My Steal Of A Deal – Dining Table With Three Leaves And Eight Dining Chairs For $51

Remember that Ebay auction I was waiting on last Friday? Well, it ended on Saturday morning, and I won! I got eight dining chairs and a solid wood dining table with three leaves for the amazing price of $51. And I have one of you to thank for it (thank you so much to whomever left the link in the comments!), because I never would have even thought to look on Ebay for dining chairs. Craigslist, yes. Ebay, no.

I had to travel two hours to get it, but at that price, it was totally worth it. And my brother and I made a fun road trip of it, and got to have dinner with our sister in Dallas, so it was even more worth it!

So here’s a look at my amazing bargain…

dining table and chairs purchased on Ebay - 3

It’s so nice to FINALLY see this room start looking like an actual dining room! I’ve been so concerned about how a table and chairs would look and fit in here, so there was a huge sigh of relief from me to see that it’s actually going to work very well as a dining room.

I don’t really like the table at all. I didn’t really want or need a table, but it came as a set, and since I only paid $51 for everything, it really didn’t matter. My first thought was that I could turn around and sell the table and three leaves on Craigslist, and probably make back all of my $51, if not more.

dining table and chairs purchased on Ebay - 1

There’s just something about the base that reminds me of a fancied up conference table rather than a dining table that belongs in a home.

dining table and chairs purchased on Ebay - 7

BUT…the table top just might be of use to me. I’ve been fretting over how I was going to make my own table top, and in order to do it properly, it requires me to purchase a planer and possibly a jointer as well. Those tools alone would be hundreds of dollars, not including the price of the actual wood. But this table has a beautiful table top with THREE leaves that are already made to fit, and already have the appropriate dowels and hardware for joining the pieces together. This is what it looks like with one leaf in, and you can see the other two leaves sitting on top of the table.

dining table and chairs purchased on Ebay - 6

So I’m thinking that I’ll just use this table top and the leaves to make my own table with my original plan and design (farmhouse table with turned legs). And in doing so, I’ll save myself hundreds of dollars that I would have spent on new tools and lumber, and I’ll also save myself many hours of extra work!

But the real story here are the chairs. I didn’t really want or need a table. It’s the chairs that I wanted. And I LOVE cane back chairs. The chairs came with these frumpy, ill-fitting slipcovers.

dining table and chairs purchased on Ebay - 2

But those are easily removed.
dining table and chairs purchased on Ebay - 4

You can see that the finish is in sad shape, but I’m not concerned about that since I plan to paint all of the chairs anyway.

dining table and chairs purchased on Ebay - 5

And I’m telling you, these chairs couldn’t have been more perfect for me. I love cane back chairs, but so many of them have really curvy tops. These tops are squared off (you know I love squares and straight lines!), but then they have those perfect little finials!

I couldn’t be more excited about my purchase! I mean, I basically got each piece for less than $6. Isn’t that amazing?!



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  1. So happy for you! So, will you be painting the chairs green? Also,the table fits beautifully with one leaf. Do you plan to turn it length wise if you use more leaves? Just wondering how it will look turned in your room as you have a longer expanse with the table turned. Oh, so many fun projects to look forward to seeing! Inside and out! And the walls and trim are just lovely!

    Sheila F.

    1. Yep, I’ll be painting the side chairs green and using a black and white striped fabric to reupholster the seats. I’m still not sure what I’ll do with the two arm chairs.

      For some reason, I always saw the table going this direction in the room, and I’d just turn it if I needed to expand it all the way. But so many people suggested that I just turn it and leave it, so I tried it that way, and I like it!

  2. Score!!!! I really do like the table, but if it’s not your thing, your idea is brilliant. Love how you made a day of it with family. Can’t wait to see the results.

  3. Could you reuse those table legs?As smart as you are ,I think you could remove them and place one on each side.I love all you do. Can’t wait to see more .

  4. Kristi, just a thought…. I don’t care for the legs as they are, but the individual posts are so nice and chunky. Could you use them at the four corners and perhaps add a new foot to them for height? I think they could look amazing! You could use the legs you had ordered on the breakfast room table or perhaps for an office table. …. oh, I am sure you could use them elswhere…. Those legs just caught my eye… Lol

    Sheila F.

    1. I think that would have required quite a bit of modification to make them tall enough (since the base is built for three turned posts), but I do plan on reusing them somehow. I’m thiking he office table idea might work out.

  5. OMG those are my table and chairs – mine are in great condition – table and 6 chairs. Bought in the 70’s from J.C Penney. The table base drives me crazy.

  6. Excellent deal, and I know you’ll find a re-purpose for the legs you exchange! Can’t wait to see how you redo them!

  7. You did find a super deal on that dining room set…the caned chairs are going to be beautiful painted green! That is going to be an awesome room when finished.

  8. Nice purchase! I just wondered if you had considered turning your table the other direction, running fron the fireplace to the buffet? It looks like you would have more room. Just a thought. I’m a spatial type and always want to rearrange others furniture – even in hotel rooms! Haha

    1. I am wondering the same thing. It makes more sense to me to have the table lengthwise in front of the front windows. I like the table legs – you have turned spindles in other areas and after painted they will look less conference room table.

      1. Great buy. I agree with the ladies above. I would run the table the other way. But then, I’d leave all 3 leafs in permanently and wouldn’t bother to change the legs. Not that I particularly like the legs, I just think if you’re still going to paint them black they may come out quite striking and be a bit of a feature. Have fun, whatever you decide to do with them.

  9. Oh, hooray!! That was me that left that comment with that auction! Makes me happy when I am able to make useful suggestions! 🙂

    Amazing deal, and I absolutely can’t wait to see how it all turns out! Are you going to rejig the captain’s chairs to remove their arms and make them match the others since you are using the arm chairs at the ends?

    1. Great job! They’re perfect! (well, they’re perfect for Kristi to make into her perfect set! :-)). I never would have thought of ebay–I think it seems more intimidating than Craigslist, which I use a ton.

    2. I haven’t quite decided about the end chairs just yet. I do want the two end chairs to be very different from the side chairs, but I haven’t decided exactly how I’ll do that just now.

  10. I’m not at all surprised that you got a steal of a deal on eBay. My “go to” is craigslist and I scan it at least twice a day for things I’m looking for. But I’ve gotten some amazing deals on eBay as well. And often I’m the only bidder. Of course sometimes the shipping charges are as much or more as the item itself so you have to be aware of that. But the perfect scenario is an amazing deal within driving distance. So you really lucked out.

    I love those chairs too. And for the same reason. I’m not a fan of the usual curvy top. Ugh. That squared off top with the little finials are just perfect. Oh and the details on the chair legs! Love! I have to say I’m a fan of the table as well. But I know you’ll do something amazing and that table top will look stunning as a farmhouse table.

    So excited to see this all come together for you.

  11. I love a great bargain and you certainly got that. How awesome that you won the auction. I was thinking the same as Sheila F that those turned legs are nice and chunky and that you could possibly re-arrange the base to put one leg at each corner? I know that what ever you come up with, it’ll look awesome. I too was thinking that the dining would go lengthways in your dining room, however it also looks good the way you have it now (and possibly lengthways when you have the additional leaves in the table top). So happy you got the set and at such an amazing price…, win!!!

  12. Have to agree with others that the current legs could be reworked into an awesome new base! I love the great deal you got and even though I am not personally a fan of cane back chairs, I know you are going to make them look fantastic! Looking forward to the transformation…..

  13. Certainly is a good deal. Glad to hear that you are thinking “in the box” about this table. Makes no sense to waste the top, in addition to spending a small fortune, no matter how much you like power tools. It doesn’t look like there is enough room for a wheelchair to get around on either side of the table. Is that going to be a problem for Matt? Have you thought about turning the table lengthwise instead of sideways? That would give everyone seated a view of the fireplace and it might give you a lot more room around the table. What are your plans for the cane backs? Are you going to paint them or strip them and restain them? They are very pretty chairs, tall, yet graceful in their lines. Quite the bargin! Good for you. Blessings

  14. Hi Kristi. I love the set you bought and I can’t wait to see the chairs painted and covered. I also like the perfect little finials on the chair – so sweet! Yes you got such a deal on Ebay! I tell people all the time about buying furniture on Ebay, and we have gotten our absolute best deals thru Ebay, hands down. And I use Craigslist alot! I have purchased entire dining sets for $50, and a Thomasville solid wood bedroom set for $50! Many of the items I have purchased for resale, being the only person bidding on the item! I am so very glad you got such a great deal!

  15. Wow – what an incredible deal! Yayyy!! Can’t wait to see the transformation – even though I suspect we will wait since you want to work on the outside right now. LOL 🙂

  16. What an awesome eBay find! I have used eBay for many years as a seller and more recently as a buyer as well. While craigslist is my first choice for large items thanks for reminding me that eBay is also an option to find “too big to ship” items locally.

  17. My husband and I love e-bay. You scored a great deal. I think reusing the table top is a good idea and the chairs appear to be in great shape so a coat of paint and new seat covers will make them look great. As for the old legs of the table, you could use those as a base for a workbench in your garage.

  18. What a fantastic deal that was! If you don’t like the table legs as they are, I can visualize several ways they could be modified so the table would be more of a pedestal table. Then the legs would be out of the way of everyone seated at the table (my reason for liking pedestal tables).
    Also, as for the finials on the chairs, the obvious thing is to remove them. But you might want to consider replacing them with a style that you like, perhaps even in a metal.
    Can’t wait for the finished product.

  19. OMGoodness! This just keeps getting better and better! $51 for a table and 8 chairs?!!! Wow! I need to look on eBay for the white side tables I want for my family room! I’m so glad my son sent me a link to your site.

    Now about the table… Are you going to refinish the top? Or are you going to recut it to something you like? I really think the legs of the table could be reused. They seem to be big enough that even though you don’t like the shape right now,I would think that you would be able to make the machine that you want. Well this is just fantastic find and I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  20. Great find! I love the table and the chairs, can’t wait to see it finished.
    One thing worrys me! The chair you showed close up, are those little
    black holes wood worm? Please check, would hate that it was. 🙂

    1. I was thinking the same… if they are they need to be treated IMMEDIATELY!!

      I love eBay and am always finding great things there… good luck with the completion of the dining room. Love it so far!! xx

    2. I think the black holes you are referring to is black specks of paint in the fake fruitwood finish of the seventies furniture.

  21. I love those chairs , too. I think the table top would look great with the legs you were going to build instead of the ones that are on it. Fantastic steal of a price- woo hoo!

  22. If you decide to get rid of the table, I will gladly buy it and drive up to pick it up! I bought a set last year from Rooms 2 Go. Complete waste of money, my table is already falling apart. I’m just sick. It’s similar in style to this one. Lesson learned though 🙁

  23. Just a comment about painting on wicker or cane–whether using a roller or brush, sometimes you will wind up having more paint in certain areas of the weave, depending on how much paint is on your applicator. Then certain spots will appear to be closed up and the look becomes inconsistent. These chairs may be easier to paint than the average wicker chair, but in the tighter areas of the cane, you don’t want too much paint on your applicator. If you had a practice piece of cane it would be nice–otherwise, I would do a very light paint initially, and gradually add more.

    1. I’ll probably use my sprayer to paint the cane backs on the chairs. That should save time, and make the finish much more even. I’ve only painted cane chairs once before, and I actually used spray paint. It worked really well.

  24. Great score! Not so fast on ditching the table legs; looks like something out of RH. All the table needs is black stain/antiqued. Your room is so beautiful! Kudos on a job well done!

    BTW, would love to see the table placed parallel to the set of three windows.

    Kristi, you are so inspiring! I am painting my breakfast room today because of you. Thanks!

  25. Kristi, I have a completely off topic question…When you spray your baseboards and get the fine mist in your floors, what do you do/use to remove that?

    1. It’ll actually come up if I use some warm water with some floor cleaner (I buy the cleaner that comes from the Waterlox company) and get the floor wet with a sponge, let it set for a few minutes, and then gently scrub it up with a sponge.

      I’m waiting on that, though, because at some point I plan to kind of do a quick refinishing job on my floors. I want to sand up the scuffs, scratches, spilled paint, etc. with a small sander (not the big drum sander that you have to rent), and then put a new coat of Waterlox on my floors. I’m just trying to figure out how to do that since it takes 24 hours to dry. 🙂

  26. Love those chairs! I have to admit I never once envisioned your table being a farm table. I understand your reluctance to use the trestle style table with the metal base your family member gave to you, because it’s hard to push in chairs/get them out of the way for Matt. But there are other styles that (as an outsider) seem to better suit your taste that aren’t farmhouse-ish and are more transitional-traditional. I recall the round farm table that despite your beautiful work painting and staining the grain, never did jive with the feel/flow of your home.
    Have you ever considered a table with cabriole legs? They are traditional but can be modernized and would still look beautiful with your chairs.

    1. Cabriole legs certainly seem like that would fit my style more, but for some reason, I just can’t make myself like them. My taste is very strange, and my style is very difficult to label. 🙂

  27. You might try Van Dyke’s Restorers catalog for table legs. They have all kinds and styles, plus table support kits and pedestals and feet. Whatever you choose I’m sure will be lovely

  28. Don’t know if someone mentioned this, but what if you take two of the existing posts and put them (doubled up) at each corner? Or at right angles in each corner? I see it in my mind as being kinda cool, and gives the chunky look of a big leg. Just remove them from that base. Save them if you don’t use them, as they are nice on their own, without the base wood.

    Great score on E-bay! I never seem to find anything good there, but I don’t look often either, so that could be my problem. Very stylish chairs. I too hate those curvy ones.

    1. OOPS! I just realized there are six posts on there, so my idea of doubling them up won’t work. Sometimes I’m addle-brained! I chalk it up to age! 😉 But do hope you can use the posts!

  29. How about using a couple of the legs to make the base for a pair of lamps? I love the shapes of the legs alone. Once you separate them from the base, I think they would make lovely turned lamp bases.

    1. What an interesting idea! I never would have thought about that. I’m going to take a closer look at them and see if that will work.

  30. Can you live with the table for awhile till you figure out what to do with it? You’re lucky all the caning is in such good condition.
    Are you thinking of painting them the same green as your kitchen cabinets? They’d be stunning, I think. Maybe the cane in a glossy black….
    What a score—51.00 for the whole magilla!!! Wow.

  31. Kristi! They are simply beautiful and what a price! The legs can be used on something else down the track. But that top wow wow! What a buy!

  32. LOVE the chairs – & your idea to use the tabletop! I love repurposing old furniture pieces – you saved it from a landfill! 🙂 And it’s gonna look awesome, no doubt!!

  33. Whoa! How cool is that?! I look at the table & see a large desk for an office or craft room not necessarily used in a dining room. But I know that it will be amazing whatever you chose to do with it. Blessings, Jen

  34. When I saw that you were going to paint your home yellow – it made me think of one of
    my favorite homes – it is in Highland Park – the address is 3868 Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX

    This house is yellow with white trim and peach shudders and a peach front door. It was
    originally owned by the Lamberts Landscaping company and the front yard was just
    english ivy.

    You can check it out on google.

    1. Okay, I read your comment, and thought to myself, “Yellow and peach? That sounds hideous!” But I looked it up anyway. Ummm…I LOVE it! I can’t even believe how good that looks!

  35. I love the table and chairs. What a great deal! I think using one of the original table legs turned horizontally and adding a skinny top would make a great sofa table.