I create one large photo like the one above, with a title and my URL at the bottom.  And I provide a convenient “Pin It” button at the bottom of the main picture.  And then on the other photos showing the step-by-step process of creating the project, I include a watermark with my URL on each one, like this…

It seems like that would be enough, right?

Well, evidently it’s not.

About four days ago, someone helped themselves to my photos, cropped off all of my watermarks, created this collage, and shared it online.

No credit or link to my site anywhere, and no indication that it’s from Addicted 2 Decorating since all of the watermarks have been conveniently cropped off.

And now this photo collage is spreading like wildfire…being shared on Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, etc….all without credit to my site.

As of right now, this photo has been pinned and re-pinned to Pinterest over THIRTY-TWO THOUSAND TIMES

And that’s just Pinterest.  That doesn’t even count the number of times it’s been blogged and reblogged on Tumblr, posted and shared on Facebook, and pinned and repinned to this (z)szyska site (which seems to be a Pinterest-type site in Poland).

And just like that, in a matter of minutes (or however long it took this person to create this collage), I’ve completely lost control of my own photos.  Because let me tell you…trying to stop the spread of something like this is like trying to plug a fire hydrant with your finger.  And dealing with websites in other countries who (obviously) don’t recognize U.S. laws like our Digital Millennium Copyright Act is an act of futility.

Obviously I’m not the only DIY blogger who has had this happen.  Allison at House of Hepworths had pretty much the exact same thing happen.  It’s infurating…and frustrating…and disappointing.

And I still can’t understand why some people think this is okay.  It’s theft.  Plain and simple.



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  1. One of my co-workers pinned this and I immediately commented on the pin telling her to check out your site. I told her she would love your work and said it was sad that someone removed your information from the photos. I get mad for you when I see this.

    1. You were the first one to bring it to my attention, Michelle! Thank you! After your email, several others started contacting me as well. It’s nice to know that we bloggers have people watching our backs. 🙂

  2. Grrr… that pisses me off. I had something similar happen to me too a few months back; however, they did give me one tiny link back BUT put their watermark on ALL MY PHOTOS! My face was even on one of the photos… they ended up taking it down after a long social media battle. Sorry to read someone has been heartless and rude and has stolen your work. Hang in their.

    1. I cannot even IMAGINE what kind of person takes someone else’s photos and puts their own watermarks on them. There’s no way that people don’t know that’s wrong. I just can’t wrap my head around it.

  3. This is outrageous. I saw this on your blog first, so I knew where the project had originated. When I saw it being pinned by several of my friends without any of the watermark info at the bottom, I made sure that I posted in their comments section where the original picture had been posted. Unbelievable. I am a fiction writer and if I had seen my material being represented as the work of someone else, I cannot imagine how angry I would be. It’s the same priniciple folks! Trying to pass someone else’s work off as your own is THEFT!

  4. I think instances like this are going to lead to the demise of Pinterest. Too easy to pin photos that belong to others without giving them the proper credit. It’s unfortunate and I hope I’m wrong.

  5. Awful. Maybe it’s time to make your watermark a bit more prominent…like completely over the picture.

    1. I agree, I’ve seen other pics on blogs where the watermark is light but right smack on the center of the pic and as long as the watermark is ‘light’ it does not detract from the pic, specially since we all know the reason for it being there in the first place. So I do hope you resort to this, because I for one really find your projects inspirational – even if I don’t ever do them!……

      1. Yes. You definitely need to consider a transparent watermark in a conspicuous area that can’t be cropped out. I’m a photographer and do this on my website. This affects many industries. I know cake decorators whose pictures are stolen by others and used to advertise their services even though they aren’t even capable of producing that caliber of work!

  6. Kristi, This is absolutely terrible! Unfortunately I think that there is not much you can do but get the word out. This is a potential disaster for any blogger, I am disgusted. So sorry you have to wake up to this and deal with it, it just sucks.

  7. Kristi, this is so frustrating, I think the solution to this is to have your watermark in the center of the images. so they cant be cropped and stolen. It is a shame that one should have to go to extremes to protect ones work.

  8. Long time reader and lurker here. One of the worst parts is also that the people who I’ve seen pinning this collage (which I clicked through originally because I recognized your project) are pinning it without clicking through the pinterest link and seeing that it’s not a real link. So if they pin this project with the actual intent of making it, the picture they pin will not bring them here, and so they will not benefit from your detailed and FREE instructions about how to make it (including your tips about the spray paint not being needed on the actual spoons). So not only are you not getting credit for your gorgeous mirror and hard work, the people pinning it are not getting the benefit of your detailed instructions on how to make it.

    I’m enraged for you.

  9. Kristi, I can’t thank you enough for your PSABs (public service announcements for bloggers). Perhaps if more of us wrote some, fewer instances like this theft would happen. Maybe. Maybe not. What I can say is a lot of us will certainly provide links back to you when we see this montage.

    Actually, for a long time a group of us made a concerted effort to click to the source of the pin and add their handle to the comment in hopes others would follow suit. No such luck. But those of us bloggers who put tons of hours, work, thought & creativity into our posts will continue to support you and each other and call this what it is – Theft.

  10. I’m sorry that someone was so stupid as to steal your beautiful idea and claim it as their own. Since it’s been pinned so many times before from your site, maybe those people who see it will let this person know that he/she stole it and need to take it away from their own blog.

  11. I’m so sorry this has happened to you!! I’ve wondered once or twice why some bloggers do a clear watermark through the middle of the photo. I’m now guessing they probably experienced something like this. 🙁 With the intentional crop of the watermark, there’s no doubt this wasn’t an accident. I guess I’ll never understand people who want to take credit for someone’s work…

  12. That is so so very wrong! WOW, blatant theft! And not just theft of the pictures, theft of your time, credit, exposure, etc. So rude and wrong on every level. Sorry that happened, I would be so upset too.

  13. Wow that sucks. I can understand how you’re frustrated, but I think overall, Pinterest has helped a lot of bloggers, and I’m sure you’ve seen this to be true for your blog as well. For all the times an image is not credited, there are probably a bunch of times where it is. A pinterest search for “mirror spoons” gave me results, the top 5 were all of your mirror. All 5 linked either directly to your site, or to a site where you were credited. So maybe its not really so bad. All bloggers have issues with this. Maybe try a semi-transparent watermark through the middle of your photos so it can’t be cropped out.

    1. I wish I could find that comforting, but I don’t. That uncredited collage has been pinned over 32 thousand times from that site. That’s no small copyright infringement.

  14. Oh no!!! I’m so sorry to hear that this has happened to you. I know that I loved this tutorial and in fact I’m in the process of making one. 🙂 It’s a shame when people don’t even have the common decency to give credit where credit is due! I wish there were a way to make people responsible for their actions when they do something like this. I appreciate your tutorials and I hope that you will not let this discourage you too much. It’s very sad that a few bad apples really can spoil the bunch. Hang in there!!! You are very talented!

  15. That is horrible! I would be so hacked off too, I’d want to go after that thief with an ax! Chop chop chop – that’s what you get, you dirty rotten bum! Imagining horrible revenges on people who do things like this is one way I work out my frustration 🙂 I’ve been involved in a non-decorating, not DIY website for 13 years, and things have been stolen from our site over the years without credit. Things we’ve written – our name erased and the thief’s name put on and then touting it as his own work! Originally created graphics stolen or pretty much copied. At first I wrote emails and badgered website hosts and tried contacting the thieves, to no avail. One thief even accused me of stealing work from HIM that I had gotten permission to publish the work from its original author who lived in Spain. The thief was in Iran! Finally, we just stopped trying to do it the right way. Now if someone steals from us and we find out about it (we nearly always do), we point it out prominently at our website. That has greatly cut down on the theft, but has not eliminated it entirely. Sad. It’s just a fact that there are really crappy people out there who will take your hard work and call it their own, and basically dare you to do anything about it. They know there is little you can do. You CAN shame them by publizing the theft and lack of proper credit to the creator of the original work. I am so sorry this has happened to you. By the way, that wreath you created out of plastic spoons is SPECTACULAR! Keep up the great work, and the good fight!

  16. Kristi, I know all too well your frustration! My husband and I work in celebrity photography and have all the same issues. People are constantly “stealing” the content without paying for it all while earning money based on someone else’s work. Unfortunately however, there’s not much that can be done other than constantly sending out cease and desist letters (if you’re lucky enough to find their contact details and then if you’re even luckier to get them to acknowledge your request) and/or eventually suing them, but that’s really extreme and unlikely to happen. But thanks for writing about this as people really need to understand that taking someone else’s photos (no matter what the photo content is) without paying for them is theft, pure and simple, unless permission has been given by the copyright holder to use the photo(s).

    1. Oh wow. I can’t even imagine the constant headache you must face protecting celebrity photos! That’s definitely a high-demand niche….and definitely more thieves looking for those than looking for chrysanthemum mirror pics. 🙂

  17. This stinks in the extreme!!!
    I just pinned this article, and explained what happened to you in the caption, with a comment clarifying that you are the original blogger. It won’t spread the way the pirated project did, but I feel a little better!

    I wonder why Pinterest continues to have the Repin button? Eliminating that option would force people to click through to the original source.

  18. Amazing the lengths that people will go to to NOT give proper credit! That totally stinks… thinking Kelly has the right idea to watermark right over the image itself. Thanks for reminding us all to ALWAYS give credit where credit is due!
    Heidi 🙂

    1. I thought the same thing, Heidi! It took far longer for this person to take every single picture, crop them, and make a collage, than it would have taken just to use the main photo and link back.

  19. This totally stinks! But don’t worry…I’m sure soon people will realize when they’re leaving posts/asking questions to this person and they know NOTHING that they are clearly content thieves and they’ll find their way back to you! And most importantly…we all know how great you are and how crappy this jerk is!

    1. Ha! War, indeed! 🙂 I thought about leaving comments, but with that photo being pinned now over 35,000 times, I think the effort would be futile. I’ve sent Pinterest a DMCA Takedown Notice, so they’re legally obligated to respond. Let’s hope that works.

      1. Kristi,
        First I love your blog thank you.
        I did a google search and that pin is still on pinterest, the link is 404 though.
        Please send the DMCA again.
        I love Pinterest and it really stinks that someone should 1.Steal photos and credit and 2.The majority of pinners never check links or even try to credit sources.
        I have been able to find correct links from watermarks and google searches.
        So I guess bigger watermarks on all photos.
        Please do not let this discourage you because you are AWEsome!
        Hugs Kat

  20. I don’t understand why someone would do this. What do they have to gain. Since learning about this I try to be a responsible pinner and always go back to the sorce. I just checked my pins and they all have a source. So bad this has happened to you and know that it is awful to see your hard work all over the net and not be reconginzed. But by posting about this every few months at least you are letting people like me know that this is a problem. Thanks,

  21. I FEEL your pain! This has happened to me too many times to count. What really has put me over the edge is people claiming my daughter’s 2nd birthday- my most popular to date, her pink and yellow butterfly party- is theirs WITH pictures of MY daughter. Made me sick and I stopped posting things with her in them for a while. I mean that’s MY kid. Now I have a lawyer who goes after these people.

  22. The old timers had a saying when I was growing up, that seems appropriate to mention: “what goes around, comes around”. Karma is going to eventually smack them. They’ll pay for it…you just won’t know about it.

    1. haha @ old timers….I use that saying on my kids all the time and yes I am older but not that old 😉 lol

  23. I am so sorry this happened to you. It is such a cute project and you definitely deserve all the credit. I think the ability to take credit for something that isn’t yours is definitely a draw back of Pinterest. It makes me wonder about all the other pins I see that are just one big long picture of pictures. Are a lot of those rip-offs?

  24. I have seen watermarks done lightly but on a diagonal across the picture. I guess that would be one way of stopping the picture theft! Sorry this keeps happening =(

  25. That’s why I have a full watermark over my major prints. You can see on my website. I also didn’t want to put my paintings on the internet for years because I was afraid someone would alter them in a bad way-then destroy my reputation. Once you go worldwide, anything can happen, and does. Bummer for you though!

  26. I wonder if we can report the images to pinterest (similar to offensive images) and they will remove them. That will have to be how they can handle it to sustain a future. Sorry for the headaches. I never anticipated these issues as I use and enjoy pinterest and I am sure so many new, similar issues crop up that pinterest probably was not expecting. It all comes down to money making and the criminals can sure be clever.

  27. I am a new blogger although I do know my way around a computer. Everytime I start to read a story like this I begin to panic and think “oh please don’t let this be me that has done something wrong”. Thank god it never has been. I think it’s just common sense to not crop others pics!!! These people must be crazy. Not that it helps but if they need to steal your projects that badly, than that just means your that good! We all know who’s creation it is!!!

  28. Sadly it happens more often than not. I am an artist on Deviant Art and I cannot tell you how many times I hear about this. I have no idea how someone could claim a work of art they did not create as their own. It’s sad.

    I do have to say your mirror is about the most original idea I have seen in a long, long time and I have seen a lot! I do thousands of searches for recycle ideas because I put together our 4-H newsletter every month. 🙂 I always link back to the artist in the newsletter. Beautiful work!

  29. I love your work and your site. I don’t blog or post photos but I do follow talent people like you. I never understand why some people do not get that stealing is stealing. I feel the same way about designer knock-offs. If you can’t afford the real thing, then don’t support the thieves who steal the designs and manufacture them with child labor in third world countries. That is copyright infringement too. As well as taking credit for all of your hard work. Well, I dId print your photo of the mirror. I printed it with your watermark and passed it around at my workplace. I also told them…”You have to follow this amazing woman who makes these amazing things!” I want them to follow you and see how talented you are. Hang in there! I don’t know you but I enjoy following you and I enjoy giving you your credit due. You are awesome!

  30. As a professional web designer I am dealing with copyright infringement on a daily basis. Quite honestly it makes me want to TEAR MY HAIR OUT. I have had testimonials stolen (can you believe that!), almost the entire copy of my website swiped, images…the list goes on.
    I feel your pain!

  31. If it makes you feel any better, I just did a Pinterest search of spoon mirror and the picture with your web site on the bottom came up a ton more than this knock-off collage. 🙂 what a pain though! So sorry!

  32. So sorry this happened to you! Your site is awesome and that DIY has been my favorite so far.
    How rude to just chop off all your copyright notices like that. Damn thieves!

  33. Your idea with the spoon wreath was brilliant. You’re very creative and it must be so frustrating.

  34. Wow that is really terrible, and SCARY! I know this won’t help much, but we all appreciate all the time you put into your posts!! You always have great projects and it’s a shame that others have to steal your work. I’m sorry!!!

  35. Definitely report this to Pinterest. I do find it so annoying when people don’t credit the source or link it back to the original website and I always ask for the source when somebody does it.

    1. I sent them a DMCA Takedown Notice. They’re required by law to take action as soon as possible. I sure hope they can take them all down, because the longer they wait, the more this thing spreads.

      1. I think if Pinterest wants to keep their audience, they need to take care of this stuff promptly. Good luck!

  36. OMG the moment I logged in Pinterest there was your work!! I commented on the pic and directed them to your blog!! The following is the link it was pinned from

    I am sure you aware of the site, but these people need to be stopped. I am so sorry this is happening to you! It is such a beauty too! I hope Pinterest will act quickly. 🙁

  37. I’m really sorry about that Kristi…it is infuriating….even to a reader.
    However that reminds me of some really weird things going on at Pinterest. I have many people who are following me on Pinterest who are evidently repinning and creating a link that goes to some other site like grow hair or shrink your nose or gamble for gumballs. I don’t have the time. But I sometimes check to see who has chosen to follow me. I’ve found some wonderful people to follow back. But, recently I’ve found that I have unethical scumballs following me. I will click on some of their pins, with the crazy link, and then I will notify Pinterest that it’s a spam (it’s just a click to the side). Because it is. Often they have indecent photos as well, bordering on…. It’s very frustrating to see this happening….bloggers stealing your work….pins being stolen….etc. It’s criminal. And so very hurtful. I’m glad to see that you have tenacity to fight it as you can. Though it sure is time that could be spent doing something beautiful and creative…so really in the end it’s one more theft of your time. We just need to remember that there is a scale of justice that does work on our behalf…and trust God to redeem what was stolen.

  38. Wish could print your article today in an “attractive printable” and post on your pinterest site, and everywhere else
    that you can think of. As a teacher of high school and middle school for over 30 years, I can tell you that a high percentage of kids are NOT being taught ethics, values, manners, and common sense in their homes. It was almost laughable that as teachers, we had to be “trained” to do character training. We were supposed to accomplish this in
    less than ten minutes each day in homeroom. I love photography, but I will not open my Flickr site to anyone but
    family. Why? I don’t want to see my photos for sale on a calendar at Dollar General, WalMart, etc.
    If I post anything online, you better believe it’s small. Your blog is one I subscribe to and enjoy reading as much as
    any magazine, you’re that good. Instead of one Watermark, print ten or more names in a shade lighter than the photo. Anyone who is interested can go to your website and see the small editions of photos. Americans give
    too much away. There are many who are always waiting for a steal. Stand up, report abusers, and lets get them off
    of pinterest, facebook, and all the others. I don’t blog but I would be willing to be on your team to help you do this.
    We either stand for something or we go down defeated. Good luck!

  39. I read this post earlier and I wanted to let you know that I just pulled up a search of spoon wreaths on Pinterest and did, indeed, see that horrible collage. I put your information in the comment section of each of those pins. Now I know that this isn’t much, but I do know that putting together a project, tutorial, edited photos and completed post like the one for your wreath takes time and effort (and in your case a lot of talent) and you should indeed get the credit for your efforts.

    I don’t comment often, Kristi, but I do read your blog frequently and am constantly inspired. Tonight, I’ve been enlightened as well. I’ll continue to keep my eye out for you in Pinterest-land!

  40. Ugh, this amazingly craft was how I found this site (through tumblr). I am enraged for you. People suck generally.

  41. my english its not good.I totally agree.I am so sorry this happened to you. i like your work or your craft and your ideas i put on my blog or facebook . its a great idea to make chrysanthemum mirror made out of plastic spoons and i tell in french you made i great diy and i put your link to see what you do. good work i like your website.

  42. I’m just glad to see the one I messages you about has already corrected her mistake…I’m not a blogger, just a stalker….but I gotta tell you, once I figured out how to pin the “right way” I get SO mad when I can’t get to the original source on something I find on Pinterest. Like today, saw these cute spray painted pumpkins that look like candy corn. Had to spend 15 minutes on Google to find the original better homes and garden article to pin because everyone had just pinned the dang picture. I personally need instructions of I’m ever going to be able to pull some of this stuff off! Still planning on making my own spoon mirror-hope it works!

  43. I {sometimes} post my photos without any logo or watermark! Especially when I get so excited about sharing it! Next time, I should remember to add it! Those thieves!!!

  44. I’m not a blogger but I do use Pinterest to pin ideas I find in my web browsing and what others pin, knowing I have the original source to go back to (supposedly). I’m finding more and more the links are indirect, broken and just a random photo link and I’m left to Google the heck out of something to find the original source with directions, or something that it’s originally from. I’ve tried really hard if I find something I want to “repin” to click through to the original source and then pin because I don’t want to be the person who accumulates a bunch of dead links or in your case- thefted ideas and pictures. It’s a shame that something that is such an amazing resource can be so horridly abused. Kudos to you for speaking out. I for one- enjoy your schtuff. 🙂

    1. I agree! I click through to the original link too and then repin. I like to see the stories behind the pics anyways.

  45. Its terrible…i must tell you i saw this on face book and said how beautiful it was…not knowing it was stolen…i have seen bloggers put watermarks right through the middle…it only slightly distracts front the imageos and sometimes not at all…good luck with it all…

  46. #1: That is an awesome project, and I really appreciate that you shared it! #2: The intentional element of this is really disturbing. I think non-bloggers aren’t as sensitive to proprietary photos–for right or wrong–but intentionally removing a watermark is just WRONG. Thanks for raising this issue, and I’ll be sure to comment if I see this photo floating around without the proper credit.

  47. I’ve only recently discovered blogging – and, no, I’m not that old. I just didn’t realize how huge it had become. I noticed immediately, however, the number of copying-off-of-copying-off-of-copying, etc., that happens with tremendous frequency. It’s an epidemic. And, yes, it’s THEFT. It’s Thou Shalt NOT Steal stuff. It’s theft. Good for you for speaking out. It cannot be said enough….IT’S THEFT!

  48. I’m so sorry! That’s awful. I always make sure when I pin things that the credit is there, if it’s not I don’t pin it. 🙁

  49. I am new to the blogging world and I had no idea this could happen to this magnitude. I was on StumbleUpon this morning and there was the stolen picture collage of your project. It had been stumbled 104,000+ times!!!! I am just sick for you. I will be sure to set the record straight every time I come across this picture. If you could get your “army” of followers to do the same we might put a small dent in this atrocity!


    1. That’s so frustrating. I signed up with StumbleUpon just to see it myself, and guess what website it took me to first? The one with my stolen pics!! So discouraging.

    2. 104,000 TIMES ON STUMBLEDUPON?!? Seems to me that you may have a ground-breaking lawsuit in the works, Kristi. Seriously. Maybe the best way we can all help you is to search high & low for an attorney who would take your case on a contingency basis. What state do you live in? Although, this case has not only crossed state borders, but gone International. I think you have excellent grounds.

  50. It blows my mind when this happens. And yes, I have seen it happen before. I truly don’t know how people who do this can go to sleep at night, knowing they outright stole the project, and sit there and take credit for it. All I can think is, I am a firm believer in what comes around goes around. The idea and photo stealers will get their’s too. And it won’t be good. So sorry though, this stinks.

  51. I just wanted to encourage you that I found your site because I saw a pic on pinterest (a kitchen booth area) and wanted to know more about it. When I clicked on the photo it did not bring me here but just to the picture itself in a browser. BUT your name was on the bottom of the picture and I googled it and found this site. I’m so sorry that things like this are happening, and I hope you can always get credit for your creativity. If it weren’t for your name on the photo I would have never stumbled upon your site. 🙂

  52. Ugh!! This makes me sick for you!! I can’t believe how many turds (there are many other words I’d rather use) are out there that spend their time making a living off of others, instead of earning it themselves. I just started blogging recently, and already came across a site that posted some of my content with a link back, but no one really needs to use it because she’s put every thing you need to know in her post! She is making her living posting other people’s ideas. In fact, all she posts are other people’s ideas. Even though they’re linked, it’s still wrong. I’m not even sure if there is a point in saying anything to her. I’m furious over it and it’s nothing compared to what’s happened to you. So I can’t even imagine what you’re feeling and I am very sorry 🙁 I’m going to pin your idea from the original post and redirect anyone I see who has it wrong. Every little bit helps, right?? 🙂

  53. I am glad you are fighting this. I actually saw this image on pinterest and was so mad at the lack of correct credit. It took me several google searches to find your post and I pinned it with proper credit and then commented with a link to your site giving you credit.

    I used to watermark in the middle of my photos. Maybe I need to start doing that again. I moved it to the edge but maybe not.

  54. This whole thing sucks. I follow another blog and just today some Chinese version of pinterest has stolen her images with her adorable childrens photos on them.

  55. Shocking! bunch of thieving so and so’s. BUT if you want to get something out of this just think that you’ve helped lots of others to be aware of this. My website is still so small so I didn’t even think of this so definitely a big thank you for the heads up! I’m off to watermark! Cheers from New Zealand.

  56. That is so infuriating! Perhaps that’s why the blog, tartelette, written by a professional photographer and gf foodie, has most of her pictures fixed so that they can’t be pinned. She does have one or two that are pinnable, though, which I do pin but always with her blog connected to it.

  57. I totally sympathise with your frustration. I have a collection of vintage fashion dolls which I photograph against my own handpainted backgrounds, so the photos are quite distinctive and unique to me. Imagine my shock when I’ve logged onto ebay to see one of my dolls being sold by someone else (or rather they’ve used my photograph claiming it to be the doll they are selling without mention that they’ve borrowed the photo for illustration). This has happened several times as people copy the photos from my website without permission. Very naughty.

  58. Kristi,

    We may need to explore a blogging solution where our photos cannot just be right clicked and copied so easily. I’ve been to many a web site where you can’t copy the content. The same hold true for our words. I, for one, would be even more devastated — and infuriated — if someone stole my words!

    So sorry this happened to you..


  59. That just sucks! I know how frustrating that would be and I hope that the word gets out to others. Is there really no way to remove this from those sites if they knew you were the original author/creator? I would think they would remove the impostors!

    I am so sorry!

  60. OT but why did this blog start sending out only the first sentence in RSS feed? I prefer to read articles in my feed, NOT in the browser. I probably will read fewer of these posts now b/c of that. Not criticizing, just letting it be known as a fact one can take or leave.

    On topic, I get that you’re angry, and I agree it sucks, but I have never had a post pinned over forty thousand times, so something to be proud of. But a lot of your angry posts seem to overshadow your clearly obvious talent. It probably keeps some potential sponsors away too? Just something to think about.

    1. I appreciate your concern about my sponsors, but since the largest chunk of my income comes from BlogHer, and they liked my post enough to feature it, I think I’m doing fine.

  61. Funny that I just saw this collage come up on my Pinterest feed and I recognized the project because I had seen the project on your site awhile back. So I came here to get the url and saw this post. I used the comment section on the collage pin to post the url to this post. Hope you do not mind. Of course it can be removed by them. But I put it on a couple of them. Sorry that this happened to you.

  62. I’m so sorry to hear this and if I come across the pin on Pinterest, I’ll place your link in the comments. I hope you don’t mind if I pin your blog as a message for pinners to explain this is how pinners can do the correct thing by everyone! I do believe the majority of pinners are doing the right thing but, we need to continue educating the ones who don’t know better. Keep blogging as we all love it!

  63. Me again. I just did a search on Pinterest for the ‘stolen’ pins and only a few came up. Two led me to a spam site and the others I commented as follows: The actual instructions are here: http://www.addicted2decorat…. Please consider pinning from the original source. Thanks! I hope we can all help pinners do the right thing.

  64. That sooo stinks! I don’t even understand what they would gain from it… I started pinterest, but then pretty much stopped because I’ve been hearing such nasty stuff like this, and I don’t get what benefit it is to my blog…

    Someone should create a type of watermark that can’t be cropped, it always follows the original picture, and if it’s split, then goes to all pieces of the picture… I’ll pass that thought onto my son, he’ll figure it out…

  65. Kristi, I read this post on tuesday from my phone and have been meaning to stop by and comment since then. First off, holy crap I can’t even believe this story! Unbelievable. It is so WRONG. Seriously. What is wrong with some people? I am still in disbelief that this happened to you. At least with my posts, yes they were stolen, but I didn’t have my logo on them or anything. To crop all your logos out? Someone must have really loved your post to go through all that effort. Of course, it was a really awesome post! I am so sad and frustrated for you. Finding your hard work on someone else’s blog like this is the most horrible feeling ever. You just feel so violated. I hope this never happens to you ever again. It is seriously awful. My heart goes out to you.
    Second, thank you for linking back to my post. You are so sweet to mention me and link to me. I appreciate it very much and I appreciate your friendship. I hope that one day soon we can actually meet and hang out in real life. It’s not like we live that far from each other! (I’m in North Austin). Not to hijack the comments here but if you ever want to meet up, we can totally plan a lunch or something in Killeen or somewhere in between us. Would you like to do that?
    I hope you have a better week and weekend. Again, I’m sorry about your awesome post getting ripped off and hijacked. On the up side, at least it was such an awesome project that someone actually wanted to steal it! I know, I know, that doesn’t make you feel better. Just keep being awesome. The cream always rises to the top, and trust me you are one of the best!

    1. Allison, I’d love to meet for lunch some day!! As soon as Matt gets to the point that I feel comfortable leaving him home for a few hours by himself, I’ll let you know and we can plan something!

  66. I admit I had a copy of the stolen collage pinned. I fell in love with the mirror and assumed the maker of the collage was the creator. I had no idea that the watermarks and sources had all be cut off. I’ve now edited the pin to link back to your site, hope this helps and so sorry that this happened!

  67. I didn’t read all the comments so I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this or not. You can add your information to all of your photo’s from your hard drive by right clicking and choosing properties then details. There should be places to add information for Title, Subject, Rating, Tags, Comments, Author, and Copyright. If you click next to each of these, a box should appear to add your information. I’m not saying this is completely foolproof, especially if someone saves an image and then manipulates in some way, this information may or may not change. Definately use a watermark over the center of your pics, or as close to the image as possible that would be hard to remove without messing up the picture. You can also choose to not allow your photo’s to be saved. When someone would right click to save the image, a message will pop up and let them know the photo is copyrighted and right clicking is a no no. Good Luck!

  68. I was on the Rachel Ashwell blog and wanted to pin one of her pics but it was protected. It said not allowed to repin or something like that. But then she has a pinterest to follow too. There has to be someway you can protect that. But shoot I dont even know how to crop a picture like this person did. All I can say is what I tell my kids “What goes around comes around”. It will come around for that person. Golden Rule people. Sorry that happened.

  69. Perhaps you could use one of those background, almost invisible watermarks? It goes across the entire picture but is slight enough to not interfere with the picture. I’ll tell ya, people amaze me. What a ratty thing to do. Beautiful design, by the way. I’ll be giving it a go! And when I post my creation, I’ll remember where I got the idea in the first place. 🙂

  70. I subscribe to Facebook and have “liked” HomeSav. They had your mirror featured on their facebook page last week. You can check it out by going into their site and checking their previous updates.

  71. I’m so sorry this happens to you. I pinned this project from your blog just to share because I will never have the patience to do it!! My suggestion is to make a moderately pale watermark and put it ON an important part of the pics. I know you think that would ruin it, but honestly, I would enjoy your posts just as much with a watermark on top of the photos. You are stunningly creative! Actually, when I would see the watermark on the pics I would think, “nanny-nanny-boo-boo” to the blog thiefs that would no longer remove your blog stamp from the photos! ;-D LOL! Thanks for sharing your creativity with tens of thousands of us!! WOW, those numbers are AMAZING!

  72. I’ve had my entire genealogy website cloned. Nasty, ugly ads covering the top, bottom and sides. Content I can’t update, like my fees for research or charges for materials I have compiled and sell, an address I no longer got mail at (but the USPS has graciously given back to me considering the issue). People had issues with SOPA, but there were items in that law that would have protected me in the case of cloning my site. I have been working with people in W’DC to get my site removed from their servers. My name was still intact, I have since remarried, and I can’t change that. Between the upsetting ads and the fact I cannot update the content of MY copyrighted material, makes me sick. Plus the fact that the design is so “Windows 98”, I’m horrified that my name is attached to such web design. What can I say though, I created it in 2002. I take a lot of photos and am a historical photographer. I put my watermark across the image where the image is still appealing but it really ruins it for the thief to claim as their own. I see a lot of bloggers do that.

  73. That IS infuriating! I’ve seen people put non removable ghosty looking water marks across their photos. Any way you could do this? If you find out how – please let us know!

  74. A similar thing just happened to me recently. Luckily I have some really sweet readers! It was brought to my attention that an image from my most popular post had been used on a retail boutique website and their facebook page!!! I wrote an email saying that this was breaking copyright laws and she was VERY defensive and claiming she was an attorney!! Seriously?!? She is actually wrong. All images and almost all text is protected by copyright with or without a copyright notice or copyright watermarks. Your blog, you own it. It’s especially nasty that this person was trying to sell items that she didn’t even make?? Anyway, I feel for you and had to share.

  75. Hi, sorry to change the subject but I love this and have always wondered how you cut the spoons so neatly. Do you simply snap them or do you use a special tool?
    I hope you are able to add a non removable watermark to your photos to stop them being stolen in future. I will certainly remember this if I ever post something. I love your work!