Pantry Progress — An Incredibly Productive Day!

Y’all, I felt so productive yesterday! I was getting things done, crossing things off the list, and feeling so energized that when 11:00pm rolled around, Matt had to actually convince me that it really was time to stop and wind down for the night. I felt like I could have worked all night…or at least two or three more hours. Here’s a glimpse of my progress…

(Having trouble? Click here to watch on YouTube.)

So let’s start with the item that I only got about halfway done — clear coating the drawers. I finished six of them, which means I have eight left. But since the ones I did were all big drawers, and six of the ones I have left are much smaller, I’m calling this item half finished. 🙂 But that still doesn’t warrant a check mark quite yet.

pantry progress - plywood drawer boxes clear coated with water based polyurethane

I also got the back and side walls and shelves painted…

pantry progress - walls and shelves painted - right of window
pantry progress - walls and shelves painted - left of window

And I also got the entry wall and door trim painted…

pantry progress - door trim and wall painted

And just like the opposite wall, that wall and trim are painted the same color, same sheen, out of the same can of paint, and they look different. It doesn’t bother me at all. I just find it interesting.

And then, there’s the big one. I got the freezer outlet wired!! See that little green light? It’s on! It’s working!

pantry progress - freezer outleit wired to breaker box

That was my last list item that I was totally dreading, so it’s all smooth sailing from here on out. Or maybe I shouldn’t have said that. Oh well, I’ll take my chances. I’m feeling excited and positive, so I don’t mind tempting fate just a bit.

So here’s what my list looks like as of this morning:

  • Finish painting the edges of the ceiling Done!
  • Add stile on top right cabinet Done!
  • Add stile on cabinet above freezer Done!
  • Add electrical outlet for microwave Done!
  • Wire freezer outlet to breaker box Done!
  • Paint second coat on right side cabinet Done!
  • Paint second coat on freezer cabinet Done!
  • Paint walls and shelves on back and side walls Done!
  • Paint window trim Done!
  • Install under-cabinet lighting
  • Paint four cabinet doors Halfway done!
  • Finish building new drawer fronts Done!
  • Prime and paint drawer fronts
  • Build four more pull-out shelves Done!
  • Clear coat all pull-out shelves and drawers Halfway done!
  • Install and caulk door trim Done!
  • Paint door trim Done!
  • Paint the wall around the door Done!
  • Re-install ceiling light
  • Load in stuff and start using the pantry!

I’m so excited! This is actually getting done! Accountability for the win!


My pantry is finished! Want to see the entire project from start to finish? You can find every single post about the pantry build right here…

Or you can skip to the end and see how it turned out. Here’s a peek of the finished pantry…

Butler's pantry remodel with dark teal lower cabinets, floating corner shelves, and whitewashed wood countertop

You can see more pictures on the before and after post right here…

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  1. Yea! Looking forward to your accountability posts and using them! Whenever I see a new one, I click on it and then make myself do one moderate to big thing on my list before I sit down to read it. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for another accountability post. It is so exciting watching you get to the finish line!!!! Please keep it up!

  3. I’m so excited for you! You have done an amazing job. You have even helped me convince my husband to help me do drawers for my kitchen cabinets!

  4. Wow! In just a little bit, you will have the most beautiful, functional pantry ever. Then, you can move an easy chair and a side table in front of the doors so you can enjoy a beverage of your choice in comfort while you admire your handiwork.

  5. Wow 😮 give yourself a big pat on the back Kristi, your getting on amazingly. The Pantry is stunning. Looking forward to seeing it when you move all your things in 🌟

  6. Kristi, that is awesome! So proud of you for getting the freezer wired!! And that little green light matches your wall tile art. 🙂

    You’ll be finished well before Christmas, at this rate. Get your cabinet doors primed and sanded so that when you get ready to put the teal pant on, you won’t have to wait on wet paint to getting that cabinet finalized and checked off the list.

    Today is Hump Day. Keep up the great work!

  7. I wondered yesterday, and again today, if maybe the bulbs in your ceiling light are causing the color on the trim to look different? It is a warmer light, whereas your recessed lights seem cooler colored. Just a thought, but hard to tell in pics.

    It really looks amazing, Kristi! You have done such a great job–yet another home run!

    1. How funny! I was thinking the same thing. I only thought of it because I just changed out a few bulbs in my kitchen this weekend and the intensities did not match. It was immediately noticeable because I replaced one dead bulb in a light fixture that has 3 bulbs. It likely would have taken me longer to notice the difference, had the bulbs been spread around the room.

    2. I agree! Some of the bulbs (in the can lights probably) looks like they’re cool in tone, and the others seem to be warmer.

  8. Loving it!
    Could the difference in the ‘color/finish’ be due to new vs. old wood? The shelves are new and the window casing, I assume, is old or original to the house.
    The end is in sight………Just in time for CHRISTmas!!

    1. Could be real wood boards [casing] and MDF[shelving] Reflecting the light differently? It is all good to me!
      Loving this room! Amazing job you’ve done!
      The one room challenge doesn’t know what they are missing!
      On to the finish line! Drop down and ride hard! Winner!

  9. Isn’t it amazing how much we can do when we make up our mind to do it? I think youroff-color white paint just has a reflection off of the teal paint. And the lights over the shelves make them look whiter! Lookin’ good!

  10. I love this whole post! Especially the video! Hard, not pretty work is required for most TA DA’s…the freezer works! But I so infrequently see the dirty work in DIY blogs and shows that when I attempt something I am frustrated at all the the work and time and unknowns that one inevitably runs in to. Thanks for keepin’ it REAL! and kuddos for labeling that freezer wire! Smart move!
    This room is really turning into a gem! Great job on the productivity!

    1. Agree! Thanks for keeping it real Kristi, I think that’s why i’m such a big fan of yours. Also, that is so cool that you know how to wire a freezer. The pantry looks more and more beautiful every day. Great work!

  11. I have really enjoyed these updates, and I can not wait to see what everything looks like once you’ve loaded everything into the room. You are such a hard worker! You mentioned that the Polar Bear White paint looks different in various places in the room. Looking at the photos, it appears as though the can lights have daylight bulbs (cool in color temperature) and the chandelier has intensity bulbs (warm in color temperature). The can lights are shining directly onto the shelves and counters, and the chandelier is illuminating the rest of the room. Could it be a difference in light bulbs that is creating the color illusion? Have a wonderful holiday and keep going…you’re SO CLOSE!

  12. Way to go, it looks fantastic. But I must say WHAT A PRODUCTIVE YEAR you’ve had! You have accomplished so much. Congratulations! The house looks so good, it has really come together this year. As I’ve mentioned before, the exterior of the house is my absolute favorite (even though I have so many favs). I know you haven’t entirely checked off this years list yet but I’m so excited to see your TO DO list for next year. I know it will be another knock out.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  13. I think I’ve used amazing to describe you and your accomplishments before, but I have to say it again—you truly amaze me!! 😮👏🏻👏🏻 I think the one thing I love the most is that freezer! The color is so unique and stunning and shows you no longer have to have the limited finishes that are available at the store.

  14. Thanks again for keeping us in your loop.
    I like Sally’s suggestion.
    VERY soon, pull up a chair and just admire 😊😊😊
    So gorgeous!!!

  15. Your attic looks like my crawl space…very little room to maneuver. I understand why you weren’t looking forward to dropping that wire.

  16. I’m amazed at the incredible amount of work you’ve completed in the last week alone. Wowzers! That end of the year list is going to look mighty fine with so much accomplished and your home looks great! I hope that you can finish the pantry today/tomorrow and start loading your items into it.

  17. I love the work you do and it always amazes me that you know how to do everything! Kristy, would you tell me what you use to fill gaps between your molding and the wall before painting the molding? When I use sparkling, it often opens up and shows a gap. I also wonder if the Timber Paste you used to fill the oak grain on your kitchen cabinet doors was also used to fill the crevices between the door center and frame around the center piece?

  18. WAY TO GO!

    Matt, you were wise to coax her to rest, and, thus not burn out.

    Kristi, keep slogging the list.
    Do not overdo on any day.
    I do not want you to burn out so close to your goal.

    You deserve this finished pantry for this year.
    Tapping foot………..

  19. You’re gonna be done by the end of the year!!! I absolutely love everything about your pantry!!
    You will totally enjoy using it

  20. I loved the attic video. Keeps it real with all the details. By the way, do you label your breakers? I didn’t see that. My husband didn’t and it frustrates trying to backtrack and test to find something.

    1. They’re labeled on the cover that goes over all of the circuit breakers, but that doesn’t really do me much good when the cover is off. 😀 I need to label the actual breakers so I can know where they go when the cover is off. The good thing is that the actual wires are labeled, so I can generally trace them down to the individual breaker where they’re attached.

  21. Yahoo Kristi! I am so glad that you got the freezer outlet wired! It looks like we will be seeing pretty pictures of the finished pantry very soon!

  22. Wow! You are killing that list. You will be able to kick those things out and enjoy relaxing for the rest of the year. You will need the break. I have definitely enjoyed seeing your daily progress.

  23. What a fantastic productive day, especially getting the freezer wiring done and checked off your list, let alone all the other tasks. You’ve so got this accountability in the bag. Go Kristi.

  24. Look at you, killing that to-do list. You are doing an amazing job. And I can’t get enough of those splashback tiles. I want them sooooo bad.

  25. Woohoo Kristi! You got the dreaded electrical work done! So excited for you! What a Christmas present to yourself! Can’t wait to see this room in combo with your beautiful kitchen and breakfast room! You are truly amazing! You have almost all of the work done on your public rooms! So awesome!
    Sheila F.

  26. Finish strong and proud! You’re killing that list of yours – what a lovely “Christmas Gift” you are making for your family!
    Liz McC

  27. Hi! I love you can do girl! Inspired.
    Really like your trim on your doors. Have you blogged about how to do that? Would like to know an economical way to trip like that.
    marry Christmas!!