Master Bathroom & Home Gym — A Clean Slate And A Master “To Do” List

Let me tell you something. Accountability is a powerful thing. The last thing I wanted to do yesterday was go into the home gym and clean up that mess, but knowing that I had told all of you that I’d be checking in more frequently and showing my progress to keep me on track is all the motivation I needed to stop dragging my feet and get in there and make things happen.

And that’s exactly what I did! Remember the state of the home gym yesterday morning?

home gym status 10-18-21
home gym status 10-18-21 - 3

I got all of the trash cleared out, tools gathered together, paint cans gathered, etc. And now it looks like this…

home gym cleanup - 1
home gym cleanup
home gym cleanup
home gym cleanup

I didn’t clean the floor yet because I still need to install the recessed lights, which will require me to cut larger holes in the drywall, and that will create more dust.

home gym wires for recessed lights

I have six lights to install — four in the main part of the room, and then two in the closet area.

home gym wires for recessed lights

There’s also no need in cleaning the floor in the home gym until the floor in the bathroom is finished. Until the, I’ll just keep keep tracking dust onto the home gym floor.

I also got the bathroom all cleaned up, tools and supplies gathered and organized, and the floor ready for tiling to be completed.

master bathroom cleanup
master bathroom cleanup

So I’m feeling very motivated to get in there and see what I can get done today. My goal is to get all of the tiling done in the next two days, and then have the floor completely grouted and finished by the end of the week.

I really did consider the suggestion that so many of you had to hire out the tiling. But I’m going to give it one more go and see what progress I can make. I’m also going to use the suggestion that a couple of you had to wear two or even three pairs of the thin disposable gloves. That way when the outer pair tears, the mortar won’t be on my skin, and I can just replace the outer layer.

I think that plan might work out and save my poor hands, which still aren’t back to normal from the last time I tiled, which was almost a week ago. They feel pretty good as long as I keep coconut oil on them (which is pretty much the only moisturizer I use), but as soon as I wash my hands or they get dry again, they start to hurt. But they are much better now, so I’d rather not have to go back to square one by not protecting my hands while I do the rest of the tile.

In addition to clearing out the mess and cleaning up a bit, I also made two master “to do” lists for each room to keep me on track. I do much better with big projects, and feel like I stay more motivated, if I can have actual lists written down where I can check items off and see my progress. Here’s what my lists look like, and they’re not really in any kind of order:

Master Bathroom “To Do” List To Finish The Room:

master bathroom cleanup
  • Tile:
    • Install small tile on toilet area floor
    • Install large tile on bathroom floor
    • Install wall tile in shower
    • Install wall tile in toilet area
    • Clean up tile and grout lines
    • Grout the tile
  • Walls:
    • Add protective clear coat to the Venetian plaster walls
    • Install picture frame molding and chair rail
    • Install accent tile in wainscoting
    • Caulk and wood fill molding
    • Prime and paint molding and lower walls
  • Trim:
    • Trim out the window
    • Trim out the doors
    • Install crown molding
    • Install baseboards
    • Caulk and wood fill trim
    • Prime and paint trim
  • Doors:
    • Paint exterior door
    • Install door between bathroom and home gym
    • Prime and paint door
    • Install door pull/lock
  • Lighting:
    • Make bubble “chandelier” to go above bathtub
    • Install wall sconces on vanity wall
  • Building projects:
    • Build my vanity
    • Build Matt’s vanity
    • Build the window seat
    • Built cabinets in toilet area
  • Sewing projects:
    • Make window treatment for window
    • Make window treatment for door
    • Make cushion for window seat
    • Make pillows for window seat
  • Hire out:
    • Install toilet
    • Install bathtub
    • Install plumbing fixtures
    • Quartz countertop/sink installation
  • Finishing touches:
    • Install hand towel rings
    • Install toilet paper holder
    • Install towel hooks
    • Artwork and other finishing touches

Phew! That’s quite the list! Thankfully, the list for the home gym isn’t quite so extensive.

Home Gym “To Do” list to finish the room:

home gym cleanup
  • Flooring:
    • Install the rest of the hardwood floor
    • Patch the one rotting floor board
    • Clean the floor to remove all drywall mud
    • Install the foam gym flooring
  • Lighting:
    • Install ceiling fan
    • Install six recessed lights
  • Trim:
    • Install crown molding
    • Trim out the windows
    • Trim out the doors
    • Trim out the closet area
    • Install baseboards
  • Building projects:
    • Build Swedish ladder
    • Build cabinets in the closet area
  • Possible sewing projects:
    • Sew or make window treatments

I think that’s it! And now I kind of want to hunker down in my bed under my covers and forget this whole thing. 😀 But I won’t, of course. I’ll eat lunch today, and then get right to it, with my trusty “to do” list in hand to keep me motivated and headed in the right directions.



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  1. It’s looking good! Must be a relief to you to walk in and not see a mess, with everything in a good place. BTW are you using nitrile gloves? They come in different thicknesses from less than 2 mil for food handlers up to 6-8 mil for medical/industrial use. Perhaps something thicker than the ones you have would still give you enough dexterity with a good grip, but still protect your hands. Just a thought.

  2. Love to see the updates. Helps motivate me to get the projects on my house done. Keep up the good work. Everything is looking great!

  3. Yippee, YOU CAN DO IT ! I have not cleaned my small 8×18 library/sitting room in over a year. I think you have shamed me into getting my butt in there right now! 🤣

  4. OMG if I saw that list that awaits you I would pack up and move…but I know you and you will do it excellently. But I will pray for God’s strength to come upon you. You are such a wonderful person to take what this house once was and to have already done the magnificent things you have already done for your self and Matt’s home. You are a gem. So my hat is off to you lady!

  5. For your hands try a Urea 40% lotion when you go to bed. $15 on Amazon. My dermatologist recommended it for my hands (I’m a housecleaner) and feet for extreme dryness, especially in winter. It burns for a second if u have cuts & scrapes, but it will heal you fast!

  6. I’m glad you’re going to give tiling another shot but keeping the “hiring it out” on the table. You’ve made your peace with hiring out drywall, this is no different. I understand it’s more money going out. But your health, happiness, psyche, and all that are worth it. Good luck! Looking forward to more progress

  7. Don’t you feel so much better just cleaning up those two rooms! All that clutter had to be distressing to look at. If you put the coconut oil on your hands at night and put on the gloves, it will help heal your hands faster while you sleep.

  8. YES! I’m sure just seeing trash gone, and the rest organized is helping your motivation a lot.
    It would me, which is why I need to get going on my office that I mentioned yesterday, same as you. I have to stop looking at the whole thing and concentrate on one corner at a time. I am so glad you found some wisdom in those comments yesterday – some of your fans had great ideas – the layering the gloves, the hiring out the tile if needed…your fans love and support your efforts….keep showing us how to get it done! I too love that Venetian finish and that color is to die for! Looking forward to the next post…

  9. Thank you Kristi. You are an inspiration to me (and I suspect many of us). You have motivated me to get on my to do list. It’s so much more relatable to follow someone who is a real human and not perfect. Thanks for always showing us your authentic self along with your beautiful and inspiring designs.

  10. What a Woman! What a List! Every journey starts with the first step. Looking forward to seeing you achieve these goals one by one.

  11. You go girl!!! Great progress … both the physical work of clearing your workspaces and the mental work of listing and prioritizing! You are inspiring! 😊

  12. CeraVe Healing ointment. Amazing stuff! Way to go Kristi, I am such a procrastinator don’t know how you get motivated.

  13. That is quite an extensive list for both rooms, worse for the bathroom. Hire out the tiling and get it done. You have so much more to do, let the professionals tile, they do it quickly and save your little hands!! My two cents for what it is worth. You don’t have to do it all, get help and get her done!! 🙂

  14. Love watching your process and progress!

    For your hands – just before bed at night, try soaking them (so lots of moisture in skin), slathering them with your coconut oil, then putting on the thin disposable gloves (to hold the moisture in) and then a regular pair of cloth gloves over that (to hold everything in place). Then sleep like that for the night. Used to do a full body version of this for my daughter’s eczema when she was little and it worked wonders.

  15. You are incredible! may i ask – how long did it actually take to do the gym? To take it from A-mess to A-mazing 😉 i also love it when you promise accountability – means we see more of you – always makes my day when you post xx

  16. That’s quite the list. I would have combined a few things so it’s not so overwhelming.
    Build 2 vanities
    Install trim on doors and Windows.
    I’m so impressed with what you do. Love following your progress. Great job.