I Have New Dining Room Windows!

My window installers were able to come a day early! They arrived at about 8:30 yesterday morning, and were able to install four of the five windows yesterday. They’re supposed to be back this morning to do the last one if the weather holds out long enough. We’re supposed to have severe weather for the next three days or so, and are currently under a flash flood watch until Sunday morning. It’s probably not the best timing for installing a new window, but I’m praying the rain clouds hold off just long enough!  😀

I was going to wait until they were all installed and trimmed out to show you, but I just can’t. I’m way too excited about this!! I have been looking forward to this moment for a very long time now.

Remember how that other company said that my front windows would have to stay in the same configuration because the two vertical pieces were structural?

dining room windows - 1

Well, thankfully they were wrong!  I can’t even express how excited I was to see those front windows be taken out of there.  The left casement window was completely painted closed.  The middle solid window had a storm window on it that had this awful blue tint to it. And as I told you the other day, the right casement window would open only if I turned the handle just enough to release the latch, and then went outside and pried it open the rest of the way with my fingers.  To close it, I had to turn the handle to catch the latch, and then go outside and bang the window with my fist to get it to close completely.

It took quite a bit of cutting and prying to get those front windows out, but they finally got them out.

new dining room windows - 3

Those vertical pieces on the original windows were structural (the other company was right about that part), but there wasn’t any reason at all that they couldn’t be moved.  Here’s the new framing allowing for three windows of equal width.  Each new vertical piece is made of two pieces of 2″ x 6″ lumber nailed together.

new dining room windows - 4

And here are my new front windows!

new dining room windows - 5

I was originally going to do a 6-over-6 design, but at the last minute, I decided to go with a 6-over-1 design.  I didn’t realize that that decision would save me a little money (about $20 per window), and I really do love that solid bottom glass.  These are single hung windows with half screens.  I’ve never had this kind before, and I was a little worried about how the half screen would look, but I actually really love it.

The lumber yard where I ordered them (which is evidently the go-to lumber yard for most of the local builders) doesn’t carry brands like Anderson or Pella, and after I told the guy that those were the brands I had been looking at, he recommended these.  He said they’re a step up from the ones that most of the local builders use.  They’re heavier, higher quality, and come with a lifetime warranty, whereas the standard builder window that he sells in our area is lighter, not as sturdy, and comes with a 10-year warranty. The brand is called Showcase, and evidently they specialize in windows for Texas and the Gulf Coast.


Seeing those old front windows go, and the new ones installed, was definitely the most exciting part of my day.  But only slightly less exciting was seeing this window go.

new dining room windows - 2

From the day we moved in, I’ve been staring at a window unit air conditioner in that window. I was so glad to see both the broken window, AND the window unit A/C, be taken out!  And as I suspected, the wood underneath was rotted, so they had to replace that before installing the new window. That is EXACTLY the reason that I wanted everything taken out, reframed, and new build windows installed rather than having replacement windows installed.  With replacement windows, none of that framing is even exposed, much less replaced.

So, by the end of the day, I went from this…

dining room windows - 1

…to this…

new dining room windows - 6

What an amazing difference new windows make!  They have totally transformed the look of this room. I’m so anxious to get these trimmed out and finished!

And guess what! Now that we have windows that actually open and close very easily, Matt and I both agree that we don’t actually need a front door that allows a breeze in. I’ve been living for two years with windows that don’t open, and have had it ingrained my my mind that I need a screen door (or something like that) to let the breeze in during the spring and fall.  With my new windows, that’s no longer needed!  I’d still love to have that one door with the “window” that opens on hinges.  I think that design is beautiful and unique. But if it turns out to be way out of my price range to have something like that custom made, or way beyond my DIY skills to make it myself, I won’t be too disappointed about it now.

Oh, and to those of you who said that I could certainly install my own windows…I now agree with you.  🙂  Now that I’ve seen it done, and I’ve seen how simple the process is (the process, but not necessarily the work itself), I feel very confident that I could install my own windows with an extra pair of helping hands.  I don’t know that I’ll actually do it myself in the other rooms, just because it’s nice to let other people do some of the work sometimes. (Same reason I don’t learn how to do plumbing beyond the basics.) But at least I know I could if I needed to. 🙂

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  1. Those windows look great. I didn’t know what replacement windows actually are, so I appreciate the education.

    Maybe if you revisit the front door without the limitation of a screened opening you’ll make a completely different choice. Your budget would definitely be opened up.

  2. Kristi, it looks like you actually increased the structural strength of your large window. You have more heft in the double 2×6’s that were installed rather than those weenie single vertical pieces. That wall looks great now with those beautiful windows. This room is really coming together and is going to be spectacular!! Good work.

  3. There isn’t much that is prettier than new windows. I agree with you on installing “new” windows over “replacement” windows after once watching how the replacement ones were installed. Replacement windows assume that the original windows were installed correctly and that they were still in good condition. When I did my windows I wanted them done right and went with new as well.

  4. Whoo-Hoo!! what a wonderful way to start my day. I opened my mail and there you are with beautiful brand new windows! They make such a BIG difference in that room, I am just so happy for you and Matt and I didn’t think about the fresh air from your windows either when you were talking about the door, but I still hope you can afford the door you want. Have a beautiful blessed weekend, anxiously awaiting your reveal of what you do over the weekend (cause I know with those windows it will give you that extra ummph to do more than planned.) LOL

  5. So happy you found an installer who knew what he was doing. Your support in the front windows is now twice as solid as the old support was. The first one may have known this and just didn’t want to do it.

  6. I love the new windows! I just bought my house, all old windows that I will need to replace sometime and NO screens! None. Since 1984, they were never placed. That is going to be a job I will have to do myself.

    I have a funny story about something newer that was installed in my home, my french doors leading out to my deck. I live on a small lake, and the previous owner started feeding raccoons. Eventually, it got too expensive so she decided to stop. So those raccoons tore up her wooden door that was here previously. Shredded it. She had to install french doors since the raccoons could not tear thru window panes.

    And fortunately for me, I have not officially seen a raccoon around here……

  7. Goodbye old ugly a/c unit, Hello gorgeous windows! What a great motivator to get the creative juices flowing. I love those windows, and if I ever get to build a house, I’m going to get some just like that!!!

  8. I know what it’s like to wait years for something like that. (my kitchen redo) I love my kitchen so much that I NEVER get over it. I love it every single day. I hope you get that much enjoyment out of your windows!! They are fabulous!!

  9. What a transformation….good going…good choice…yes it is sometimes better to let someone else do it and besides that you are giving them $$ in their pocket. That is a blessing for them as well as you.

  10. Those windows look So fantastic!
    I am so glad you did not wait to share this progress until you had them finished!! So excited to see them…I have been wondering when we would see windows! That is one thing I love about your blog…you usually show the progress frequently, not waiting until the project is finished. The daily progress is so inspiring to me. I can see afters in any magazine, but the daily ups and downs of real renovation is much less available. It seems like lately you are waiting to post things until they are at a certain point…I love the play by play…I hope you continue it!

  11. Wow, Kristi! Those windows look awesome. The three even windows in front, with the 6 over 1 configuration, may actually harmonize with that Craftsman door you mentioned the other day. Since you really like the door, do you think you could dress it up in your own style?

  12. These are so beautiful! What a transformation. It really makes you fall in love with your house all over again doesn’t it? Almost a shame to add window treatments. They look so pretty just as they are.

  13. Love the Windows! Now I can’t wait to see you go into action with the rooms. I look forward to you every day.

  14. Best line of the whole post: ” Oh, and to those of you who said that I could certainly install my own windows…I now agree with you”

    Kristi, I think you are fantastic!!!

  15. Oooooh, I can’t believe the difference! They look fantastic! And you’ll be able to get a cross breeze…all the way thru the kitchen. So exciting. Hurry up and finish ’em out, cuz I just can’t wait! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
    Happy weekend!

  16. Kristi – the windows look absolutely great! Brought a big smile to my face when I read the post. Can’t wait to see the finished room.
    All the best…

  17. What a wonderful day for you! I know how you feel- I’ve lived for awhile now in a hundred-year old house with 40-year old metal windows that you could barely see through. The day my husband took out the first two and replace them- it was like a whole new world!

  18. Great job. Looks beautiful. We did the same thing. We took out the same configuration and everyone said your getting rid of a picture window. Why? It was because I wanted fresh air in my Living room. Never felt better about the decision.

  19. Wow those windows look fantastic. You are such an inspiration. I am now considering doing the ceiling in my half-bathroom like you did your bathroom ceiling, and I want to do picture frame molding down the main wall in my open concept living room. From reading your blog and seeing your pictures I now have a much better vision of what I want, plus I think I could actually do it myself. Thank you for sharing with us!

  20. wow, they look great! And thank you for explaining the process. For me it is fascinating to see the way your house is built, it is quite different from our solid masonry house, which has concrete lintels and no part of the window frame is structural. No I know what a replacement widow is vs. new window 🙂 By the way, are the replacement windows plastic or timber? Here the timber ones, which I would love to have, are about twice the price of the plastic 🙁

  21. New windows make everything better. Condo living usually negates the possibility of cross ventilation and one forgets how nice it is to have “fresh air”…even if that air is a bit too hot or cool. May I suggest looking into a whole house fan / attic fan? My current home came with one (my first) and I love it.

  22. So happy you got your windows & now you can move on to the pretty stuff. Just an idea. Now that you think you can do a window, when you are done with the dining & music room. Matt’s room isn’t going to be touched in your remodel. You could replace his windows so that he can get a breeze when the weather is nice. It may give him a feeling of being outside. Just a thought. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  23. They are so beautiful! I love them. But I have a question that you have probably answered already. You did replace the window to the left of the fireplace too didn’t you? So they are all the same and they all match? Just curious why you would not but you didn’t mention or show a picture of that window.
    Oh and stay dry this weekend. Hurricane Patricia is Grade 5 hitting the coast of Mexico Puerto Vallarata I believe and then onto Texax with a lot of water this weekend.

  24. Kristi
    I absolutely love the windows! Such a wise investment! They totally transform the look on the walls. You may get lucky and find a beautiful front door at the Waco Restore! I had wondered on your earlier post why you couldn’t allow the breeze to come in from the Windows instead of the front door. I love everything you are doing in this room. Cannot wait for the trimming and paint in here. Your home is your canvas!!!

  25. YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE THEM! They look amazing. Being in the glass business ourselves for 43 years, I know exactly how you feel! Great choices.

  26. I’d advise you to try to budget a front door with a screen. I have a beautifully-patina’d antique (Calif. Craftsman-vintage) front door that I love, with a steel security screen with deadbolt installed in front. I also have windows that open, but I always (unless it is freezing outside) keep my front door open with the security screen door locked. I enjoy not only the fresh breezes but the additional view to the outdoors. I can see who is coming up my front steps before they get here (during the day, the outdoors is very visible and from outdoors you can’t seen in. Unfortunately after dark with lights on indoors and dark outside, the situation is reversed but you get used to it. I honestly can’t imagine life without a screen door (and if you live in any size of a city, you probably need a security screen door if you want to keep it open.)

  27. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! I’ve been too busy to keep up with you lately, but I am thrilled for you about your windows and your HVAC. I think people take things like that for granted, but they make all the difference in the world in terms of comfort, and these two things alone will make your home a place that embraces you. These windows are gorgeous – enjoy them and how beautiful they function (and look!). Windows are the eyes of a room.

  28. We KNEW you could d this….YOU can do ANYTHING!!!!!
    I’m as happy for you as I would be if they were mine!!!!,
    I have half screen and really like them…..
    Way to go babe!!!!!

  29. It’s looking beautiful Ms. Kristi……
    I just KNOW you were delighted to get rid of your green front window :^)
    Have a good weekend!!

  30. Really updates the look of the room! I agree that you could do it, only problem is that you do need those extra hands since they are heavy. Can’t wait to see the progress over the next few weeks. Blessings

  31. I am so happy for you!! Yes, it is good sometimes to let someone else do the heavy work and just watch and learn.

  32. I love your windows. I had new windows installed in our house last month, but mine don’t look as pretty as yours. Great job on your selection of windows!!!!

  33. I really like your new windows and I’m sure you don’t miss that old A/C unit, right? When I looked out those new windows I had a thought that window boxes filled with pretty flowers would be a nice ‘outside’ touch. Love the windows and am glad you got them replaced!

  34. Not a big fan of the fake grid. Would rather have seen true divided light dual pane but they are expensive!!! If you can’t get them true divided light, go with single pane to see the beautiful outdoors!!!

    1. I don’t like single pane windows. They look cheap to me. My decision to go with this type with the inside grid had nothing to do with cost, and everything to do with ease of cleaning. All of my original windows are true divided light, and while they’re charming, they’re awful to clean.