Out Of Curiosity: Are Chalkboard Paint Projects Sooooo Last Year?

I remember at some point last fall, I made the comment that I was so tired of seeing chalkboard paint projects everywhere. I mean, every time I turned around, I was seeing something else being turned into a chalkboard. I thought to myself, “Seriously…how many things do we need in our homes that we can write on and draw on with chalk?!

Well, I guess at some point between then and now, I completely changed my mind. Call me a big ‘ole hypocrite, because after I voiced my “I’m sooooo over chalkboard paint” thoughts on the A2D Facebook page, I proceeded to create two different chalkboard projects in my home.

Framed magnetic chalkboard spice rack that currently hangs on the wall in my kitchen,
and my hollow core door-turned-chalkboard that I finished up this past weekend.


Long before I declared that I was soooo over chalkboard paint, I had used it on two other projects…

Chalkboard basket tags that I use in the cubbies of my breakfast room,
and a fancy spindle chalkboard that I made for John & Alice’s family room.


So how do you feel about all of these chalkboard projects everywhere? Are you like I was last fall, and think to yourself, “Oh gosh…another one?!” every time you see something else turned into a chalkboard? Or do you enjoy seeing the creative ways that people use chalkboard paint in their homes? Have YOU made a chalkboard yourself for your home? If so, what does it look like? Do you actually use it? Where is it located in your home? If you’d like to share your chalkboard project, leave a link in the comments below!

I admit, I now (once again) enjoy seeing chalkboard projects. Perhaps it’s because a bit of the excitement about chalkboard paint has worn off, so I’m not seeing chalkboard projects every single day. Or perhaps it’s because I came to the realization that chalkboard paint isn’t going away, so I may as well embrace it!

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    1. Hi there, I have come accross recipes for blackboard paint on the net,, started searching because a paint company is making coloured chalkboard paint,, the basics are paint, and the grout you use to grout tiles.


  1. I love chalk boards and we use one as a weekly menu board. I would totally chalk board paint other things (like doors or fridges) but i just can’t deal with the chalk board dust…. it gets everywhere.

  2. I love your chalkboard basket tags. Using the chalkboards to display scripture in your home is also a great idea! I think I’ll try that as well.

  3. I think it can be overused, and was being put on just about anything for a while there. Now, I like using chalkboard paint, I also have 2 kids and they love it. To me it went too far when pumpkins and such were being used.

    In the end, I still like Chalkboard paint, I think it is pretty awesome when used in logical projects.

  4. I have never used chalkboard paint before. I associate chalk with dust, so that basically steers me away from trying any project that involves chalkboard paint. But, I love your idea of basket tags. I think I will give that a try. Thanks 🙂

  5. Ha ha I laughed when I saw your post because I just finished up my first chalkboard project, a cabinet door. I plan on using it as a grocery list reminder and already love it!

  6. I tend to get tired of seeing them. The exception to that is if someone did something completely different that I love. I really think when it comes to home decorating, there are no outdated designs or decor, if you love them. For me, and my own taste, things get outdated quickly because if it’s over-saturated then I don’t love it anymore.
    However, if I see someone using it in a beautiful new way, then I’m in love again. Your spice rack chalk board is amazing! I looove it. I recently posted a photo of a chalkboard on the panel of a wall enclosed in navy blue. It’s beautiful and one of the very few that I’m still loving!

  7. I just tried making a chalk board from an old kitchen cabinet door.. I used Martha steward colored Chalk board paint.. It didn’t work out for me.. I put 4 coats of the chalkboard paint on then let it dry for 24 hours and then coated the whole board with the side of the chalk.. and then when i would use the chalk to write on it.. it wouldn’t go on smooth.. i just looked liek i was trying to draw on a piece of would.. would not really write. Do you think it was just the cheap chalk maybe or i did something wrong?

    Would really love your help.. Thank you.