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Ikea RAST Hack With Greek Key Design & Zinc Finish

I’ve seen some pretty impressive Ikea RAST dresser hacks over the last couple of years, and this one from JAX Does Design ranks right up there with the most impressive ones.

Have you seen an Ikea RAST dresser before? Here’s what they look like assembled right out of the box.

RAST dresser from Ikea as it looks assembled from the box

The amazing thing about the RAST dresser is that it only costs $35! But really creative people have done some pretty amazing things with them, and turned these inexpensive dressers into beautiful dressers with a designer look. And this is a perfect example. Kelly gave hers a Greek key design and a zinc finish.

What a transformation! And I can’t get over that zinc finish. I definitely want to try that on something!

To see more details of this makeover, head over to JAX Does Design.

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  1. Wow Kristi, thanks so much for featuring my RAST hack! It was a fun project to do, and I’m so happy with how it turned out 🙂 A RAST chest is such a great blank slate to let your creativity run wild 🙂