A New Month, A Fresh Start

Oh, hey there! It’s me, Kristi. Remember me? 😀

Have you ever followed a blogger who just disappeared? Disappeared from the blog, from social media, and seemingly, from the face of the earth with no word whatsoever? I can think of two bloggers right off hand who did that, and I always wondered, “How could they do that? How could they just disappear like that with no word?”

Well, I kind of get it now. July was just a bad month all around for me. I was tired, both mentally and physically. I was dealing with some things that really had me feeling down and discouraged and not wanting to face the world. I was sick of working on these never-ending projects on my house. And I just wanted to crawl into a hole and be left alone for a bit.

So in a way, I did that, but not in an unhealthy way. I made a point to spend more time with family, and Matt and I came up with a plan for me to not only have a day off every week from house projects, but a day completely away from the house where I can do fun things. I used to use my day off to sit around the house and do nothing but binge on Netflix or something like that. With our new plan, I actually get OUT and do fun things. That has been incredibly refreshing and reinvigorating to me, which will help to stave off the burn out feeling I’ve been dealing with.

I don’t have any major updates to share, but I’ll get y’all caught up on what’s been happening around here for the last couple of weeks.

I finally met with our contractor!

With me struggling to get through most of July, I just didn’t have it in me to even think about the bedroom/master bathroom projects. But with my new, refreshed outlook over the last week, I finally felt ready to jump in.

So I met with our contractor yesterday to go over all of the details. If you missed the plan, we’re going to fix up the front middle bedroom (new window, insulation, drywall), and get our stuff moved from the current “master” bedroom into that bedroom. At the same time, they’ll also work on the other front corner bedroom, which also needs new windows, insulation and drywall. They’ll also take the closets out of those two rooms, and move an entire wall to expand the rooms and make the hallway a bit smaller.

If you missed all of those details, you can find them here…

Then once those two rooms are done, and Matt and I are settled in the new bedroom, the work will begin on converting the current master bedroom into a new master bathroom.

I also talked with our contractor about enclosing part of the carport to become my workshop. He’s going to bid those jobs separately and we’ll go from there. The bedrooms/bathroom project is our priority, but if we can do both right now, that would be great!

The tree damaged the new carport.

While Mike (the contractor) and I were standing in the carport talking about my plans, he looked up at the ceiling and said, “What is THAT?!”

What THAT was was a hole in the roof — a hole with light shining through.

It looks tiny in the pictures, but believe me, in person it’s not tiny. There’s about a twelve-inch diameter area where the OSB is just crunched and broken, with a hole going all the way through.

Yep, that tree finally did it. It finally dropped a huge limb right on top of the roof and did actual damage.

So that tree is currently on death row, scheduled for execution as soon as I can get the tree guy over here. And now that it’s damaged the roof of our new carport, I don’t feel bad in the least. I want that thing out of there before it drops a limb and damages the actual house.

I’m making progress again on the studio.

I needed a break from it, but I started working on the studio again a couple of days ago. I got all of the trim in the back entry wood filled, sanded, and caulked. I have about half of it painted, so it’s getting very close to being finished.

It’s getting there, slowly but surely! I need some artwork for the walls, so that’ll be a fun project to look forward to. I’m using that to motivate myself to get through the drudgery of painting trim and doors. 😀

On a personal note…

Matt and I are 39 days into our 60-day keto challenge (which I shared about in this video as well as on my other blog), and it has been so nice to have such amazing and supportive people participating in this challenge with us! We have a little private Facebook group where we keep each other accountable, answer each other’s questions, encourage each other. It’s been great!

After this 60-day keto challenge is over, I think we’ll do another one (maybe shorter), so if you’re interested in joining us, be sure to keep an eye out on the other blog for details.

So far during this challenge, I’ve lost 18.5 pounds. But the most dramatic change I’ve seen is in my skin. I turned 46 in June, and I was feeling so discouraged about how old, lifeless, colorless, dry, droopy and splotchy my skin was looking. I was trying coconut oil and dermarolling and other things, but still nothing was getting better.

But after about a month of changing my diet and focusing on getting what my skin needs to repair itself, I can see a big change!

I’ll share two pictures with you, but please know that these pictures were only supposed to be for my reference, and not shared with the world. So I did nothing to “fix up” in either one. But after seeing the change, I’ve been sharing because I’m just so excited.

We started the challenge on June 24th. The first picture was taken June 1st, and the second picture was taken July 29th. I don’t have makeup on in either of these pictures, with the exception of the lip gloss I wore in the second picture.

My skin now has color and life to it. It’s not blotchy anymore, and it’s looking firmer and more hydrated.

Matt and I are actually doing more of a keto carnivore diet, which I’ll share more about on the other blog. I have seen many before and after pictures of people who did this diet, and they looked like they found the fountain of youth and were aging in reverse. It’s exciting to look in the mirror and see the changes happening! And of course, the weight loss is a great motivation, but I still have quite a way to go.

Anyway, as I said, I’ll be sharing details on the other blog, and if you’re interested in joining us for a future keto challenge, keep an eye out for details over there.

I think that’s about all that’s been going on with me. How have YOU been?! 😀



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  1. Glad you’re back and all is well. Everyone needs a break now and then so don’t feel bad in the least for taking some time for yourself.

    1. I look forward to your emails whenever they pop into my inbox. So I did notice that you were MIA. I’m glad you got a break and reset. We all need that from time to time! Your keto pictures are amazing! Thank you for sharing that part of your journey!

  2. I’ve been doing a low-carb/sugar diet to try and beat diabetes. I’m down 37lbs and I definitely feel SO MUCH better! Your face looks so amazing! It’s funny that you mention that, because other than getting skinnier I guess my skin on my face is looking better! I’m in a bit of a rut so I’m going to try and do as much carb free as I can!

  3. Your skin looks AMAZING! What a change! Are you drinking more water? That’s where I struggle. Ugh. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be working on. It’s so so good & healthy to take a day away for just you & hubby & have some fun. Talk. Laugh. So hope you two can keep that up!

      1. Way to go! Would love to join your next challenge. I need something and just can’t seem to find the staying with it motivator! Congratulations on your loss!

  4. I have been checking the blog every day for a post, I’m Addicted-2-Kristi! And your second picture is amazing–your skin definitely has a beautiful luminescence to it!

    1. I agree with Missy. Thought something had happen and I lost your blog. Welcome back. Glad you are rested and in a much better frame of mind. And wow your skin looks great.

    2. Of course, I’ve missed seeing your posts but I totally get it. After all, the work you do on the house and posts to the blog ARE your job and everyone needs to take a vacation!

      I’m glad to hear you’ll be using your contractor for the big stuff coming up. Your skill level constantly amazes me, but like you said in another post, you know you’re capable of doing those big jobs but you don’t have to prove that to yourself anymore.

      You have quite a following of cheerleaders on your side so we’ll patiently await future posts!

  5. You look great in the second photo, time off and diet changes work wonders! I started using a Silk Touch-Up Multipurpose Exfoliating Dermaplaning Tool that I ordered from Amazon and my skin looks so much better. It really renews the skin. That and I try to drink lots of water. I look forward to following your progress!

  6. You deserved a break. Looking good!
    Although I didn’t join you for your 60 day challenge, I’m still (also) doing keto sort of – I’m at, and have been pretty much at my goal weight. But I allow myself a cheat day. AND I’m following more of a extra low carb diet. AND since it’s summer and I love almost every fruit there is (AND I have a sweet tooth) but especially summer fruits, I go up as much as 5 lbs every Sunday, and then by Friday, Saturday I’m back down. I also realized (after watching one of Dr. Bergs videos again, that eating too much protein can create/cause your body to make carbs, sigh! Maybe I’ll join your group for the next round.
    Good Luck to you and Matt.

  7. Your skin looks fabulous Kristi. I’m doing IF 16/8 but really need to change to a keto diet. It just seems like a lot of work. Looking forward to hearing about this carnivore diet.

  8. Kristi, it’s more normal to have such breaks than not, but the latter is the way I experienced you following your blog for several years now and wondering how you manage that! I mean, I certainly wasn’t wishing anything like this exhaustion on you, but please don’t berate yourself for it, as it is kind of natural to have ups and downs. I’m happy that you found a way with Matt for you to have quality time breaks and thus enjoy your work more in the future again, and I keep my fingers crossed that you find you old mojo and enjoy your life! Aaaand I’m looking forward to participating in it via your blog, which I love 🙂 All the best to you and your family which is so supportive, it’s great!

  9. Welcome back! I’m happy you took some time off and have a plan for “you” time. And, congrats on the weight loss and Keto changes. That’s a huge difference in your skin texture, have you noticed any changes/improvements in your hair and/or nails? Just wondering, as the older I get the worse my hair and nails get. I can live with my old skin, but really don’t like my old hair! 😀

  10. Well it’s great to see back in the digital world my friend! And I must say you look wonderful!!! I’m sorry, but you look like you have makeup on in the “after” photo. That’s pretty incredible. So it looks like a change in diet, some R&R, and a new attitude was all you needed! Keep up the great work my dear!!!

  11. Welcome back! I was worried about you!😉Everyone deserves time off! Even tho you may not think of your remodeling and blogging as “work” everyone needs and deserves “breaks.” I know you take off at the end of the year, but maybe think about a longer break every few months, even if it’s to do creative/art projects. Whatever makes you happy and energized.

  12. Not sure if your skin glow is due to alleviation of stress or diet change (or both) BUT gosh, what a change!

  13. Kudos for you and Keto and the positive results you are seeing. Most people will not have this problem, but someone I know got carried away with her Keto diet. I hadn’t seen her in about six months. When I did, I was shocked by her appearance. She was so thin that I was afraid she had some life-threatening disease. She hadn’t been all that overweight to start with.

  14. I am not a mental health professional, but I had often wondered if it was the best thing for you (and Matt) to spend so much time in 1 place. We’re human beings, meant to interact with the world and others. I’m very happy to hear that you’re making it a priority to get out of the house. Online interaction and business interactions don’t replace normal, day to day interpersonal interactions. So, 2 thumbs up to that plan.

    Also, I’m super happy that you’re back. I’ve followed some other bloggers who just stopped writing one day and then about 6 months later their sites came down and then they were just gone. No explanation. I didn’t think that was your plan, but it did cross my mind. Anyway, glad you are back!

    2 thumbs up for keto! If it works for you, keep it up!

  15. I’m glad you’re back but you have to take time for yourself so good job! I tried KetoDiet for a few months but since I have no gall bladder I found that it was hard for me to do.y body had a hard time adjusting to the extra fats and I’d have to run to the bathroom. Ugh! I since then have been on the Optavia health plan and have lost 43 lbs since the end of March! I have that same glow to my skin that you described and it has been so easy. There is a community of people doing the same thing and I work with a coach that has made all the difference.
    Keep up the good work and I’m glad you’re back I love your posts!

  16. I’ve been wondering where you were! I’m glad you’re taking some time for yourself….it’s hard to pour from an empty vessel.
    Sorry about your roof! I’m in the middle of fixing some baseboard and drywall because apparently we’ve had a leak around the bottom of our back door, and it wreaked havoc on my baseboard. I fixed the leak, not I’m working on fixing the inside stuff. :-/ Oh the joys of homeownership! Lol

  17. Wow Kristi!!! Your skin looks amazing in the second photo. If you hadn’t specified, I would have sworn that you had full makeup on. Your skin is glowing!! So happy for your success. Can’t wait to see what amazing things you share next now that you are rested and renewed. Keep at it!!

    1. So glad you are feeling refreshed and are back!!!! One def needs time to themselves. I’m so glad you and Matt have come up with a plan to get you away from your home for a day a week, then. spend another day Netflix binging…remember most people don’t work 7 days a week at their ‘job’ Give yourself Grace!!!!
      You are an inspiration to many of us…Beautiful inside and out!!!!
      Speaking of painting doors, have you painted exterior metal doors? (Not been painted before) What is your method and go-to products???
      Welcome back and looking forward to seeing the projects!!!!

  18. so glad your back Kristi! and your skin looks amazing!!! you are very inspiring and thank you for all of the sharing you do!

  19. Welcome back! I completely understand getting overwhelmed and needing some time “off the grid” socially! Less so now that I’m retired, but in the past. Unplugging from social media and other distractions can rejuvenate you in many ways. I’m always so amazed at how many things you juggle at the same time but everyone is different! That being said, I’m happy you are making time for yourself and getting out of the house! This is your life and we are just happy you are sharing some of it with us! We will be here to see your progress no matter what your timeline! Take care of you!

  20. Welcome back! I finished unpacking into my new house and I’m adjusting to Florida weather! I have plans for painting and a little remodeling and I’ll start that this fall! Glad you took time to take care of you! (And Matt too!)

  21. It’s been awhile since I lived in Texas but I remember that summer heat and how hard it was to get motivated to do anything when it was so hot. Take care of yourself. You are looking great! Also wanted to say that I just discovered that moisturizer with rose water in it makes my skin look and feel amazing. Who knew?!!

  22. That before and after picture is just…. seriously…. what an incredible difference. I can’t believe you’re not wearing makeup!

    I’ve been going back and forth about keto vs carnivore (carnivore is recommended for treating a specific health issue I have) and am looking forward to hearing more about what you guys are doing.

  23. Kristi, welcome back; it’s so nice to see your post today. I’ve missed your blog, but I totally understand having some time out to refocus and regroup. Great idea to have a day out every week away from the house to recharge. My hubby and I struggle to do that, but we’re trying to fit in a couple of hours. I’m sorry to read that the tree has damaged your new carport roof. Yes, it’s time for it to go! Great news about meeting your contractor for your front bedrooms and bathroom conversion! It’ll be another exciting project for us to follow. Congratulations on your Keto challenge. You are looking fantastic!!!! Well done. I’m very keen to follow you and do the next one with you.

  24. Welcome back! I hoped nothing was seriously wrong and that you just didn’t feel up to the usual. I could tell you were a bit despondent over everything. Good that you took the time you needed and formed a plan to work on getting away from the house. That’s what I need to do! Being retired and living in a small town with not much to do, I see myself not leaving the house but every two weeks! Taking a day to just wander around the closest larger town, have lunch out and get among the living seems to help my moods. And you are looking so healthy in the latest photo! Wish I could do that, but I absolutely cannot give up totally on sugar and can’t use artificial sweeteners or even agave without getting very ill. I’ve read about Keto, but don’t think I could do what is required. I just ordered myself a treadmill so I can at least get some more calories burned! I avoid carbs as much as I can and drink lots of water. Am also working on quitting smoking ( for the 8th time!!! ) and hope this time I can succeed! So far it’s going well! Glad you’re back, I missed you!

  25. Wow! You look like your own little sister in the photo on the right! What about when you no longer need to lose weight? How do you keep that skin? Is it more vegetables/high quality protein and little to no sugar? Do you eat fruit?

    Your time off coincided with my final push to study for my state bar exam, which is not pleasant either and now that it’s over I feel older, weaker and have tired looking skin and hair. A timely post for me.

  26. When I opened your blog this morning (before I started reading your post) and saw the “Well hello there, I’m Kristie photo I thought it might be time for you to put a new Kristie photo there. I knew after this much time on Keto there would be a significant change in your appearance. Way to go!

  27. Those before and afters are amazing for such a short time. Aside from the diff in skin your face is visibly thinner as well. I think I need to look int
    What is the link to the other blog?

  28. So happy that you took time off for “YOU”! It’s so easy to get in a rut type thing, and I think we all do it if we don’t make the time for ourselves. Then it’s harder to come back from later.
    Your picture is amazing with your skin looking so young. I missed you while you weren’t on here, but am so so happy for you and that’s all that counts! Glad you’re okay!

  29. You look great! I must say, you wore me out this past year. I got tired just reading your post. You must take breaks. This is your forever home so take your time. And make sure you and hubby spend quality time together while your still young. 😉

  30. So happy to see you back I was missing your posts and that you decided to take a well deserved rest from it all!
    I am excited to hear what you decide with your contractor I think this next remodel will be so great for you and Matt in your day to day living!
    I was curious as to why you decided to give the guest room the extra space when you take the closets out rather than Matt’s game room?
    We did that and regret it only because we so rarely have guest and when we do they don’t spend much time in their room. Yet we use our game room every day. Also it seems like the area for Matt to get out the door would be easier if the wall didn’t jet out there(I also so have no idea of the dimensions there so I probably have no idea what I am talking about).
    I’m really not trying to be negative I am just curious it seems you are always thinking of things I don’t think of and I have learned many things here so I thought I would ask.
    Thanks so much for sharing all you do I plan on checking out your keto blog next!

  31. I am glad you recognised the burnout . That was what I could hear in your last post. It’s a weird one that creeps up slowly. I am constantly watching for signs in my staff and myself. It’s shitty. Good on you kristi For addressing it head on And putting yourself first.

  32. I’ve missed you. I check your blog everyday. I’m so glad you took the time you needed to reset and adjust. I am excited to see what you do next!

  33. I just missed out on joining your group but have been keto 16/8 IF for almost 2 week. I have lost weight but I am amazed how much inflammation has decreased. Spots on my face have reduced, fingers no longer sore. My hip was giving me old man groan and now it is gone!!! I lot 1.5 kg the first week but haven’t weighed in yet for this. I loved your post about the water weight loss first – well that water weight has really made such a difference to my inflammation.
    To your home and motivation issues – do you manage to get out of the house every day for a walk at least? It must be very hard to keep going when you don’t get to leave and have much “Kristi” time. So be kind to yourself. You have one of the hardest jobs going around.

  34. Welcome back! I’m so glad you took some time off to recharge. It is so important to do so. Your plan sounds really good. It should help a lot with keeping the burn out at bay. You look great and the difference in your skin is really incredible! Way to go! Looking forward to seeing more posts from you.

  35. WHOOPEE!!! Glad to hear . . . and see! that things are going much better for you. I’m 70 and a confirmed DIYer. Now that I am a widow, I plan to start doing some things around the house mostly due to your inspirations. I had been in nurse mode (I’m an RN) for 4-5 yrs. I would suggest that you take a full week off along with both week-ends about every 90 days and take a vacation with Matt. You’re not getting any younger. Make some memories while you can and don’t work yourself to death!

  36. You ARE glowing and look GREAT! Congrats on your success with the Keto diet. Glad you took the time you needed.

  37. Missed you during your break but so glad you had a reset. Your loyal following is a testament to your voice and the awesome work you will do, but we want you around for the long haul, so do what you need to do!

  38. First of all, don’t apologize for anything. You don’t owe anyone a thing. You always come first. Secondly, the fact you’ve lost so much weight is an amazing accomplishment and you deserve to give yourself more credit. Losing weight is the hardest thing to do b/c food is EVERYwhere and the majority of it is junk and unhealthy. And please, don’t focus on having to lose more. You said “I have a lot to go” but focusing on the day to day is more beneficial. And lastly, you look AAAAAHHHHmazing girl! Holy moly! Your skin is glowing! Like seriously it looks like you had a professional skin treatment or laser done. It’s just remarkable as is the apparent weight loss. I can absolutely see it. Keep up the great work Kristi! You’re a great inspiration to many people.

  39. My 5 year old daughter was looking over my shoulder while I was reading your blog post. When we got to your photographs, she asked if it was the same lady in each picture. I told her it was, and asked why she was asking. She said that the lady in the photo (she pointed) on the right looked a lot younger than in the other picture. So out of the mouths of babes! You look great!

  40. I can’t get the Keto bread recipe to open. I have been searching for a non eggy tasting one. Can you please give me another link. Thanks. Enjoys all your posts.

  41. Take care of yourself, take that from someone who has been there and is still going there after almost 64 years. I read what you posted and I felt like you were in my skin.

    You look great and I am so happy for you and your husband.

  42. So glad you are back and feeling better; I have missed you! Great job on the Keto diet; your skin looks amazing. You inspire me to finish my projects too!!!!

  43. Glad your back and your feeling rejuvenated..
    You look great btw..good job..!!
    I need to do something like that but I’m to lazy to stick to anything like that.
    Can’t wait to see the art work that you will be making for this room..

  44. I would love to get email updates from your keto blog (like I do from Addicted2Decorating) but I can’t find where to sign up. Can you help me with that? Thanks!

  45. 😯I thought you were like mid/ late 30’s ! Good for you in your journey. Yes, food is health! We can fix a lot of things if we would all just eat really well.