Up To My Eyeballs In Upholstery Projects

There are several upholstery projects that need to be done for John & Alice’s family room, so this weekend, I’ll be hunkered down in my office, up to my eyes in foam and fabric.

I’ve already shown you the dining chairs that I finished.  Now I still have to finish these guys…

cane chair after painting

Those won’t be that difficult.  A little wrap-and-staple action, one simple cushion, a bit of diamond-tufting, and done.  No problem.

But these beasts might be a different story…

wingback chairs 1

I decided to use these two wingback chairs in the room when my original plan (to use two chairs that I found last year at a garage sale) fell through.  Those chairs were just too squatty and wide.

So in came these big wingback chairs.  Obviously the mauve color is all wrong for the room (and for this decade), so it needs to go.  (Okay, before you mauve-lovers get upset with me, let me say that I’m sure at some point during this decade, somewhere out there, someone has used mauve in a beautiful way. Open-mouthed smile  But every time I see this color, it still reminds me of the 80s and early 90s when the mauve/country blue combo was all the rage.  That has absolutely ruined this color for me.  I still have an aversion to it.)

Anyway, the goal is to make over these chairs in a fresh new way so that they’re not so dark and heavy (visually) and frumpy.  The diamond-tufting on the backs will stay, but the tufting on the seat is just way too much.

wingback chairs 2

So the plan is to remove the attached seat cushion (along with the tufting) and add a separate seat cushion.  And the nailhead trim?  That’s outta here.

Can you visualize it?  Let me help you…

lauren ross chair

Do you recognize this beauty?  It belongs to Lauren Ross.  And I think it’s amazing!  It’s one of my favorite chairs ever.

So that’s my plan for the weekend.  Now I’m not so delusional that I think I’ll actually get finished with all of this in one weekend.  But I hope to make some great progress!!!

(By the way, if you want to get behind-the-scenes looks and sneak peeks of my projects, come join me on the A2D Facebook Page!)

I’ll be back this afternoon with the Friday Wrapup and the link party!  Did you forget?  The weekly link party has been moved to Friday afternoons now!  Come show off what you’ve been working on!!




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  1. I'm going to tackle a couple of tufted chairs for myself soon.  Fingers crossed everything works out.

    Can't wait to see what the results of the wingback chairs are.

  2. Awesome, I'm sure they'll look great. Will you post a how-to on the diamond tufting? I'm really interested to learn how to do that. 🙂

  3. I just have to ask… I've been scouring blogs for a month now trying to get ideas on how to do the seats of my new dining chairs.  They use to have springs which I've removed.  Now they look like your first picture here – there's no bottom.  Also, the fabric needs to stretch over the edge of the chair and attach on the side of the chair.  So, do you have any pics of you completing a chair like that?  I'm looking for some "during" photos.  Do you have any tips for me?

    I'm thinking I'll just cut out a seat from wood and attach it inside the chair over the triangle corners where the legs attach.  Then I'll put foam over the top, then a thin cotton fabric, then the upholstery?

    I seriously have not been able to find a good tutorial for upholstering chairs that use to have springs and now are just totally open.

    Please help!

    Allison @ House of Hepworths