Teal Vanity Preview

I was so sure that I could get my vanity completely painted yesterday, but once again, the weather slowed me down.  It’s so rainy and humid here lately that the primer and paint wouldn’t dry fast enough for me to get it all finished.  But I wanted to give you a preview anyway, because I’m so excited to see these colors together!    And on my monitor, the color on the far (right) wall is pretty accurate in this picture.  (The left wall looks too yellow because of the glare of the light.)  I actually stood in my bathroom doorway, with my computer in hand, as I edited this picture for color to be sure I was getting it as close as possible.

furniture style bathroom vanity from stock cabinets - 28b

The color on the vanity is Behr Mythic Forest.

I took this next picture of the end of the vanity last night right after I put the second coat of paint on, so it was still very wet.  But you can see how that end design worked out.  Not too bad for leftover plywood!

furniture style bathroom vanity from stock cabinets - 25

And that’s as far as I got.  It doesn’t look like the weather is going to cooperate this weekend, either, so there’s no telling when I’ll actually be able to put everything back together.  I finished painting the vanity at 11:00pm last night, and this morning when I went in to look at it, it was still sticky.  I’m so ready for sunny, pretty weather!

On a different note, I was flipping very quickly through a magazine yesterday, and this Sherwin Williams ad stopped me in my tracks.

Sherwin William's peacock ad

I love that blue and green peacock!  I tore it out, and thought, “Hmmm…would it be weird if I framed that and used it as artwork in my bathroom?”  😀  Okay, I probably won’t do that, but I very well may use it as inspiration for my own artwork.  I’ve seen several really creative ads from them, but this one is by far the most eye catching for me.

Back to painting.  Hope y’all have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. Kristi – you combine colors I would never think to and they look beautiful. I absolutely love the ceiling, light fixture and flooring as well. This will be classy, warm, and inviting. Your work is incredible!

  2. What happened to your wainscoting on the back wall? Did you have to move the vertical pieces for some reason? It is looking great, and you are definitely getting to the pretty stuff now. Looking forward to the finished product!(probably not nearly as much as you are)

    1. Yes, I made some adjustments. I added another short vertical piece on the far right, right up against the tall vertical piece that’s against the tile. It just looked unbalanced to me the way it was. I think most of the messed up areas will be covered by the trim, but I might have to do a bit of mudding and sanding on some of it.

      1. Kristi, Do you use premixed spackle or do you mix your own when you mud? If you mix your own, what brand do you use?

  3. It looks so beautiful! I have been following your blog for awhile and am amazed and inspired all the time!! I wish you could come help me at my house 🙂 It could use some color and life and I have zero idea on how to make it all happen !!

  4. Love the vanity, and how your bathroom is coming together! And I don’t think it would be weird AT ALL to frame that advertisement as artwork. Go for it!

  5. I see the green and the green see’s me….what I still cannot get to is teal when I see the vanity color. Same as with your living room walls.. I always see a deeper blue. Must be my eyes, although I do see the green and the difference in the two walls, Oh well…lookin good. Blessings

    1. When you see the color stand alone, it does look like a deep blue. But when you get it up against a true navy blue (like my bedroom wall), that’s when you can see that it had a lot of green in it, and it’s unmistakeably teal. Perhaps I should take a picture of the two colors next to each other. 🙂

  6. The celery stopped me dead in my tracks this morning! I think it is so fresh and beautiful! You are doing a lovely job! Keep it up. Every day it looks just a bit better than the day before!

  7. Absolutely LOVE it! When I was a teen, my parents let me paint my room and I chose 2 walls bright green and 2 walls bright blue! I was in heaven! I have since become much more subdued in my wall colors, but have always loved blue & green together. So very impressed with all you do! You are an inspiration, Kristi!

  8. Love the color combination in this room! I love green and blue too and am using it throughout our little 395 square foot casita 🙂

    I’ve been crushing on the paper collages by Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson for a while, and it was her peacock that first caught my eye. I’m planning to try my hand at using her technique to make some art for my kitchen (one of her vegetable collages won a contest and is on the cover of an heirloom seed catalog). Anyway, here’s the link to her peacock: http://elizabethsthilairenelson.blogspot.com.ar/2010/04/peacocks-completed.html

  9. this looks great! but I am a bit confused. I have been following along since every step of your kitchen reno, and doednt this seem like every thing that you didnt want? you didnt want it to get too “country” but stay more sophisticated, etc. This bathroom is beautiful, but the end paneling and pastel paint colors just seem like SUCH a different style than the kitchen.. I admire your work and love your blog, but just thought I’d ask. You dont need to justify yourself, just personally a bit curious about your “design process” as I frequently have this problem myself (continuity from room to room.) I honestly was picturing a bathroom more along the lines of : http://www.hisugarplumsblog.com/2015/02/big-box-bathroom-reveal.html

    perhaps with brass light fixtures, an emerald vanity color? with that great floor? or even an espresso vanity with pretty wainscoting a la http://www.houzz.com/photos/572721/Traditional-Bathroom-Bath-Vanity-traditional-bathroom-denver

    either way, I enjoy your work & your blog. keep up the great work.

    1. Interesting. I’ve come to realize that labels like “country” and “traditional” and “elegant” and “contemporary” are highly subjective. One person’s transitional is another person’s country. This bathroom doesn’t read “country” to me at all, but if others see it that way, it’s fine. But I don’t think it’s a complete departure from my kitchen either. When I stand in the hallway and look at both, they seem to complement each other very nicely.

      But I will say that I do think you’ll see me adding what some may call “country” touches to my house. For example, I’m considering doing horizontal planked walls in my hallway to mimic the original shiplap that I’ll be removing. To many, that’s considered country or farmhouse. To me, it’s just pretty, and I’m not to concerned about the label.

      I think after I did my kitchen, I got really caught up into this “everything has to be elegant” idea, especially because others kept commenting about how I couldn’t do this or I shouldn’t do that because it didn’t match the elgance of my kitchen. I was kind of freed up in my thinking when I came across a certain website of a husband and wife builder team who do VERY high end houses that are just amazing, and I was noticing how they had such a great mix of styles and finishes throughout their houses. They would have super high end, very elegant and refined finishes right next to a wall of old reclaimed barn wood. The result, and the mix, was so unbelievably beautiful to me. So that’s really freed me up from thinking that ALL OF THE THINGS in my house have to be super elegant in order to match my kitchen.

      In the end, I may wind up with a completely disjointed house where nothing flows together, but I really think that won’t be the case if I stay with my vision that I have now. 🙂

      1. true, all that matters is that YOU like it! thanks for the response 🙂 can’t wait to see the final reveal!

  10. It’s looking great! I love the green wall. I also love how the end of the vanity turned out. Isn’t it great when you have something and make it work?

  11. Love the treatment on the end of the vanity. A few years ago we had our laundry room redone – long story, but what we saw in the builder plans wasn’t exactly what we got – and while he was here we had him finish the ends of our white kitchen cabinets and the face of the island finished off with some tongue in groove paneling. It looks so much better – finished and not plain.

  12. Looking great! I really like your wall color paint.
    I’m sure you’ll make an awesome wall art piece with that as inspiration. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    PS: It rained REALLY hard here Wednesday night, and yesterday started out kind of foggy, but looks like today is going to be sunny and (no doubt) HOT! Maybe you’ll get the same . . . . .?

  13. I love it! The color on the vanity works so well with the wall color. A timeless classic. As for the inspiration for artwork, I tore the same one out of a magazine. Was thinking of using the paint sample cards and making circles that overlap to look like scallops. Hope something jumps out at you!

  14. I love the finished end of the vanity! (well I love all of it but the finish on the end is my fav, LOL) I do so hope you put a peacock in the bathroom and somehow in every room. It would be like your signature to the room! LOL I just think it is neat that the handles on your sliding doors are peacocks and a peacock in the bathroom. Just love it! I love frogs and there is one somewhere in each room. My favorite is a gold meditating frog lamp on my home desk. Just makes me smile. (even when paying bills,LOL) So happy to see you getting to the pretty stuff. You are almost done with the 2nd large project! Pat yourself on the back for a job very well done! And again thank you for sharing!

  15. Join the club…I have several pieces of framed “art” that started out as advertising from a magazine or newspaper :^)

  16. I originally voted for the lighter color on the vanity because I thought this one would be too dark. Since you put the beautiful crisp green on the walks the darker vanity seems more appropriate and elegant. I love having all different types of ‘styles’ mixed together, it makes it more fun and comfortable! I love the clean lines of modern, coziness of country and elegance of traditional all at the same time- glad it’s ok to mix them all

  17. its Saturday morning here and wow on FB you are there. Loki for your post everyday. Love following you Kirsti. Love the vanity and the ends are looking fab! It’s sunny and glorious here. You have a lovely weekend.xxxxxx

  18. Hi Kristi Im on vacation this week in FLA but Ive been following your blog. Your bathroom looks magical. I do think some peacock artwork might be nice in there, I looked at Kim’s link to peacock artwork, very nice. Your bathroom does remind me of a peacock! How did you put that wainscoting together? Is it ply or some sort of PVC type material?

  19. I LOVE the floor! As you were grouting the tile it appeared to vanish. It took me a while to realize the optical illusion. Awesome. And I love the door. You did an awesome job on it. Use whatever pleases your eye for artwork, Kristi. Why reinvent the wheel? Go for it. You have tried far braver things that succeeded. You GO, Girl!!!

  20. Kristi..I wonder if I might ask about the type of trim you used when making the stock cabinets in your kitchen more custom looking..I know that’s a while back but we are trying to do something similar with the cheap looking cabinets the builder put in our house..they’re clad in a laminate or plastic type material and are pressed wood instead of real wood..or maybe there’s another area for asking these questions…we’ve even considered replacing the top ones instead of trying to add moulding to them..not sure which would really be more cost effective…thanks again for your wonderful website..I ve learned so much and continue to brag about the “young woman from Waco” to all my FB friends..;)..we live in the Houston area..Nancy