New Front Porch Chairs

In true Kristi fashion, I’ve gotten ahead of myself, and before finishing the foundational projects on the front porch (e.g., staining and sealing the porch boards, painting the trim, finishing the faux stone skirting, etc.), I’ve jumped ahead to the decorating.

I couldn’t help myself. My new chairs were delivered yesterday, and there’s no way I have enough self-control to keep them boxed up until those projects are done. 😀 Nope. As soon as I could find time, I tore into that box and put the chairs together to see what they look like on the front porch. And I love them!!

I was afraid they might be too dark, but I actually think they’re perfect. I’m still considering purchasing a 5′ x 8′ outdoor rug for this area, but I can’t seem to find one that I like. I’m open to the idea of a rug if I can find one that complements the colors I’ve used.

I also moved the plants away from the front door. Once the chairs were in place, having plants flanking the door make it look too busy, like I was just lining things up against the house. I like having that area around the door clear to give it some breathing room.

And I also got the door repainted. I kept it the same color as before because I absolutely love the color. So I just gave it a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore Bird of Paradise, and I used Aura Grand Entrance paint, which is amazing. It’s not cheap, but the quality is worth the price, in my opinion. It goes on so easily, and it gives an effortlessly beautiful finish.

But back to the chairs. Once I put them together, they really exceeded my expectations. They don’t look overly plastic. The color is beautiful. And the cushions feel like they’re great quality. The seat cushion is on the firm side, but I prefer that. And I love how thick the seat cushions are. I don’t like thin, wimpy cushions.

The chairs are also roomy without looking really big. They are quite deep, though. So a short person like myself requires an additional back cushion.

And look at these pillows that I found at Lowe’s! Are these not the most perfect pillows for me? I mean…BIRDS! And the birds just so happen to be the color of the front door! It’s like these were custom made for my front porch.

One thing I will say about these chairs is that they were a real pain to put together. Each chair is put together with a total of ten screws. It took about seven minutes to get the first nine screws in, and then took 30 minutes to get the last one in because the screw wouldn’t line up with the screw hole.

I was so frustrated putting the first one together, and thought for sure that it was just that particular chair. But nope. The second chair was exactly the same way. And I’ve put furniture together enough to know what I’m doing. I know that you put the screws in without tightening them until all the screws are in, and then go back and tighten them. But even with that, I had a heck of a time with that last screw on both chairs. Talk about frustrating!

But after almost 40 minutes spent putting together each chair, I finally got them assembled. And I’m so glad I stuck with it, because once assembled, I give these a solid five stars out of five. (While I was putting them together, I was a solid 0 out of five stars, but that passed once they were finally together and in place. 😀 )

So the big remaining question was what they would look like from inside the house. For about two seconds, I was like, “Ugh…I don’t like that they’re so visible.

But that’s kind of silly. Seeing those chairs on the front porch is no different than looking into another interior room of the house, like the music room, and seeing the furniture through the glass. That doesn’t bother me, so why should this bother me? I’m just seeing the furniture in another (outdoor) room of the house. And I actually really love seeing the fern through the window.

So it took a minute or two to get used to it, but I’m fine with it now. I actually love it, and even more than the way it looks, I love that I now have another usable space. I sat out there by myself for about half an hour last night, and thoroughly enjoyed the cool night air and the quiet of the neighborhood. So if you ever drive by my house, and see me sitting on my front porch by myself, there’s a chair for you! Come join me! 😀



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  1. Love everything about that porch, every single thing. The colors are perfect!

    I even love the more faded planks on the floor, because they seem to let the chairs stand out.

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. I agree. I absolutely love the current color of the wood porch. That’s why I’m having such a hard time deciding just what to do with it. I really want a more natural color of sealer, but I’m having a heck of a time finding one that will give it just a little bit of color (to even out the current color and defects) that has a high user rating has proven to be a challenge. But I need to get something on them soon!

  2. LOVE these chairs on your front porch! I always loved what you did with your porch and these chairs are perfect!

  3. They look wonderful, and comfortable, and I think the price you paid was really good. The pillow is so perfect – first thing I noticed was the door and pillows. You may not be done, but what a difference already as you approach the house. You must be pretty happy with your project so far.

  4. Love them! Is there a table available that matches to go between them?
    I love a table to put a pot of flowers on & also my morning coffee or afternoon happy hour drink! 😉

  5. The chairs are beautiful! Look so comfy, they just beg to be sat in. I know you love the fern there. I used to raise all sorts of ferns when I lived in the Keys. That said, I would not have put it there. I would have a table of some sort to sit a glass of cold something on. I would put it under the hanging fern for light and rain. Alternatively, near the front edge of the porch where the steps come up. Probably to the left, next to the wall.

  6. The pillows look they were made for the porch ! I like that the viewer’s eye flows easily from door to pillows to flowers in pot at the bottom of the steps. They form the perfect triangle. I also noticed that the chair tones blend well with the variations of brown in the stained floor. ‘Great job!

  7. Those chairs were definitely the right ones for your porch! They look fantastic and most especially with the new bird pillows! A striped rug would be beautiful with them. Dash & Albert has great cotton striped rugs, as a suggestion.

  8. The chairs look great. Wow! What fun to happen on to those pillows. Love when that happens and you just know something is right.

    Thanks for the invite to sit and chat. But, how will I see you? Okay, so the fern is fun and decorative. But it strikes me as being like a floral arrangement in the middle of a dining table that prevents the guests from seeing one another. It seems way out of scale.

    Instead, I think you need a round table between the chairs for the practicality of a place to put something down. Book, mug, or? But, mainly, so that two people could have a conversation and see each other. A table could hold a small plant to soften the effect. And, so would placing the chairs a bit closer together and angling them slightly toward each other to create a friendlier environment and make it easier to talk.

  9. Love the chairs and the pillows – and all the rest. Sadly, in my area, if you put anything that nice in a front yard, it would likely disappear in short order. :\

  10. They chairs are very pretty and look so comfortable. I like the look of the porch without a rug. Some flowering plants in front of the porch skirting or hanging flower baskets would add color if that’s what you desire.

  11. So delighted to see you so joyful. You deserve to be happy for all you have accomplished. Porch is adorable and kitty likes looking at it.

  12. If seeing the chairs bothers you, just scootch them apart more so they’re not covering the windows. That would honestly drive me crazy. They’re gorgeous on that porch! Can’t wait to see it all finished now!

  13. I think that you definitely made the right decision with those chairs. They look great. And moving the planters away from the door, adds more interest and dimension.

  14. Have you thought about a painted rug? I’ve used outdoor rugs – but I’m in Arkansas and they do tend to mold and negatively impact the wood underneath.

  15. Wowza….!!! That is so inviting…!❤️. Just a quick word on the rug…. I live on the northeast coast of Florida…. Where Humidity never really drops below 75 – 80% (Except in deep winter months Jan/Feb). I too put a carefully chosen for outdoors carpet on my covered patio …. It was just the thing that my new furniture needed to pull it all together…. It was PERFECT! But woe is me… within a month my outdoor carpet was covered in mildew!!!😲😢…..

  16. I am always impressed with what you do, and this is just one more gold star on your beauty chart. I love, love, love the chairs. When you have the stone on, and the floor finished it will be even more beautiful! You are amazing.

  17. I love it! But now I’m mad at myself because 2 days ago our ReStore had very similar chairs…ALREADY ASSEMBLED! I should’ve grabbed ‘em!!!

  18. Have you looked at the Home Shack on Franklin for outdoor rug? I’ve had lots of success there!

  19. Dear Kristi,
    The porch looks great! Those pillows are perfect, just what those chairs needed. I’m glad that you took advantage of your new space already.
    You might consider putting away your faux evergreens while your pots are in bloom and bring them out again for the fall/winter when your pots are finished. I like the simplicity of one set of pots in the porch/sidewalk area.
    Great job on the porch refresh!

    YHWH Bless You : )

  20. Your porch looks great with a capital Great. I’m so glad you picked these wicker chairs because they look really good on your porch and the pillows are absolutely perfect. I could tell you have painted the front door again. I’m glad you kept it the same color. How would that color look on your cabinets in the studio? Just an idea.

    Your house looks so warm and friendly.

  21. Love, love, love the chairs! And, yes! Do the rug! Even if it’s a brown rug! Seriously! I did this on my front porch and it gives it so much personality. The rug just defines the space and gives it a purpose – just like indoors!

  22. Looks so great and I love the pillows so much. I hang my ferns off my porch with a chain or rope, so they aren’t so close to the top, they look really nice that way, kind of breaking the end there, makes them look interesting. Love the chairs and the plantings. Great place to watch the world go on by!

  23. I like the chairs, maybe pull them about a foot forward away from the windows a bit. And a table between, even if it’s just a plant stand with a tiled top. The fern kind of overpowers things. For me, I would like chairs that are less visually big, and more airy, because I can’t handle heat well. Your chairs are made of the same color and material as mine, but different cushions. The backs of mine are lower.

  24. Our porches are similar in shape & post placement. I bought chairs very similar to yours but in black. I bought the matching table to go in between. Added a rug in black & grey. Visually I like the fern placement but I have to have a usable table out there because I sit out there a lot in the evenings, so I opted for a smaller diameter plant. I did choose to leave my black urn planters on either side of the door because if you’re looking at the house from the street the post separates the door area from the chair area. I don’t want the porch to look bare. I’d like it to look like a room in the house & fully decorated. On the far wall I was going to put a table with a piece of artwork above it, then switched out the table for a bench. More plants will be added soon. It’s very cozy for an evening cocktail or glass of wine to wind down from the day. The sun sets in the back of our house so that patio is broiling in the Oklahoma summer sun. I think your choice of chairs & color is perfect for your space.

  25. I live in rural Oklahoma. I think we have similar weather, rain and humidity. Just wanted to give you a heads up on outdoor rugs on wood porches. I learned the hard way, after a rain make sure the wood underneath the rugs drys out completely.
    Love your post. I started following when you were in the condo.

  26. The chairs look so good I want to come sit in them. The pillows are beautiful and highlight your door color, which I love. Great job and great curb appeal.

  27. Beautiful! I wondered about the house-side view immediately, but then thought “So… they’re missing out on a few feet of porch floor/grass? Or street? And is THAT a loss?!?” 😄 Well done!

  28. Long time reader but first time poster. Try Society6 for an outdoor rug 🙂 You may find all sorts of other artistic and colourful items there, too.

  29. WOW! They look beautiful and those pillows are perfect! The front porch looks amazing.
    Will you be placing a bench or maybe shelfs at the other end of the porch against the wall? I think it would look really nice. It is a long drive from Nebraska to my northeast Texas hometown but if I were ever in Waco and saw you on your front porch, I would definitely stop by for a visit.