The Bathroom Floor Is Finished!

Y’all, the master bathroom floor is finished!! The whole thing, from the shower to the toilet area and through the main area of the bathroom. It’s finished. And it’s just so pretty. I used the Kolasus White Matte tiles from Home Depot in the 12″ x 24″ size for the main area of the bathroom floor, and for the toilet area and the shower floor, I used the Kolasus White Matte tiles in the 2″ x 2″ size (which come in a 12″ x 12″ size mounted on mesh).

I absolutely love the subtle veining in the design. It looks light and clean (perfect for a bathroom) with the light gray marbled veining to give some interest to the tiles.

I was able to finish it up yesterday, and the grouting of the main part of the bathroom went very quickly. That’s the great thing about using such large tiles. In fact, the little toilet area probably took me the same amount of time as the main part of the bathroom took me.

And as always, it was so satisfying to see the difference that group makes.

Grouting is always my favorite part of tiling because it makes such a huge different. Grout is magical. 😀 Just look at the difference between the grouted and ungrouted areas…

I can’t even express to you how glad I am to have this project DONE! I’ve been dragging it out just because I dreaded it so much.

This was my first time ever to tile with large 12″ x 24″ tiles, and I’ll be quite honest. I hated it. 😀 I mean, I really hated it.

I got better as I went along, and the process didn’t seem so horrible once I was about halfway done. I kind of got into a rhythm, and it got easier as I went along. It still wasn’t pleasant, and it was far from fun. But it did get a little easier.

But having it done feels like a huge weight off of my shoulders now, and I’m anxious to move on to other projects, like getting the cabinets built in the toilet area, and installing the trim in the whole bathroom.

The small tile in the toilet area and the shower is my favorite, though. I love the subtle color variations in that floor.

Part of me wishes that I had used that small tile on the entire floor just because I love it so much, but on the other hand, I can’t even imagine having to take care of all of that grout in the large main area of the bathroom.

So I think the combination of the two — the large 12″ x 24″ in the main part of the bathroom and the small 2″ x 2″ in the shower and the toilet area — was the best decision. And it’s done. It’s DONE, y’all!! IT’S DONE!! 😀



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  1. It is just gorgeous! If you have time can you tell us about laying the larger tiles versus the smaller tiles? What was it about the large ones that is more difficult?

    1. It’s really nothing more than the fact that they’re heavier and bulkier, and they require much more mortar (1/2″ x 1/2″ square trowel, which I’ve never used before). So lugging the heavy tiles around was a pain, having to spread so much mortar was messy and frustrating. And finally, trying to get such big tiles level with each other really took a lot more muscle and time, as opposed to smaller tiles that cover less area, use less mortar, and squish down into place very easily. Installing the large tiles is a very doable DIY project, but if you’ve only ever done small tiles like a kitchen backsplash, there’s definitely a learning curve, and it’s a whole different animal. It’s exhausting, very messy, but also a very doable DIY project.

  2. I love the lg. tile on the main floor. Good decision. My husband is colorblind. He did our kitchen in white 12X 12 tile and I love it.
    Then he did the bathroom in the basement with a veined tile BUT because he is colorblind, He has some plain tile mixed together. ( there isn’t any pattern to it.) oh no, he did the same in our main bathroom. It looks dirty and awful.

  3. Congrats on that big accomplishment…and it looks awesome! I’m sure you are happy to move on to a different part of the project. I am so happy for you, and looking forward to seeing more!

  4. I love that big tile too. We used it in a new shower about 2016 and it’s so easy to clean. I know nothing about tile laying but you saved several thousand dollars being able to lay it yourself. It’s the perfect all around color and is timeless. Can’t wait to see the finished room. I know you can’t either.

  5. Fantastic job! And those large 12×24 tiles look elegant, so beautiful. It’s a truly timeless look – the Romans did it!

    Question: Are you going to use a sealant on your bathroom grout, to help keep it clean?

  6. It looks amazing, Kristi! I love that large tile – grouted it looks like you’re walking on a cloud!

  7. So pretty. I’ve been told by tile folks that the leveling of big tiles is tricky, easy to goof up.

  8. Wonderful!!! It’s so fulfilling to see this room coming towards its fruition! In the pics though the toilet are looks smaller than the shower. I thought they were equal sized.

  9. Well done and congratulations on a truly fantastic job Kristi. Your bathroom is going to look so classy, timeless and so very glamorous!!!! You must be so proud of your achievement, that was such a big job.

  10. Congratulations! Its beautiful! And now, from the long shot, the wall color and the mural just pop. Its going to be gorgeous!

  11. Hooray! Looks perfect. I agree the size difference is best. That would be a big space to have the smaller tiles, more grand this way.