Condo Utility Closet & Hallway

Utility Closet Update–A Cabinet Color Decision

Yesterday I started priming the cabinets in my utility closet to get them ready for paint today.  Before I started priming, I was still undecided on the paint color I wanted to use.  Remember when I asked you lovely people your opinion way back in November?  (Yes, I’ve been dragging my feet on this decision for that long!)  Many of you voted for the dark brown of the wall, but I think that would be way too dark. Many of you also said white, which is the way I was leaning. But the majority of you voted for the green.

Well, I second guessed the majority, and decided to go with white…until yesterday…


Now I realize that this is primer, and the paint would be a touch warmer than this, but it’s still such a harsh contrast with the wall.  I just can’t imagine that white cabinets will look good in this space.  And this is even without the doors!  With the doors on, the white will be even more overwhelming and in-your-face.

So, green it is.  I should have listened to you all along.  🙂

What do you think?  Now that you see the white, don’t you think it’s too harsh?  I guess we’ll see!

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