I Can’t Decide On A Front Door (Interior) Color — Three Options

I always wanted to have a house where you walk into an actual entryway before entering into the main room(s) of the house. That way the entryway is pretty much its own room, and it can be decorated on its own. One of the features I like the least about our house is that the front door is right smack dab inside the front living room.

I’ve tried several things over the years to kind of separate this area from the main seating area of the living room. I’ve tried creating an entryway using furniture placement, using a feature wall, etc. But I still feel like there are limitations. If my front door were inside an actual separate entryway, my paint color options for the interior of the front door would be much wider. But with the front door in the living room, no matter how I try to separate the area and visually create the feel of an entryway, it’s still right there in the living room.

Anyway, I have so few things left to do in the living room before I consider the room finished, and one of them is painting the inside of the front door. It has looked like this — just a plain primed door — since the day it was installed.

But every time I think, “Today’s the day I’m going to paint the front door,” I get bogged down with a color decision.

I want so badly to paint the front door a color other than white. White just seems so boring to me. But since this door is right there in the living room, I just don’t know if I can make any other color work. And that’s very disappointing to me.

I can hear some of you now saying, “Kristi, not everything in a room has to be a feature!” And I do know that. I really do. But I also don’t want to miss an opportunity if I can make it work without it taking away from the rest of the room.

After mulling over every possible option, I really only see three possibilities here — pink, dark teal, and white.

If I paint it pink, of course I would take my curtain fabric and have it matched exactly. I did this quick mock-up to give an idea of what it would look like. It’s not perfect, because an actual painted door wouldn’t appear as a solid mass of pink. A real painted door would have highlights and shadows from the lighting. But this is as good as I can get it using my photo editing program.

front door - pink

The only pink items in the living room are the curtains, so I feel like this might almost distract from my pretty pink curtains. And while I love the idea of a pink front door, I don’t love the idea of a front door stealing attention from my pink curtains. I’m just not sure if that would happen, though. Maybe it would be a beautiful continuation of the color onto the door.

The only other color option I can see would be the dark teal. This would be the same teal that’s on the entryway wall (which you can see to the right of the door). It’s also on the fireplace, which is on the wall directly opposite the entryway wall. And it’s also on the music room bookcases, which are directly opposite the front door wall.

door color - dark teal

For reference, here’s the fireplace wall, directly opposite the dark teal entryway wall.

fireplace 2-3-21 - resized

And here’s the entryway wall in relation to the music room bookcases. Those bookcases are directly ahead when you step through the front door.

music room with teal bookcases - 8

And also, all of my interior doors in this section of the house (i.e., not including my studio) are dark teal. So what do you think? Could that work?

Or, should I stick with white. Plain, boring white, and let the door kind of fade into the background while letting everything else stand out?

front door color - white



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            1. Pop the green from the entryway sconce candles onto the door. It needs to be distinct from either the color feature wall or the pink curtains.

            1. The pink curtains are nice with the teal accents maybe add a few pink pillows to pull it all together or pink accent pieces nice room though

          1. What about gray? I think it would be the perfect kind of a “neutral” w/ the gorgeous pink & teal, w/I taking away from them

          1. I would change the door out altogether. I love the teal painted walls and trim, so I think a little contrast is needed. A natural solid wood door would be so pretty here. Think about a farmhouse door with large paned mullioned windows in a natural or stained wood.

          1. I think it needs a different color, but then I’m a little boho. Have you checked out Wise Owl or Fusion colors for something different. Not everything has to match, its to “Stepford Wife’s ” ! Lol Your pillows have a lot of colors to choose from.

        1. I think the teal would be the best background color. But I would love to see a stencil pattern in pink or the white on the walls that would bring that circle pattern on your study glass door to you front door trim.

        2. I might try to replicate the same pattern that is on the sliding doors in the music room/bookcases. A stencil maybe with either paint or some kind of tape material. I’m positive you and others would know more about that than I. Good luck!!

      1. I like the teal, but another option would be the gray wall color. Not quite so stark as white. The pink is a no go for me.

        1. Teal! 👍🤗Yep, Absolutely!!!,,,,,,,,,,,Also, I don’t care for the
          Pink! 😖A Little is ok but that’s too much!

        2. Agree with Adele……. I’m all for color…. but your entry wall & your living room are soooooo very perfect…. anything other than a neutral will fight for… “Attention”…..I think the gray is your best bet…….

        3. I vote gray. I think more pink would detract from the beautiful curtains. The teal is pretty, but there is a lot of it already.

        4. I like the idea of the wall color too. Second choice would be the teal. Normally I would have said white (or whatever the trim color is) but I think the wall color is subtle and doesn’t yell “LOOK AT ME!”

      2. The real will relate it to the other tall teal color blocks…and what about mirroring that entry door wall? The wall surrounding the door?

      3. I think the teal is a good choice. We have a similar situation in our living room. I have a door a lot like that so I ended up painting both the front door and the side door with the window a navy. I love it.

      4. I totally relate to this exact (inside/front door) dilemma. After carefully reviewing your options, I vote for the teal color that you’ve used here and there already- if you dont use the traditional white. The pink drapes are its own pop color and your home is adorable btw!!

      5. I think you should paint the door the rich cream color that is on the wall. Not the white trim color and then buy an amazing new larger door handle in the brknze. I guedd no matter what it id judt pain!! You van eadily paint over it.

      6. The pink curtains are the problem. The don’t go with the wall color or any door color. No pink door. The door should be teal to match existing color, which is lovely. Change the curtains to teal or complementary color. Just not pink. White for the door is safe but boring. Teal takes it!

      7. Go with the dark teal. It gives the door more substance. Put a rectangle rug in front of the door. This will give it direction to and from. Use colors in your room. You could also place a sofa table against the back of the furniture that’s on the right as you enter. A plant next to the door so people have to walk straight following your entry rug and not cut corners.

      8. Of the choices presented….teal is the absolute winner.
        If you really don’t want to highlight the door…you could just paint it, and the frame/trim the wall color, & let the window be the highlight.

    1. How about trying the pink, decide if it works then if not, go with teal. Since all the doors are teal it should work beautifully, but nothing lost at all by trying the pink first.

    2. I think purple could be a good option – it has the saturation of the teal, but slightly less “expected.”

      1. This was my thought too! Kristi, I’ve always loved how you use purple in your home, and I was honestly surprised it wasn’t on your top 3. (Teal is my 2nd favorite after purple, but honestly, I know whatever you choose will be gorgeous!)

      1. That’s exactly what I was thinking! We used Valspar metallic on textured wallpaper on our ceiling and it turned out subtle, yet classy. I think the same would apply to your door.

    3. Kristi, you can always repaint it white! Paint it what you want and see how you feel in a week or two. You make the rules!

    4. A good formula is: 60/30/10 for a pleasing color ratio, so this door is an opportunity to balance or strengthen the equation you already have.

    5. I’m sorry but the only way I could comment was to reply. I like the teal but have you thought about purple? It matches your chair in the living room, chair next to door, paintings, etc. Just a thought

    6. I love the teal everywhere but I wouldn’t add it to the door. I might actually try the color of the face of the entryway table, it looks like an aqua-bluish. In my opinion, it would tie in that wall along with all the teal. I might even try to imitate the same finish which looks like grass wallpaper?

    7. I don’t care for painting it a “color”… It feels choppy when your eye is drawn back to the door instead of into the room. I definitely would leave it the color of the woodwork.

      1. Not sure about the pink curtains. Can’t see the rest of the room. The pink curtain takes away from your fireplace. That should be the focal point. The pink says otherwise.

    8. I’d paint it the color of all the other doors if they are same color as fireplace. I’d also paint trim surrounding that door the same color to make it appear larger.

    9. I loved the pink… until I saw the teal! Try whichever one you’re leaning towards and live with it for awhile, see how you feel about it. You’ll know then if it’s not working, and it wouldn’t be a tremendous amount of work to change it.

    10. Perhaps utilizing the same color as the fruit in the first bird painting for the door would elevate the warm tones and tie in the space.

    11. Yep, I think teal. Not a fan of the pink, the teal makes more sense as it balances the other items that are permanent fixtures.

    12. Not everything has to be so matchy-matchy! Is that a purple chair I see? Why not work off that and get a dark purple,/plumish brown.

    13. I also prefer pops of color and love the teal throughout your home. The pink may also work…but maybe a shade or two lighter would be less “competition” to the curtains you love so much. Good luck making your decision!

    14. Pink. It’s fun. And has a sense of Whimsy, that enhances the curtains. And it’s beautiful at the same time. The teal, at least the picture, weighs the entrance down. A little depressing

    15. What about pulling from the darker pink/coral from the painting above the fireplace? A shade or two darker than the curtains?

    16. I understand this dilemma all too well! My first thought when reading this was to carve out an entryway optically by using paint on the wall surrounding the door when on the ceiling, like color blocking… But then I liked how the pink made the area feel light and airy. Personally, I would not match the exact color. I would stay in the same undertones but go 1 to 2 shades lighter. That way it doesn’t take away from your drapes or the focal wall AND it’s not plain ol’ white. 😁

    17. Absolutely the teal! It makes the door pop, but with the feel of consistency across the other areas sharing the same color.

    18. Paint it teal. It will then match the rest of the doors, but also give you that separation you are longing for as a formal entry. Pink just doesnt vibe with me.

    19. Teal is the only option of the three presented. But I also recommend maybe the blue on the drawers next to it if you want a 4th option.

    20. I’ve had the same issue in a home that we own we created a half arched entry wall so that you would enter the house turn to the right and then come inside so it would actually stop the energy at the front door from just going right into the house that way you could paint a teal wall and have a beautiful piece of art on the inside of the home that looks at the half dome wall it’s a great feng shui solution then you can paint the door and the wall the same color you will not be looking at the door any longer you will be looking at the half domed wall doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling but creates a nice rounded soft top

    21. My first choice would be the blue. It makes it pop against the white trim and pale pink drapes. The white would be a safe option, which doesn’t sound like you. And the pink is too tonally similar to the wall, trim and drapes. IMO, it looks like an amateur mistake if I didn’t know your style and expertise.

  1. Teal definitely !!! If you want a little pink in there do a wreath with some of those colors in and hang it on the door.

    1. I like Teal but the primer also reminds me of a powder blue/ Robin’s egg type color. Maybe you could try pulling a light blue from the painting on your fireplace?

      1. For me the teal door gives the area more of a separate “foyer” feel because it ties it to the teal wall. The pink door extends the the living room into the entry area because of the continuation of the pink of the curtains. Wouldn’t mind seeing a mock up of the wall color on the door.

    2. I have often read and not sure how true it is, that every room should have something black. I do like the teal but wonder what black would look like. Maybe another photo shoot.

        1. I too was thinking every room needs something black. Plus that’s the color of the interior of my front door and it works with everything else (none of my other interior doors are black).

    1. I totally agree with this, I believe you don’t want your door to compete with everything else in the room. But whatever you decide will be a good option, you’re the one that has to live with this color everyday. The rest of us just get to visit your beautiful home 😊

      1. Teal is my vote. It would still stand out but only as a frame to the view out of the front door. I also get decision paralysis! You do you.

        1. I think painting the door to match the green color of the shades in the sconces on the wall with the sideboard. I see the same green in your beautiful throw pillows. I love all the color you use in your decor.

  2. Kristi, you love color and you love paint. Paint it teal and live with it for a while. If you don’t love it repaint it. But you’re going to love it.

    1. Agree! I think the teal highlights your curtains (which I love). I didn’t expect to choose teal, but it’s my favorite in your sample pictures.

      1. Teal all the way. It balances it out as with the music room doors you’ve got teal highlights on all the other walls.

    1. I think the repetition of the teal works best of those three. But I would consider the surrounding wall color (a light grey?) myself. It distinguishes the door from the beautiful trim but allows the full view window door feature to stand out as well as the pink drapes.

      1. I agree with Diane…teal is the best option of those presented. A better option might be painting it the same as the wall color. Then the full view door looks like another window and blends in.

  3. You have such rich jewel tones thruoghout I would go with the white to let the door fade and not detract from the beauty of everything else, but if you insist on having color then teal should be it.

    1. I agree with this! The teal (to me) is very overbearing on the door! The wall right beside the door, fireplace opposite end of room, then straight ahead as you come in! Personally, I’d go white and just let it fade into the wall of windows. (Or go wall color and let it fade in background)

  4. Teal is the one! Also, after you have your family room at the back of the house where you will probably do most of your daily living, you can consider your front living room as all one BIG foyer! I love those old foyers in big old houses that have room for lots of furniture. Call it a reception room or parlor – just think of it as your grand entry!!!

  5. I think the repetition of the teal works best of those three. But I would consider the surrounding wall color (a light grey?) myself. It distinguishes the door from the beautiful trim but allows the full view window door feature to stand out as well as the pink drapes.

  6. Have you considered adding those windowed pony wall things that section off the music room to the living room to create more of a formal foyer feel? Can’t tell if that would obstruct traffic flow into the living room, though.

    Teal would be my first choice from the mock-ups you’ve posted. A light-medium gray might work, as well.

  7. Go for the teal. You list mostly cons on the pink, and white obviously just bores you. We know you love teal, and you have all those other places in view that it relates to, I love teal too. Go for it.

  8. Go for the teal. You list mostly cons for the pink, and white obviously just bores you. We know how much you love teal, and you have several places its used for the door to relate to. I love teal too. Go for it.

  9. Personally I would go for white, but knowing how much you love teal then just go for it!

    On a side note, would you consider building a half wall in part of the entry way so that the space feels more like its own? You could do something 4 feet tall of solid sheet rock and then possibly extend it to the ceiling in something else.

    1. I had wondered about building a full wall but just 2-3 feet wide to the left of the door. Not sure if there is room or if it would mess with the symmetry of the living room.

  10. In this case, I prefer the white, especially because of the glass in the door. It really functions more as a window visually, and to me the teal around a “window” looks off. With all the other rich colors in the room and the adjacent feature wall, I don’t think the door needs any more attention drawn to it.

  11. Teal is my choice of the ones offered.

    I wonder though how it would look in a color similar to the drawer fronts on the console table near the door?

    The front of your home is already looking so pretty and I’m sure there are a ton of projects ahead of it. But if you ever decide you want to change/enlarge the front, imagine putting a bump out where the front door is – even a few feet would give the door a little more separation from the living room. Didn’t you at one time think about putting a front-facing gable on the house?


    1. The more I look at the options, the more I lean towards the teal. It feels almost like a frame or mat around the outside view. It makes me concentrate more on the window than the door.

      1. I agree with Mark. The teal also compliments the pink curtains too.

        I am so envious how easy painting is for you, it intimidates me terribly.

  12. So when you said pink, I initially thought the salmon color inside and out…(even in the studio) The Curtain pink seems odd for a flat surface since its on a texture. Teal seems to work best, if you want a specific inside color but could go with the trim’s white if you are stuck.

  13. I don’t think you would be happy with white, and end up painting it again anyway. Teal works with the rest of the room. I love the pink drapes, but not on the door.

    1. I would just paint it the same color as the walls. I see no reason for making the door a focal point when there’s already so many beautiful focal points in that room.

  14. Call me crazy, but the door frames the outside view, so wouldn’t it be fun to do something other than a solid color as a frame in itself? It would be so unexpected to do subtle tone on tone fat stripes, multiple frames echoing the window frame, or one of your hand drawn designs.

  15. The color reads really different on my computer than the wall next to it. My vote is none of the above. Paint it the same as your beige/gray wall color. Otherwise you are attracting attention to the door and hence the entry way being in the middle of the living room. Just get it to fade away so it’s like another window.

      1. Agree, def. not the pink, teal is ok, but how about the same color as the wall? there is already a lot going on in this room.

    1. I love the teal as much as you do, but wouldn’t it be fun to play with the purple shade of your lovely chairs?! Just to try, just to live with for a little while & eventually paint it teal?!😁

  16. What about the purple/eggplant or the armchair? It goes with the wall color and the curtains, so it won’t stand out too much, but will also draw your eye into the living area.

  17. No question, the teal works the best with the other teal trim in the house. And I believe the darker color on the door shows off the window. Another vote for teal! Can’t wait to see what you decide.

  18. My vote is teal as well, or a light gray if you would prefer it to “fade into the background”. In our home we had the same set up where the front door opened into the living room. We added a half wall that extended about 6 feet into the room and put down some tile in that space and added an entrance rug. It helped to define the space into a “room” without it feeling closed in or losing sightlines and still keeping the living room open and airy.

  19. I like the teal, but if you paint it white, it won’t compete with the rest of what’s happening in your room. The pink is too cutesy for me.

  20. The teal would work well here but to be perfectly honest, I’d go with white. It’s boring, I get it. It wouldn’t be a ‘feature’ or detract from any other features in the living, music or entryway. If, later on, you have time or want to, you can go back to the teal.

  21. Just another thought: have you considered painting it the same color as the walls so it just blends in? That way it wouldn’t take away or add anything…it would blend perfectly. Something to consider?

  22. I would definitely go with the dark teal. Especially since the other doors are that color. I absolutely love your fireplace too!!!

  23. Teal, no question! I would also make the door knob and lock a large handle in either bright or antiqued brass, to match the other hardware in your room. (Picture frames, curtain rods) You’ve done such a fabulous job, I think that would just be the sprinkles on the icing of this gorgeous room you’ve created.

  24. I’m sorry to throw another option in the mix, but I think creating a dark wood finish for it would be beautiful. It would create a neutral rich look.
    The teal is pretty too.

  25. I love the teal, but you can always repaint it if you live with it and don’t like it. But I think the teal would look great. Your room is amazing!

  26. In a world of farmhouse white, black and grey design, your joyful use of color is a feast for the eye.
    Have you considered using purple? It would repeat the color in your two upholstered benches, the living room chairs and your art.

    1. Yes! Purple is what I was thinking too.

      But the teal looks very nice, is totally you, and would be the pick just for continuity.

  27. TEAL! I love your use of colors. I love color as well. My daughter’s mother-in-law says my house reminds her of a bag of skittles. I just laugh because it’s mine and I love it.

  28. I feel like that wall is begging for a natural wood door, though I’m guessing that isn’t an option with the door you have since it’s primed. I vote teal or white.

  29. Not pink and I don’t think you’d be happy with white or the same colour as the walls.

    Teal but how about adding a faux or functional Roman shade on the door – the same as the shades next to the fireplace – to link with the wood floor?

  30. The teal is beautiful. It adds richness and interest without detracting from any other features of the room (and has the added advantage that darker doors don’t show use as quickly as white or pink would).

  31. TEAL.
    Doing so seems to create rhythm, visual weight and balance in the room/s and for the person/s enjoying the space.

    While I LOVE the representation of the owner’s decor/tastes sometimes as I decorate my own own I focus on what is happening in the room, the main purpose…. if largely my comfort & pleasure it may get more expressive, bolder, IF enjoying with others, perhaps a relaxing evening entertaining I might be more focused on the above. I certainly enjoy time in the homes of others but occasionally I find spaces distracting, too busy or high energy for example. If space were entertaining, and I’m sitting in your LRm it might be slightly distracting to be pulled away, gazing at a pink door, versus the continuity of the teal. It’s not a huge deal, just a thought. It will be lovely.

  32. I think it would look nice white with some sort of a bamboo pull down shade. But keep it up, just for texture/depth.

  33. Not white I’m thinking that the colors are so definite that maybe a default color may be your best choice. How about the color of your walls with the white trim or maybe a shade darker.

  34. Curiosity has gotten the best of me… Did you paint over your stencil pattern in the music room or is it simply not showing up in the photo because of the lighting?

  35. From the day you chose teal for your kitchen cabinets, it became your favourite colour. You seem to like jewel tones, so I don’t think you would be happy with anything else. Enjot the teal!

  36. Also on team Teal, but with some different hardware on the door. Perhaps the gold/brass from the picture frames and wall sconces?

    1. I’m not the one living with it you are and I know you’ll go with what you love or you’ll change it until it is something you do. If it were me I would want it to blend in, Its not an extra special door needing to be showcased…you have other places in your room that you did that with. I would paint it white or maybe your wall color. If you really need color I would go teal. Regardless of your final decision I know it will be lovely.

  37. I am going to agree with Diane above. Unless you really want your door to be a piece that draws people’s eye to it, I would paint it the same color as the wall it is on and leave the trim white. That way the view becomes what catches people eye, and if you choose to ever put any kind of decor on the door, it won’t clash with the door color as well.

  38. The teal because it is the most cohesive with the other woodwork and it draws the greenery from the view into the room making it look fresh. I love your use of bold colors. They just make you feel happy.

  39. I think the door’s bare door window is distracting. It would warm up the door if there was a design on the window, i.e. a frosted design, leading, or stain glass. Once that is done, choosing the color will be easier, but not pink.

  40. I know you didn’t offer this out but I think black is worth considering. The white is super bland and honestly looks washed out even though the trim you have around the door is nice. I don’t like the pink because honestly I LOVE your curtain selection and like you said it takes away from it. It’s as if the door is now competing with the curtains. Teal is nice but it’s almost too matchy-matchy and also takes away from the color pops you selected.

    Black would look almost like that dark teal that most of the commentators are supportive of except it’s more of a neutral and wouldn’t be competing with any part of what you already have as accents. However if that’s too far from what you’ve envisioned for your house then I agree with most that the dark teal is the most attractive of the options you proposed.

  41. Teal is just enough and pulls the door into the decor. I think the pink distracts from the curtains. Plus it would really show dirt and finger prints quickly. The Teal strikes the right note because it pulls the door into the overall color scheme – and matches other large areas painted the same color.

  42. I like the teal of the options you presented. It’s beautiful. Have you considered painting it a few shades darker than the wall color? Might pull your vision towards that lovely walkway without being overly bold (thereby stealing the show from the drapes or accent wall). Thanks for all the wonderful decorating inspiration!!!

    1. Teal is the better option, and frames the view. Have you also considered matching the birds egg blue on the drawers of the cabinet in the entry? That would be a lighter option.

    1. I absolutely love the pink …its soft and it blends beautiful with the curtains and your pictures have a touch of pink….its a great door it doesn’t need to fight with the other teal in the home…PINK!

  43. Why am I itching for it to be a sage green? Like white paint tinted with the green of the lampshades? Just throwing it out there, I’m sure anything you choose will work great!

  44. The purple stripes on your benches really caught my attention, and I love the purple chairs you have beside the teal fireplace. Would it be too strange to paint the door the color of the purple chairs in the living room, especially since the door would be near the teal wall. The splash of purple in 3 places would be so nice. My second choice would be the gray that’s on the wall. Third would be teal. I like the pink but like you said, it does distract from the pretty curtains. White is too boring for your beautiful home.

    1. Yes! I was coming here to say purple too! Though my vote would be the lighter purple that’s an accent on the entry benches. I think purple would look great!

    2. I agree, the purple in the chairs is what I would choose too. The teal is heavy Ian you already so much of that pretty color. I think if you choose the purple it would pull the entry and the room together than the teal.

  45. Give the teal a try! If you don’t like it, you can always repaint it white. I’m not a fan of the pink for your door.

  46. I created an “entryway” once by using a narrow bookshelf (I was renting so nothing permanent) to divide the space visually.
    My bookshelf was almost to the ceiling and I was able to get away with it as there was plenty of light coming through the door itself.
    I wonder if something like this would work for you as there is space between a window and door?

  47. Hi, I have mentioned this before, if it was me , which your not, I would change the door so it swings from left to right, that way the first thing people would see is that fabulous wall , .as only seeing it after they have walked into the house.

    1. Lez, I like that idea…seeing the wall first before seeing the living room might make it easier to find a paint colour.

  48. I love the teal. You love the teal. Everyone (mostly) loves the teal. Go Teal! BUT… if you don’t love it, it’s just paint. Do it, try it, change it if you hate it. It’s just paint.

  49. I finally figured out your house setup! No idea that your front door was in your living room. What an a-ha moment. 🙂

    I have no response to the door color but I am following as I have 3 doors in the main area of our home so curious to see what you end up doing.

  50. I agree the pink might distract from the curtains. Teal is your neutral, so it definitely works and looks great. If you’re looking for other color suggestions, maybe the dark purple of the living room chairs and ottomans. Or black?

  51. Hello, My apologies but I consider the stage when you where making everything in the room beige and it had no ‘life’. Why stick with those colors .

    I have the same problem and can’t stand it; so, I would paint it the color you get excited to see.

    I love the picture and the pop of golden orange hue along with the mauves/deep pinks.

    Give that some thought – but either way, paint it a color that makes you want to walk by and admire it.

  52. I’m curious if you could partially close off the entryway from the living room, like someone else suggested, but with a full wall to maybe the end of the couch (A little less than half the width of the room). You could put a tall plant in the corner on the living room side and have the separate entry area you crave.

  53. Since you like color, and don’t seem to mind painting, I’d suggest trying the dark purple on the ottomans or even the lighter teal that’s on the chest of drawers, on the doors first. You would get the effect and could then decide whether you liked it or not. If you didn’t, the dark teal would unify the rooms. You love it, and so do a majority of voters. And if you did decide later on that you wanted something different, you could easily paint again. Since it’s just the 4 side pieces, it’s more like art work; it’s not going to make the same impact that a solid door would. Anyway, have some fun, try some interesting or daring ideas, and enjoy your creativity!

  54. How about another option: A tint or shade of either the pink or teal? Personally I like the idea of the pink, but a structural piece like that door might want a slightly darker tone to carry it off.

    Put your pink tone in a tool like the link below (no affiliation to me) and play with your photo editor and darker shades of pink; something that is reminiscent of your curtains, but not so matchy-matchy.


  55. Oooh the teal is pretty. I have a pink/peach front door and I hate it. It shows dirt really easily and I need to wash it very month. Perhaps a green like the sconces or purple like the chairs, or much, much darker pink? I definitely think it needs to be a color, not white! I can’t wait to see what you decided!

  56. I totally agree with Rachel, the door functions more as a window, otherwise you would have chosen a different style door. To me, a teal door is just screaming, hey look at me over here, look at me! I think white would be the best choice.

  57. I would probably paint it the same color as the wall. You have so many beautiful rich colors in that room and I wouldn’t want the door to compete. Also, since the door has a window, you will see whatever colors are outside. The door color almost functions like matting on a picture frame, so I would want it to blend in with the wall and feature the outside view.
    I’m sure it has a stunning color on the outside!
    Whatever you do, I’m sure it will be beautiful.

  58. Hi, Kristi
    I am a huge fan of your talent to mix colors but your living room have all the colours to possible match. Your living room has white windows, the glass door going to the music room is white so let the beautiful colours of your living room reign and let the door white. Any colour would be to much.
    Pink never, please! It will work as a painting because of the glass. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  59. I’m curious whether you’ve ever considered building like a pony wall or like those narrow windowed walls you built that would separate the space a bit more? You’re so good at building! Maybe just a little wall just between the front door and the window? But, I’m also a fan of the teal 🙂

  60. Light pink is my favorite color. I have painted my place entirely light pink. It’s my go-to color for just about everything.
    It doesn’t look right at all on your front door. It just seems to be a weird in-between with no contrast against the light grey walls and pink curtains and then BOOM! Dark teal wall! I’d definitely go with the dark teal to balance things out. It looks great there. The white is also a no-go.

  61. Kristi I love the teal but can I also throw a spanner in the works and suggest purple? It would tie into those little seats near the front door as well as your luscious purple armchairs in the loungeroom.

    I do agree that the pink does detract from the pretty curtains though.

  62. I agree with Rachel regarding the white door. It will function more like a window than a door and with the white the other rich colors in the room will shine. If you really want to paint it a color I would suggest you consider a dark purple – in the range of that dark purple stripe in the stools and the new chairs. It will give you that third pop of color which will visually cause your eye to travel around the room. With all the teal votes, you will probably go that way, but before you do, try a mock up of purple or just paint it white. Good Luck.

  63. Teal
    Could later take in part of your porch, door facing drive, reroute your side walk just a bit. And a rounded bed of plants, Jap Maple where steps are now. Offers a soft entrance to your lovely home with a foyer.

  64. Teal
    Could later take in part of your porch, door facing drive, reroute your side walk just a bit. And a rounded bed of plants, Jap Maple where steps are now. Offers a soft entrance to your lovely home with a foyer.

  65. Teal!!! It makes it feel like part of the “entry way” and it separates it from the actual living room. The pink didn’t really move me. It felt a bit weak. If you feel like keeping the bold color going and decide against the teal, I’d try either a vibrant orange(really different, but a great mix for all the colors involved in the room) or a hot pink.

  66. Teal would carry the theme – purple would also pull out the accents in the room. It’s only paint, and can always paint over it if you don’t like it!

  67. The white and pink are a no go for me. The white seems like you didn’t even try and the pink looks like you’re trying way too hard. Lol I think teal would look fabulous since your other doors are the same color. ! I would even go with the same color as your walls, as other have suggested, for continuity. Then add something teal in a wreath or some other decoration to relate to the teal or other colors in the room. A knee wall or other half wall was a great suggestion though you might lose some floor space. Also, another thought is an airy room divider or decorative screen behind the sofa. Your room and house look beautiful and I really enjoy your blog!

  68. I feel like the pink it pretty but it does the opposite of what you want to accomplish (brings the front door into the living room instead of the entry). I like the teal because it flows so well with all of those pieces throughout the home. But I feel like your door could be purple like the chairs in the living area or the striped ottomans in the entry.

  69. Teal for sure! I don’t really like the pink at all. My front door opens right into the living room as well. I did paint mine white, but I have oak trim which gives it a whole other look. I love my white door. If my trim was white though I’d paint it teal.

  70. Hi Kristi! Well it looks like most or recommending the dark teal and I will have to agree with them, mostly for the sake of continuity of color within the line of sight of the other doors, but also because it appears to set off the other colors in the entry and living room so nicely. The white seems rather dreary and has nothing to offer, and I like the pink, the teal really seems to pull everything together. As usual, I love reading and keeping up with your progress.

  71. Count me as TEAL but . . . I think a vibrant coral would look great too, sharing a wall with the pink drapes. But I don’t know how that’d look with your entry decor on the right. I also looove your purple ottomans!

  72. Teal would be my choice as well. I’ve considered painting the inside of my (white) door for years, mainly because of all the dirt build up from hands opening/closing the door. Looks filthy not long after cleaning – teal would keep the dirtiness at bay!

  73. Teal!! It’s a feature, it’s lovely and interesting, and still echoes & balances the other large teal elements in the room without calling attention to itself. I think it will set off your curtains perfectly.

  74. Oh my!!! You’ve got a bazillion weigh-ins!! 🙂
    My two cents: The door is more like a window and so I don’t think of featuring it with color as I would a more architectural door. My vote would be white to mimic the windows or the wall color to blend – but with the white trim — I would lean back to white. I love your teal in all the places you have it and I just feel it would take away from the rest — creating a busy feeling. Maybe that was three cents. 😉

  75. I totally think black would be gorgeous. And if that isn’t doable, I vote for the same color as your walls. Having said that, I know whatever you decide will be beautiful!

  76. With all these suggestions – and I only read a third to half of them – I would be going bonkers, but for me: not pink.

  77. i see i’m pretty much alone i see in my love of the pink!
    i love the curtains and having an echo there would finish it off – also there’s enough beautiful teal in my humble opinion 😉
    i think you’re right it looks flat on the mock up but would look amazing actually painted.
    if not pink i’d do gold or wood.
    whatever you do it will be amazing!

  78. I vote teal or white but not pink. Pink is so feminine and Matt lives there too. Unless Matt really likes the pink.

  79. I would paint it gray. It would look nice next to your gray sofa right there, and like others have said, it would frame the view like a window. The room and entry look beautiful!

  80. People certainly are opinionated about your front door, aren’t they? 😄 I was going to suggest that dark purple, but then I saw that a bunch of other people did, too. It is only paint, so try them all and see which one you like best. I have read a few articles lately about the room dividers from a half century ago or more coming back, especially in this time of Covid. This has nothing to do with what you are asking about your door, but have you thought about working your artistry in creating some type of see-through room divider to separate (slightly) the entry from the seating area? That might provide the separation you are wishing for in the two areas.

  81. It of those three colors, I like the real the best. I have also been intrigued by a couple of other suggestions to do a lighter pink and to bring in the people of the chairs. However, when I saw the first picture of the door, my first thought was “what would a pattern look like, like a black and white Chevron it something?” That might be too strong, but I am very interested in what a pattern would look like.

  82. Although I am a huge teal lover (and do like the teal option), I really like the pink. Definitely no for white, but if you want to go neutral use the same as wall color.

  83. Ok, hear me out lol. Paint the door teal, but make custom Roman shade or valance with your gorgeous fabric from the pillows? Can’t wait to see what you pick!

  84. Of the choices presented….teal is the absolute winner.
    If you really don’t want to highlight the door…you could just paint it, and the frame/trim the wall color, & let the window be the highlight.

  85. Love what you have going on already. I don’t believe the door should pop, as a decoration. It should look nice though. I believe a neutral color in a tanish gold(light) would look great. Close to the color of your shades, but doesn’t need to be precise since it’s a distance away. If you paint it real or pink, it’s going to be too too matchy, and will not look special. Offset with a neutral, even a pretty gray would look great!!