The Mantel Question (and Friday Wrapup)

John & Alice’s fireplace was originally reddish brownish brick with a stained oak crown moulding mantel.  I new the look needed to be toned down, so I removed the mantel and painted the brick…

fireplace after

The clean look felt so fresh, and for a while, I thought I didn’t want to clutter it up with a mantel.  Now I’ve reconsidered.  As the other elements in the room are falling into place, like the Craigslist dresser turned t.v. stand, the factory cart-style coffee table, and the large decorative wood mirror, I feel like the fireplace looks cold and bland.  Definitely NOT what I want for this room.

So, I’ll be adding a mantel after all (and yes, painting the brass on the screen).  It’ll be stained wood, warm, maybe a touch rustic.  So, that’s the task today.  We’ll see what I come up with!

Now on to this week’s wrapup.  If you missed a post this week, just click on the thumbnail below to go directly to that post.




I hope you have a great weekend!  And don’t forget about the weekly Addicts (not so) Anonymous link party on Sunday.  Come show off the projects you’ve been working on!!




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  1. Hi can you please tell me what shade of white you used on fireplace. We are painting our old brick fireplace white and I don’t want it TOO white.. but like the way yours came out? semi gloss? gloss? # of coats and shade would be wonderful if you could!? Thank you ahead .