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Scalloped Console Table — Finished!

My console table is finally finished, and I love how it turned out! Now I’m so anxious to decorate the entryway.

DIY Scalloped Console Table

I opted for a “less is more” treatment on the table.  I was really leaning towards nail head trim, but once I decided to cut out the ends, I realized that I could be hammering in nail heads for two weeks on this table, and I’d rather spend my time elsewhere.  Plus, I thought the nail heads might end up being a bit too overwhelming since the design on my table is much more scrolly and scalloped than the Jonathan Adler table that had the nail head trim on it.

So instead, I decided to go with a much more subtle metallic dry brush finish in a crosshatch pattern over the painted table.  The color I used is Harbor by Behr, and the metallic is Golden Pearl, which is from Home Depot and comes in little 10-ounce jars.  It’s the same color that I used on the Greek Key Side Tables to give them their subtle textured appearance.  (I think this particular color might be discontinued, which is sad because it’s the prettiest of the metallic colors available, in my opinion.)

DIY Scalloped Console Table

I finally decided to cut the ends out after some comments about the ends looking heavy, and then after looking at some other examples of tables like this.  First, of course, was this table from Horchow which served as one of my original inspiration tables.

Fabiani Console from Horchow

Then I saw this Belle Meade Gigi scalloped coffee table from Zinc Door.

Belle Meade Gigi scalloped coffee table from Zinc Door

And finally, in the most recent issue of House Beautiful, I saw this entryway by interior design Sara Gilbane.

scalloped console table from house beautiful magazine february 2014

I especially loved that last example, so I decided that my table also needed open ends. And I’m so glad I went for it! I used the exact same pattern that I used on the front, and it just happened to form this cute little keyhole design on the ends. I think it’s my favorite part of the table.

DIY Scalloped Console Table

Anyway, let’s back up a bit and I’ll show you how I got from this point where I left off, to the finished table.

When I left off a few days ago, I had just cut out the design with my jigsaw, and then glued and nailed all of the table the pieces together.  All of the cut edges were still looking a bit rough…

DIY Scalloped Console Table - sharp corners after cutting with a jigsaw

So using 120-grit sandpaper, I sanded down all of the edges, not only around the scalloped design, but also on all of the corners of the table.  I like to sand until I get a slightly rounded look on all of the edges.  And I do this by hand.  An electric sander is too powerful and can easily sand off too much.

DIY Scalloped Console Table - smooth corners after sanding wtih 120-grit sandpaper

Then I gave the table two coats of Zinsser oil-based Cover Stain primer.  (Do not use aerosol spray primer on MDF!!  It soaks right in, doesn’t cover at all, and makes the surface rough.)  It’s my absolute favorite primer that I use on just about everything.  One reason I love it is because it sands so smoothly once it’s completely dry, and I use 220-grit sandpaper to sand it.

TIP: When you sand primer, the part that sands off should look like chalk dust.  If you sand and the part that comes off rolls or pills up at all, you haven’t let the primer dry thoroughly.  Wait a couple more hours, and then sand again.

DIY Scalloped Console Table wtih two coats of oil-based Zinsser Cover Stain primer

After priming, I painted it with two coats of paint in Harbor by Behr.  (I was really wishing I had a sprayer!!!  That will be my next purchase now that I actually have room to use it.)

Once the paint was dry, I used this funny looking brush from Home Depot.  The purpose of this brush is to create a linen look in paint.  But I didn’t quite use it like it’s intended.

DIY Scalloped Console Table - use a brush that's made for creating linen texture in paint

What I did is pour some of my metallic paint onto a plate, and dip just the very end of the bristles into the paint.  Then I dabbed the bristles onto a clean part of the plate, dabbed them lightly onto a paper towel, and then lightly dragged the bristles across the table top.

DIY Scalloped Console Table - create a metallic linen pattern by brushing the paint in one direction

When I had enough going in one direction, I went the other direction to create this cross hatch look.

DIY Scalloped Console Table - create a metallic linen texture with golden pearl metallic paint

And then I repeated that process on all of the table sides.

DIY Scalloped Console Table - linen texture created using metallic golden pearl paint

It’s a very subtle treatment, and it’s so pretty when the metallic paint catches the light.

DIY Scalloped Console Table

One of my favorite things about it is how the paint just naturally built up on all of the edges as I ran the brush back and forth, so all of the edges are subtly highlighted with metallic paint.

DIY Scalloped Console Table

The subtle shimmer is so pretty, and just what this table needed.  I think anything more would have been too busy and overpowering not only for the table design, but also for the room.

DIY Scalloped Console Table


DIY Scalloped Console Table

Now I’m anxious to create some artwork for the wall, find some lamps, gather the perfect accessories, and finish off my entryway.

Of course, I’m getting way ahead of myself here.  I still haven’t even painted the wall or installed baseboards.  😀  I just grabbed some extra baseboard trim and leaned it against the wall for the pictures above, because that wall was so distracting.  So I need to do some backtracking and get those basic things done before I start making artwork.

I’ve never been one to do things in an order that actually makes sense.  😀


I always forget this part!!  The cost!

  • 2 8′ x 4′ sheets of 5/8-inch MDF: $61.46
  • 1 quart of paint: $15.28
  • Metallic paint: $6.98
  • Linen texture brush: $6.94
  • Wood glue: on hand
  • Finishing nails: on hand
  • Zinsser primer: on hand
  • TOTAL: $90.66 (without tax)

DIY Scalloped Console Table price comparison



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    1. love it! have u thought of adding those felt circles to bottome of table
      that would raise it just a tad off floor AND save ur floor

  1. This is marvelous! You do such great work! Love how you find the look you are going for in catalogs and magazines and then copy it. Amazed and very impressed.


  2. I love it! I agree that less is more with this piece, because the scalloped design needs no embellishment. The way you’ve painted it, the table will give all kinds of possibilities for decorations on and above it. I love your work!

  3. I love it! I would never have thought to give it that treatment and it’s perfect! So pretty. Do you have an estimated cost of what you spent making this table? Thanks!

  4. Cutting out the ends was a great idea. I hadn’t realized the ends were heavy until you made the change. Perfect. And I love the build up of the metallic paint on the edges.

  5. I really like the finished look of the new table which says a lot since it isn’t my style, but that doesn’t change the fact it is gorgeous!

  6. Wow. I had a hard time envisioning how your console would blend with your other pieces but seeing the finished product I can tell it’s going to be a great addition. I’m totally going to use the cross hatch technique also. Great tip!

  7. Beautiful! You inspire me. And just as soon as I have a place to start being creative…I’m doing this! I love it! I also may need you to come stay with me for a few days…you know…for a Basic Training Skills session!!! Love that you love to share!

  8. Honestly, sometimes when you start out a project, I think “I’m just not feeling it”. This was one of those. But thats what’s so fun about your blog, is that it always turns out FAB! So is the case with this beautiful table. While you may have creative vision, some of us do not. Fun to watch YOUR vision at work!

  9. Hi there, I’m a new follower of your blog and absolutely love what you do! I enjoy refinishing old pieces and will def try some of your projects including this one! I found your page on fb because fb now suggests pages you may like which may be why your followers have increased so much in the last while (ie your last post). Just wanted to let you know you have inspired me with your projects and encourage you to keep blogging! It would be a shame for all of us who anticipate your next project to not share your passion because of a few that cannot see the true beauty of your work and appreciate your generosity in sharing.

  10. This table is a perfect example of what I love about your site. The table is not my style but for me, the painting finish/technique is beautiful and I will definitely be trying it. Thanks Kristi

  11. Very nice! Really like the fact that you went with the painted surface. I’ll bet that the pictures really don’t do it justice.

  12. KRISTI!!! Out of all the ideas that you were thinking of for this table, this is my absolute favorite. I just love it. This is why I have followed your blog for years now. You continue to make me get all excited when I see you finished a project and I can’t wait to click over to see it and you do not disappoint! Just love your creativity.

  13. I love how it turned out. It looks more open with the cut out ends. As for the nail head trim i have never uesd it on anything. I fake it on tables or anything that is wood and use puff paint (paint that has texture) to get the look of nail head trim. Some time i am going to have to use the real thing.

  14. A – I am always amazed at how fast you complete these complex projects!
    B – Is it weird that the part I’m most impressed with is your sanding job on the scalloped edges of the table? So smooth 🙂 Great job on the whole thing!

  15. It’s pretty but a little plain looking needs something to really make it pop after all it’s going to be your vocal point,. 🙂

    1. I wouldn’t say this table is plain looking at ALL. It is simple and understated to a degree, but with the scalloped design and the cross-hatch metallic finish, it will never be ‘plain’. I am sure the photo does not do it justice. My imagination can add in artwork, a lamp, or a mirror and accessorize this console table any number of fabulous ways. I think it is the perfect addition to your entryway.

      1. Well maybe when you decorate it, it will liven it up some, I loved the other table that was pictured a lot better it was a whitish looking color, post a pic when you have decorated it. 🙂

        1. Some elements in a room are meant to be stand-alone focal pieces, and some are more foundational elements whose impact are enhanced by the addition of accessories. If every element was a focal point, a room would be chaotic. I think Kristi wisely designed this element, the console table, and has in her mind a more complete idea of how it will appear once the room is completed. For this stage of the room, I think she has nailed it. But, who knows, with Kristi, things can change! It’s been simply fascinating to see the evolution of this table and the changes in design as the project progressed. That’s one of the things I love about Kristi’s blog; I never know what to expect, except that it will be a-ma-zing. Keep ’em coming, Kristi!

  16. Great Job! I too love the highlighted edges…I noticed them immediately and assumed you planned it that way 😉 I also love the crosshatch–it reminds me of fabric. Keep up the good work. When I encounter people who are belittling or nasty….I remind myself what a sad life they must lead to have to respond to others that way. Then unhesitatingly pluck them off your lists or defriend them like weeds out of a garden.

  17. I love it! I’ve loved watching your whole transformation with this piece. Because I’m a very big dork, and was curious as to what it would look like with the nailhead trim, I mocked one up myself, for funzies.

    1. Not bad, Lindsay. Gives a decided Glam-Western flair to the table, especially with the cross-hatching. I can see it on the set of “Dallas”. lol.

  18. Nice job. You tied in the ottoman and the Greek key tables with your decision. It’s all coming together beautifully and once combined with your other accents will make a fabulous statement.

  19. You were right! Cutting the keyholes in the ends does make it even MORE gorgeous!
    I really like the technique of the painting. I’d have a darker color in my place (more teal-ish?) but I think this looks AWESOME with your color scheme!

  20. I absolutely love your spirit and your work! I am going to be doing kitchen countertops like you did on your built ins…the white ones….and using cedar 2×4’s, filling them like you did, then sanding & staining. I really appreciate your stating the products you use so I know what to look for as well. We will need to put in baseboards as well….all of this is going in our cabin in the woods that we are beginning to remodel. I can hardly wait for you to do your baseboards and show how you did/do them as I will no doubt be copying your every move! Thanks so much for sharing your work with us…you do beautiful work and you are a super teacher for me!

  21. Marvelous! Like the keyhole ends and the finish. Your extra wide entrance hall is one of my favorite parts of the house. Looking forward to seeing how you tackle the space.

  22. Love how it turned out..!!
    I was curious about one thing..did you happen to clear coat this once you were finished with your detailing..just wondering since this is the type of table in which things would be placed on..lamps, candles, vases, glasses, etc..
    Let me know, as I didn’t know it if would make rings or such on the paint or what..

    Thank you for the inspiration..!!

  23. Perfect! Although I didn’t suggest it, I thought it and am so glad you cut out the legs. Gorgeous! And I love the paint color and technique.

  24. I liked your original table with the enclosed ends until I saw this with the key hole opening. Very pretty and your paint job is really nice. That linen texture look is great and will be a good backdrop to the artwork, lamps and other pretties you have in store for your entryway. I’m assuming your entryway is your next project????

  25. I’m new to your site and am having a blast searching all your projects. I love that you share/explain steps and products.
    Love, love, love this entry table! Perfect color & treatment for the room.
    Suggested approach for the replies to your blog with something I learned long ago… “Take what you like & leave the rest.” Maybe the Nay-Sayers will do the same 🙂 PLEASE don’t stop posting!

  26. You do amazing work! I love your projects and ideas! You inspire me to try new things! Now I want to get one of those brush things to create texture too! Awesome!!! Thanks:)

  27. I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks now and LOVE your projects. Just wanted to let you know that I love this table with the ends cut out. It’s very unique and classy. I hope you have fun finishing the decorating of your entry!

  28. EXCELLENT!!! It’s so gorgeous! The metallic “edges” where it accidentally built up really accent your scallop work and make the table so graceful. I love the linen look, too. Perfect!

  29. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! You have great taste. I saw one post that thought it too plain. The shape alone makes that untrue. And the way you finished it,
    tres jolie. I can’t wait to see how you accessorize it.

  30. Wow! Fabulous! You should compile all of your projects and put them in a book for purchase! I can’t wait until the next project…

  31. I have to say that I love looking at your posts. Frequently it is hard to figure out how something is made but your directions are so clear and the photos so helpful. Keep on doing what you do!

  32. Kristi – it’s totally awesome! I like it better than the expensive table – wow is all I can say – it was worth the wait 🙂 the color is perfect and I love the technique you used to put on the glaze. That is on my must try list! What’s next?

  33. WOW!! Just WOW! Kristi! It’s way better than the Horchow inspiration table. I LOVE it with the sides of the table cut-out and the little keyhole effect it creates. You never cease to amaze me with your skills and creativity. I’m looking around my house now for something to try your metallic paint treatment on.

  34. Beautiful Kristie! The finish is so unique and the color will be just right. You should be very proud of what you are able to do.

  35. Honestly, this little console was not doing much for me, it was just too ornate for my taste and also could not see it working with your living room. Then, when you started thinking about finishes I had pretty much decided this was just not going to be one of my favorites…nail head trim (while I love it, I thought it was too much for this piece), stripes (you already have stripes on the opposite wall), argile (really busy with the scalloping). But I have learned to appreciate how you work through things and are kind enough to let us see your thought processess and ask for input. It’s fun and educational to watch. I have also learned to wait for the final reveal, so I was impatiently waiting to see what you would come up with. And boy did you hit it out of the park. I love love love this console. I have been looking for a sofa table for a long time. I was not sure what I wanted but knew I would reconize it when I saw it. Well, I saw it today, in this console table. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And I will remember your tip from a previous blog on which blade to use on my jigsaw when cutting out my scallops. But first, I have to finish the roman shades in my new office (previously my daughter;s bedroom). See what you have done to me 🙂

  36. I read a lot diy blogs, but yours is the one I always come back to. I had a hard time trying to articulate why until I read your post today. You have this amazing ability to not only do the steps one, two, three part of diy blogging, but you do an outstanding job of explaining your process and your eye. I love how you put things in context and illustrate the pros and cons. By breaking it down the way you do, the project becomes so accessible and spurs so many other thoughts on how just one of the techniques you taught could be applied in so many other places. Anyways, an epiphany I had to share, Kristi.

  37. Not a single one of those inspiration tables looks as good as yours! And I would never had known that until you finished yours, but they each have something lacking. Mainly, their proportions aren’t as good as yours. And once you cut out the ends, I saw immediately how badly that was needed. That keyhole design may also be my favorite part of the table. So happy you chose to paint it to accent your tufted ottoman. When I go to my doctor next (in another county) I am stopping by Home Depot to buy that little brush. I have seen the crosshatch effect done on HGTV, and while I liked it, I didn’t get nearly as excited about trying it as I am now. You’ve out done your self again. I can hardly wait for accessories. You will do something amazing as always. I just now noticed the linen cross hatch design as the background for this page. LOL. I usually notice everything, but you have shown me so many things I have overlooked.

  38. Way to go Kristi! Another wonderful job – I don’t know how you manage to get these things done in such record times!
    Amazing! Every step from start to finish – just AMAZING!

  39. Wonderful job Kristi..how do you find the energy to do all this and blog like a star trooper as well?
    Is decorating a business of yours? If not it should be!

  40. I think it looks lovely. I thought it looked very heavy, actually too heavy in comparison to the other furniture in your room but did not have time to comment. I think after you lived with it you came to the same conclusion. I find that living with something can refine your focus. The end product is very nice.

    I like the finish you used. My first thought was it was distressed. Your other photos show off the shimmer.

    About yesterday’s post, don’t pay attention to their comments. You can not please eve3ryone and there are some people you will never please. Since the majority of the comments are positive. Toss them out. Think of them as statistically insignificant. Do what the researchers and rocket scientists do, dump that data.

    I wanted to add you inspired me to do some thinking about all the stuff in my life. My father died this week and I am going home to help my mother. I have thought about just moving back. I told my husband I could leave this all behind. All I would take is what I could put in a U-Haul truck, not much room after all the saws and other garage toys. Thanks for planting the seeds in my mind. It’s only stuff and that can be replaced.

    Thank you and have a good weekend.

  41. Another completely different look with this sides cut out and the scroll detail continued. The paint technique is perfect for the piece. Well done…

  42. Oh my goodness- you always come up with something amazing. You know what? The finish reminds me of a favorite pair of jeans. 😀

  43. Kristi, I LOVE it! I’m so glad you cut out the sides. I, too, thought it looked heavy before, but it’s not my house it was going in! 🙂 I love the design, the color, everything. Nice job!

  44. I REALLY love how this turned out. I was unsure at first, but once you trimmed the front legs to be slightly less heavy and then added the cutout to the sides, it started growing on me. But then with this paint finish, it’s really simply beautiful. Can’t wait to see how the entire room comes together. You’re such an inspiration.

  45. Bravo, AGAIN!! What amazes me most, is how QUICKLY you get a piece done. Yes, you weigh all your options, and such, but the next thing I know, you are showing the finished product. I feel so lazy, it takes me FOREVER to get any thing done!

  46. This table is absolutely beautiful! When you used the dry brushing technique and dipped your brush into the paint, was there enough paint on the brush to complete the length of the table legs in one stroke, or did you have to dip the brush in the paint again? I was wondering if that would make a difference in the finish if you did?

  47. There you go again with your genius, Kristi! The console table turned out AMAZINGLY well! It’s just gorgeous. I LOVE the paint finish, it’s subtle and looks like a fabric-y texture. Nicely done! I love the way the paint naturally built up to highlight the scallops, I thought you painted those like that on purpose. I swear, you’re magic or something!

    Have you thought about designing furniture? I mean like coming out with your own line? (I love this table so much, I’d love to have one of my own but I live in an apartment and don’t own any powertools and would be hard-pressed to make one like this. I also lack your enthusiasm and sticktoitiveness.) Marian at Miss Mustard Seed has her own milk paint, I picture you with your own line of furniture, starting with tables and ottomans and bedframes! I could also see you designing textiles. I have big dreams for you, girl! 😀

  48. You are amazing! You make such beautiful things out of almost nothing. BTW don’t let the “nasties” ruin your day. Just keep creating and sharing these wonderful projects with us. I am amazed every time I look at your page. You make me smile and you brighten my day – thanks!

  49. It’s beautiful! It turned out way better than I imagined! I love the cross hatched gold, I never would have thought of doing that but it looks great!

  50. Kristi, I love this table now. I never realize how a finish can make such a difference. You make me want to go build something although you do more in one day than I do in a month! Thank you for sharing your home with us.

  51. I love how it turned out. I felt like it should be blue like the ottoman! I can’t wait to see it merchandised. I think brown would be pretty on the table, over the table or even under it. Even though I put a tray on my entry table people will still put keys down on it so I hope that surface is tough. It is gorgeous and looks very expensive.

  52. Very nice…!!! Now we can’t wait to see how your going to decorate it..no pressure from us or anything right.. lol

  53. Wow, I love that finish! Beautiful job as usual. I thought of you and this project tonight, I went into a TJ Maxx and they had a linen-look covering on a small chest or dresser (and it’s drawers) that had nail head as well. It was a simple rectangular piece, so it didn’t look too busy. I think the fabric was actually plastic-covered in some way (like an outdoor fabric, not sure, but it didn’t feel like ‘normal’ fabric…) Anyway, great job! I love the color and the cross hatch metallic addition. The edges are amazing!

  54. I love your blog, your creativity and ability to take images /items and reinvent them to work with your personal style, your willingness to share “lessons learned” is freshing ,as well…too many people only show the perfect ending and goodness knows life is never really perfect…that’s what makes it interesting. Keep it up…please don’t let the haters get you down there are far too many people who appreciate your efforts, even if we don’t always take the time to say so…

  55. I admire you so much….I love your ideas! I love to do home improvements but could never do all you do!

    Keep on blogging! Love reading your posts!


  56. I would never have guessed how the finish on your table was accomplished w/o your explanation. It is GORGEOUS. Thanks so much for the tutorial. You amaze me over and over again. I know you get so many positive comments on your blog, but hopefully this makes up for the rudeness you get on FB. I just can’t resist telling you again and again how much I appreciate you, your DIY talents, and your sharing with us.

  57. Is this the final color? It’s good, but something seems wrong here. But, it’s only my opinion. Maybe it’ll be better to use some light colors. Or you can simply decorate it with some items that will add charm to it. Gather some perfect accessories and make your table look fantastic! Good luck! You were working so hard to make it!

  58. This is fabulous. Would you consider creating a commissioned piece similar to this? Fell free to email me!


  59. I just found you through a search for painted floorcloths – but I see I’m going to be spending quite a lot of time going through your archives! You add some wonderfully unique touches to your projects. Thank you for taking the time to chronicle it all here for the world to discover!

  60. I love how you scalloped the ends, the table is just gorgeous…love the metallic thatching also. It’s all wonderful.

  61. Love your work. I’m building the Greek key side table just like yours, just need to finish it. I also built the diamond tufted coffee table ottoman but I am using it as a headboard. I want to copy the paint that you use on this table. What metallic paint did you use? I also can’t wait to paint my bathroom a non-neutral color. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas.