Narrowing Down Options For Front Porch Chairs

Yesterday, I was hard at work on the front porch again, taking full advantage of our gorgeous weather, and I finished up the ceiling. It took me a lot longer than I expected because I ended up caulking between each and every board before painting the second coat. That was tedious work, but I’m a perfectionist, and seeing the little cracks between those boards was driving me a bit crazy.

I ended up adding some white paint to the blue that I selected (Behr Air Blue), and then added just a touch of green by adding a little bit of Behr Mythic Forest (a dark teal that I’ve used inside our house in several places) to the mix. It turned out perfect!

front porch ceiling painted light blue (haint blue) to keep away spiders and wasps

Now I need to go back and touch up the white trim. Really, all of the white trim on the front porch could use a quick touch up.

I’m still working on the painting and repair projects, but of course, my mind is drifting to the fun decorating projects. And this year, I finally want to get some chairs for the front porch. This area by the windows is just calling for chairs, don’t you think?

front porch makeover in progress

I’ve looked high and low, searched on Amazon, Wayfair, Home Depot, and just about everywhere else I could think of, to find the perfect outdoor chairs for our front porch. Since the front porch is only 68 inches deep, I ruled out rocking chairs almost immediately. I knew I wanted some sort of outdoor rattan/wicker looking chairs with cushions. Beyond that, I wasn’t sure what I wanted.

But after looking at just about every possibility on the internet, I’ve narrowed it down to two options, both of which I found at Amazon. (These are affiliate links.)

The first style is one that I would consider more traditional. I love a dark wicker chair on a front porch. Don’t these look comfy? I love that they have those thick cushions, and not thin, wimpy cushions. This set of 2 chairs is $399.

I did a (very bad) mock up to see what they might look like on my front porch. I’m sure I didn’t get the proportions right, but I just wanted to get an general idea of what they would look like.

I like those a lot! My porch is 68 inches deep, and the chairs are 35 inches deep. So there would be 33 inches (three inches shy of three feet) between the chairs and the front edge of the porch. I think that’s plenty of space.

The second option has a distinctly more modern look, with an overall lighter and airier look to them. This pair costs $313.

These are 31.5 inches deep, so that would leave 36.5 inches between the chairs and the front edge of the porch. And here’s another very bad and out-of-proportion mockup 😀 …

So this seems to be a recurring theme with me, and has been for years. It’s a pull between traditional and modern. I love both, and I try to incorporate both into my decorating. But for the front porch, I just can’t make up my mind which direction I want to go. This is, after all, the first impression that people will have of our house. I want it to be a preview of what they’ll find inside. So which pair do you think gives a better preview of the interior of our house?



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  1. The cushions on the more modern ones do not look comfortable. I would go with the traditional ones with the comfy cushions.

    1. I think the traditional dark chairs make more of a statement. The lighter ones seem to get lost in the space.

  2. I vote for the first set with comfy cushions. I’ve sat on chairs similar to the second set and quite frankly, they are not comfortable against the back. Particularly if you’re going to spend any time sitting out there. Both look good altho the narrowness of the porch precludes my favorite which would be big white rocking chairs like you see at Cracker Barrel restaurants.

    1. Right after I did the porch makeover in 2018, I headed directly to Cracker Barrel to look at their rocking chairs. I LOVE their rocking chairs. I was so disappointed to find that they didn’t have any that would fit on our front porch. That’s when I realized I should probably give up the idea of having rocking chairs on the front porch altogether, and just find some pretty chairs.

  3. I really like the look of the darker chairs. They fit in on the porch so nicely. You have a beautiful home!

  4. The pillows on the modern set are too small. Frankly neither set looks like the Kristi I read. They blend into the background. Bland. Blah. You are neither. I bet you already have a colorful pillow option in mind.

  5. Yeah. The first set and maybe do your own cushion cover! The others look too uncomfortable. I like those first chairs so much, think I’ll get me a set of them!

    1. Yes, this. I’m not a fan of the off-white cushions with all your lovely bright white trim on the porch. The cushions in a different colored fabric with some Kristi-style pillows will be just right for the traditional set.

      YHWH Bless You : )

  6. If you want to rock on the porch…there are some nice swivel type that actually allow you to rock…and some in a faux wicker…these are comfy as I had some in my sunroom a few years back.

  7. We have two sets of chairs same design as the dark wicker chairs in a light grey color. We’ve had them for two years and they have stood up really well. I don’t leave the cushions on in bad weather though. They are very comfortable with the higher back. I think they would look nice on your porch.
    Not so much the modern style light ones.

  8. I prefer the traditional ones by far. The two modern chairs introduce so many lines that compete with the beautiful lines in the windows. So many lines almost makes my head spin. Just a thought, to look at the whole picture, not just the chairs. Love your blog!

  9. The brown ones. The lighter ones look too wimpy but would look good around a table or as a pair in a conversation area. Like them but not on the porch. Have you tried At Home or Homegoods?

  10. I would go with the first pair. They look more comfortable. You could pair them with a garden stool a la chinoiserie for a table or two.

    1. The traditional ones, but please recover the cushions to blend with the door color and showcase your love of color!

    1. I really love these! It’s nice that the ottoman will slide in under the chair when not in use! Love the colour and style as well!

  11. Agree with most that the first set go better… love the rocking swivel chair idea too. I’d love to see you make a big cushioned bed/swing at the end of your porch though! 😁

  12. Totally out there, but have you thought of a front porch swing? They come in 5 feet lengths, which would fit perpendicular at end of porch. Still have room for 2 chairs, the 1st set, and a more modern table—live the garden stools that are available!

    1. I have, and I even planned for one by putting blocking in the ceiling before putting the ceiling boards up. But the distance between the house and the column would only allow for a single person swing, so I changed my mind on wanting a swing.

    1. I have similar ones from Big Lots – mine don’t swivel and didn’t come with the table. They are VERY comfy!!

  13. The porch is looking really pretty. Love the blue ceiling. Have you considered glider chairs for the front porch? Nothing like “swinging” on a front porch, lol.

  14. The thing I like about the modern ones is that they can sit in front of the windows without blocking your view. My bedroom window looks on my porch, and in summer when the lawn furniture is out, my big chairs make my window view not as nice. I’m guessing you won’t spend a lot of time on the front porch with all your beautiful interior and the eventual plans for your pretty backyard (and let’s face it, it’s too hot and mosquito filled in Texas most of the time to be outside and when it’s not, it’s cold!!!) I might suggest a low bench under the windows and a single chair off to the side or a hanging porch swing.

    1. I agree. The porch looks crowded and how will it look without cushions which will be most of the time? Also, room for a wheelchair. I particularly like the porch swing idea.

  15. I don’t understand how rocking chairs would not work. If you angled them a bit toward each other I think you would have plenty of room even with your 68″ porch. You are probably not going to rock the full rocker length (little kids might, but not adults) so I think you would have plenty of room. We also have a very narrow front porch and I think rocking chairs are perfect.

  16. I like the darker ones but I would love them in a glider style. Gliders don’t take up more room than a chair but give you the option to move. I’ve put my husband on notice that next birthday I want an old fashioned metal glider for my screened in front porch. I just can’t sit too still.

    1. I think a glider would be nice, too! While a porch swing at the end would be perfect, a glider loveseat would be a great choice. You could then just have one chair and maybe a garden stool or two or an ottoman if you really think you need extra seating.

  17. Ok! From the mouth of babes…My 7 year old granddaughter says option 1 will be more comfy on your back!

  18. Neither. Your house is colorful, fun, functional and practical — and yes, a combination of crisp inviting modern and clean-lined traditional. What you need in chairs is: sculptural modern shape, comfort, clean-lines. The brown chairs look comfortable, but not modern. The modern chairs are not very clean-lined. Neither has color.

  19. Is this for looks or do you really plan to spend time there? If only for looks, I’d do one fun chair and a table or bench. If you’re planning to spend time there, I’d only buy what I can sit in and try out. It’s amazing how many uncomfortable chairs there are out there! Check out the return policy before you buy. Sometimes the hassle and/or cost is prohibitive.
    I love the color you created for your ceiling. Looks good with the siding and the door.

  20. I have chairs on several porches and a deck. This is what I found. The “wicker” chairs similar to your first choice looked fantastic, were very comfortable, but within just a few years exposure to the sun (eastern exposure), they started to break down, dropping pieces everywhere. I just disposed of all of them! On the deck, which gets harsh late afternoon sun, I chose Trex club chairs in brown and two Trex rocking chairs. There is no roof and they get sun all day. I leave them out year round and they have held up beautifully. The rockers are smaller than Cracker Barrel rockers.

    1. I’ve had “wicker” chairs that are really some kind of woven plastic on my deck (western side of my house, second story, no overhead cover, in California’s Central Valley) for years. They’ve held up well. I’ve had to recover the cushions twice (partly due to sun damage and partly due to bird and squirrel damage) but the chairs themselves look like they did when new. They weren’t cheap though. I got them at a patio furniture store. I think they were made by Lane.

  21. I think rocking chairs would actually be a better option for this porch and a tall plant to that right of the windows or hanging plants .

  22. Well I humbly think the HUMMUH Patio Wicker Chairs appear so much more welcoming soooo much more comfortable. On the other hand the Crystal Outdoor Wicker Club Chairs …. Not so much…I could never lean back ….all the exposed wood up the back of the chair would be having a serious argument with my backbone….

  23. Hi Kristi!
    I like the dark wicker traditional ones and maybe you could pop a colorful modern little side table between them like the ones that look like an inverted can like way fairs metal outdoor side table by Ifrane.

  24. Traditional but not real wicker go with resin wicker it will hold up longer and please please cover those cushions; that light color will show everything. Your porch like your home is beautiful. Oh, and a small stool or table between the chairs to hold your Sonicc Ice Tea.

    1. I like the first ones but something is just not right. Either the brown is too brown or the cushions too white, I think it’s the latter. Floral cushions would be beautiful or a color. These do not give you the impression that you have inside with your beautiful colors and the florals. They are kind of bland for you.

  25. I have a similar setup and the chairs did damage my screens, so keep that in mind when you are picking them out…people tend to sit and push back into the screens.

  26. I don’t get it. Do you plan to leave these chairs out there all the time? Won’t they be stolen within two weeks?
    If not, you have to move them and put them away.
    Outside my house, but in my fenced yard (but visible for anyone walking) I use the very comfortable and attractive plastic Adirondack chairs, available in many colours. They cost only $25 in Canada. They would look great on your porch.
    Maybe you don’t get them in the USA?

  27. Will you be doing grass this year? If so, now would be a great time to plant it. I like the bigger chairs, they look more comfortable, especially with the bigger cushions. Love the ceiling color. I painted both porch ceilings that color and really like it. Porch is looking great!

  28. If you have to move chair cushions in order to accommodate the weather changes, isn’t that going to become a drag (literally) pretty quickly? Where will you stash them until you can put them back?

  29. I like the second ones for two reasons – I want them myself, and in hot Texas, they will be cooler, with more air circulation. We have a wicker set, (2 chairs and a sofa with cushions) with a lower back than these, and a more open weave, but I can’t stand to sit in them when it’s over 75 degrees. I just get too hot. We also have a wrought iron table and chairs, and I will sit on those chairs for the air circulation, with only a thin-ish seat cushion. I’m ready to sell the wicker and get something else, but my husband likes to nap on the sofa. (This is all on our covered back porch where we also have a ceiling fan.) On my front porch, which is smaller, I have a bench (I think it’s aluminum) that has a back, a little two-seater, and it’s more comfy than all the rest! The only thing better would be the old style metal chairs or folding ones! (And know that if you do the cushions, you should bring them in when you aren’t using them, or they get mildewed and stinky. ) Not a good look on the front porch!

  30. I like the traditional chairs best. You could add some colorful lumbar pillows which would be a tantalizing precursor to your indoor decor.

  31. The traditional recovered to tie in the colors of your shutters and the front door would be beautiful!!

  32. The modern ones are very nice, but the dark wicker looks so comfortable, and I do like the darker color. I would love to sit and chat on a beautiful porch/comfy chairs like that! And, I see some plants for the pots? Are you painting the pots too? PS) I like the ceiling color a lot.
    Good call doing some of this now before the real heat gets going!

  33. The first pair! The second pair looks cheap and is not in the same style as the exterior of your house. Also over on the side where your ladder is in the photo would be nice place for another piece (not a chair) which would add some charm to the porch.

  34. I like the idea of a glider at the end of the porch perpendicular to the wall. If you can find a wrought iron glider, possibly vintage, you could paint it any color and pick a colorful cushion.

  35. The second set is classier to my eyes. The first set is plastic, which I don’t like, but maybe holds up to water well?

  36. I like the first ones better, but whatever you do make sure the seat is short from from to back. I know you’ve said you’re pretty short as am I. I can’t stand a chair that my legs dangle from, that I can’t sit in comfortably, and have my feet touch the floor. Just my two cents from going thru so many different chairs.

    1. Seat is from “front” to back, not from from to back…I just lost my whole internet there for a second.

  37. I like the look of the rattan ones much better. I would be inclined to see if there is something more weather proof in the same style. Probably more expensive but more durable.

  38. I like the deeper color of the traditional chairs. Also, I bought a chair similar to the modern ones. It was so uncomfortable. There is no lumbar support. The little pillow on it will definitely be needed.
    Sheila F.

  39. I like the second option. I actually have these chairs in gray and love them. I think it will show off your front windows and space better than the traditional chairs, they seem really big for your space. But of course your decision.
    Quick question, I want to paint my chairs black is that doable considering they are I think polyurethane on some parts?

  40. The first ones are not an outdoor ‘look’ to me, and they look bulky. However, I love the second ones. I like that they don’t eat up the space. So many options!! Good luck. You’re really making progress.

  41. I like option 2 chairs better however with your house I think option 1 looks prettier and they look more comfortable especially for Matt

  42. The ceiling looks so good. My grandmother’s porch ceiling was painted light blue. She always said the ceiling represented the sky. I believed her.

    I would definitely go with the first traditional chairs. They look warmer and friendlier than the modern ones.

  43. I like the the first ones as well, but whichever ones you choose, think about how they will be positioned. If you have them perpendicular to the wall, as one person commented, people might push them into the window or wall. If you have them angled, which would be better for conversation, remember to measure diagonally to see if you still have enough room. Just a thought. Great blog btw!

  44. Before looking at your chair finalists, I looked at your porch and what sprang to mind was a wooden park bench centered in front of your windows. Comfortable, maintenance-free after initial sealing, pretty viewed from the inside, and can be dressed up attractively during all 4 seasons (do you have 4 seasons?). Would leave room for a chair facing inward at the right side of the porch (so more than 2 can enjoy sitting out front) as well as space for small tables (for drinks, snacks, etc.) and plants and other accessories.

  45. I prefer the second pair for all the reasons already mentioned above. I also think they provide more of a preview of what is inside your home. (I’m thinking about the lines of your purple chairs, though just from memory.)

  46. I love both too Kristi. I think the dark ones will be more welcoming for a first impression!
    Good luck!

  47. I like the second, more modern set. They echo the shapes of your living room chairs but more than that they are visually lighter. You’re going to be adding a table and some potted plants and I think their legginess (is that a word) will help to keep the porch feeling more open.

  48. Personally, I luv the look of the more modern ones, but I think the wicker ones are a better look for your porch. Either way, porch seating is a lovely invitation to tea and conversation.

  49. A factor to consider is how the chairs will look from the inside. Even though I prefer them, I worry that the wicker pair will they block too much view and sunlight due to their height or visual weight.