The Bathroom Countertops Are Installed!

Our master bathroom countertops are installed, and they look amazing! I had narrowed down the selection to about five different quartz countertop options (you can see those five here if you missed them), and in the end, I chose the Vicostone Elysian, which comes in a polished finish.

This quartz was the perfect choice! I was so nervous that the gray might be too dark, but it’s not at all. It’s a very light gray, so it keeps things light and bright while adding the perfect amount of contrast with the floor.

Vicostone Elysian quartz countertop in master bathroom on table-style walnut vanity

Pay no attention to the pipe underneath the sink. 🙂 That is the one that I’ll be using, but it’s way too brassy compared to the faucet. I’m not quite sure how I’ll solve that issue, but I can guarantee you that the pipe in the finished bathroom won’t be that garish.

Anyway, these countertops are so pretty! I was a little disappointed when I realized that the gray would be the best option in this bathroom because I had my heart set on one with a “leathered” finish, which appears very matte. But this gray only comes in a polished finish, according to the Vicostone website. So I had told myself that I’d have to settle for a polished finish in order to get the color that worked the best.

Vicostone Elysian light gray quartz countertop in master bathroom with white sink and Delta Trinsic faucet in champagne bronze

But as it turns out, I LOVE the polished finish! It’s perfect, and I’m so glad that the ones with the leathered finishes didn’t work out.

Vicostone Elysian light gray quartz countertop in master bathroom on table-style walnut vanity

Now that the countertops are installed, I have no more excuses. I’m not waiting on anyone else to do anything else in this bathroom. The rest is all on me. (Side note: I’m not sure why that sink stopper looks so dark and dull in the photo below. It doesn’t look like that at all in person. But also in the photo below, it looks like the faucet and mirror almost match, and they don’t. Strange.)

The plumbing isn’t actually finished yet. The faucet components are just sitting there, but nothing is hooked up to water lines. And the drain is just barely screwed on so that I could see the color. So all of that still needs to be finished.

But I do need to figure out what to do about all of these finishes. The mirrors, according to the photos on the website where I purchased them, were supposed to be way more gold. Way back when they arrived and I saw how dark they were, I almost got ahead of myself and painted them the color I had originally wanted (and what showed on the website).

I’m so glad that I stopped myself and decided to wait, because now, I feel like they need to be dark. They might even need to be a bit darker than they currently because I like how they bring the darkness of the walnut up onto the wall.

That leaves me with three gold finishes that are definitely not matching. The Delta Trinsic faucets that I picked out almost look like they have a touch of rose gold to them (the color is called Champagne Bronze), while the sconces are more of a yellow gold, and the drain pipe is just a brassy, garish gold.

Somehow, I have to make these things work together better. Obviously, that solution will not include spray painting a brand new Delta faucet. 😀 But I don’t have any issues with making some modifications to the sconces and drain pipes. I’ve been expecting to have to do that.

It’s so close to being finished, y’all! So, so close.

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  1. Beautiful! With all the metal spray colors out there, I have no doubt you will get exactly what you need to kill the bright brass color. I love the mirrors just the way they are.

  2. I think it is sooo pretty!
    For the metal color, the faucet and mirror look really good together. I would try to rub on some of your walnut colored stain over the bright brass to cut the brassy. I have never been able to achieve the color of your faucet with any single color or combination of spray paints. If it works, Yay! And with it being piping it will not have constant touching so it should hold up nicely.

  3. I think you could fix the gold finishes with some “run ‘n buff”. I’ve seen other DIYers use it on everything. You could probably even put it on the white plumbing pipe if you primed with a dark color first.

  4. I would see if Antique bronze would work to bring things together. (Although it may read different in real life!) If it matches fairly close to the faucet, that could work. I absolutely love the countertops with the flooring and wood! I thought you were also doing the top of the dresser with quartz, but I guess I thought wrong. You are so close to being done!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. It is amazing to me to see your drawing come to a reality. The bath room is looking so beautiful and peaceful.

  6. I’m a fan of more modern overall looks so feel free to ignore me. The easiest thing is to remember not everything has to match and if its probably best to mix finishes vs match (mirror and sconce). I’d probably paint the mirror black and possibly the sconce because it’s easy to match black.

    For trying to match…I’ve used the rustoleum “antique brass” it’s too brown. I think a thing would be to make the mirror frame a different finish try a fake wood treatment. For the drain pipe try to match the sconce color with a dark glaze. Then I’d try to add some light copper (if possible, with rub n buff or watered down metalic glaze/paint) to the sconces (drain pipe).

    Additionally If you can’t find a match for plumbing, why not use Pvc? Paint it to match the wainscoting’s white, so it blends. Not draw the eye there, I’ve seen others paint ceiling fans or conduits the ceiling or wall color and it blends in ok. You got a lot of pretty things you’ll probably not see it as much as you think.

  7. It’s hard to assess just how different the faucets and sconces are from the photos – but based on the photos I don’t think I’d try to make them match. The pipes under the sink are another matter – but I don’t think you’ll have any problem finding a spray paint colour to fix that. In fact I think I would aim for a colour in the range of the mirror frames – the darkness will help them recede.

  8. None of the mismatched metals bother me. I love the reflective light from the counter. You are so detail oriented as the artist. Others don’t notice but see the complete picture.

  9. Perhaps explore a velcro/fabric sock for the drain pipe in some neutral color. I’ve seen them used on different things to conceal items….. chandelier chains, appliance handles…

  10. I don’t think the different golds tween sconces, faucets, mirror frames, and pulls/knobs are a problem at all – adds depth and richness to the over all design! At least from the pics on my screen…
    However, the drain assemblies need to be toned down…I wonder if you could simply spray them, or do a rub’n buff treatment to them…?

  11. I replaced my bath faucets w Delta Lahara in a champagne bronze. The tub faucet to match is $500+. What was I thinking? It is difficult to find a large jet tub faucet the correct length so I am taking the lacquer finish off the
    current brass finish& use my Dremel w a soft wire brush to burnish the bright brass down. When it tarnishes to the right shade, I will re-lacquer it. I did this w brass candlesticks when they got black spots where the lacquer had worn off. Fingers crossed 🤞!

  12. This is exciting you’re on the home stretch and the Kristi fan club is close to seeing another room finished! Yay!

  13. Your bathroom countertops are just stunning and your bathroom is really coming together beautifully. The finish line is so close. I can imagine how thrilled and excited you must be, as we are following its progress.